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A storm, a woman alone; what could happen?

"Ooohhhh, romance novels," Cindy said. "I have to try one."

After looking over the titles and reading the backs of numerous books she finally settled on one.

Deforest had left by the time Cindy was ready.

Stephanie looked over the items the two placed on the counter and rang them through the register. Cindy and Matt split the costs and watched as Stephanie put their purchase in a large bag.

"It was nice meeting you Miss Hollister," Cindy said as Matt reached for the bag.

"Please, call me Stephanie or Steph. It was a pleasure and thanks again for the show this morning," Stephanie smiled.

Cindy and Matt grinned then waved goodbye.

Matt looked at his watch as the two climbed in Cindy's car, "You have time for lunch, my treat?"

Cindy smiled, "Sure; I'd love to."

She pulled the car into the parking lot of a nearby deli they all liked.

Soon they were seated at a small table with subs and chips in plastic baskets before them.

"I don't know; Mr. Deforest was kind of cute, " Cindy said between bites.

Matt laughed, "It would seem a little weird with him being my teacher but fine. I don't know though. Mom was really mad at him in Jamaica."

"Well, at least she has us," Cindy answered.

"Yep," Matt nodded. "We definitely have to bring mom to that store next time. I can't wait for her to get a load of that fox tail."

Cindy choked a bit on her soda, "You really liked that didn't you?"

Matt nodded with his eyes gleaming.

Cindy blushed and ducked her head, "We'll just have to see about that. It looks so weird."

"That bushy tail coming out of your ass?" Matt said quietly. "Oh no, that would be adorably cute."

Cindy smirked, shook her head and kept eating.

Soon enough they were back in the car and pulling up to the driveway of their home

Matt leaned over to kiss the smiling girl hard as he unbuckled his seatbelt.

"See you tonight my love," he said into her lips.

Cindy purred, "Love you."

They waved as Matt stood on the driveway and watched her pull away.

Matt smiled when he saw his mom's car in the garage through the window. He walked into the house to find his nude mother reclining with a book in her hands.

Diana looked up beaming at her son, "Hey, Matt."

Matt left the bags by the kitchen door and returned to lean over and kiss his mother. His hand reached down to stroke her soft pink nipple. Diana purred and stretched her arms up to drop the book on the end table. Her breasts rose up toward Matt with the motion. He smiled and knelt down to latch his lips to the stiffening nipple. Diana purred and brought a hand down to stroke Matt's hair. As Matt continued to suckle Di she let her other hand drift down her body to rub against her sex. Matt bathed a path over to her other nipple and clamped down on that one. Diana rubbed harder then plunged her fingers deeply into her sex, growling and groaning.

Matt stopped to sit up so he could unbutton his pants which he drew down his legs and off his body as Di shimmied down the couch. Matt climbed on top of the grinning woman and swung his legs over her head and across the arm rest of the couch, his cock dangling right in front of Diana's face. She growled again and engulfed the flesh before her.

Matt used his fingers to spread his mother's sex open then leaned forward to run his tongue through her smooth folds. The room was filled with the soft sounds of groans and licking. Matt started to flex his waist, driving his cock deeper in DI's mouth.

She reached around with both hands to grasp his ass and push him with the same rhythm. Matt let one hand slip around her waist and then across her ass before letting a finger rub against her ass. As he flicked his tongue across her small nub he let a finger push into her ass.

Di growled around his flesh. Matt felt her hand rub against his ass before a finger found its way to his ass and after a couple of rubs the digit pushed into his back passage.

Now it was his turn to growl into her moistening sex.

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