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Sydd rides the A-Train.

Sheila pumped his cock faster with her left hand as her right caressed his balls. For being inexperienced, she had a nice touch and eager hands. Jason could feel his balls getting ready to give up their seed. He pulled his shirt up to try to avoid cumming on it. Sheila noticed.

"Are you ready to cum?" she asked.

"Yes ... you're doing a wonderful job," Jason praised.

"You're so big and hard," Sheila commented.

She was practically leaning over into his lap and it made it difficult for him to see what she was doing. He really didn't need to see though as he felt every pleasureful stroke of her soft hands. He was real close now.

"Oh, shit," Jason growled. "I'm getting close."

"Do it, Jason! I want to see it!" Sheila exclaimed.

"Oh, god!" Jason howled.

Sheila was almost too close and nearly caught the first blast in the face. It did land on his shirt just below her face. The second rope of cum was even larger and nearly as forceful. Sheila gasped while she watched intently as the deep pink cockhead spewed more cum. She knew enough to keep stroking him until the last few pulses pushed cum out the opening to trickle down over her fingers. Finally Jason's cock stopped throbbing and quit leaking cum out of his slit.
"Oh, babe," Jason muttered.

"Was it good?" Sheila questioned.

"Great," Jason replied.

"Good," Sheila pronounced.

"My turn," Jason offered.

"What ... no, that's okay," Sheila said.

"Come on. Let me do something for you?" Jason asked.

"Jason, I ahh ... I'm not ... "

"We don't have to go all the way. But I'd like to please you too."

"But ..."

"Just lean back and let me touch you," Jason explained.

Sheila did but seemed reluctant. Jason knew she was a virgin, of course, and smiled at her as he eased up onto the seat. He pushed her shirt up the rest of the way until it was over both breasts. He kissed her several times as his two hands played with both nipples. Sheila moaned into his kiss but she still seemed uptight.

Jason kissed down her neck and loved the taste and smell of her skin and perfume. He kissed his way down to her tits. He kneaded one of the firm breasts as he sucked and licked at the other. Her nipples were distended and fairly big. They must have stuck out close to an inch from her aureoles. Jason enjoyed sucking on the long nipples and drew moans of pleasure from Sheila as he did. He switched between the luscious mounds until they were both wet and excited.

"Oh, god, that feels good," Sheila admitted.

Jason pushed her legs apart and moved between them. Her shorts rode up again and gave him a view right to her crotch. He made short work removing those which gave him easy access to her black panties. Sheila again looked nervous. He smiled at her hoping to alleviate her fears.

He gently pulled her a little more down on the seat. His hands traveled up her chocolaty thighs and grabbed the top of her panties.

"What're you doing?" Sheila questioned.

"You'll see," Jason said and smiled back.

"Jason, I don't know ... "

She let him remove her panties though, and even helped by rising up. He tossed them on the seat behind him with her shorts. The light from the airport made a dappled affect to her skin and he saw she had not shaved at all. She had a black bush of curly hairs around her sex. His hands pushed her soft thighs apart more before creeping up to touch her labia.

Sheila gasped and watched intently as Jason leaned down. He got his first good smell of her sex and the aroma excited him more. His cock had gone flaccid after cumming but it started to surge with new life as he examined her virgin pussy. His finger ran the length of her gash barely touching her but it was enough to make her gasp.

"What're you going to do?" Sheila asked worried.

"I'm going to eat you and make you cum," Jason explained.

"Oh, god, Jason! I've never done this before," Sheila exclaimed.

"Just relax and enjoy it," Jason assured.

"I can't. You're not going to stick anything inside me are you?" Sheila feared.

"No, just maybe my tongue but that won'

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