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Preparing for the Unknown.

I think you need rejuvenating and this is it. You better come back firing on all cylinders Miles! Ooh, it's getting hard."

"Carol! Stop it. This is embarrassing. What's going on?"

"You'll see. You are going to have fun, I guarantee it."

The car drove into a hanger on a private airfield though they couldn't see where they were through the darkened windows until the car stopped and the driver opened the door.

"Off you go darling. Enjoy yourself. I want to hear all about it when you get home. Oh and save some for me, by the time you get home I'll be ready to fuck you senseless."

Oh yes, she thought, I'm going to have a private video feed of you fucking that big breasted brunette and I'm going to be as randy as hell when you walk through that door.

Miles looked at Carol with amazement.

"Is this what I think it is - Mile High Club."

"Five Mile High Club - executives only. See you later."

He watched the car drive Carol away and turned toward the sleek medium sized jet in the hanger, a very elegant Stewardess was walking toward him.

"You must be Miles, I recognise you from your picture. I'm Karen; would you like to join the others, we about ready for the flight."

Miles gulped. It wasn't the uniform, though he'd always admired girls in uniforms. Or the length of her skirt, barely sufficient to cover her panties, he assumed she was wearing panties. And it wasn't her breasts, or the intoxicating perfume, or even the sexy drawl of her voice. It was her burning dark eyes, first they smiled at him, then they undressed him lingering on baited breath for more than a decent interval at the swelling Carol had induced.

"Emm," she said, "I can see you're ready. If you would like to follow me."

She led him past the access stairway behind the cockpit to a rear stair and he entered into a luxuriously appointed private cabin, four female and three male faces smiled expectantly at him.

"Would you like to join Annie? I think you recognise her - from the video in the car." Karen gestured to the woman smiling nervously in his direction.

Miles complied, struck dumb, not especially by Annie, even though she was more than the images he'd seen suggested, it was the whole scenario. There was an electric nervous excitement in the cabin induced by each individual's expectations and simultaneous disbelief. He had a hard on and thought most of the other men must be the same. He still half felt this had to be some kind of wind up, an elaborate joke Carol was playing. He lowered himself into the seat beside Annie, they swapped names they already knew and tried to look anywhere that couldn't be construed as sexually slanted.

"Before we get down to the pleasure part of the trip," Karen announced, "I have to do the obligatory emergency announcement, so bear with me for a moment."

Annie giggled alongside him.

"She said bare with me! Don't mind me Miles, I'm as nervous as hell. Can I hold your hand?"

"Are you scared of flying?" He queried in a whisper against Karen's flat and hasty reading of the safety instructions.

"No, I love flying. I'm just nervous that I might not be your type."

"You don't need to worry about that."

She took his proffered hand and wrapped it between her own, he noticed the absence of a dividing arm rest between their seats, they both shifted turning toward one another, looking, feeling each other out with eyes, then with a mutual acknowledgement that what ever was to happen would be at the very least consensual, possibly highly charged, their eyes took the liberty to examine what was on offer.

The aircraft was moving out onto the taxi-way, Miles wasn't looking out of the small cabin window, he had other sights to explore, Annie didn't seem to mind and visibly shivered as his eyes moved onto her tanned legs.

She pulled him toward her and whispered in his ear, "You've got 'fuck me' eyes - you're making me wet."

"Really. You're making me hard."

The cabin lights dimmed and the windows darkened, no one seemed to notice particularly and as the

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