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A lover from her past comes back to haunt her.

minute later, she said, "Ok, shut your eyes!"

I did, and heard the bedroom door open. I could feel my cock surging to attention, wondering what her new upholstery would look like. Finally, she said, "Okay!" and I opened my eyes. They almost popped out my head! Emma had bought a new little black dress, but had a plunging neckline, and right there, where it plunged, was an incredible cleavage. Her boobs had gone from being almost non-existent, to two large round natural looking, eye-catching healthy knockers. Even I - who had spent two weeks imagining what they'd be like - was stuck for something to say. The change was incredible. Absolute night and day.

"What 'dyou think?" she pushed out her chest. "Worth it?"

"Every penny," I said.

"I think they're incredible. I was really fighting the urge to show you them after the bruises went away."

"How do they feel?"

"You tell me ..."

I approached her and took them both in my hands. I knew I had to be pretty careful with them for a while, so I just sort of felt them enough to feel their weight, and how really they moved. "Wow," I said. "Unbelievable."

"After we get back from dinner tonight I'll let you see them for real."

"Let's get going, then."

When we went to dinner I could tell the difference too, socially. We got incredibly good service for one thing. The other think I noticed was that she had a real spring in her step too. She'd never been shy, exactly, Emma 2.0 was an upgrade that went beyond just bigger tits. I really enjoyed that change too - it was unbelievably sexy. That night all I did was stare in amazement at her new figure, and I don't know how many comments I made about them. When it was time to go home, we left in a hurry.

Once we got back home we made out for a bit, until she started undressing me. "Maybe I'll look for a stripper job, what d'you think?" she said and she pulled off my underwear and knelt by my cock, which was totally rock hard. "I just want to show these off to everybody. You first, though. Sit back."

I sat back and my cock pulsed furiously while she started to take off her dress. She was only wearing panties and a bra, but that seemed even sexier than the dress did. Just in the bra, they looked even bigger than before. "You ready?" she said, and reached behind her to unhook her bra. I waited impatiently while she brought her hands back around to keep it from falling off, then slowly pulled the straps over her shoulders. After another teasingly long few seconds, she whipped away the bra, and there they were in all their glory. And they were spectacular. The guy had done an incredible job. They looked pretty authentic, not like two grapefruit halves. She drew circles with her fingertips around each nipple and stood there looking at me. She was a goddess. "Your cock is so hard," she said.

I wanted to fuck her, but I was so turned on I wanted to stretch out the moment. "D'you want to take some pictures?"

"Right now?" she said, then, before I could wonder if she was disappointed, she grinned and said, "Love it!" and she scampered into the bedroom while I grabbed the camera. When I came back into the bedroom she was on her back, legs spread, and rubbing her pussy. Her new titties were fully and heavy looking. I took a few pictures of her like that and had her get up on her knees so I could take some close ups of them. "Can we put them online?" she asked. "That turns me on. I want everybody to see my body, and my new boobies."

I was turned on by that too. I wasn't much of a photographer, but really, with a body like that in front of the camera, I'd needed to have been blind to mess those pictures up.

The last shots I took were of her ass and pussy from behind while she was on her knees.

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