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The coven gathers...

Tasting her. Running his tongue along her lips and teeth, feeling her canines. His arousal slowly sliding up her thigh to her stomach. She growled and sank her teeth into his neck, a gently deep bite that expressed her interest.

His hands pushed her to lie down as he moved over her body. Licking down her torso, biting her breasts, skimming her nipples with his teeth. She gasped and arched her body off the ground at the feel of the sharp points. His mouth moved lower over her warm skin, leaving a path of licks and hard nips. Fingers dug into her thighs, nails biting into the skin, as his tongue slid down and back up the inside of her thigh.

She ran her fingers through his hair, pulling his head closer to her heat. Her breath caught and she moaned and growled as his tongue moved over her slit, playing and teasing her clit. As he swirled around her opening she growled and pulled him up, rolling him to his back; she climbed atop him straddling him.

Her lips slid down his body, hers arching and bending gracefully as she moved down him. Leaving behind evidence of harder nips and gentle licks she ran her nails down his chest, up his thighs and over his hips. She licked a spot on the side of stomach, then biting down, savoring the taste of his skin. Moving across she fainted a bite but instead moved down swiftly to bite the inside of his thigh.

He growled fiercely throwing her off him. He moved to cover her body with his own. Biting her neck he whispered in her ear, his voice deep and rough in his desire "where do you want it?" he placed the tip of his cock at her opening, "here?"

She whimpered, arching to him, running her nails down his back. He bit her lip, "or here?"

She cried out in want, pulling him down closer to her head, she bit down on to his shoulder. Turning her head into his neck, she breathed softly across her marks and whispered back, "take me, as you want..."

His growl came from so deep in his body it was more rumbling thunder, as he pulled her to her feet and threw her up against the tree. She whimpered and cried out as her back made impact. He wrapped his hands down under her ass lifting her off the floor and holding her to the tree.

She could feel the bark digging into her back, scratches bleeding as blood slid down mixing with the tree. She brought her head back and to the side, exposing her neck to her mate, her legs wrapping around his waist.

He thrust deeply into her, filling her; biting down on her throat, growling at the feel of her wet pussy clamping around his cock. Pulling out so far and fast, her hips came forward with his movements, only to be slammed back into the trunk of the tree.

Needles poured from the heavens as he repeatedly moved in and out of her. Her screams echoed across the waters. Her legs tightened around his waist, her head thrown back as her fingers scratched leaving red welts up his back.

Digging his fingers deeper into her hips as she arched against the tree he watched as her eye lids opened and her mouth opened in a silent scream; her canines elongating.

She brought her head down and bit into his shoulder. He roared in pleasure as she came around his hard cock, still thrusting into her hard. Her muscles clamping hard around him as her orgasim was drawn out by his movement.

He stilled, watching her, waiting. Her breath slowly stilled to normal, her eyes opened and she locked looks with him. Licking her lips she pushed against him, feeling him still hard inside of her.

He stepped back, allowing her to slowly find her footing. She pushed his shoulder again, he stumbled back. She eyed his body, licking her lips and pushing him down to the ground. She bit his ankle playfully, before moving up his legs.

When her lips reached his thigh, her nips became bites, teeth sinking into his sensitive skin as he writhed and squirmed beneath her. Her right hand dug fingers into his thigh as she bit, gently at the base of his cock. Her tongue and teeth sliding up the shaft to the tip.

His fingers moved through her hair to the back of her head where they fisted, pullin

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