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Meg & Demi escape with him.

She believed in no compromise in the matter of man-woman union.

And she believed in semen; she knew that the end goal of intercourse was the transfer of part of the male's body, in the form of frothing, foaming liquid love, from the man to the woman.

Standing in front of the men, money having changed hands, Harini was ashamed of herself. She felt her inadequacy more keenly than any time Sheetal and she had shared a bed or a bathtub and engaged in mutual oral pleasure: While her own bra served the mere function of covering her breasts, Sheetal's served the very real function of supporting the weight of her breasts. While her own panties merely covered her sexual region, Sheetal's served the function of containing thick clumps of pubic hair and absorbing a constant, heavy flow of female sweat. What would the men think? Poor Harini's thought was, "Am I a girl or a woman?"

Several of the studs wore heavy golden chains attached to the heads of their organs. These served the dual function of stimulating the frenulum, increasing their lust as they looked upon the women looking at them, and of making the organs hang downwards to look lustier than they were.

To all the instructions Sheetal had given Harini in regards choosing a man, Sheetal quickly added: "Look for the drops." Harini understood. In her excited state - for, yes, even though this was the first time she had seen naked men - Harini was, after all, a woman: The sight of large erect penises excited her. She was looking solely at the men's penises rather than their faces; this Sheetal noted with satisfaction.

"Look for the drops." Harini understood that she should choose a man whose pre-cum was dripping as he gazed at the line-up of women customers. Tonight was busy, and there were only seven or eight studs available to service almost twenty women.

This, too, Harini realized: "Will he choose me," she thought as she looked at Ratan. The aggressive Sheetal approached the stud and commanded, "Come here. Take her. She is young and innocent."

Harini was glad; she had been eyeing Ratan - probably 20, his organ hanging thick and long, slapping against his thigh as he moved and talked. Harini was glad that Sheetal was arranging this union. Her body cringed at the possibility of that obscenely oversized organ being placed inside her, or worse, being forced into her mouth and throat; her womanly lust, however, consented to Sheetal's decision.

After all, Sheetal was her mentor.

Ratan squeezed Harini's nipples as though testing them for maturity. She winced. As he parted her panties and inserted three fingers crudely into her vagina, again as though testing whether this were a girl or a woman, poor Harini couldn't help a few tears - and a fear pulsed through her mind and body: "What is he going to do?" But then from another side came the comforting thought: "Sheetal will not let me suffer needlessly."

Recognising that Sheetal was the dominant figure in the transaction, Ratan said to her: "She doesn't have much hair." Sheetal allayed his concerns: "Oh, just put it inside, you'll know what a cunt she is."

The three exchanged the customary pleasantries, and it was Ratan's and Harini's understanding that the two would now be alone in a room and mate for the night. Sheetal, again dominating, demanded that she control the proceedings. The three of them, therefore, made their way to a large room decorated with erotic paintings that had no effect at all on the miserable Harini - whose thoughts centred around pain, humiliation, and fear.

Sheetal undressed, Ratan undressed, and Sheetal undressed Harini. Scolding Harini, she yanked off the poor girl's panties: "If you're going to mate with a man, why are you keeping these on?" Harini didn't know what to say or do as she saw Ratan coat his organ with oil, stroking it downwards, making it gorw longer and thicker. Sheetal aided the process, and Ratan soon reached his full size. Harini closed her eyes, unable to accept what was about to happen to her: If that object were placed inside her, it would damage her insides!


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