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Big blonde 'bear' begs to be facialized by circle jerkers.

It took me a moment, but I soon realized that I recognized her, Ruthie, a girlfriend from his hometown who visited Jon often and even stayed a few times in our dorm room, secretly of course. And chastely if Mick or I were there. Like any young male, seeing Ruthie those times made me wonder what she looked like without her clothes. Unlike most young males with such thoughts, I was getting my wishes granted.

In one of her pictures, she was seen from behind in the shower, and in the next one, she was turned around, clearing the spray from her face and giving Jon a look that seemed to say, "Really?" A last picture showed her at the bathroom mirror, combing her hair. She had her glasses on in this one, and I remembered how they made her look shy. None of us had any idea Jon had married her, and if she hadn't worn the glasses in the pictures, I might not have known it was her. Her small breasts and dark nipples, and her lush brown pubic hair probably distracted me at first. In any case, she wasn't as shy as I supposed.

Christine remarked, "She certainly has more nerve than I do, letting her husband send nude photos of her to a man she doesn't know. I mean, for the women in the group, the pictures are no more than we'd see in a gym locker room, but she has to know you'll be seeing her pictures too."

"Actually, she does know me a little. She came to visit Jon occasionally, and we all met her."

"Well, I don't think that would make me feel any more daring. At least I would know that strangers would be people I'd never meet. If I can put a name to the guy who is seeing me that way, or worse, if it's someone I actually see sometimes, I think it would make it that much harder to know they had seen all of my body."

"You don't have to do anything you don't want to do."

"I know. Still, if Jon's wife has joined in, everyone must be hoping I won't break the circle. I think you're hoping I'll do it too."

"Yes, but the decision is still up to you."

"I probably don't have to ask, but just to be sure, you don't care if some other guy sees me naked?"

"Not at all, but you're the one who must not care. There's some time for you to think about it, so don't feel you have to decide now."

"Okay, I promise to think about it."

We were still newlyweds that holiday, but we had never played around with the digital camera I used for work on the paper. So it was a bit of new experience for us when it was time for me to photograph my "greeting card." Of course, I had made nude pictures of myself before, but this would be the first time I had the help of a photographer.

As I had done other years, I posed next to the Christmas tree. Christine, wearing a warm nightgown and robe, took a few pictures of me and said, "You know, I thought it was weird enough that you guys exchanged these pics, and now I'm thinking it's even stranger because here I am taking nude photos of my husband to send to someone else."

I laughed because she was right about how odd it was, how hard it would be to explain to anyone not involved. Then I said, "Maybe it would seem perfectly normal if you joined me."

"Don't push me, big boy. Just show me that nice penis and say cheese."

Given the use of a digital camera, we could take several shots and then pick the best ones to send. I was just standing there, turning one way or another as she asked, when she suddenly dropped her robe, pulled off her gown, hit the self-timer button, and hurried over behind me. She rested her chin on my shoulder to look at the camera and pressed her nude body against my back so that her breasts and pubic hair were hidden while showing an enticing bare line down her side, hip and leg.

We repeated this pose a few times to get it just right, and she eventually agreed to let me send one that showed a bit more hip and the side of her breast. She noticed that my penis got even harder due to her mild daring and remarked, "God, the head of that thing is almost glowing like a tree light. Which gives me an idea."

Sure enough, she put a string of lights around my waist so that my erection w

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