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A professor is saved from a melt down by her student.

You are now completely naked as I lead you to the bed. I have you lay in the very center, and I take your hands and bind them together above your head. Then I run binding from the legs of the bed to hold your wrists down. I bind your feet similarly, but separate, so that your legs are conveniently apart. Then I go into the other room for the props I've collected the past week. I have a large, soft feather, which I lightly run all over your skin, down your arms, across your face, over your breasts and stomach, down each leg.

You are getting more and more aroused, frustrated. I move on to the peaches. I open the small can of peaches and remove one slice. I run it past your lips, smearing them with the syrup. I put one end in my mouth and move close to you, and you take the other end in your mouth, and we eat the slice together, and our lips meet at the end. I take another slice to your breast, allowing the syrup to drip onto your nipple. You are breathing heavier. I rub the peach all over your tit, then I clean off the sweet liquid with my tongue. I take another slice, balance it on your other breast, and slowly eat it off your flesh, my teeth grazing your nipple. I pour the last of the liquid in the can over your stomach and legs, and I rub it in like lotion. You're a little squirmy at my touch, you are almost begging me to pay more attention to a certain area.

Not just yet, I tell you. I am lapping at your stomach and legs while massaging your breast aimlessly. You are moaning, it is encouraging. I set the empty can down and pick up a glass of ice cubes. I take a cube and without warning apply it to your breasts, and the sudden chill makes you jump. You gasp as I run it all over your body, and it melts quickly. I dip my hand in the nearby bowl of warm water and run that everywhere the ice cube touched. You are shuddering with shock and pleasure. I position myself between your legs and breathe hotly on your already sopping wet pussy. You exclaim in anticipation. I hover a cube over and around your swelling clit, lightly at first, then soon I am assaulting it with the ice. It melts and drips down to mix with your own juices. I run the ice all over your pussy, and you thrust your pelvis despite your bindings.

I push the remainder of the ice inside you and it melts almost instantly. I dip my fingers in the warm water and slowly insert one into you. You gasp and moan my name. I ask you if you like it, and you say yes, I ask you if you want more and you say yes. I remove my finger and take another ice cube as before, chilling your flaming flesh once again. I return my hand to the water, then insert a warmed finger into you, and then another. I am finger fucking you slowly, rhythmically, and you are gyrating your hips with my movements. I turn my hand so that my thumb can work on your clit. I feel the walls of your pussy contract around my fingers, and I hear you utter something happily unintelligible.

I crawl up beside you and suck on your lips while my fingers continue to push in and out of you. You want to touch me, but your restraints are holding securely. I lick your body all the way back down, and I pick up our newest toy. It is the life sized, life like rubbery kind. I rub the tip of it over your soaked opening, over your sensitive clit, and you still don't realize what it is. Then I slowly push the head of it into you. I move just the head in and out of you, and you plead with me to fuck you fully with it. I rub your clit with my left thumb while my right hand manipulates the dildo. I hear you cum again, you say you can't stand it, that it's too good.

Slowly I begin to insert it all the way in, and I thrust it briskly.

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