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.. Elisabeth struggled for a description and was found wanting.

'Lawrence, I...' Still no words would form.

Elisabeth took a step toward her son, who was standing in profile to her. Elisabeth's eyes were drawn to the thick, downward curve of him. In spite of herself, and her original rejection of her son's clumsy advances, Elisabeth felt a rush of warmth deep in her belly. The warmth grew and moved downward and Elisabeth felt a single trickle of her own desire leak from her. She saw the glistening pools dotting the carpet, and then surveyed the devastation spattered across the dark bureau. The obvious, physical evidence of her son's virility turned the trickle between her legs to flood, and Elisabeth felt the throbbing pulse at her vulva and tips of her breasts.

Lawrence turned and faced his mother fully. His face was rent with an expression of utter despair as he finally accepted the enormity of his crime. He looked down at the balled remnant of his mother's underwear, defiled and corrupted in the palm of his hand. With a grunt of disgust and self-loathing, Lawrence cast the thing aside before he pushed the offending appendage into his flies. Then, with one final glance at Elisabeth's shocked face, he pushed past his mother and out onto the landing.

For a long moment, Elisabeth remained immobile. She stared at her spoiled underwear that lay in the sunlight still blazing through the window. Then, she bent slowly and plucked it from the carpet. She uncurled the cloth as though it were a balled sheet of crumpled paper and examined the silver stains; the evidence of Lawrence's sin.

Elisabeth recalled the image of her son in profile and the glow in her tummy grew suddenly hotter and became an insistent beat between her thighs. She could feel herself awash with her arousal, and knew that her present underclothes would be smeared with traces not dissimilar to the stains on the material she held in her hand.

Elisabeth had arrived at her open door in time to see Lawrence in the final, agonising throes of his ecstasy. She had no way of knowing what his actions had been prior to her arrival, and, in unknowing imitation, she lifted the cloth to her own lips and smeared the residue against her tongue.


Sleep was elusive for Lawrence that night. He lay on his back under the covers with his eyes open and stared into the dark. He sensed, rather than heard the door to his room open and he turned his head to see a figure vaguely silhouetted in the doorway. The figure remained indistinct, the dark hallway being only slightly lighter than the room, and after entering, whoever it was stood silently for several moments.

'Mother?' Lawrence whispered uncertainly. 'Is that you?'

The door closed and Lawrence heard the swishing of feet on the carpeted floor as the shape moved towards his bed.

'Yes.' A single word in the darkness and Lawrence felt the covers lifted from him and the mattress shift with his mother's weight.

'What..?' he began, confused by his mother's unexpected appearance as well as her actions.

'Our secret,' Elisabeth whispered to her son. 'This will be our secret.'

Shock prickled through Lawrence when he realised that his mother was naked next to him. He could feel the length of her body against his own; he felt the heat from her where her flesh touched his. Her hand found him limp and flaccid, but he grew swiftly at her touch.

'Oh God, Mother,' Lawrence groaned.

'I know you've wanted this,' Elisabeth murmured, her fist moving against her son's flesh. 'I denied it... I denied it to myself,' she continued with her son's girth in her tight grip. 'It just seemed so sordid, I mean you're my son, for God's sake, but after seeing you today... So long and so thick... I can't help it. I want you to love me. I want you to love me like a woman should be loved by a man.' Lawrence sensed his mother's anxiety despite the delicious tickle at the root of himself. 'Do you want to love me, Lawrence?' Her breath fluttered against his cheek.

'Mama,' he groaned in response.

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