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Michelle's online love affair spilled over into her RL.

She held the back of his head, pushing him in. Paul for his part, worked his hands up inside Sue's skirt onto her bum cheeks, almost digging his nails into her soft buttocks.
The skirt was tight even in it's normally position, so it no surprise that Sue broke away, and hastily removed it. Returning to the same position. A red mark where the skirt had obviously been rubbing. Paul continued enjoying his juicy tit feast, lucky bastard. Moving from one to the other, still clasping Sue ass. She finally removed the blouse, leaving my horny slut of a wife completely naked, exhibiting her charms, and indeed positively forcing her charms on this young man. Oh ecstasy.

It was at this point I finally noted that Paul was still fully clothed. Sue was about to rectify matters, pushing him back onto the sofa and eagerly unbuttoning his shirt. Paul, the cocky bastard just lay back and let her do it. The mature wife acting the sex slave to this, this boy! My thoughts, it was beautiful. She didn't waste time taking his shirt off, moving straight for his jeans. Dare I bore you with their conversation? Such things as 'who's a big boy' etc. I'm sure you can ad-lib and not be too far away from what was really said. Actions spoke louder than words for me. Paul's cock sprang into view for the first time. Judging and comparing it with Sue's hands it was bigger than mine (8" I found out later) and about the same girth. She knows how to put on a good 'tongue show'. For both Paul and I.

I was very engrossed in the action, I'm sure we all were. Except in my case I had to move quickly as Paul got to his feet suddenly. Oh my god. Moving backwards from a squatting position, not easy. Fortunately I didn't collide with any obstacles and make a noise. It brought me more to my senses, it would have been easy to blow my cover. I caught a brief glimpse of Paul's full face for the first time. Did he see me? No, he obviously only had eyes for Sue's tits and cunt which were there fully exposed to his gaze. He quickly if clumsily through off his shirt, jeans, jockey shorts, pausing momentarily before deciding to remove his socks (he left his trainers at the front door - as is our protocol for outdoor shoes). He dived back onto the sofa to grapple with my lust filled wife. I sat back and contemplated. Contemplated what? I do not know. Probably taking stock, thinking about what was happening before my very eyes. Me the big boss man hiding, cowering in the corner spying, whilst this labourer, apprentice, fucks my willing wife. At the very least, should I not be actually ordering him to do it? Rather than worrying about me being caught spying. My wife should she not protest more? At least let HIM do the work?

My rock hard cock told a very, very different story. Telling me it could hardly wait to see this young lad possess my willing, wanton wife with his manhood. Yes please!

Regaining my composure? Well, something like that. I moved back into a similar position. They were taking things a little slower now. Talking more. Deciding where to fuck. Neither appeared to mind. No one asked me! But in 'Chess', we preferred the lounge - better for viewing purposes! From my position I was somewhat camouflaged by various items of furniture. Such that I had a good view of proceeding without seeing their faces directly. However, they moved onto the carpet. This put them on the same level as me, and thus easier to see. Sue moved the coffee table to give them more room. We have a nice soft hearthrug, which I know from experience helps prevent carpet burns - memories. I didn't really have a plan for this contingency, after all, it all it entirely depended on their/ Paul's positioning. This time I moved well back out of complete view.

There are two other separate doors leading into the lounge, by the time I looked in through the 'crack' of one of them, Paul was already fucking Sue in the missionary position.

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