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Making blackberry pie in a barb-wire fence.

The other three were already done eating, excused themselves and left.

Bryan spoke, "Darin, this is only my second week here, and I would like to get to know you a little better. Would you like to take a walk with me around the campus after dinner?"

"I'd like that Bryan." They all finished eating, and turned in their trays and dirty dishes. Luke hung around to wait for Mike. Bryan and Darin headed outside, and toward the woods. As they were walking slowly, Bryan started a conversation.

"Darin, remember what you did to me earlier? Before lunch?"

Darin, grinning, "You mean when I touched your leg? I was just playing with you, to see how easily I could make you hard. And I found out it doesn't take much to get you hard."

"I thought about what you did, all afternoon." Bryan said. "Every time I thought about it, I got a tingling sensation, an arousal, in my crotch. Can I see if I can make you hard?"

Darin, laughing, "Go for it, Bryan! Hey, there is a bench over there, let's sit down." They walked over to the bench and sat down.

Bryan placed his hands on both sides of Darin's head, then pressed his lips onto Darin's lips.

"Whoa, Dude!" Darin exclaimed, loudly, pulling back and almost tipping the bench backwards.

"You've never kissed?" asked Bryan.

"I've never kissed another man!"

"That's my favorite way to make a guy hard!"

"OKAY! You can try, but I hardly think a guy kissing me is gonna make me hard."

Bryan pressed his lips onto Darin's lips again, softly at first, then pressed his tongue between Darin's lips, swirling it around inside Darin's mouth, and against Darin's tongue. It was only about 30 seconds, and Darin's tongue started dancing with Bryan's. About 3 minutes and both men needed to come up for air.

Bryan, feeling Darin's crotch, and laughing, "So what is this I feel?"

"Ok, so you got me hard as steel, and hotter than hell!" Exclaimed Darin. "I hope you've got a plan to take care of this!"

"Let's get naked!" Bryan said, as he started to peel off his tee shirt, jeans and boxers, releasing his erection to the air. Darin just stood there, paralyzed, looking at the beauty of Bryan's magnificent erection. Not that it was huge, but it was very pretty and inviting to a hungry mouth. Finally, Bryan took things into his own hands, and started to strip Darin, exposing Darin's substantial and erect phallus to the open air.

"Bry," Darin asked, "Have you ever sucked a cock?"

"Does a bear shit in the woods?"

"So, how many times?"

"Hey Darin, I'm only 21, probably about 6 or 7 different guys, but a couple of them I did a lot of times. I've never even dated a woman, nor have I even wanted to. What about you?"

"I guess I'm kind of a novice. I've been sucked only once, and sucked a guy just once. I would guess you are gay?"

"I am." Bryan answered, unashamedly. Aren't you gay also?"

"I honestly don't know, and I never really thought too much about it."

"How old are you, and how many women have you fucked?" Bryan asked.

"That's easy, 25 and none. I figured I was young and had plenty of time to find a woman to fuck."

"Okay, let's put this stuff all on a scale." Bryan explained. "I find you attractive, and I really want to have sex with you, but that is understandable as I am gay."

"Now you told me you are attracted to me, you're 25, never had a woman sexually, and actually did have some male sex, aka blowjobs, both ways. So how does it look to you? Likely your wrist is either sore, or very muscular!"

Darin, grinning, "Yeah, I do use my hand a lot."

Bryan closed the gap between the two men, hugged Darin, and initiated another kiss, without an objection this time. The result was the same as the first kiss, two very hard cocks touching and making two bodies tremble with anxiety and desire. Both men were leaking pre in a big way.

Bryan asked, "Darin, you want to try a sixty-nine?"

"Sure," Darin said, "Lead me and I'll follow!"

"Darin, lay down on your left side," Bryan instructed, "Then I'll lay in position to line us up properly."

Both men lay down, and their cocks were perf

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