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A wife joins a gym and gains muscles.

Dana was toying with the idea of using Titanium instead of Aluminium in the alloy, but coming up with the exact combination of elements that would fuse the mix together was proving elusive. Still, she was so confident she could accomplish the task, she had asked the Ashanath to start stripping the old Titanium armour plating from the assault carrier's hull.

She had been putting off the trip into the maintenance tunnels, making sure everything else was proceeding smoothly, but it looked like she had run out of excuses. At least they would be able to begin work on the upgraded mass drivers, once she had confirmed that her plans for the weapon were viable, she thought optimistically. She skipped off towards her workshop with an added spring in her step.


John sighed happily as he got dressed. He felt wonderfully relaxed after cumming so hard and then watching Alyssa and Jade lapping away at Calara as she screamed out her orgasms, had been a glorious sight to behold.

Jade sat comfortably, stroking her hugely swollen belly contentedly, as the glowing viridian lines pulsed outwards from her stomach and spiralled out across her luscious green body. She looked up at John and smiled happily at him, relishing being able to carry his load in her stomach.

Alyssa glided gracefully across the mats and walked over to pick up the clothes where she and Jade had dropped them before they entered the pool. John admired her pert little bottom as she walked away and he wondered about raising the idea of self defence classes for all the crew. The beautiful blonde laughed at his lewd thoughts and the melodic sound echoed merrily around the gym.

John offered Calara a hand and helped the weary brunette to her feet. She picked up her discarded clothes and got dressed with an amused smile on her beautiful face. Calara was back to her slender athletic figure now, after Jade's enthusiastic assistance and she stretched her arms above her head sighing happily as she stood beside him.

"Great sparring session." she complimented him with a lop sided grin.

"It certainly was!" John agreed with her enthusiastically. "You girls have been teasing me for days and it was nice to do something about it!" he said, his eyes sparkling with delight.

"All joking aside though, did you get the point of the lesson today?" he asked her firmly.

"Yes, I understood." Calara nodded earnestly. "Don't get distracted in a fight and strike if you see your opponent lose concentration." she confirmed for him.

"Good girl." he said, nodding at her approvingly.

"Sorry we didn't get to do any actual sparring today." he said apologetically. "Don't let me get in any cheap shots next time, ok?" he requested with a smile.

"Yes Sensei!" Calara said, smiling back at him before she bowed deeply.

When she came up from the bow, John gathered her up in his arms and hugged her affectionately. A tentative knock came from the closed door that led out of the gym, causing John to glance at the door in surprise, unused to having anyone other than his crew on board the Invictus. He glanced at the girls and saw that only Jade was still undressed. She smiled confidently and shrugged at him nonchalantly, answering his unspoken question and then walked over to collect her clothes from Alyssa.
"Come in." John called out in his strong voice.

The door swished open and one of the Ashanath engineers walked in, just as Jade glided past him majestically, the glowing ethereal bands on her engorged belly casting curving light across the ceiling. The Grey's huge black eyes blinked extremely rapidly as it stared in amazement at the resplendent Nymph and she smiled at the diminutive alien coyly as she sashayed away.

John stifled a laugh at Jade's impromptu exhibitionism and the devastating effect it had on the poor Ashanath engineer.

"Everything ok there?" he asked the stunned Grey.

"Oh my yes..." The Ashanath said in its whispery voice, the normally unemotional speech of the computer managing to pick up the sheer wonderment in his voice.

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