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Ivy is an intellectual, a traveler and a very sexual girl.

Ok, 'A Room With A View' for the win.

The movie started and we settled in, sipped our drinks, and ate some popcorn. Well, I sipped my drink. It seemed like a good thing I poured that one a little weak; Marisa was finished it in under ten minutes.

"So I get anything at all I want tonight, Daddy?" she inquired with a smile. I was sure I could see fire behind her eyes. Her cheeks were a bit flushed, and I was sure it wasn't just from the booze. Ohhhh, yes Darling, anything tonight, anything at all...
"I said it and I meant it," I grinned back.

She held her glass up. "One more, ok, please, Daddy? I just really want to get in the mood... for the movie." She giggled.

My god, she was so adorable! I just wanted to take her and kiss her right there. My cock was trying to bore a way through my pants to free itself. Mmmmh! Fuck, I was horny.

"Ok, last one, Sweetheart!" I smiled. "Let the movie run, I can still sort of see from the kitchen, and I can hear fine. I'll be quick!"

"Hurry back, Daddy!"

I went back into the kitchen and started making her drink in a hurry. I quickly dove my right hand into my pants and gave my penis a few quick yanks. Damn, it felt good! I was so horny I was going out of my mind. And my delicious daughter was in the next room... This was so perfect.

I downed the rest of my drink in two gulps and made us another round. I kept Marisa's on the light side again. She was still a rookie drinker, and she was downing them quick. Last thing I wanted was for her to get sick.

I reentered the family room and Marisa was seated with her knees up and open, her right hand entwined in her hair, and a huge, warm smile. She looked so at ease and contented. I smiled back brightly and handed her her drink. My god, her nipples were hard and poking through her shirt! Everything that was occurring was driving me wilder and wilder.

"Go slow on this one, ok?"

"Ok, Daddy. Now, watch, it's getting to a good part here."


The movie played while we settled in and watched. My eyes kept being drawn to Marisa's chest. Oh my god, her nipples were erect and protruding like beacons of lust... I was fairly ogling her with hunger now. How many times had her nipples become erected before around me and I had just failed to notice? I resolved to keep my eyes wide open from now on. This was delicious.

My pure, beautiful daughter seemed totally enthralled with the movie, allowing me free reign to run my gaze all over her dynamite body and celestial features. She was silently mouthing some of the girl's lines. How many times had she seen this movie? Adjusting my posture, I quickly reached down and gave my erection a squeeze. Damn, I was hornier than hell. I reached over to Marisa's hand, and gently took it. She sort of turned towards me with a start, then beamed an incredible, warm smile to me. I drew her in close to me in a cuddle. She sighed and snuggled in next to me. With her head on my shoulder and my arm around her waist, we sat together and watched the movie for some time.

She reached for her drink and sipped. Then with a grin, she turned and raised her glass towards mine. I returned her smile and our glasses met with a clink. We both sipped again, then replaced our glasses on the coffee table. Facing her, I gently turned her jaw so our eyes met. God, I could see the fire in hers, I swore. I was sure she could see mine. With smooth, deliberate confidence, I drew her in and gently kissed her lips. A chaste, gentle peck. Yet it was electric. My already throbbing cock surged with need, and it took everything I had to not begin French kissing and necking her, running my hands all over her irresistible, tight little body.

She trembled slightly at my touch, smiled back into my eyes with the purest love I could ever imagine. Then she clutched at me tight. I held her close, feeling protective, proud, excited, and utterly overcome with lust. I kept in mind that she was 18, and a virgin. I would make this slow, gentle, romantic, and incredible for her. No rush.

She made a happy little squeak as she hugged me.

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