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Hot wife entertains friends party.


"Hey, move that piece of shit out of the way!" they heard a loud voice call out.

"I didn't mean for you to meet him this way but... Do you mind?"

She looked behind her and saw an overweight man with gray hair smiling at them and said, "No, of course not."

"Sorry if I scared you," his father said roughly as they went inside. "I just couldn't help myself when I saw my boy lean over to kiss you. You kids want a beer?"

"Um, no thanks, Dad," Troy said. "We can't stay long. I just stopped by to show her the house."

"Oh, okay," he said with resignation. "Figures you didn't come over to visit. It ain't much to look at, but it's home," he said to Chanile. "I don't keep up much with the cleanin' since Jean...Troy's mom...passed away."

"It's just fine, Mr. Andrews," she assured him.

"That's kind of you honey, but I know it's a mess. Just one more reason why my boy don't come around much anymore." He grabbed a can of beer from the fridge as soon as he walked in and chugged.

"Dad, please," Troy began.

"Nah, it ain't no secret you're ashamed of this place. And me. And your brother." He crushed the entire first can in two big gulps and then grabbed another beer before sitting down.

"Listen, Dad. We've got some blueprints to take a look at so we need run along, okay?"

"Yeah, sure. Run along. Nice to meet you there, young lady. Don't see many of your kind out here."

"My kind? You mean black people?"

"Nope. Beautiful people," he said exposing a chipped front tooth as he smiled and slammed the second beer.

Chanile smiled and said, "It was nice to meet you too, sir."

"Hey," he said as she got up to leave. Bring me another beer, would ya?" He belched loudly and crushed the aluminum can in his hand before tossing it a pile near his feet.

Outside Troy told her, "My dad quit drinking when my mom made him move out here when my brother and I were little. He was an alcoholic and she threatened to divorce him if he didn't quit. He sold our little house in town and moved out here. He worked all day at the mill then all night here on the house and never took another drink until my mom died."

"It's so sad, Troy," she said sincerely. "I lost my mom, as well, but somehow my dad held it together. I always worried the stress would kill him, too, but he's a tough old guy."

"Mine, too," Troy said. "Just not that tough. Losing a son and then your wife in a three-year period could do most anyone in."

She reached out for his hand and said, "I admire you, too. You talk about not having much education but you did very well in high school and now you're a general contractor and a foreman. That's pretty amazing in my book."

Troy held her hand and said, "It's funny. I was valedictorian. Never had anything but all As from 1st grade through graduation. Everyone knew I was going to college. Everyone but me, that is. We didn't have any money, and...unlike you...I had no desire to work full-time and study full-time so I went to work for a friend's dad who owned a construction company. I started my senior year and within five years I had my GC license and that's when the Bennetts hired me. Salt of the earth folks, as you now know."

"They really are like family, aren't they?"

Troy sighed and said, "The way my dad is now, Paul often seems more like a dad to me than my own father." He turned to her and said, "Speaking of fathers, I'd like to meet yours sometime." He quickly added, "We kind of just met so I'm not making this a 'meet your parents' moment. He just seems like a really good man."

"He is and no worries on meeting him. I have a feeling that'll happen in the not-too-distant future," she said with a coy smile.

Back inside her 'palace' Chanile offered him a cup of tea and as she boiled the water, spread out the blueprints on the table he'd put in the little trailer.

"Doesn't leave much room for anything else, does it?" he said noting how when the table was flipped out and extended it took up more than half the width of the 10 x 30 foot trailer.

He scanned the plans making mental notes and a

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