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The husband tells his side of the story

Like Scott, Jeremy was dressed only in a pair of bright pink satin panties. That was where all comparison ended however. Somewhat shorter, probably about five-eleven, he had a pleasant enough face, Meryn conceded. But what was most striking about him was that he was significantly overweight. No, that was way too mild, Meryn concluded. He was fat. And his ample belly and love handles made the pink panties look markedly more ridiculous on him than they did on Scott. She couldn't help but cringe.

She was relieved when it didn't appear that this Jeremy had noticed her look as he hurried over to kneel before Natasha. As Scott had done before he bent down and kissed both of her feet, and then said, "I am thrilled to be summoned to serve you once again Miss Natasha." With that he knelt up and leaned back.

"Prompt and punctual as always Jeremy" Natasha answered. "That is a good first impression. I'd like you to meet a very dear friend of mine, Miss Meryn. And Jeremy, it is very important to me that you continue to impress tonight.

Turning to look for the first time at Miss Natasha's guest, Jeremy noted that although plainly dressed, especially as compared to Miss Natasha, she was extremely pretty, even though she seemed tense and uneasy. As he knew was expected he bent down, kissed both of her shoes, and then offered "It is an honor and very great pleasure to be presented to you Miss Meryn." With that he knelt up and smiled'

Meryn had to admit that he had a very nice smile. It lit up his entire face including his eyes. It induced her to bring forth a small smile in return and nod in acknowledgment even as she was unsure of how to verbally respond.

"Miss Meryn is my guest for dinner tonight" Natasha went on. "We haven't seen each other for a while and have so much to talk about. As Scott will be very busy as always attending to me, I brought you over tonight Jeremy to attend to Miss Meryn. You will care for her every need tonight as if it was for me."

Watching Jeremy closely, Meryn thought she saw a flicker of disappointment flash across his face. This was quickly replaced by another of his smiles as he spoke to her again. "It will be a cherished privilege to be able to attend and serve you tonight Miss Meryn."

Responding to his smile again, and the seeming sincerity of his words, Meryn found some voice this time to respond, "Ah...thank you Jeremy. I'm sure I will...ah...appreciate any of your efforts." Her reply must have been acceptable because it was met with an even brighter smile.

"Good. Now that we've taken care of that" Natasha added, "Jeremy, I believe Scott could use your assistance in finishing up the preparations for dinner. I'm starving."

"Yes Miss Natasha." With that Jeremy bent down and kissed Meryn"s shoes again, knelt up and said, "By your leave Miss Meryn..." and remained unmoving.

Meryn belatedly realized that he was waiting for her permission to leave. She looked over to Natasha and saw that she was surprised as well and even slightly annoyed. Well, Natasha had given him to her for the night hadn't she? Still, she didn't want him to get into any trouble on her behalf so she hurriedly said, "Yes, of course, go on Jeremy." With that he bowed his head slightly, rose and went join Scott in the kitchen

"I still don't know about this Tash." Meryn said as soon as he was gone.

"I know he's not much to look at Meri. Now you can see why I got Scott. But he's very attentive and enthusiastic and will do anything he can to please you. So just relax and take it as it comes tonight. You've got nothing to lose, and I really do believe you're going to enjoy all the pampering you're going to get tonight."

What was Meryn going to say.

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