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Charlotte's journey.

Translocate it here and let's get started!"

Translocate it here? That was miles away… no top Wizard I could think of could do that! Impossible!

"Stopping thinking and do it – yes, you can. You've got nearly unlimited power at the moment with your bracer gorging itself upon the loci here. With my assistance, you'll do fine… we don't have time to argue!"

So I concentrated. I thought I'd have to focus so hard that I'd probably shit myself, but at just a thought the other bracer appeared right onto my left arm and I was locked and loaded for battle. I surged with such uncontrollable power that I was sure that I would burst into a ball of pure energy, but somehow Henrietta kept me grounded (barely) to reality.

"Good. Now we can begin and not a moment too. Harriet's shield will collapse in a second and then they will attempt to take her, but I'll bring her part of our soul into my body for protection for just a few more moments, but that's all that we will need. We can't shield ourselves, shut down the connection to the other worlds, and destroy the things that have already arrived here, but there is a way to accomplish the last two critical things. We're doomed, but you knew that already. Harriet loved you very much once, but I had to remind her that I knew that we would both die young soon, but maybe saving the world in the process. Still she cries sometimes at night at what could have been. Isn't life… and death a bitch!"

I was too stunned at this to think let alone speak. Harriet's shield abruptly failed and she let out a loud sudden cry just before a dozen energy tendrils pounced upon her now lifeless frame, which still held her sister's hand tight even in death.

"Now," Henrietta said with a tone of sadness, "we have just a moment before they come for us. Raise a shield around us for a moment while we teach you the summoning spell you are going to need to cast. You will have only one chance and it must be done right with every ounce of power that you can channel... every last drop!"

My shield went up in the nick of time and we must have had hundreds of energy tentacles and tendrils trying to force their way in to devour us. As Henrietta whispered the words that I would need to command the summoning, I became increasingly horrified.

We weren't just summoning some major entity; we were going to command a God, the Zoroastrian deity of primal fire - Yazata Adar. A spirit capable of burning the entire world with fire and scouring it clean.

Oh Fuck!

"Now Zak, knock all of these energy probes back and let your shield encompass the entire theater outside, nothing inside must be allowed to escape, then together the three of us will start the summoning."

The shock wave of my shield clearing us some working space actually blasted out three full rows of seats, and their stunned otherworldly occupants who had just been getting their bearings in this new world. This got us some breathing and fighting space. I expanded out my shield to enclose the entire El Marvelo and we started the summoning.

With both Artifact quality bracers and standing in-between two large Ley lines, I was channeling enough power to be confused with a demi-god myself, but still it wasn't enough. I channeled more and more until I was nothing but a part of living magic circuit that feed impossible amounts of power into another new vortex that summoned the deity of fire from his normal place of existence.

At last with a burst of flame, Yazata Adar arrived, ready to purify the world with his flame.

The heat was like the surface of the sun and it scoured e

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