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RP Set Up Scenario: Physical capture.

It was the first time he'd ever let her on top and the very first time he'd relinquished complete control. In that moment, more than anything, she wanted to say yes. Yes, she would stay with him forever, for as long as his forever was, to be bound to him and forgo a human existence. But as much as she wanted to say the word, and as simple a word as it was, she simply couldn't. So instead, she intended to make love to him for the last time -- again.

Slowly, she pulled him out and worked him back in, enjoying the feel of every inch, as she patiently consumed him. Though his hands lay gently against her waist, he made no move to direct her and seemed immersed in the feeling.

Her eyes locked on his, sultry and wanton. "Did you miss fucking me?"

"More than you can imagine," he hissed through clenched teeth, his breathing ragged.

Joelle jerked her hips and thrust him inside, eliciting a throaty growl. "Does your cock feel good inside me?"

"Euphoric," his voice hitched.

She slowly coaxed him out and left him to linger there, just inches from her hot slit. "Then why?" she asked as she lay across his chest.

"Joelle, I never intended... I tried everything... you have to believe it was never my intention to harm you."

"You killed me, you didn't 'harm' me."

"I am painfully aware of that. If sparing you that pain were within my power, even if it meant the forfeiture of my own life, I would gladly do it."

"Do you want to keep fucking me Lucien?" Joelle taunted him, sliding her clit the length on his shaft, covering its entire girth with the juices he so desperately desired. And when he appeared on the verge of explosion she let him probe the very edges of her vulva.

"Yes," he growled, "please."

"Do you swear on everything you hold sacred, on your very life, do you swear on your soul, nothing like that will ever happen again?" As the words spilled from her lips, she could hardly believe she was saying them.

"I swear to you Joelle."

Joelle ground her hips against him, rolling his cock between her moist thighs before sliding her clit down his shaft again.

"I want you to say it Lucien."

"Joelle, I swear on my marker, the one object which tethers my human form to this world, the only instrument which allows my soul the freedom from eternal imprisonment, that I will never again harm you. Should I fail in that promise, you may have it to do with as you please."

"Thank you."

Joelle wrapped her hands around his neck and pulled him against her chest, sliding him inside as she fervidly tasted his mouth. He groaned as she reached the base of his cock and slowly eased herself off. She played with him gently, softly, letting him reach her core and slowly teasing him back out.

She enjoyed him endlessly, slowing when he seemed close to coming, quickening when she wanted to. And he let her have total control, without hesitation, seeming to enjoy her power as much as she.

Joelle finally let him enjoy his release and held him deep inside as his body jerked between her thighs, a sharp groan pouring from his lips.

"That was... you were... I am amazed," he whispered as she lay across his chest, keeping him trapped inside.

"Do you love me?" she asked seriously.


"No?" she snapped incredulously.

"Love is a privilege not extended to us. Perhaps your... perhaps He finds it disagreeable." Lucien jerked his thumb in the air and curled his lip.

"So you can't love me? That's sounds rather stupid. Did you miss me when you were gone?"


"And did you think about me all the time?"

"Every moment."

"And do you feel terrible when I'm hurt, or sad, or sick, or angry?"

"Yes, yes, yes and -- maybe, that all depends on whether or not you are angry with me."

"Okay, fine. So repeat after me," she cooed, "I..."

"I," he mirrored.





"Now say them all together -- I love you."

"I love you." He winced as if the sky might fall in on him.

"See, no lightning, no crash of thunder, everything's okay.

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