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Daughter catches son and Mommy.

David could be overprotective of Erica at times. Sometimes it caused friction, but Erica believed that David thought of her as the daughter he'd never had. Lustful glances from teenage boys at the mall when he took her shopping while her mom worked were met with a stern glare. And he'd told her to not succumb to peer pressure to become sexually active.

"It's not a competition; move at your pace," he said. "If the guy doesn't respect that he doesn't respect you. Be responsible. I'd prefer you to wait until you're married, but I trust you'll know when the moment is right."

Then about three weeks later, a new boyfriend had tried to force himself on her when her mom was away. David had been doing some light yard work when he heard Erica scream and try to fight him off. David barged in and stopped him. He forced the frightened boy to apologize and angrily told him to never bother Erica again under the threat of having him arrested for attempted rape. The boy never looked at Erica again.

Erica learned from an older cousin who was a medical student that the painkillers his doctors were going to start David on would dull the pain at first, but as the cancer progressed, the dosage would have to be increased. David would become increasingly incapacitated and given a cocktail of even more powerful -- and potentially dangerous -- painkillers and other medications. David's doctor told him an overdose could conceivably kill him before the cancer did.

Unofficially, a nurse told Nancy she hoped he did overdose.

"it would be more humane," she said sadly.

Either way, it was a foregone conclusion that David would never see the new year.

While swimming laps in their pool, Erica saw David through a window talking on the telephone and massaging the back of his neck and rolling his head.

Erica broke down. Then she came to a decision. She climbed out of the pool and toweled off and ran into her bathroom and shed her red and white bikini. She quickly showered and damp-dried and combed back her long blonde hair. She stared at herself in the mirror, sighed and reached into her hairless pussy and felt her hymen.

Exhaling sharply, she recalled the time she'd accidentally seen David nude.

"Oh man... David's kinda big," she thought. "But I've seen tiny girls take bigger guys in movies."

Erica hurriedly dressed in jeans and a school tee-shirt. She remembered browsing a sex and marriage message board about a year earlier and reading a post by a young woman who said she'd was a virgin. She was trying to have sex with her boyfriend, who was also a virgin. She was frustrated because he was on the large side, and no matter what they tried, he couldn't "pop her cherry." Another poster advised them to use lube and recommended Astroglide rather than the more infamous KY Jelly. The woman reported back that it had worked like a charm.

Erica quickly drove to a nearby drug store and picked up a small tube of Astroglide. The blushing of her cheeks belied her false matter-of-fact demeanor as she paid the male cashier. She could sense the cashier, who wasn't bad looking at all, smiling and staring at her as she left. She thought about how to approach David on the drive home. She ran into her home, took off her clothes and put on the bikini bottoms and a robe. Putting the lube in the robe's pocket, she ran to David's house.

"David, are you okay?" she said as she ran inside. "I saw you earlier. You're hurting aren't you?"

"Oh, hi, Erica," David greeted her in his slightly gravelly voice. "Nah, the neck's just a little sore is all. Enjoy the swim?"

"Yeah. Um, David...?" she hesitated.

"What is it?" he asked.

"David, I want to ask you a direct question," she said shakily. "Just be honest with me."

"Erica, you know you can ask me anything," he said.

"Okay," she took a deep breath. "How long has it been since you've been with a woman? You know? That way?"

"Erica! Whoa! Um... maybe we..." he stammered.

"How long?" she snapped.

"A whi

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