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Stepmom and Stepsis would do anything for Billy.

She then wiggled her tongue in circles pushing into the nether reaches of Mandy's asshole. Karen then twisted and twirled her tongue into and around the pink velvety darkness. Mandy began to shiver and shake, her muscles twitched. She folded her arms behind her head and arched her back. Karen then reached over Mandy, grabbed a handful of breastmeat and squeezed. The nipple popped up between her fingers and she pinched it as she kneaded her sister's teat. Mandy let out a deep moan and a wail of pleasure; sounds that could only be made by someone lost in the throes of deepest passion.

Karen sensed that Mandy was poised at the brink and only needed a little shove to go over the top. She intensified her tongue-probing but felt that there might be more to add. She placed the tip of her index finger at the entrance to Mandy's vagina; it was instantly covered with lubricating juices. She rolled her finger slowly around the warm, wet opening. Mandy responded by stiffening slightly, but when Karen's finger only stayed at the entrance and did not penetrate the silky soft flesh, Mandy relaxed. After a minute Karen began pushing gently with little wiggles. This got only her fingertip into Mandy's love canal. Suddenly the pressure on her finger increased as Mandy moaned loudly.

"Uhhgg, Oh, Oh, yeeaah. Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah. Oh my god, yeah. Don't stop, pleease. I'm ready, Uhhh, Uhh, Oohhh...

Karen held her finger that had just invaded the wet flesh of the trembling teen and using her other hand spread open Mandy's labia. The turgid clitoris was in full view and Wendy, planting her mouth directly over it, ran her tongue in full circles over the engorged organ.

Mandy lost all control as her orgasm, having built up the energy of a tsunami, broke and transformed her into a quivering twisted jumble. "Oohhh, God, Yes, YES, YESSSSS, AAHHHH, Brraaa, Ooohhh, Oooooo, NOOO, YESSSSS, Nurfmmm..."

Every muscle in the teen shook uncontrollably, her pelvis rocked back and forth, first against Wendy's mouth and inserted finger, then back against Karen's face and tongue. Mandy's thighs, buttocks and breasts trembled and shivered from the orgasmic seizure.

After several minutes the spasms started to subside. Her most peripheral body parts stopped shaking first; followed by her arms and legs. She finally became aware of her surroundings as her breathing became regular and her pelvis finally stopped hunching back and forth. Karen was holding Mandy's head and had one arm across her chest. Wendy had both arms around Mandy's smooth buttocks. Karen's finger was ejected from Mandy's contracting vagina in the first few seconds of her orgasm. It made her almost wish she had a penis that could be retained within the walls of that contracting womb.

"Unbelievable." It was the only word that came to Mandy.

The girl's giggled and hugged Mandy.

"I don't think I have ever seen you come like that. I guess we must've hit the right spots. What do you think, Wendy?"

Wendy looked down at the recovering Mandy, "Simply amazing. She must have come for a minute and a half. I don't think I have ever seen anyone out there so far for so long!"

Mandy sat up. "I don't know about you two but I could use something to eat and drink."

"Good idea. Let's go to the kitchen," said Karen.

She pulled a platter of fruits and cheese from the refrigerator and poured glasses of white wine. Mandy and Wendy sat naked on the cool vinyl kitchen chairs; Karen was still wearing her red catsuit.

After enjoying the food and getting a nice buzz from more wine the girls decided to go up to Karen's room and watch a movie in bed. Wendy grasped her bag and took it up to the bedroom. Not taking time to put on or take off any clothing the girls flopped into bed and Karen put a sexy French movie into the DVD player.

The girls watched the first seduction scene and they could all feel the heat rise within them as they began to get closer and touch each other.

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