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Bobby learns the proper way to suck a clit and please a "G".

I would egg her on during these scenes. When I knew she was turned on, I would say things like, "Don't you wish he was right here in the room with us? Wouldn't you like to stroke his long, hard cock for him? What would you do if he were here right now, wanting to take you?" And I would watch in total ecstasy as she would cum wildly, fantasizing about him.

Soon she knew I would willingly submit to her having sex with him. The issue was whether she wanted to go through with it. Then, one Friday afternoon, in which I was at home, she called and told me to "be prepared to be dominated" that evening. She wanted the house cleaned, me showered and prepared to submit totally to her desire. "You are mine and I own you, and anything I desire is your desire! Understand, slave boy?" She said. "Yes, Mistress" I responded with riveting excitement. I wasn't thinking about any particular scenario - just her domination. The thrill of it was in part b/c usually I was the instigator of our Dom/sub scenarios, asking her to dominate me on a particular evening.

I was wearing a pair of tight fitting, gray shorts (her favorite) when she walked in. I was already hard and dripping pre-cum. She had me sit in the living room while she showered and changed into a very sexy outfit: She walked out in a pair of black, crotch-less hose (the crotch was "home-made" and rather wide, but still tasteful), her black lace, half-cup bra, red high heel pumps, and a very sheer, see-through white blouse. She also wore a black choker that added to the fire emanating from her body. She looked stunning; both dominant and slutty at the same time. A perfect look for what would take place.

She had me on my knees, kissing her feet, feeding me ideas related to her dominance and making me give my every thought and desire into her hands. Then her cell phone rang. She uncharacteristically answered it and went into another room then returned. She had me sit in a chair, not permitting me to move. Seconds later, a knock came at the door and into our living room walked an athletic looking young man dressed in a nice suit. I was stunned, and she quickly introduced him as the man who had been flirting with her. She quickly told me the set up. His wife was out of town for the weekend and he was going to spend the evening with us!

"Stroke yourself, slave, and watch and enjoy, but do not cum!" She said as she began to kiss him. Soon they were on the couch, making out and he was fondling her hot body. She was moaning; they both were, actually. It was like watching two horny teens on a first date. They were hot and passionate and loosing control quickly! Waves of chill bumps rolled across my body as I watched their hands roam each other's bodies and saw my own wife taking her shirt and bra off for another man! Seeing him fondle her breasts and seeing her protruding nipples (a sign she was truly turned on) drove me wild. Each new step in his knowledge of her gave me a new thrill. He touched her pussy and I moaned out loud! Adding to the thrill were the words they used on each other. Telling one another how hot the other was and how badly they wanted one another. "Make me your slut!" She said and he took control of her in a way I never have, and probably never will!

She pulled his cock out. She knew I was dying to see it, as was she. Another "pleasure chill" flowed through my body as I saw he was larger than me (at least an inch longer, if not more, and slightly thicker). Seeing her lose control of her desire for his cock was incredible. She got on her knees and kissed the base of his shaft and balls - she was completely humbled before him. I've never seen her so hot and "slutty." She was truly his sex toy. Soon she was back up kissing him and he was fingering her pussy, noting aloud how wet she was! She whispered in his ear and then asked him, "are you sure?" He said, "yes, it's a turn on, I have no problem with it." What were they talking about? I thought.

Then, she called me over.

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