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She must punish her slave for rudeness.

He tried to stroke her breast, and she slapped his face, just hard enough to let him know that SHE would be dominant for a while, and he was to do as he was told. She quickly tied his wrists together behind the chair, with the sash from her robe.

And then she danced, straddling him, kissing him but pulling away when he tried to deepen the kiss, running her hands over his chest and down toward his groin.

She opened his shirt, and caressed him while she continued kissing him, including his neck and earlobes in her teasing.

She turned around and pressed her ass against the bulge in his pants, rubbing and grinding, and slipping her fingers down into the front of her panties, to tease her clit briefly. He could tell by the position of her arm what she was doing, but couldn't see her fingers, and she could tell she was driving him crazy.

She caught sight of his glance in the mirror. Just as she'd planned, he could see her face, but not her hand, down in her panties.

She spun around, and unbuckled his belt, kissing him again. He lifted his hips and she pulled his shorts down to his ankles, making sure her hair grazed against his shaft while she bent over in front of him.

He kicked everything he was wearing out of the way, all the while urging her to ride him cowgirl, but SHE was in charge now.

Suddenly her mouth was on him, warm and wet, surrounding him, sucking him hard. Just as suddenly, she released him and stood up, as he gasped for air.

She laughed, and she straddled him again, moving her hips tantalizingly close to his cock, and yet just out of reach. Placing her arms around his neck, she pulled herself close to his upper body, and tormented him with the wetness of her slit for a few brief moments, warm and wet and frustratingly barricaded by the thong. She looked into his eyes, smiling, before standing up and dancing with her back to him again.

Now she was dancing again, looking over her shoulder at him, inching one strap of the camisole down over that shoulder. She perched once again over his legs, not touching his shaft this time.

Reaching over to the table, she took a strawberry and swirled it through the cream, and then took a bite, licking the cream off her fingertips and laughing when she noticed how far down on her arm the camisole strap was.

She stretched her arms over her head, running her fingers through her hair, and then suddenly dropping her hands to remove the camisole in one quick motion. Her large full breasts were so close to him, he could see that the nipples were already stiff.

She trailed a finger through the whipped cream, and then sucked on her finger. Taking more whipped cream, she swirled it around her nipple, and then raised up her body, grabbing the back of his head to bring his face toward her breast. His tongue eagerly flicked over and around her nipple, as he savored the sweet taste of the whipped cream.

Abruptly she stood again, and turned around, rubbing her bare ass cheeks against his cock again. Then she stood in front of him, and slowly dragged the thong down by the side straps. As she bent over he caught a glimpse of her lips, pink and glistening wet.

She walked over to the nightstand, and reached inside for something he couldn't see. She walked back to him with the small object concealed in her hand, and straddled him once again.

Suddenly she moved forward, and he felt her wetness against his cock. Groaning, he shifted his body, and plunged into her. She pushed down on him, her warm pussy walls surrounding him,and then she moved her hips and began to grind against him. She only allowed him a few brief moments inside of her, and then she shifted herself back, away from him, scolding him.

"Now you have to watch me" she purred.

She clicked on asmall bullet vibrator, and held it against her clit using her right hand. Her left hand came higher, to cup her full breast and stroke the nipple, pinching and swirling it.

Her eyes closed and she moaned softly, and tip

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