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A young co-ed plays a sexy game with her friends.

Most of all, Jenny watched the State workers as they chatted around the coffee bar, threw paper air planes at each other and pretended to be working while they chatted with each other on both the phone and the internet.

At 4:15 a black woman came from somewhere in the back of the building and pulled all the applications out of the box. She then turned the pile upside down so she could start with the oldest applications first.

"Ronnie Schwartz?" she said in a loud voice. The woman looked around the office, a stern expression on her face. "Ronnie Schwartz? Are you here?" There was no answer. His application was dropped into a "special" file reserve red for those individuals who were not interested enough to waste an entire day waiting. The night custodial crew would do a proper job of completing the processing when the file was dumped later that night into the dumpster behind the building.

"Annette Haskell?" the woman, who had now become somewhat irritated, shouted. Jenny looked around the office. There seemed to be only seven people waiting in the low-life, unemployed side of the towering counter, while the pile had at least one hundred fifty applications. "What da hell wrong wid des people?" the woman muttered under her breath.

At 4:53 the black woman announced, "Jennifer Jackson?" Jenny jumped up and ran the two steps to the counter just as the woman was about to drop her application into the "special file". "I'm Jennifer Jackson."

The woman looked even more irritated. "Is you da Jennifer Jackson dat live on Cranberry Lane?" she asked eying Jenny closely.

"Yes. 1634 Cranberry Lane. That's me."

"The woman took on an angry look. "Am dis yo social sa-curity number?"

Jenny looked at the application. "Yes. That's it."

The woman turn her head to look over her shoulder at the clock on the wall. "Damn, two mo minutes," she muttered.

Jenny smiled at the woman. "See? It's all filled out. All the 'I's dotted and 'T's crossed. I did orientation yesterday. I know the official handy employment guide by heart. You can test me if you want."

"Damn!" mumbled the woman. "Jes one minute. I be right back," the woman said as the turned on her heel and said something to the woman on the switchboard behind her.

In only a moment a man came running from the rear of the "employed" side of the office.

"What's this all about?" he demanded.

"Dis here woman filled out everyting and even did the orientation," the black woman said. "I think she a troublemaker."

The man picked up Jenny's application and stared at it. "Follow me, Miss Jackson," he said sternly. Jenny followed the man along the counter to the end. There was a buzz and a door popped open. Jenny stepped in. The door slammed behind her. The man was already in the room waiting for her.

"Now, Miss Jackson, I have several questions for you. First, why did you take the orientation the day before you applied?"

"Why not?" Jenny asked.

"Look. I'm asking the questions here. Now, why did you arrive at exactly 9:28 AM before the rush and wait all day for the interview?"

"9:28? Are you sure? I thought it was 9:30," Jenny said confused.

"Look, Miss Jackson. It was 9:28 AM. We have already reviewed the surveillance tape and confirmed your time of arrival. You drove into the parking lot at 9:24 AM in a blue 2005 Ford, license number KVP639. The car is still parked in the same space. You sat in the car and put on make up. At 9:27 AM you exited your car and entered the building. The question is WHY?"

"Look boner," Jenny said sweetly, "To fill out the application. Why do you think?"

"And why did you give a Hot Pink Crayon to one Rufus Malloy at 10:14 AM? Answer me that?"

"Gee. You mean your surveillance cameras are color. That's pretty cool," Jenny grinned.

"Just answer the question, Miss Jackson."

"Well, the loser didn't bring anything to write with and I gave him the only other writing implement I had. Would you have been more satisfied if I'd used the crayon instead?"

The man looked somewh

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