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Yvonne Strahovksi's man Friday comforts her.


"Shana, Janis and I do it all except the anal. and wow!. The only way to know is to try."

"You've given me so much to think about. Bottom line is I'd like to experiment but I should be comfortable with any new technique before springing on Brad."

"Hum, are you saying you want a little OJT?"

"Well I guess I am. I know I'm not a real beauty so if your not turned on or have 2nd thoughts being married..."

"First Shana let me assure you, you are an extremely feminine and sexy woman without trying to be. Let me put it another way. During one of your early examinations, it' was good you were not checking my pulse. When you place your hand on my leg, you did a real number on my heart beat! Second, I really don't consider this cheating as I'm in not in love with you, we can both learn from this and we are both in love with other people. Look at this as an advanced degree in love making."

"This is a win-win situation. Hopefully you will be awakened to the importance of good intimacy with your husband and I will be rewarded by helping you and yes, exploring and enjoying your beautiful body thereby invigorating my own marital sex life."

"Denis, I didn't know my hands on your thigh affected you and thank you for reassuring me I am attractive to men. Guess I really needed that"

Lunch break was over. We briefly squeezed hands and she informed me tomorrow she has no clients the last two hours and has time for a 'training session'.

Wow, my fantasy is going to happen!

I told her to bring that robe, panties, some good perfume and I'll handle the wine. We'll rendezvous at the nearby hotel at 3PM. Shana must be really unhappy with her sex life to 'experiment' with someone old enough to be her father but I do believe this chemistry thing is working both ways.

The next day, after checking into Room 177 at the Holiday Inn Express, I set up the wine and tuned into a mood music radio station. I was fully dressed not wanting to push to hard. The knock on the door caused a familiar tightness in my stomach.

There she was, still dressed in her conservative working dress, leaving everything for my imagination but hopefully that will soon change. We held hands and I kissed her lightly on the cheek.

"You look positively normal and that's why you ooze with sex appeal-all your mysteries so well hidden."

"Denis, remember, this is only as a training session. I do know with men visual is very important but please go slow. I still am not sure I am doing the right thing."

"Okay, my favorite audiologist, lets have a little wine then you change into something more comfortable I assume you brought in that bag."

The music and wine seem to loosen her up. We sat side by side on the king size bed. After some more small talk she gave me a peck on the cheek and disappeared into the bathroom.

My heart was pounding with anticipation and no Viagra was necessary.

Shana shyly stepped into the room. A blue shorty silk wrap appeared to be all she had on but I knew different. The wrap was open just enough to finally reveal some inner swelling of her now free small well shaped breasts.

Shana had very short stringy dark hair. Her facial features were on the sharp side and even barefooted she was almost 6 ft. She would be classified thin and not really built but when you put the whole package together and visualizing what else was hidden by that wrap, she was so enticing.

We stood facing each other and awkwardly groping for words.

Finally I said, "Well let the class begin."

Hand in hand we stared into each others eyes. I then took her head in my hands and gently kissed her lips for the first time. After recoiling slightly, she finally kissed back. My penis was rock hard and throbbing. Stepping back I removed my shirt.

Shana then got the idea, untied her wrap and stood there before me. For the first time her beautiful tits were mostly exposed. They were still partially hidden by the open wrap but well shaped, very suckable, and ready for action.

I took one in each hand feeling Shana's initial defensive movement back.

"Denis, they're

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