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They meet another couple.

y words?

With just the tip of his cock in my mouth, my tongue dipping into his pee-slit, I nodded my head.

He then started to make up this dream about his mother and all the lewd things she did and he to her. As we were not really talking about sex, but a "dream" it was alright for him to say it, and for me to hear it.

He turned to telling the story in such a way that he was expressing his need for me, and all of the things that he would beg to do to me! My ears started to burn, some from the words, but more from the excitement that his words were having on me! He had stirred the smoldering coals of my desire into a raging fire! I sat there sucking on his cock, itching between my legs for a fuck as he started to pour his cum down my throat! With one arm I reached around his ass, and pulled him in tightly against my face, waiting for his flood to recede.

Both of us had a glassy look in our eyes, the kitchen smelt of sweat and cum, and I delighted in the mix! He sat next to me, I gave him a hug and pressed his face to my chest.

As he caught his breath, he reached around me and took me in his arms, taking me from the chair in the kitchen to the love seat in the living-room. He placed me on the cushions and hand me lie on my stomach. He resumed telling me his "dream" and in reality narrated ahead of time what he was going to do to me.

He first gently caressed my back, but then told me how his mother had really turned him on, and how he wanted to stretch her tight body and all of her holes. As he mentioned her holes, I felt him pushing his fingers deep into my pussy, I felt him scoop out my wetness and spread it all around, dipping his slick fingers into my asshole! I relaxed under his touch and allowed him to probe me as he talked. He knelt next to the sofa, I reached for his hard again cock, and took it in my hand.

He wasn't gentle with me, and excited as I was, I didn't need him to be. His fingers violated my ass and pussy! One by one he was stuffing me with them! He stretched my holes so much that I had thought that he was going to break the skin, but my holes endured, intact, as he pushed as many fingers in as he dared! He had his fingers in both of my holes, as I neared my high, I pulled his cock to my face, he adjusted his position so that I could suck him while he excited my body to a new high! I was stretched out to my limits, his fingers fucking the air out of me as my orgasm hit me, leaving me gasping! He kept on pushing, like a tireless machine, in and out, pulling and pushing as I rode the wakes of my bliss! I was panting, I wanted him to ease out, but he continued, in time pushing his throbbing cock down my throat! I started crying from the pain of the orgasm that his assault was giving me, he just kept going, my head was thrashing wildly, still impaled on his cock as I lost control and started chocking on it!

In the last throws of life, I felt him pour into my mouth, I just let it go, I couldn't swallow, I couldn't breathe, I just let it seep out of me as he crashed over me, spent himself!


I heard the sound of my children coming down the stairs, and here I was, cum covered with my naked nephews cock against my face on the living-room's couch. What a mother was I!

Breakfast was already served on the kitchen table, and they were hungry, they didn't recognize the smell and didn't care about anything else than the food at that moment.

My nephew and I tiredly picked ourselves up, we sat together gently caressing each-other. He took his hand and rubbed the cum on my face into my skin! I looked at him and smiled, I had some cum on my fingers and I had him lick it off! He continued to tell me his "dream" and I told him that if the stars were right, that maybe his dream might come true for him!

The next week was an exercise in denial, and straight-out procurement of sex-play! By Sunday, I had been worn out thin by my two men. We were careful around the kids, but as soon as we were out of their sight we would find some pretence that would cover our games.

We never said anything outright, my husband

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