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Gay themed story of guy stripping at party.

Besides, I had known my mother's boyfriend for about a year now and he seemed like a decent guy. He had probably started going out with my mother about the time my body started to blossom. I had noticed him glancing at me over the breakfast table a couple of times recently but didn't pay much attention. He was a handsome black man and well built like an athlete. My mother knew how to pick them.

I think it was about 7 am when I heard my mother go out. The door slammed and I heard her car leave the driveway. I was still dead tired and dosed off again, never giving a second thought about the boyfriend still being in the house with me. The next thing I realized there was something or someone tugging on my hair. I wasn't sure whether I was dreaming or awake. As it started to hurt more, I opened my eyes and saw my mother's boyfriend with one knee on the bed beside my bare shoulder. He was completely naked. I tried to comprehend what was going on, and started to fumble for the words to question him when he said in a stern tone "Just be quiet". His thick semi-erect cock was positioned right in front my face and when I tried to open my mouth to protest he shoved it between my lips, still yanking on my hair, he said "take it and don't bite or I'll pull your hair out." I couldn't believe what was happening. He forced my head toward his body as he pushed his cock deeper inside my mouth. I could feel it stiffen and grow in my mouth, touching the back of my throat. As he pulled it out slowly my eyes couldn't believe the size, it must have been 8 inches long and it stretch my mouth just about as wide as it could go. In seconds his cock was fully erect and he started to fuck my face.

I couldn't move. He had me on my side with one of his huge legs draped over my upper body. All I could do was kick my legs and twist my hips in a useless attempt to pry myself away. His cock continued to pump my mouth, deep into my throat, almost to the point where I thought I would choke, then he pulled the throbbing head back to my lips before driving it back into me. His huge balls were slapping my chin with each thrust. I started to notice his movements. He would quicken his pace, moving his cock in and out of my mouth faster and faster. His head would drop back and expression of pain and pleasure came over his face. Then he would suddenly stop for a moment, freezing my head in place and gasping for breath. He repeated this several times then his cock began to thrust fast again, my mind started to spin as he was now pounding my face like pile driver, his cock was ramming so deep into my throat I thought I would pass out. His breath quickened and became vocal as his enraged organ rammed me. Then suddenly he froze. As he started to pull back I felt warm drop of his cum squirt from the head of his cock. It was only a drop but it was my first taste. I expected him to fill my mouth in the next second but he didn't. He gasped for air not moving a muscle for several seconds. He didn't want to cum yet. Apparently he wasn't finished with me.

He pulled it out of my mouth slowly. It was glistening with the saliva from my well-worked mouth. As this cock retreated past my lips, I gasped for a long awaited breath. I thought, finally, he was done with me!? I was wrong. Pressing my head down into my pillow, he slid his leg the rest of the way over me, sliding the other leg own the opposite side of my exposed body. He was straddling me on all fours. His hands were pressing down on my outstretched arms.

My mind started to race again, visions of his intentions flashed across my mind, oh god, he's going to fuck me now.

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