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Man finds woman taking nude photos of herself outdoors.

I should take you round to Philip's flat for a nice bare-bottom spanking. You don't have to go any further than that unless you want to; you could just watch Philip and me, or go straight home if you like. In any case, Philip will see that we both get back to our lodgings by ten.

"Well, I don't know..." Judy's voice tailed off. I reached out and took her hand.

"Don't worry, it won't be like the spanking I had last Tuesday, just a hand-spank to warm you up and make you tingle. Philip knows what he is doing, and I'll be there to keep an eye on things...

Look; take the rest of the afternoon to think about it. I'll phone Philip and tell him you might be over. If you don't think you can face it, don't worry; but if you do want to come, meet me at the main gates at five o'clock."

When Philip drove up in Matilda at five, I was in the company of a tall, very pretty, very nervous-looking blonde, her usually bouncy ebullience not in evidence. I introduced them, and Philip drove us back to his mother's house. I was filled with a secret triumph. Everything was working just as I planned.

When we got to the flat, after introducing Judy to Philip's mother, I bustled about making tea and sorting out the sandwiches I had bought at the refectory, whilst Philip exercised all his warmth and charm to make Judy feel comfortable. He asked her all the usual reassuring questions about where she came from (Chichester), what she was reading (German); and told her a little about himself and his business.

By the time I came on the scene she was looking a little more relaxed, and we ate sandwiches and drank tea and made companionable small-talk.

Then Philip made his move.

"So Laura, you have been a very bad girl", he said, smiling to take the sting away, "and you have drawn Judy into your misbehaviour. I'm afraid I shall have to punish you both. You first Judy."

He sat on the spanking chair and patted his knees. I smiled at Judy reassuringly. She took the plunge; got up and placed herself across his knees, bottom in the air. He lifted the back of her skirt, revealing plain, serviceable white cotton knickers.

"Take your knickers down Judy."

She lifted her body slightly to shift her weight from his knees, and drew her knickers down to halfway down her thighs. From where I was sitting I had a clear view of her long, shapely legs and lovely round, unblemished bottom. I felt another pang of jealousy. That was my place!

Philip began her spanking at a slowish pace, slapping lightly at first, and building up the force behind the slaps until the sound echoed through the room. Judy was silent at first, and only after the first couple of dozen slaps did she start making a sort of suppressed squeal and kicking her legs. Her bottom was reddening, her knickers had slid down to her ankles and I could see the telltale glistening that betrayed her excitement.

Philip knew when to stop.

"Now Judy, go and stand in the corner. No, turn this way; I want you to see Laura get a well-deserved punishment. Now Laura, what have you to say for yourself?"

So that you don't think that Philip was a mind reader, I should say that I told him on the phone that I had something serious to confess that couldn't wait 'til Sunday.

I knelt in the middle of the floor and faced him.

"Philip, I was really dishonest with you, last week, and I broke our most important rule. I did not confess it to you on Sunday, because I wasn't sure anything would come of it. I have been feeling desperately guilty ever since.

You remember when we were making love last Tuesday night? I did not annoy you by accident; it was deliberate. I went out of my way to provoke you into giving me that thrashing because I wanted to be well marked when I changed for the hockey game. I hated to do it but it was necessary. Please punish me for it, and tell me you forgive me."
I was confessing not just to Philip. Judy too must understand that I had deliberately enticed her here. I hoped that she would not feel angry and used, but she had to know.


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