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Wife fucked anonymously by many through a wall.

"Do you know how long three minutes can be?" She ground her pussy down on my pelvis.

I started to answer her, "I..."

"I was almost frantic all night, wanting Tanner, undressing for him, letting him finger me, watching you and Tawns together, then I had to feel his cock inside me while he sucked my nipples and kissed me for three minutes!" Hearing her describe that while my cock was inside her was driving me out of my mind, especially when I realized this was our first time after Tanner's cock had been inside her so many times. Her pussy was pulsing around me, almost like her vagina was trying to pull me deeper inside her. I'd never felt that sensation from her before and it was driving me insane!

"I didn't have any concept of time, only that I needed to fuck him and couldn't! Even as big as he already was, I could feel him growing inside me, his head pushing against my how I feel you getting bigger right now... I remember biting my lip to take my mind off how good he felt... I didn't think three minutes would ever end. I never knew that misery and bliss together could feel so good."

That's how I was feeling at that moment with my cock buried inside my wife and feeling so close to an orgasm. "And then Tawns started counting down... and Tanner rolled us over..." And that's exactly what I did just then. I couldn't take it a second longer. I pushed Adriana down on her back, drove my cock into her twice and my orgasm exploded. She arched her back up into me and her body shuddered along with mine.

I collapsed down on top of my wife, breathing hard. I was elated, knowing that I was still able to give my wife a pretty earth-shattering orgasm. But I also realized it was about ten percent of the fucking and orgasm Tanner had given her that night.

When I regained my ability to speak, I asked her, "Did you know we watched you and Tanner in the bedroom the next morning... up against the wall?"

Adriana didn't answer me, just looked toward the wall with a dreamy look on her face. I was finally able to say what I'd been thinking much of the time the last two days, that I thought there was only one way to save our marriage, "I know I can't fuck you the way Tanner can. I know we love each other, but you need more than that." Adriana was still looking away, tears falling from her eyes, "I want you to see Tanner, as often as you want. Let him satisfy your needs and I'll be here to love you," and kissed her wet cheek.

I said that I thought it would be the only way to save our marriage. I wasn't worried that Adriana intended to leave me for Tanner, but that over the coming months and maybe even years, she'd have that yearning for the kind of sex Tanner had given her. I knew she'd eventually succumb to it with some other guy and then be hiding an affair from me. I'd a lot rather just be up-front and acknowledge what she needed... with a man we already know, than having to sneak around, likely driving a wedge between us.

Besides, I discovered I kind of liked the image of my wife having the kind of sex that Tanner can give her.

She nodded and there was a faint smile on her face. She wiped her hand over her cheek and finally spoke, "And you can spend time with Tawns, whenever you and she want... and you know you can call me Addie if you want, I kind of like it." I smiled at her, I like 'Addie' too.

She finally looked up at me, her beautiful face still streaked with her tears. She wiped them away again, smiled at me and asked, "I told you, so what about your first time with her?"

My cock had pretty much shrunk back down to a normal size but was still inside my wife.

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