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Captive to evil.

The rest of the house was buzzing with other people cutting and grooming the grounds. After about an hour they were done and gone.

The sun was just starting to come up over the hills in the distance. I returned to the house and set my cup by the sink. I took a quick shower and changed my cloths. I packed and set my bag on the bed. I walked out to get another cup of coffee. Zoey was sitting at the table, her legs pulled up in the chair, looking out over the ocean. She didn't acknowledge that I was there.

"Can we talk," I asked?

"Enough has been said," she replied. "I don't feel like fighting again. I don't even want you here."

My emotions boiled over again. I breathed hard to calm myself.

"Then listen to what I have to say and then I will leave," I ordered. "My bags are packed."

"Whatever dad, say your piece then get out," she hissed.

"I was talking to a girl when your mom overheard me," I started.

I was at the house after Zoey had left for college getting a few more of my thing the ex hadn't thrown away or sold. She said she was going to be gone from this time to that time and that I could come over and get the rest of my stuff. I started gathering some things when I took a phone call. I didn't hear her come back but boy did she let me know about it after I hung up.

"She came in after I hung up and cussed me a new one," I continued. "She wanted to know who it was and everything else under the sun. We were almost divorced so it shouldn't have mattered." Zoey turned away. She was hurt still.

"You want to know who she was, Zoey," I asked? She didn't respond, she continued watching the ocean.

"The girl on the phone was you," I said blankly. "Do you remember that day, we had phone sex? I couldn't tell your mom I was having it with you, so I was having it with Rachael." Zoey cocked her head around and looked at me.

I stood there and looked at her dead in the face. I was not lying. That was the only time her mom had confronted me and it was the only incident that I could think of. Zoey's look said what her voice couldn't. It all made perfect sense to her now.

"Rachael right," I asked Zoey? Her stunned face still didn't speak but the look in her eyes confirmed that was the exact incident.

"Your mom has a habit of embellishment," I said. "I have loved with every fiber of my being since that day you won states. I have loved no woman since. I have waited and waited for you to figure it out. You think you hurt, you should see things from my end. I have spent 3 years trying to figure all this out."

Tears filled her eyes and streamed down her face. I stood in place and waited for her to make her move. She sobbed as she got to her feet.

"God daddy, I'm so sorry," she sobbed. "I remember that call."

Zoey wrapped her arms around me and hugged me with a long lost lovers hug. It felt so good to have my daughter back. I pulled her into my hug and smelt her coconut moisturizing cream. My hunger for her was back, it had given up until now.

"Do you forgive me daddy," she cried?

"Of course I do, baby," I said.

She looked up at me. Her eyes had that look in them. Her face though was unsure of what to do. She went for it anyway. She leaned in and kissed me softly on the lips. I returned the kiss. Her mouth opened slightly and my tongue crossed over her lips. I tasted the salt from her tears. She pulled back gently and we released.

She backed away and looked confused. I knew what was on her mind. She loved him but loved me too. Was there enough fuel to rekindle that fire we once had or would we be just normal? She looked at me to explain. I put my finger over her lips and hushed her.

"Take all the time you need baby," I whispered. "I've waited this long, I can hold on a while longer."

"Sorry I'm late," Miranda explained. "I had car trouble this morning."

She huffed her way into the house and towards the kitchen.

"It's ok, Miranda," Zoey replied absentmindedly. She smiled at me before getting her coffee cup.

"Ms. Lewis, shall I call a cab for Mr. Lewis," she asked?

"No, no," Zoey replied quickly.

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