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A night in your D/s relationship.

"I want to get you off," I told him.

My teeth tugged playfully on the sides of his thighs causing him to wiggle and allowing me to slide a hand under him to cup his muscular ass. Feeling the hair along the crack, my fingers probed deeper. His cock jerked when the rough flat of my tongue raked over the soft head, taking with it all the precum that he had been leaking. I felt the moist heat of his ass and my cock began hardening again, wanting to sink into him. His fingers ran through my hair, encouraging me to take in more.

My lips wrapped tightly around him, slowly sucking him in. He was close to cumming, and I knew I could finish him off, but I wanted to explore more. I really wanted to fuck him, and I could imagine how hot and sweet his ass would feel, but I wasn't sure how he'd feel about it.

I rolled him over onto his stomach. I lay my body over his, my hard cock nestled between his ass cheeks. The muscles beneath his neck and upper shoulders tightened, responding to my mouth. When my teeth sank in, he moaned and squirmed underneath me, wiggling his sexy ass against my cock.

I slipped a hand under him, pinching a nipple and rolling it in my fingers. Licking and caressing his body with my hands, I made my way lower; eventually my mouth reached his rounded ass muscles. As I sucked and nibbled on his ass, my hand reached between his legs, fondling his balls. They felt so hard I thought if I squeezed them, he would cum. I took a moment to admire him, the beautiful form of his body. His shoulders broad and the way his back tapered down to his ass, covered with the lightest dusting of hair.

Pulling up on his hips, I continued to lick while I spread his cheeks wide, giving me a perfect view of his hole. I breathed it in, taking in his scent. I pressed my face there, my tongue moving across his skin. He squirmed and groaned. I ran my hands over his ass, caressingly while keeping his cheeks spread wide open. Then took his cock in my hand and began jerking him off. Soon his dick was fucking my hand as my tongue was fucking his hole.

When I thought Toby was close to cumming I made my move. I tugged his dick backwards until my mouth could suck him, while at the same time pushing a finger into his hot hole. His ass pushed back on my fingers, which in turn slid his cock deeper into my mouth. He grunted and began shooting his creamy load. I continued rubbing the tight walls of his ass and sucking his cum until he had no more left in him. Swallowing the last of it, I lay beside Toby, softly kissing the back of his neck as we relaxed.

He draped a leg over both of mine, letting his palm glide up my sweaty chest to cup my face. I leaned down and brushed my lips over his. I kissed him lightly, a tender expression of the warmth I felt for him.

"You are so fucking hot, Marc," he told me then, pulling back slightly to look into my eyes.

"You too," I responded sincerely.

He teased me by ruffling my hair with his hand; I had to laugh as he settled his head on my shoulder. What I wanted to do now was relax and enjoy the afterglow. I lazily played with the sparse patch of hair growing on his pecs. I let my eyes close as my thoughts wandered.

I woke so slowly that it took several minutes for me even to realize that I'd fallen asleep.

I heard the spray of the shower running in Toby's parent's master bathroom, and realized somewhat stupidly that Toby must be taking a shower. Then it hit me again who it was, why I was here, and what had just happened. A stupid grin spread across my face. Stretching mightily, I rubbed my eyes and looked at the alarm clock. It was a little after four o'clock in the morning, which meant that I hadn't slept too long.

The shower turned off and after a few moments Toby came back into the bedroom. He wore a towel around his waist.

"Hey," I said as he came into the room.

He smiled at me in surprise, not expecting me to be awake.

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