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Cyber-cafe flirting leads to alley-way fun.

Linkette deflated, shoulder sagging as she watched Orli's tight little ass bounce and jiggle with every bounding step that carried her away from her.

"Well..." said a demure voice to Linkette's side. She turned to find a tall and curvy woman with long, luscious brunette hair sweeping an appraising gaze across her body. The woman's eyes flashed up to Linkette's, and her smile intensified. "That sounds like an interesting situation..."

Linkette tried again.


The twelfth woman stumbled out of the tent with a crimson burning blush on her face and a slick sheen on her dick. She averted her eyes from the long line of women to her left, shielding her face with her hand as she turned and began the now-infamous "Fairy Walk" towards the temple. She passed a very angry woman in white and gold robes walking the opposite way.

Linkette groaned as she stepped out of the tent, arm cupped under her swollen belly. Her womb was massive now, grown from being round to being oval, sticking out farther ahead than it did to the sides. Her belly almost entirely eclipsed the colossal length of her dick bellow it, and it was large enough that her fat, lush tits rested on its top like a table; it was big enough that she could easily fit a whole Kokiri inside it, maybe even two. Every single one of those women had cum inside her, and she hadn't been able to so much as wet her tip in them.

"Oh my goddess..." Malon breathed from her seat behind the counter, staring at Linkette's expanded stomach. "How are you... are you okay?"

Linkette looked at her, rubbing the taut canvas that was the side of her belly. "Yeah... I'm okay? Why wouldn't I be?"

"B-because of your stomach! Or, womb, or whatever... why are you so big?!"

Linkette frowned in confusion. "Well... I did just have a dozen women cum inside me..."

"A dozen women cumming a dozen times shouldn't make that much semen! And you shouldn't be able to stretch like that to hold it all!"

"Oh... really...? But you cum that much when we do it too..."

Malon leaned back in surprise. "I do?"

"Yeah! Well, not quite as much. You make my belly stick out this much--" she pinched her fingers a small distance "--but you always stop thrusting when you cum, and when Orli came she kept going so she just came and came and came the whole time we were having sex, that's why she filled me up so much."

Malon plopped back down on her stool, staring at Linkette's womb and lost for words.

When the next girl in line asked "Is it my turn?" Linkette didn't even get the chance to double her groan; instead, the angry woman that number twelve had passed shouted in a booming, commanding voice "NO!"

Everyone in the plaza flinched, especially the women in line. Malon jumped to her feet wide-eyed and stammered as she exclaimed, "H-H-High Priestess Rauru!"

The women in line turned stiff and directed their eyes to the ground, afraid to be noticed and afraid to try to flee. Linkette merely looked curiously at the approaching woman, and asked Malon a silent question.

Malon cleared her throat and stood aside, to gesture respectfully. "Linkette, this is Rauru, High Priestess of Farore. She and High Priestess Aginah, of Nayru, are the chief religious leaders of Hyrule..."

"And you, little devil, are corrupting my flock!" The robed woman roared, coming to a stop an uncomfortably short distance away. "What is the meaning of this?! All day, my maidens have been pouring into the temple defiled and repenting! Explain yourselves. Now."

Linkette gulped. "I-I'm not trying to do that! I don't want to do that! I just--I just want to fuck with my dick but everytime I try..."

The priestess wrinkled her nose at the vulgar language, but looked down beneath Linkette's distended belly to the monstrous cock beneath.

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