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Research assistant requests hypnotic therapy.

She was gripping my tongue with her pussy as the juices flowed down her ass. How wonderful!! It had been too long...

I continued to please her... mouthing her pussy, sucking her clit into my mouth...flicking her clit with my tongue. Grabbing her ass and pulling her closer....reaching up and palming her breast, then rolling her nipples between my thumb and forefinger. I reached down and dipped some of her juices and rubbed it on her slick, nipples so erect and hard. She began to scream, "Yes! OH YES! MORE, SUCK ME MORE, HARDER!!!"

I began to suck her clit like a wild man. Pulling her clit into my mouth and licking circles around it. Licking back and forth! She began to buck and move, thrusting her pussy into my face. I reached back to grab her ass again to bury my face in her.

I reached one hand below my mouth and inserted two fingers in her pussy. Pumping, licking, pumping. I began to rotate my fingers when she tensed up, her clit swelled....then CUMMMMMMMMMMM. She screamed, "YYYYYEESSSSS"

Hannah's body moved uncontrollably on the floor. Her pussy swollen, nipples fully erect!

She was so sensitive, so I moved up her body...kissing and caressing. My cock so swollen. I gently kissed her nipples; licking them slowly. I moved up kissing her neck. Looking deeply into her eyes... smiling. "Oh honey, I love you so much!" I whispered.

I then lifted her off the floor and took her by the hand into the bathroom. With surprise and delight she noticed the floating roses and the candles.

We brought the food into the bathroom, slipped in the tub and ate, talked about the day, and prepared for another session of intense love making. Hannah and I knew that what we just experienced was a mere foreshadow to what was about to occur.

After a wonderful dinner and intimate talk together in the tub, I laid my head back to rest. The candles were still burning and the roses were afloat among the bath bubbles.

"Close your eyes, baby," Hannah whispered. Slowly she began to massage my legs working her way up to my cock.

Hannah's beautiful smile and sensuous body already had me aroused, but this brought a rush to my cock. Fully erect and hard she began to rotate her hand around my shaft. She then slipped her other hand under the water and cupped my balls. "Oh my God, Hannah, that feels so unbelievable," I moaned.

Hannah continued sliding her hand up and down my shaft, slowly rotating her hand as she pumped. I raised my cock toward her.

Hannah slowly moved down and began to lick my head. "Oh yes! Oh my God, Hannah, yes," I gasped. She placed the head of my cock completely in her mouth, rubbing circles around the head with her tongue. Still rubbing my balls and sliding her hand on my lower shaft. She had me completely.

I reached down and slowly rubbed her head, massaging lightly behind her ears as sucked harder on me. "Hannah, you are so good to me," I whispered. "I love you so much!"

She then stood to her feet, looking down at me. The water and suds rushed down her body. Bubbles flowed down her body, parting at her nipples and around her belly button. "Oh my, Hannah, you are so GORGEOUS!"

"Let's move to the bed," she said with an airy voice. At that she grabbed a towel and I stood up. Cock fully engorged and ready.

I took the towel from her and began to slowly pat her dry. I took pleasure in licking the water drips from her chin, then her nipples, licking my way down while patting her back dry.

She stepped out and slipped on a red silk slip nightie. It had straps for the shoulders and lace tracing down her bust line. The hem came just below her pussy and ass with slits up the sides to the top of her hips.

Her nipples were so erect and showed beautifully through the slip. She then let her hair down. As she shook her head slowly, her long blonde hair gently flowed down her shoulders.

"Hannah, you are the most erotic and beautiful woman! I'm the most fortunate man in the world to have a woman like you loving me," I said moving toward her.

I scooped her off her fe

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