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The Boys continue to play with Ayanna.

I hired the meeting room at the centre for an assumed private meeting at a certain time in the day. I arrived first to take the room with a briefcase loaded with table furnishings and a laptop. Then Jody followed with the video camera later. And it was then we discovered that the door did not lock, so anyone could walk in whilst we were recording our scene. But we soon got around that problem by putting a sign on the door saying; do not disturb under any circumstances.

The scene was set as Jason arrived. He sat behind the desk pretending to work and talk on the cell phone. Then I came into scene as the bespectacled sexy secretary as Jody recorded. Jason looked at me and winked, still speaking on the phone and I started to massage his shoulders dutifully. He swivelled on the chair allowing me to sit on his lap where he then began to run his hand up my thighs. Jody zoomed in close, focusing on his hand hitching up my skirt and his fingers rubbing against my already damp panties. We were still aware that someone could burst in at anytime ignoring the sign on the door. The thought of it made me feel even hornier and I was already starting to feel the rush before we even got started.

As his fingers slipped underneath the cotton of my panties, playing within the wet folds of my pussy I unbuttoned my blouse then lifted one cup of my bra so that he could use his tongue on my nipple. I was so excited I began to make a lot of noise and Jody waved at me to tone things down, which was totally impossible as Jason had his finger on my clit, rubbing it like mad as he sucked on my nipple sending me into a state of wild ecstasy. "Ok, enough! Suck his cock!" Jody commanded. With no hesitation I slipped between his legs and started to unfasten his trousers when a knock on the door made us all jump. "Don't come in!"

A voice outside asked us if everything was okay. Jody called back with a very firm "yes" and we waited for a moment until they left. "Damn!" Jason called out. "I've lost it." "What have you lost?" I asked him. "My fucking hard-on." "It's ok, it'll come back."

We resumed our scene and I unfastened his trousers once again. He really had lost it and I had to rub him back up with my hand, which Jody thought was a good effect. Once he was hard I began to suck and lick him until he began to ooze with pre-cum, sweet and yet so salty on my tongue, playing to the camera as she zoomed in on my bespectacled face. "Loose the specs Louise!" Jody requested. "No! I like it." Jason replied. So the blowjob with specs remained until I took him to his limit and had to stop for a while. It was difficult to see things as I only used the spectacles for reading and writing purposes.

Next, Jody had to get into a position to record the next piece of the action. Jason cleared the table of its furnishings and forced me onto it. Lying under his dominance he pulled away my panties and spread my legs apart. Jody zoomed in on his cock sliding into me, forcing my lips apart and then the action of him fucking me really deep and hard, using his thumb on my clit. After a few thrusts I started to reach my peak, gripping my breasts and screaming out full pitch. Only this time we did not care how much noise was being made. This was the high point of the whole thing as Jason slid out and using his hand, covered me with his hot sticky spunk, wave after wave. I was covered in it by the time he had finished cumming. My navel was completely lacquered as I ran my fingers through it whilst I was calming down. "That is a lot of jizz." Jody said, zooming in close to my cum soaked fingers. "How did you make so much this time?" "I stored it all up just for tonight." he replied, grinning proudly about his magnificent efforts. "Why not help clean it up?" I asked her. Without hesitation, she put down the camera and started to lick at my navel, consuming as much of the tacky spunk as she could while I sucked it from my fingers. "Don't stop! Lick my pussy. Please!"

Jody did exactly what I wanted her to do.

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