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Sara's vulnerability and strength is revealed.

With her bare feet now having nothing between them and Jim's face she ordered him to begin licking her feet...

Jim anticipating what would happen next as he helped Sarah remove her socks, he was ready when the order came and began to lick the heels of Sarah's feet, as that was the only part his tongue could reach at the moment.

He heard a sharp intake of breath as he started, and did not have to worry about a way to lick the rest of her foot as Sarah maneuvered whatever part of her foot that she wanted attention on directly in front of his mouth. He spent a lot of time licking up and down her absolutely magnificent soles, and if anyone had been watching they would have seen his penis fully erect and standing as straight as a flagpole pointing away from his body.

As Sarah finally brought her toes to his mouth for him to worship he started by simply licking each one individually, before sucking on each toe as his tongue made its way darting in between them, searching for the soft spot that tickled just right. He knew he had found it when he heard a gasp from above the desk and Sarah was pressing her feet down a bit harder against his mouth.

Continuing right in that spot his work was rewarded as he heard her begin to moan slightly, and her foot pressed down against his mouth harder and harder until eventually, as he was about to express his discomfort, she moaned one last time and the pressure of her foot was removed completely...

Sarah had never felt like this before in her life. She knew that she liked having her feet rubbed on occasion, and she knew that sometimes that led her down the road to being in the mood for messing around later, but she never thought that her feet alone could be a conduit straight to an orgasm, well that plus the fact that her hand had found its own way of keeping busy.

Not even realizing that she was crushing her boyfriend she held her feet down and held onto the feeling as long as she could until finally she burst into the best orgasm of her life.

She leaned back and just sat for a minute enjoying as the throws of orgasm slowly washed away. After a moment remembering what was going on she looked down at Jim, who was staring straight up at the bottom of the desk, and slowly working his jaw back and forth.

When looking down at Jim, she caught a reflection of the mirror in the corner and saw his erection.

Smiling to herself she softly put her feet back on top of Jim's mouth and waited as his tongue got her soles nice and wet with his saliva. Then moving the chair back she started to massage his penis with her soles and toes as she had seen in the pictures on his computer.

She heard a sharp intake of breath when she started, but was shocked that he did not make any other sounds as she continued to rub his cock. After a few minutes her feet got tired, and she moved the chair up once again and put her toes right back in front of Jim, and as his tongue started to hit that same spot once again she decided she knew exactly what she wanted to do next...

Jim was almost there when Sarah decided that she was going to stop the foot job that she had been giving him. Wanting for anything in the world that he could have grabbed her feet and put them back on his cock he was, for the first time, upset that his arms were uselessly wrapped to his sides.

He had to stop himself physically from attempting to extricate himself from his position, reminding himself mentally that Sarah had not been turned off by her sudden learning of his secret fetishes, and in fact had been willing to try them to make him happy. He licked her toes for a few minutes, as she seemed to be thinking about something, because he heard no sounds coming from above the desk.

After a couple of more minutes of licking she got up and moved the chair and helped Jim into a sitting position, which was complicated now by his erection, and after that Sarah helped Jim to his feet (which was no easy task) and helped him to hop

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