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An 18 yr old virgin with her best friend's man.

She might even help look for some woman to join them in a three-way sex session, which was Tommy's dream.

Once would be enough she was sure just to get it out of here system. But what if Tom found a woman and invited her back to their bed? Liza was a little scared about that idea. Would she be able to have sex with another woman? Would she be able to let her loving husband fuck another woman while she was with them? She didn't know the answer to these questions. She would worry about him later.

Liza said to herself that she really needed to do this and she just hoped she would be able to complete her dream first. Then she would worry about Tom. She would face the questions later on about having her husband add another woman to their love making.

When he came home she kissed him hard and long as she felt his hands come in contact with her breasts almost immediately! She didn't deny him at all. As she stood there kissing him, she let him touch her between her open legs and feel how wet she was already. He told her he loved this appetizer before dinner. The way Liza was giving him everything without hesitation was sort of new to him. Usually Liza was more reserve than this but he liked it! No he loved it!
Liza hadn't done anything to her husband like this in a very long time. He had enjoyed all of her as he licked and sucked her breasts and fingered her so wanting to be fucked pussy. Then he surprised her by picking her up and placing her ass on the kitchen table and began licking her pussy hole wildly.

"Oh Tommy your tongue feel so good. Oh yes baby! Eat me! Eat my pussy make me cum baby!" Liza moaned out the words as she closed her eyes. But it wasn't Tommy she was thinking of at that moment. No, not at that moment, she was imagining a big black face between her legs sucking and licking her cumming pussy with a long tongue!

"Oh God Tommy you're going to make me cum! Oh yes! Oh yes! Oh yes baby...lick! Suck my clit suck it! Harder Oh fuck yes!" she half-cried and half-moaned as he worked so very hard sucking her big swollen red clit and fingered her pussy hole with two fingers.

As Tommy had one of her legs over each shoulder Liza held his head and moaned and moaned as Tommy continued to get her off with his mouth tongue and fingers. But she was thinking of two big long black fingers shoving in her cunt and a big hand squeezing her tit pulling on that red nipples sticking so far out hard and long. Yes Liza was thinking of a black man doing to her what her loving husband was actually doing.

As Tommy began to suck and pull on her clit with his lips Liza arched her back and began to thrust her hips fucking her husband's face as she screamed as she achieved a fantastic orgasm. As she held her husband's head tightly against her sex Liza humped and humped and humped her body cumming hard and long as Tommy sucked and licked her juices that were covering his face now.

Finally when she released his head and Tommy came out from between her wide-open things, she saw his face covered with her cum. She smiled and he smiled back. She said, "Thank you baby! That was wonderful! God you really made me cum! Your face is almost dripping!"

She reached for him and held him tightly against him letting his lips nurse o her nipple. She felt his hard 5 inch cock pressing against her stomach. As she kissed her husband long and lovingly she let her tongue move into his mouth and she could taste herself.

Tommy lifted her up in his arms and carried her to the bedroom. She lay her head on his shoulder and whispered, "Hurry Tommy hurry! I need you so bad tonight! Hurry baby! I need your cock."

Tommy almost ran with his wife in his arms.

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