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"Where the fuck does she get the money for all this?" Sasha thought. "This has to be pretty expensive... unless she has a super well-paying job, I don't see how she got it. She didn't steal it, I know that much, since there's a receipt here. I'll figure that out later."

She pulled out what looked like a hood made of latex with laces running up the back as well as a set of zippers to help fasten it tightly. She felt it could help disguise her. However, when she put it on even partway, she realized it made her completely deaf. She then removed it, smirking as she found a toy for later use.

Sasha then walked over to Kaitlyn, her smirk returning as she saw the bound and now helpless form of Kaitlyn, robbed of her escape and completely unaware of what was going on just feet from her. It was such a delicious and tantalizing situation to Sasha. So much so that she was beginning to feel herself getting wet and her pussy beginning to let her know she was aroused.

Preparing to enjoy herself with her now victim, she watched as Kaitlyn took a breath with her mouth. Letting it be her window, Sasha shoved the dirty, sweaty socks into her mouth. Immediately, Kaitlyn started to struggle as she realized there was someone else there. But it was to no avail; her binds were too tight.

Sasha pushed them far into Kaitlyn's mouth, trying to get them as deep in as she could. Once she'd finished, however, she noticed that Kaitlyn was beginning to spit them out. Looking around for a method of sealing the socks inside of her older sister's mouth, Sasha's eyes lighted on one of the objects on leather straps. Remembering she'd discovered they were gags of a sort, she grabbed the largest ball gag she saw, using one hand to keep the socks firmly in Kaitlyn's mouth. Using her other hand, she pushed the ball into Kaitlyn's mouth. It was obviously a struggle to get it in as well as the socks, despite them only being ankle socks.

After about thirty seconds, she managed to get the large ball past Kaitlyn's teeth, which helped hold it in place. She buckled the straps tightly shut, smirking wider as she heard Kaitlyn take a sharp breath through her nose with every tug.

Stepping back to look at her handiwork, Sasha covered her mouth tightly to hide a few laughs at the sight of Kaitlyn's mouth. Her cheeks were bulging slightly due to the socks and ball gag in her mouth, which made her look helpless and a bit silly even.

Kaitlyn felt around for the key to her handcuffs, not yet realizing that Sasha had already taken it. Sasha felt herself get even wetter as she saw the display of helplessness from her. It was a turn-on in a way she'd never thought it would be. Both taking advantage of her sister and seeing her entirely powerless to stop her... it was quite the power trip. She would have to do this again sometime.

Kaitlyn's screams emerged from her lips, heavily muffled by the things stuffed in her mouth. It was so nice to hear them as Sasha prepared to enjoy humiliating her further.

Deciding to have some more fun of her own, she quickly stripped her clothes off, climbing on top of Kaitlyn. Licking her lips, she grabbed both of Kaitlyn's breasts. The older sister continued to struggle, trying to shake off her unknown attacker.

She grabbed Kaitlyn's breasts more gently, kneading them as she leaned up and bit down on Kaitlyn's neck. She didn't know why she did that. She had seen it in movies as something arousing and she had wanted to do it, sort of like some seductive vampire. She felt that Kaitlyn's nipples had gotten hard. She then pinched them, rolling them around in her fingers and watching as Kaitlyn moaned through the gag. It was almost as if the older sister had relented to her torture and was accepting it. Sasha was a little confused by this... had she figured out it was her and knew she wasn't in any real harm... or was this dumb bitch into this sort of thing?

She moved her attention to Kaitlyn's pussy.

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