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My first time with the most beautiful woman in the world.

They were both my lovers from the time Jerry and I were just kids. It started first with Jerry and I just exploring each others bodies and playing around with each other. But it didn't take long before we were fucking each other silly every chance we got. And we made damn sure we had PLENTY of opportunities," she laughed.

"Of course Dad knew what was going on between us, but he never said anything or in any way objected or interfered. Mom had split for 'parts unknown' some years earlier and Dad had raised us kids with nothing but love and absolute devotion to our care and well being. We could not have asked for a better parent in any way. He WAS very conscientious in our sex education and training, even very early on. We knew all about child birth and contraception almost from the time we learned our ABC's. Dad was sexually, very liberal. He always taught us to approach everything with the attitude of: 'Hey, if it feels good and causes no one any harm, then why not go for it... You'll never know how much you might like anything if you don't at least try it once it's offered to you. Jerry and I certainly took his advice to heart."

"Yeah," breathed Darla excitedly. "But what about your Dad. You said HE was your lover too, didn't you? Tell me about the first time you fucked your father. I want all the 'juicy' details, Hear? My pussy's starting to drip just thinking about it. I DO love fucking older men." She laughed.

Darla, after a couple more "shotguns" between her and the older woman, had slid down on the couch so that she was reclining with her head on Sherri's warm and inviting lap. Sherri's short skirt had ridden higher on her beautiful, golden tanned thighs and Darla could smell the sweet musky scent wafting through the sheer fabric of her silk panties and she breathed deeply of the intoxicating deliciousness of it.

"Come on now!" objected Sherrie. "He was NOT an 'older man'... He died quite young as a matter of fact. Besides, I think you'd fuck just about anything decent, wouldn't you, you horney little bitch you?" She said this with a grin and a pinch to Darla's now exposed belly. Her halter top had performed the same feat that Sherri's skirt had and had now worked it's way up until the lower half of her lovely black breasts were exposed. And the most comfortable position for one of Sherri's hands was to rest it on that soft, inviting expanse of flesh. The fingers of her other hand began to gently trace the outlines of Darla's face and over those luscious, full lips.

"My God, I'm really getting turned on to this girl. I've NEVER felt like this before. It must be the dope... That's some wicked shit she's got there. And she certainly seems to be attracted to me too... I don't think it's an 'accident' that she keeps pressing her head tighter against my crotch... And I don't believe her top climbed that high all by itself, either," she giggled to herself.

"So, you want to hear about the first time I fucked my father, huh? Okay, lets see where to begin...:

"As I said, Dad was very liberal about most everything or anything that had to do with sex and relationships. We were very casual about nudity around the house and rarely did any of us wear much of anything when there weren't others around. But Dad never did anything explicitly sexual with us kids for the longest time. Oh, he'd touch us gently and fondle our genitals sometimes when we'd cuddle in his lap, but that was about all. So, we grew up without any shame or embarrassment regarding sex. We were taught that it was okay to be a responsible sexual human being and that it was a very pleasurable and enjoyable activity. Or should be, at any rate."

"You mean he played with Jerry too?" I love to see two guys getting it on together," giggled Darla. "Especially when I'm right in the thick of things, so to speak."

"Are you going to let me tell this story, or are you just gonna chatter all night?" And Darla got another pinch t

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