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I was amazed at how comfortable I was


We finally made it to the front of the line and Pandora took the first stall. "Susan, let's you and I share ok? It'll be faster," said Kristi. I was fine with that; they were big stalls. Finally one opened up and we walked toward it. The stall's former occupant walked away, with her boyfriend, and Joey took the newly vacated seat. A minute later another woman left a stall, and Krista and I scooted toward it.

As soon as the door was shut, Kristi started changing and after a few seconds staring at her almost bared breasts, I turned to face the wall, and I pulled on my future tennis skirt, zipping it up and letting it fall into place. It felt cool against my bare skin, sliding easily as I moved. By the time I had finished getting the skirt on, Kristi was pulling her shirt over her head.

"Wow, you make that outfit look so hot. You look so sexy," I told her.

She smiled as I returned to my trying on new clothes. I then started to pull off my t-shirt dress.

"There's no mirror in here, I'm going to use the one outside."

"OK," was my unthinking reply.

Before I could say, "Wait!", Kristi had unlocked and opened the door of our stall. My face was covered with my dress, as I was still pulling it over my head...I was naked from the top of my tennis skirt to my neck. I struggled to reverse the process, finding myself tangled up even more. And while I'm sure it was only a few seconds, it seemed like minutes before I heard the stall-door close again.

My knees shuddered as I realized that Joey had been sitting right outside that door. And that if he'd been looking straight ahead, he'd have seen my bare torso. I'd been facing the wall, so it would mostly have been my back and maybe the side of my breasts. I quickly stood tall again, enjoying the rush of pleasure I'd felt at being seen, and confidently removed the dress and pulled on the shirt before Kristi reentered the stall.

It clung to me like a second skin, and I realized that I'd definitely want to wear a bra under it. My nipples were noticeably protuberances through the stretchy fabric, the areolas puffing out slightly around them. Even the indent of my belly-button was visible. Perhaps I needed a medium instead.

I pushed the stall door open a bit, sticking just a head and shoulder out, "Kristi?"

Joey looked me right in the eye, "She's in Pandora's stall now, because Pandora had a mirror."


"Can I help? Do you need a second opinion?" Joey was so sweet, and I could see him hoping to see me in my outfit after having seen me almost nude a few seconds least in my thoughts.

"The shirt I have is too tight, and I can't wear it without a bra." I don't know why I told him that, but it just came out. "I think it's too revealing." I hung my head down, feeling my cheeks go red.

"Do you want me to look?" I could see the longing in his eyes.

"I'd be embarrassed...."

Joey rushed more words out, "I won't tell anyone I just saw you or if the shirt is too tight. I already learned my lesson."

I looked at him confused? "What do you mean?"

"Well, you know those photographs from the party of that girl I shared with people?" I nodded. "Well, I realized that by doing that, I'd lost any chance I had of her trusting me enough to go on a get to know see if we had anything in common. All because pictures I took turned out to be, well, more revealing and sexier than I'd remotely though possible. It wasn't my fault that her outfit was see-through under the flash, but it was that anyone else saw those photos. I was able to apologize to Pandora, and we've become good friends since. I just hope she wasn't horribly affected by my shitty choices."

I looked at him, touched by his concern for 'the girl' and his seeming honesty regarding his regrets. I almost, then and there, told him that I was the Bat Girl from that party. Instead, I said, "I meant, what do you mean that you just saw me?" I felt myself blushing more, as I was forcing my shame out into the open.

Joey cutely mumbled, "Um.

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