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Jennifer falls deeper into debt.

Alex had told me about a few boyfriends, I'd overheard her once with a one-night stand with a friend, and she'd confessed to still occasionally sucking the dick of her ex. Naturally, I hated the ex with such unfathomable scorn that Alex would question my dislike of him at any given opportunity.

"So you're going out because Jay's coming up for the weekend?" asked Alex sternly.

I was in the living room, packing an overnight bag to go and stay with a friend whilst Jay was here. I was planning on going to see a friend from home, getting incredibly drunk and staying over.

"No. I'm going out because I want to get drunk tonight, and I don't want to have to worry about coming back here at 3am. Plus, I'm taking the car." I replied shortly.

I wasn't too enamoured with the fucking arse-wench 'Jay'. He was a slimy git. And if the two of them did end up getting it on... well. That wasn't something I wanted to hang around to see or listen to.

"Get drunk with us?" Even Alex wasn't entirely convinced by her own request, and I could tell she was only asking to be polite. I reckoned she didn't want to be seen as happy that she'd have the house to herself.

I shook my head and gave a sheepish smile. There was no way in hell I'd be in our house as long as Jay was here. Yes, it may seem drastic, and dramatic, and typical. You, as a reader, may even see it as me flouncing off in childish anguish that I'd been inadvertently pushed to one side to make way for a blast from Alex's past. Yes, I was jealous. He was in perfect position to entangle himself in her (what I imagined to be) delectable folds and probably get another fucking blowjob for himself in the process.

"Is it Jay?" she asked, still standing in the doorway.

I shook my head again, still silent, busying myself with rearranging the contents of my bag. I did not want to have this conversation with her. I'd timed my departure so that I'd be gone by the time he got here. I wouldn't be returning to the house until I knew he was gone. Yes, I felt cheated, but I had no right to feel that way. But it still fucked me off.

"Right. Well I'm going to go get him, his train gets in shortly".

In a moment of madness I offered to bring her to the train station in my car and leave both of them back to the house. I thought this would qualm any reservations Alex had about the results of her failed interrogation. Perhaps it did. I've never found out. You can be the judge of that one. Jay was polite, thanked me for the free ride and they both got out of my car and walked up to the door. I checked my mirrors, spun the wheels of my car in a burnout and floored it out of our street. The slimeball had been in my car. Ew. And was probably going to use his slimey fingers to attempt to pleasure Alex later tonight. Ew.

When I returned to the house the next day, hungover to within an inch of my life I found Alex in the living room. We shared stories from the night before; she'd been to a gig with Jay and they'd stayed up smoking all night watching music channels on the TV. I didn't ask if anything happened with her and Jay, and she didn't ask for details from my night, either. I retreated to bed, in an attempt to deal with the hangover before starting my final placement as an undergraduate student. My mind, rife with harbouring impure thoughts about Alex, caused me some restlessness as I lay in bed. I turned on my laptop, put some music on, reaching for my iPad and began my nightly search for some decent porn that would help me achieve orgasm and help me relax.

My first week was stressful, but I found the caseload to be lacking in challenges.

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