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That was no surprise. Maggie had been developing quite an interest in religion lately, and to that end, had enrolled in an religions seminar -- the primary focus being on Near-Eastern religions, but also (as Maggie had noted in the syllabus) a curious aside into Renaissance paganism. It was an entirely compartmentalized unit, sandwiched in between units on Neoplatonism and Marxism. Maggie had been attending her classes for only a week, and had already decided that it was her favorite. It was in that class that she found herself on Wednesday morning.

"...ascribed, nevertheless, such things to Necessity. Nowhere in Christian iconography do we find 'Fortune' visited upon. It is therefore obvious that..." Dr. Lorentz paused. His keen brown eyes darted around the room. "That approximately one-third of you have reached that very state of mystical bliss!" A few sharp classmates chuckled. Maggie was trying hard to follow along. Dr. Lorentz tended to either speak very quickly or very slowly, and neither was easy to comprehend.

Dr. Lorentz turned to square his shoulders to the classroom. He was tall and solidly-built; handsome, fair-skinned, with dark brown eyes and raven-black hair which he kept short and immaculately styled. He was also rather young for a full-tenure professor -- he couldn't be much beyond mid-30's. He was a commanding presence merely to look at, Maggie thought, without his tendency toward histrionic shouting. His voice, when Dr. Lorentz was headlong into an intense exposition, or when demanding even a modicum of class participation, flowed from merely commanding to positively vicious. It was gravelly and then smooth; kind and then dark, bizarre; patient and then marrow-dry of patience. Maggie pitied his wife, if he had one -- Dr. Lorentz seemed to have such a mercurial temperament. Maybe it was just the material that excited him, though. In any event, Maggie wasn't about to miss a lecture -- every time he would thunder at the class, Maggie's breath caught in her throat. She loved the feeling of hesitancy she felt when asked point-blank to answer a question. "What if I answer incorrectly? What if it's obvious I didn't do the reading?" Maggie would wonder. "What would he say to me?" He was exciting. He was sexy.

Dr. Lorentz, however, was not feeling very sexy. He was feeling angry.

"Wake, the fuck, up!" he boomed. He put his hands on his hips and stared down the class, as if challenging them to start something. "Who am I teaching?" Dr. Lorentz pressed, regaining composure. "Who am I teaching? Am I teaching you, Angela?" he strode quickly to the left-hand side of the lecture hall and stood directly in front of a petite blonde in the first row. Keeping his hands on his hips, he bent over, slightly, encroaching into her personal space. "Am I?"

"Yes, Dr. Lorentz." Angela kept her head down, facing her flip-up desk. She hoped that Dr. Lorentz hadn't noticed the cell-phone now nestled between her thighs that she had been fidgeting with all class.

"Well, that's a relief. I'm glad you're learning, because I wouldn't want to interrupt the selection of your fucking ringtones." Dr. Lorentz barked, gnashing his teeth. He rapidly set himself back upright and walked quickly up the left-handed aisle to the back row. "And what about you in the back? Are you learning? I don't even know your fucking name, what's your fucking name?" Dr. Lorentz gestured exaggeratedly to the student, the lone student, in the back-left row of the lecture hall.


"James -- are you learning, James?"

"Yes, I am."

"Well good, good." Dr. Lorentz shrugged weirdly, and walked two steps at a time back down the left aisle and back out onto the lecture-floor, where he leaned up, casually, against his desk. "Is anyone else learning?"

The class was silent. A beat. Another beat.

"This is so ridiculous," said Dr.

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