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Jamie's beach holiday takes a strange twist.

She didn't last long, however. Lorana's fists flew at Diana's face with such violent speed that the hapless, compromised Wonder Woman could do little more than take the abuse.

She heard the police officer scream in terror as Cheetah hissed and pounced on him.

Then she heard nothing at all.

* * *

She heard voices. Cheetah talking to the one called Lorana. Jeering Diana's predicament. Cheetah thought they should kill her, but Lorana said she had other plans. Give the cop the antidote, she said.

Cheetah hissed her disagreement, but Diana heard her slink away.

"Wake up, princess," Lorana cooed.

Diana didn't want to wake up, but she felt herself forced back to consciousness.

* * *

Diana's beautiful blue eyes fluttered open, but within seconds, they rolled back in her head, which lolled to one side.

"No, you will wake up now," Lorana commanded.

Diana snapped to attention. She quickly realized she was naked. Her modesty was amusing.

Lorana had bound Diana to a support post that hung from the ceiling to the gantry. Using Wonder Woman's own magic lasso, she had slipped the loop over Diana's upper body, cinching it tightly across her buxom breasts, just under her nipples. She was bound at the wrists, and then the rope was used to hold her tightly across the waist. Then it was lashed down her right leg, around the back and up her left leg. The effect created a triangular shape that resembled her star-spangled booty shorts. Another, shorter length of the same type of rope also secured each of her knees and ankles to the metal railing. Her legs were spread apart, revealing her soft pubic region. Wonder Woman kept her pubic hair shaved neatly in a small tuft. Her lips were loose, and she clearly had experienced penetration in her lifetime.

"I see you're no stranger to penetration," Lorana cooed gently in to Diana's ear, stroking a fingernail across her captive's clit. "Based on your strength, it's obvious you've never had a nice, hard cock in there."

She slipped her middle finger into the warm, moist depths of Diana's twat while she rubbed the clit with her thumb.

"Feels nice, doesn't it?"

"Mmmmm... MMhhh!" Diana moaned. "Yes."

"You want me to slip two fingers in there, don't you?"

"Yes," Diana whispered.

"Have you ever been finger-fucked by another amazon?" Lorana asked.

"N... n... Yes," Diana said finally. "Yes, many times back on Paradise Island."

"I'll reward your honesty with two fingers," Lorana said, slipping her forefinger into Diana's hot quim." So tell me, does anybody but you and Hippolyta wear a belt of Hera?"

Diana's lips trembled. She obviously didn't want to answer the question, but she couldn't resist the combination of the magic lasso, Cat-Scratch Fever and the sexual pleasure.

"No, I wear one to enhance my amazon strength, Uhhhhnnnnghh," Diana grunted the reply. "And my mother wears one to main- uhhhhffff- main... tain her superior strength."

"For that truth, I will pinch your clit and suck your nipple," Lorana replied, doing as she said.

Diana cooed.

"Oh, no, you don't get to cum until I tell you to," Lorana said. "Right now, you must feel the sexual energy build... do you feel it building? Like a tidal wave of ecstasy... it's pounding at your gates, but you don't get to cum yet."

Diana began moaning, whimpering and grinding her pussy against Lorana's hand. Lorana was impressed with Diana's physical strength and her force-of-will.

"Do you know why your mother needs the belt of Hera to maintain her Amazonian strength?" Lorana asked.

"Uhnnnnhhh, no... I never asked... and mmmmmfff... she never volunteered the inf... unnhunnfunnh..." Diana started to ride the waves of passion.

Lorana extracted her fingers from Diana's pussy.

"NO," Lorana said. "You do not get to cum."

Diana began whining.

"Your mother has no remaining Amazonian power," Lorana said. "Did she ever tell you about your sister?"


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