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A man reminisces over his affair with Katherine Heigl.

After an eternity she said she would make me cum and swallow every drop if I promised to do whatever she said when she was done. All I could do was nod. She sucked her finger to show me what she was going to do and then replaced it with her mouth. It only took about 5 seconds for me to unload in her mouth. Just as my orgasm started to subside she shoved her wet finger in my asshole. All of a sudden I started to cum all over again. I had played with my own ass before but never to penetration. The feeling was phenomenal. I can't describe it other than to say I thought my balls were going to shoot out my dick. I was cumming so hard it started to drip out of her mouth. That's when I got my first order, she told me to lick up the mess I had made on her face and what had dripped down to her tits. I resisted by saying I had never tasted cum before. She told me I had promised and shoved another finger in my ass but this one was dry and the pain shot through me. I immediately started licking my own cum off her face. It was pungent but oddly tasty I licked all I could off her face and even searched her mouth for any more. Then I thoroughly cleaned her breasts with my tongue.

About then there was another knock on the door. Vanilla told me to go answer the door and she ripped her fingers out of my ass. Strangely I felt empty and in that instant wished she had something else to stick in my ass.

I answered the door and there was Jacinta. She gave me a quick kiss and pushed her way in asking Vanilla if she had gotten me started. Vanilla just smiled and Jacinta took off her shirt and turned to me and said I would be their slave for the night.

First Jacinta told me to take off all of their clothes. I was very eager and attempted to take both of their skirts off at the same time. That's when the biggest surprise of all happened, neither was wearing panties and both had big yet soft dicks. I was scared and aroused at the same time. Vanilla had completely shaved her dick and balls while Jacinta had left a patch of thick dark hair just above her dick. I tried to back away but vanilla grabbed my ass cheek and forced me to my knees. She said since she had gotten me off it was my turn to make her cum. She shoved her 8-inch soft cock in my mouth, this was my first time to taste a dick and found myself liking the taste. Her dick grew in my mouth and soon I could only get the head in my mouth, she was huge.

As I sucked Vanillas dick she sat down on the floor causing me to be on my hands and knees. I heard something squishy behind me but couldn't tell what it is. Soon I found out, it was Jacinta lubing her hard dick. She showed it to me it must have been about 10 inches long but not real big around. She told me she was going to fuck me while I sucked Vanilla's dick. I have to admit I was aroused and excited at the idea of this beautiful woman fucking my virgin asshole. She moved behind me and I felt the head of her dick on my asshole. She gave it a little pressure but I couldn't relax enough to let her enter me. She pushed a little harder but still nothing, while still pushing on my asshole she smacked my ass and this must have been the signal for Vanilla because she shoved her dick so far in m mouth I naturally jerked back right onto Jacinta cock. The pain shot through me but ended just as quick. My dick also sprang to life like it had never been hard before. All of a sudden I was being face fucked and ass fucked in unison. I just tried to be still and suck on Vanilla's dick which was pounding in and out of my face at a fevered pace. Each thrust hit the back of my throat and also caused Jacinta dick to bury further in my mouth.

I felt Vanilla's dick start to grow bigger and start to throb, I knew she was going to cum and I wanted to taste it all.

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