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When doing the laundry is more than just good, clean fun.

I agreed and leaned her back on the bed. I took one of the candles that lit the room and started dropping hot red wax onto her stomach. She squealed at first but kept herself under control as I dropped more hot wax, first on her stomach, then on her breast and finally onto her nipples. Dropping the hot red wax on her erect nipples was painful for her, but Deb handled it surprisingly well. After her punishment, I carried Deb into the bathroom, filled the bath tub with warm water, and gently removed the wax off before we made love.

Deb and I prepared dinner. Her former roommate Jen was coming over and she wanted everything to be perfect. Although Deb did not have a lot of friends, she had kept in contact with her old roommate. When she arrived, we had a few drinks. After dinner we had another drink and I asked Jen how her life had changed since freshman year. Jen said the main thing was that she now proud to be bisexual. You could have knocked Deb over with a feather! Deb was in shock but managed to ask Jen when she knew she was bisexual. Jen said she figured it out in her second year but she admitted that she had really admired Deb's body and had fantasized about sleeping with her. Deb, now really flustered, lit a cigarette. Deb caught my eye and she knew what I was going to say. She silently looked away, but I went ahead and asked Jen if she would be interested in a threesome sometime. Jen was taken aback at first but then she acknowledged that she would love one. We agreed that this coming Friday would work for us. As she left, Jen kissed me and then went over and gave Deb a kiss on her cheek and then on her lips.

Deb and I talked before Jen came over. I had never seen her so stressed. I assured her that the relationship between Jen and her would not be the same as with Bethany and her. This would be a carefree threesome where we just did whatever we wanted. That seemed to satisfy Deb and she was her usual self when Jen arrived. Jen was full of sexual energy and she started to strip almost as soon as she got in the door. I had her undress me and after she removed my pants she started playing with the bulge in my shorts. As Jen was playing, Deb started removing Jen's shorts and began to finger Jen. Jen then began licking my cock with her tongue in long, slow motions, getting me incredibly hard. I walked Jen over to the bed and entered Jen's pussy. She hadn't had a cock for a while and the tight pussy hugged my cock in a way that drove her nuts. Deb joined in and started sucking Jen's nipples in concert with my thrusts. Soon Jen was erupting all over us. Deb licked her and then kissed her as we wound down.

Jen and Deb met the next day. I wish I had told you my feelings freshman year, Jen said. What a semester that would have been! Deb smiled and nodded, knowing that she wouldn't have been ready then. They kissed, sweetly at first and then Deb got more aggressive and pushed Jen down on the bed and played with Jen's nipples. Jen signaled that she liked the more aggressive turn and opened her legs. Recognizing the encouragement, Deb inserted her finger and worked it deeply, first with one finger and then with two fingers and finally with her whole hand. Jen was loving it. Slipping her hand in and out, Deb rubbed Jen's clit until she had an intense orgasm. Deb then let Jen lick her as she masturbated, finally shuddering and squirting all over Jen's face. Jen seemed to enjoy it and licked her dry. As they held each other, Deb lit a cigarette, lay back and caressed Jen's hair. Jen took the cigarette and took a few drags. I didn't know you smoked, Deb said. There are a lot of things you don't know about me, Jen said.

Shelly met Deb at Deb's apartment after work.

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