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We parted company in the parking lot, and I gave Geoff a sweet goodnight kiss as we hugged in parting, he and Ray shaking hands and talking about a dinner at Geoff's sometime, since he loved to cook.

During the drive home, Ray asked, and I answered truthfully, that I liked Geoff, thought him to be a class act. Ray looked at me funny when I said that but didn't pursue it. I'm glad, because there would be no need to add another black mark to Ree's already damaged image. It would serve no purpose.

Geoff called the next day, while Ray was golfing, to thank us for a very nice evening with 'friends', that he enjoyed meeting me and that he was very glad that Ray and I found each other. I thanked him, returning the compliment; and when he asked if Ray and I would like to come to dinner and a swim, the following weekend at his place, I accepted without talking to Ray, knowing he'd be good with it.

He was.


Ray liked my 'sexy' underwear, well panties really, because I still wasn't wearing a bra, and as we got ready for our evening at Geoff's, he commented on my choice of panties that evening.

The truth is that I had been thinking of our get-together with Geoff from the moment I accepted his kind invitation, looking forward to it, feeling tingles 'down there' when I thought about it, and I thought about it a lot that week.

I made an off-hand comment, as I slipped on a flattering skirt and blouse, about liking to 'look good for my men', smiling at Ray with a mischievous grin. He recognized that look and smiling back at me, asked if I had anything else planned for the evening. "No," I told him, but laughing as I said it, I added, "But Ray, you know how I can get sometimes when all that testosterone is raging around me."

He said that he did know and that if I felt like having the evening evolve into a romp with Geoff, he wouldn't be opposed to it.

Kissing him when he walked up to me, softly caressing my breast, I told him, honestly, that I wouldn't mind either but that 'we'll just let nature take its course and see what happens."


Geoff made me feel very welcomed in his home, and Ray too, of course; his dinner was simple but tasty; a smothered beef dish complete with some very good wine. We helped him clean up and put the dishes in the dishwasher, and giving the kitchen an approving nod, Geoff asked if we were ready for a swim.

Shit, I thought, I forgot about the swimming and neither of us brought suits, so I told Geoff of my forgetfulness, apologizing. But, I quickly added, I wouldn't be opposed to skinny-dipping if his neighbors wouldn't call the cops. He laughed and said that as secluded as his pool was, there was no danger of that, and if we were up for it, he'd have no problem swimming in the buff, that he did it a lot, at nights. So it was settled, we'd go swimming.

Another shared interest the guys had was smoke. Geoff had rolled some joints for the evening, knowing that Ray liked to smoke but not sure about me. I told him I'd indulge a 'wee bit' but that I didn't want to zombie out by toking too much. As the guys fired up their first doobie, I started taking my clothes off, Geoff's face a bit shocked that I wasn't uncomfortable with my nakedness. Ray noticed it too, and looking at me with a question mark on his expression, I simply told Ray, "You can share, baby, Geoff's a friend," walking towards his small pool out the back patio door, telling them both that I'd see them in the water, and reaching the edge, I dove in and began doing laps.

I was doing a cool-down lap, on my back, when the guys joined me, naked as the day they were born. I remember that when I saw them, standing there, that the old familiar warm rush in my crotch returned.

It's good to be the 'Queen Bee', I thought to myself as I, not so discreetly, admired their cocks before they joined me in the water. It was that moment, I later told Ray, that I'd made up my mind that I would get my two guys into bed with me that night.

We swam, we played in the water, splashing each other, and

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