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Mom smells and tastes panties with her son.

She yanked off her shoes, plopped on my couch, and began sharing stories with me of her life back in the U.K. I could see without even asking our shopping adventure had suffered a quick demise. I removed my shoes and jacket, and prepared myself for a quiet evening at home.

I stared at her for a long time, letting her caramel-colored beauty arouse me. She was quite a sight to see. She possessed high cheekbones, a long, graceful neck, wide eyes, a narrow nose, and a cosmetically altered, yet perfect smile. Her breasts were crushed and pushed together tightly in the low-cut, cleavage-baring short sleeve shirt. The outline of her nipple rings were apparent as she was braless, too. Her pants gathered awkwardly around her narrow waistline as she toyed with her belly chain.

I felt myself getting moist as I thought about her. I knew she was bi-sexual. Hell, bisexual wasn't the word for it! In the UK, people having a lover or two of the same gender was no big deal! In fact, it was expected! Legend had it that the kings and queens of the monarchy had multiple lovers of the same sex, and it was nothing or which to be ashamed. She has told me countless stories of herself and some of her female lovers.

"Hey, you want to see some old geeky pictures of me?" I asked, hoping to see a smile on her face. I rushed over to my hall closet to dig for a picture album I had nestled away. She was on my heels, fast behind me. I was digging aimlessly for the album that seemed to elude me when she interrupted my futile search with a question.

"What's this?" she asked, holding a box in one hand.

I looked up and tried to make out the lettering on the tattered box. Time had faded the once bright colors to a dull yellow shade. I removed the box from her hands and carried it to the couch. Opening the box, I saw a large sheet with different colored circles on it.

"Twister. It's a family game," I replied, tossing the box to the side.

"How do you play?," she asked, tilting her head to one side.

"Ummm, you spin this piece around, and when it lands on a color, you have to coordinate your body part to that color. So, if it lands on a foot, on the red circle, you place a foot in the red circle. It can get real crazy. You might find yourself in some awkward positions doing this game."

"Sounds like fun, matey. Let's give it a go!," she said, spreading the game board on the floor.

We went three rounds of Twister, each of us getting ourselves in a "compromising position." One time, my head was damn near in her crotch, given that the red circle was between her legs. I had to bend over backward-literally-and keep my face upward in order to avoid accidental "muff-to-mouth action."

I began to tire, not having done any real exercise for months. I sat on my couch, taking deep breaths. Shannon was still on the floor, spinner in hand, calling out the colors when the arrow landed on them.

"Red! Blue! Yellow!" she announced to no one in particular.

I smiled and thought it was so cute on how easily she was amused by small things.

"There are some colors missing, no?" she whispered.

"No, Shan, they are all there. They only give you roughly four to work with and that is it. Unless you want to add some more. I have some Magic Markers in the second drawer of the linen closet."

I was still fantasizing about her when she flashed me her pierced nipples!

"Brown," she announced, indicating the color of her areolas. "We need a brown circle," she said, smirking devilishly.

I was shocked! The demure English woman was behaving badly!

"Do you have any brown circles we could add to the board?" she asked, still holding her shirt up after she made her impromptu announcement. Her eyes glistened in the dim light.

I was amazed, yet aroused. Was she kidding? Was she trying to call my bluff?

Before I could say a word, she removed her shirt and stuffed a hand down her pants!!

She closed her eyes and rubbed her left nipple, occasionally pinchin

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