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After what felt like hours of running she came upon a tiny gathering of murky water nestled between two giant roots of and even larger tree. Cautiously approaching the area on the tips of her toes she was fearful of what she might see. Once the woman was close enough she looked down to the surface of the still water. She knew she looked different, that something wasn't right but she was unable to remember what her appearance was before… before what? She thought, turning to side she saw two beautifully shaped wings. In the darkness of the night they appeared black with maybe a hint of blue or violet. …How? She thought, as disbelief washed through her as she once again reached back to touch the feathers-her feathers. With her mouth still agape in fear, curiosity and wonder she gratefully sank into the only thing that was familiar to her: darkness.


Groggily, the woman woke up to find herself half submerged in the muddy water at the base of the tree. She was beginning to grow tired of this pattern of shock followed by unconsciousness. Once again looking around with her pale eyes she took in the forest brightening under the sun which was only visible through some of the cracks between the leaves at the treetops. Getting to her feet she realized her nakedness, half covered in mud but was not concerned. Finding her way out of the dense woods was her top priority.

While she walked she heard the rustling of animals, the pitter-patter of tiny rabbit feet; the wind weaving its way between every tree, leaf, and branch. The soft chirps of a birds love song, wings fluttering rapidly, all these sounds so new to her. As she thought about it she soon realized that all of her senses were in fact heightened from the dullness of her first cold night. She could hear the new sounds of the forest but according to her sight the animals were nowhere near.

The sun was warming her body after her long, frigid night. Its rays became stronger as the sun rose higher in the seemingly infinite sky at what the woman could only presume was noon. Still wandering somewhat aimlessly after several hours she grew desperate. Wanting to find shelter before the sun set again, she picked up her pace. The wind tossed her already knotted hair and it flew behind her like a train on a wedding dress; her silvery-blonde locks shining in the sun. She thought maybe it was her eyes deceiving her: that the trees were thinning in abundance. Disregarding her senses and filling her mind with hope, even if false, that spurred her on until she stumbled upon a clearance.

Unnerved by what she saw but too exhausted to move again, the woman simply fell to her knees. Then she saw the familiar darkness dancing around the edges of her vision but struggled even harder to remain alert. Her mouth opened yet again in a soundless cry. With her last coherent thought being, No…not again, she was swept into the undercurrents of unconsciousness.


Grant swung his massive head towards the sound of oncoming, fast paced footsteps although they seemed unusually light for what he thought was a human. Being precautious he got on the offensive with his ears perked up and his mouth curled up in a vicious snarl. The rest of his pack followed suit, only behind him. When the thin, wisp of a woman came frantically but gracefully out of the forest, his ears pinned back in confusion. Her bones and veins were clearly visible through her pale, translucent skin under the bright sun. When she looked up from underneath her elegant lashes her silver-blue eyes clashed with his liquid gold. Grant was caught of guard and took a step back. As the entrancing woman fell to her knees her mouth opened and Grant expected a terror-filled scream but no sound was heard. When she came crashing down onto the earth her wing was crushed beneath her frail body.

Collecting himself and his thoughts, he projected his next ones to the pack.

Surround her… Finn, make sure there's no one else and take Jase w

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