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Polyamorous couple just might have found their third...

Once he found the proper angle, he increased his speed and pounded Lisette without mercy. Having already cum once, he knew that he could maintain his erection as long as he wanted--all night, if necessary. That was important, since he had two women to satisfy.

Lisette felt her orgasm approaching. Glen pushed her ankles over her head and pounded her like a rag doll. That was exactly what she needed. This climax was going to soar over all of her previous orgasms. She felt the peak growing higher and higher. Glen continued pounding her, pushing her closer and closer to the precipice. Then he pushed her over.

"Yes! Yes! Yes!" she screamed. "I'm..... unnnnnnnghhhhh!"

Glen grinned as Lisette bucked and squirmed beneath him. He knew that he had found a new superstar, and her screams echoing throughout the third floor would confirm him as the resident stud. It was too bad that he had to allow Allen to make off with her friend. He would have loved to have her, also. Satisfied with his performance, Glen slowed his pace so that he could switch Courtney for Lisette.

"Don't stop!" Lisette screamed in his ear. "Keep fucking me!"

Despite enjoying the most intense orgasm of her life, Lisette was not satisfied. She looked over the edge of the peak she had just scaled, but she did not see an abyss. Rather, she saw another peak on the horizon--one that would dwarf this one.

Glen tried to withdraw, but Lisette wrapped her legs around his back and clamped them as tight as she could. His cock, still thick and hard, pulsed in her cunt.

"I've got more cock for you," Glen said. "But it's Courtney's turn now."

"I'm not finished with you," Lisette growled. "Fuck me."


"Fuck me."


"Fuck me."


"Fuck me. Stop talking and fuck me."


"Fuck me Glen. Fuck me."

Lisette was rhythmically squeezing the head of Glen's dick with her pussy while he was trying to withdraw. The sensation was too much for Glen. His willpower dissolved as his cock throbbed inside Lisette's velvety, vice-like grip. He leaned forward, pushing his cock all the way inside her. Glen heard Courtney sigh, and then she evaporated from his memory.

"That's it, baby, fuck me. Fuck me, Glen. Fuck me."

"You want more of this cock?"

"Give it to me, baby."

"You want it?"

"Yes, baby, give it to me."

Glen grabbed Lisette's ankles and spread her legs as wide as they would go. He thrust forward, then pulled her toward him by her feet.

"Mmmmmmmmm, yes, baby, that's it, fuck me, baby. Fuck me."

Glen felt his self-control whither. Lisette uncaged the beast that he never knew was inside him, and he felt no desire to restrain it. He was infected by Lisette's need for raw, brutal sex. Glen pulled Lisette by her ankles, thrusting in and out with all of his strength. He pumped her faster and harder than he had ever pumped any woman before. He did not feel his pubic bone smashing into Lisette's thighs over and over. All he felt was the fire in his groin that could only be quenched by Lisette's sweet pussy.

At the corner of her consciousness, Lisette felt a tinge of pain in her hips. Had she been able to focus her thoughts, she would have realized that her legs were being pushed and pulled apart in angles they had never experienced. That pain was overwhelmed by the raw hunger that was consuming her entire body--a hunger that could only be satisfied by hard, firm, cock.

The wooden bed creaked and groaned with every thrust of Glen's dick in and out of Lisette. The headboard was banging against the walls, and the bedsprings were playing a raucous symphony of unrestrained passion and the surrender to lust. The fire between Glen's legs grew, spreading down his thighs and up his torso. His lungs gasped for air as he continued pounding Lisette. He no longer saw the girl beneath him. Rather, he was only aware of his need to cum, and the cunt in which he was preparing to explode.

Lisette saw the peak approaching.

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