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Consensual humiliation on the plane.

"So whadda ya reckon? Out here with mother nature or back in there on me Uncles big double?"

Rebecca took a deep breath, "Johnny, I am sorry if I have given you the wrong idea, but I am not someone who does that sort of thing. I am happily married. What happened last night was exceptional; it will not happen again, I assure you. I now realise I should not have come here. It is not the place for a woman such as me."


Johnny moved toward her impatiently and roughly tore the hat away from her chest, startling her with his speed and strength. Quickly he gripped her around the throat and pushed her back against the sunlounge.

"Where do ya wanna do it? This'll be the last time I ask ya."

"Please...don't do this to me...I...I'm sorry for making you mad."

Johnny felt the power surge through his veins. Instantly, it gave him great shot of adrenalin to see the woman almost cower at his touch! She had dropped her can of beer and was attempting to dislodge his hand from her throat.

Johnny held her easily. His breathing was rapid. He looked at the fear in the woman's hazel eyes then glanced down her body. Her breasts heaved with exertion and somewhat curiously Johnny noticed her nipples appeared to be fully engorged.

"Fuck got fucken big nipples!"

He took another gulp of his beer, finishing it, and then tossing the can onto the ground.

"Fucken nice bod for an ol'broad I gotta say, lady," he said licking his lips, his hand still gripping her neck..

"My're hurting me...please let me go...please."

Johnny looked Rebecca in the eye and slowly released his grip on her throat. He watched her swallow and tenderly rub her reddened throat with relief.

Johnny lent down toward her breasts.

"No...please Johnny...leave me alone...please," Rebecca pleaded, her hands attempting to push him away.

The young man looked back up, and grabbing both of her hands, he pushed her arms above her head.

Then he lent down again, and when his mouth was mere millimetres away from her right nipple, he flicked his tongue out over the swollen flesh.

"Nooo...this can't be happening....pleeease noooo."

The young man drew her long fat nipple into his mouth and sucked on it as he moved his head away till it was stretched out some three centimetres to finally pop out from his lips with a smacking sound!

Manoeuvring her hands together he was able to hold them both with one of his, freeing his other hand to wander down the front of his victim's body. Rebecca recoiled in horror when she felt his hand move between her legs to touch her sex through the thin material of her bikini bottoms.

" win. But not here...inside, you can take me inside," Rebecca said breathlessly.

Johnny stopped nursing on her breasts and looked up at her. His hand was still between her legs.



He stared at her face a little longer and he smiled; she looked utterly petrified! Johnny thought this was going to be better than hunting those big lazy crocodiles in the lagoon.

Rebecca felt him pull her bikini to one side roughly.

"Orright then...but first...I want ya ta open your legs for me, like when you was rubbing ya cunt before when you thought you was on your own."

"Can't...can't you just wait till we get up to the house?"

"Fucken open 'em, or I'll smash ya in the chops!"

Rebecca could feel the tears well-up in her eyes and she bit her lower lip.

"Open 'em!"

Reluctantly, Rebecca relaxed her thighs, allowing her legs to part slightly. She grimaced when she felt the young thug run his fingers up and down her slit several times, slowly working her open.

"That's enough...please Johnny, let's go inside..."

Johnny was impressed; she had a smallish pussy with just a strip of neatly trimmed pubic hair above smooth puffy lips. He could not wait to get his cock in there!

"Fucken feels orright...don't it?

She didn't answer him, and he prodded at her for a few moments longer, relishing in her obvious d

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