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Cheating wife story with alternate ending.


"No" I replied. "I owed your old lady change for a twenty." I paused and, looking at the other two guys, shrugged and added;

"Not bad for 10 bucks." One of the guys laughed, earning a dirty look from the bartender as I continued;

"Now get me a shot of Jack and a Bud and keep your shit to yourself." The bartender stared at me then shook his head and went to get the drinks. I lit a cigarette while I waited and began to remove my black McDermott pool cue. The bartender came back and put the drinks down.

"Let's see an ID pretty boy." I removed my wallet and showed my license.

"Need help with the math?" I asked picking up the shot and downing it.

"You're a funny little bastard aren't you?" He asked.

I shrugged and went back to screwing my stick together.

"That's five bucks."

I reached into my pocket and, removing the roll of money, put a twenty on the table.

"That's for my next three rounds."

"What no tip?" The bartender asked.

"You want a tip?" I asked. "Okay here's one, try brushing your fucking teeth once in awhile."

As the other guys laughed I grabbed my beer and, stepping up onto the platform, approached the pool table where Max was still playing the guy with the ponytail. As I watched Max ran the last four balls and banked the eight into the side. Max had definitely spent his share of time on a pool table.

"That's twenty 'cause I banked it." He said putting his huge hand out.

The other guy shook his head and handed Max a twenty.

"Thanks Joe." Max said smirking.

I stepped up and put a ten dollar bill on the side of the table and Joe turned to look at me.

"Screw kid, this is a man's game."

Max laughed from the other side of the table.

"Then what's a bitch like you doing up here, besides losing?" I asked.

"What did you just say?" Joe asked, staring at me with what he thought was bad ass look.

"Nice ponytail by the way." I said "Your boyfriend pull on it at night?"

"You gonna take that shit Joe?" Max asked. He was sitting on a stool and obviously ready to enjoy a fight.

"No, but I'll take his money."

Joe reached for the ten but jumped back as I quickly brought the pool cue up and around, landing the butt of it on the money and narrowly missing Joe's hand. Joe looked at me as if unsure what to do. I removed the stick from the table and, smirking, began to twirl it in front of me like a staff, first ending with it under my right arm then my left. I spun it one more time, then faster than Joe could react lashed out, the cue heading straight for his face. Expecting to be hit, Joe flinched, almost falling backwards. He caught himself and reached up to touch his cheek which now featured a long thin line of blue chalk.

"Just fucking with you Joe." I said winking at him.

Several people who had been watching, including Max, laughed.

"Now," I began, "Really, why don't you pack it in for the day? You've been losing all day let's give this guy over here," I gestured at Max "A real game."

Joe looked around, saw that he had lost the crowd and nodded.

"Yeah sure, gotta get going anyway. I think you owe me a drink after that though."

Speaking as I walked over to the end of the pool table and began to rack I told him;

"I owe you two things pal, Jack and Shit. Jack's behind the bar and something tells me you know where to find shit."

There was another round of laughter and Joe stalked off muttering something. As I finished Max rose and approached me.

As I watched him coming I heard the dog slam into the door in the attic.

"Shhhh" The Voice was telling it.

"Alright smart ass," Max said "It's ten a game twenty if the eight gets banked. No combo's, call your pockets and if you scratch on the eight you lose, got all that?"

I nodded.

"Oh" Max said "One more thing, you try anything funny with that stick I'll snap it and you in half got that?"

I stared into his eyes for a moment and really focused on him. Max absolutely reeked of violence, I could practically taste it and had no doubt Max was free with his hands.

"Jeez, back in his life for five minutes and

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