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Bad behavior causes tough times for 18-year-old daughter.

She again found herself drifting back to the party. Karen snapped her back to reality with a statement she hadn't been prepared to hear, in the present company.

"Yes Bri here can fuck like a pro too. She even showed me a few things this weekend." Those words immediately brought her to reality. The look of utter shock on her face made the other two smile and giggle like schoolgirls. They whispered to Bri, "We have done a few guys ourselves you know. It's nice to meet someone like us, especially in this little town." She took in what they were saying and broke into a laugh herself.

She looked Apryl over again and realized she had a somewhat athletic body and should be able to hold up well, indeed. Now she wondered just how much Karen had said to her. Karen saw the look on her face and just said, "Well she is my best friend Bri, and I had to fill her in." The color rising up her neck must have been comical. Apryl eased her suffering by saying; "I've done a few of my own, one girl fuck shows, with a few of those guys." She seemed quite proud of herself. "I hear you have me beat in shear numbers though Bri; I guess we'll have to work a few of them over again. All three of us together should be able to wear out a small army." She laughed into her coffee. Karen raised her eyes and just snickered, she seemed to be almost contemplating the idea. Bri found she might really enjoy both of these women's company.

Apryl leaned in and said, "So, let me in on what happened this weekend. Karen here was rather vague on the details." Bri smiled at the thought of telling Apryl just how sluttish Karen had really gotten, letting her sweat for awhile. She looked around and spoke in a low voice as she replayed the party for Apryl, in vivid detail. She saw that both of them ignored everything else but her, as she recounted what had happened.

After getting Karen into the house, Bri explained that on a few occasions, Ken had brought his entire crew over to party. Karen smiled at her and asked just how many guys she was talking about. Bri had told her that one time, she had actually taken on ten guys over the course of two days. Karen seemed impressed instead of mortified. She then asked if she knew just how many were expected today? Bri said "If I know Ken, the whole crew, if he has his way!'

Karen gulped down the last of her wine and said, " I think I'm going to need some more of this!" She waved the empty glass, as if to show she needed a little help. Bri laughed and told her she would do just fine, especially after what she had just seen.

They went in to the bathroom and took turns in the shower. They laughed about what each other wanted to try, and how much they each thought they could handle. Karen turned out to be every bit as much a slut as Bri was. They told each other that if they needed a break, the other would gladly fill in until each was again ready to join back in. In this way Bri came to a silent understanding with Karen, and knew they would be good friends after it was all over.

After checking each other over for anything out of place, they deposited their towels in the hamper and headed back to the party. The thought of putting on clothing was long gone, and seemed utterly useless. As they passed by the fridge they both refilled their empty glasses and clinked them as they headed for the patio door. Outside someone had turned on the stereo and they both heard the sounds of a larger, noisier crowd than when they had left. Bri looked at Karen and said, "Well here we go, have a blast Karen and remember, we have all day and all night!"

Karen raised an eyebrow and muttered, "You have a lot more faith in my abilities than I do!" She downed her entire glass of wine and held open the door for Bri. She simply pulled Karen by the arm out into the waiting party. The sound of the men went up as they found themselves face to face with over fifteen gorgeous men!

Karen almost started to protest when Eliot came up to them and introduced everyone.

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