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Rhada satisfies her dominant urges with dorm hazing.


"Yes," Amy agreed eagerly. "Laura's at work. We'll have the place to ourselves for the whole day.

Katie's smiled and her departing action was to leave Amy with a long, lingering kiss.

Amy could hardly wait for next weekend.

Chapter Two

Amy had almost finished showering when the doorbell rang. She quickly turned off the water and pulled the shower curtain to one side, metal rings clattering against the pole. The doorbell rang again, this time more insistently.

Hopping out of the tub, she enveloped herself in a towel and ran down the hallway, leaving a trail of wet footprints behind her.

Peeking round the door, she saw a pretty blonde girl smiling inquisitively through the gap. She opened the door just wide enough for Katie to slip into the apartment, one arm holding the towel loosely around her body.

"You're early," gasped Amy, still breathily heavily from her dash from the bathroom.

"Not that early!" exclaimed Katie. "Anyway, you're a real slut if you can't get up before eleven."

Seeing her hurt expression, Katie reached a hand up to stroke Amy's face and then slowly moved closer, kissing her tenderly on the lips. Amy let the towel drop, standing naked and vulnerable in front of her new lover.

"Make me a cup of coffee," Katie whispered into her ear.

Amy reached for the towel on the floor, but Katie quickly picked it up and said playfully, "No, I don't think so! You'll stay naked until I say so."

The nude girl stood in the kitchen by the gurgling coffee machine with her clothed friend sitting at the small table. She felt incredibly turned on by being submissive to her new lover.

Katie then told Amy to sit down on the other chair. She left the room, returning with a hair dryer and brush, before proceeding to blow dry Amy's hair whilst she finished her coffee.

"To the bedroom," Katie demanded, when she'd finished.

Amy stood up and led Katie by the hand to her room. She noticed that Katie had brought a small holdall with her, which now sat on the hallway floor. Noticing her gaze, Katie smiled. "Just a few things to make today fun. You'll see soon enough, but first I want you to lie on the bed and put your hands behind your head."

Amy obeyed, raising her arms behind her to grip the wooden slats of the headboard.

Katie produced some cord from her bag and proceeded to tie both of Amy's hands to the bedposts.

"Spread your legs, "she commanded.

Amy raised her knees and widened her legs, giving Katie a full access to her vulva.

Katie took an eye mask from her bag and fastened it round Amy's head. She couldn't see a thing and could only anticipate with eagerness what was going to happen next.

A low humming noise came to her ears as Katie said "Now, don't move. This won't hurt, but if you flinch, I might accidentally cut you."

Amy now realised the sound was that of an electric razor. She felt the pressure of Katie's hand on her lower stomach and the rasping sound of her pubic hair being shorn off.

After a short while, the sound was replaced by the snipping of a pair of scissors as Katie tidied up the loose strands she had missed.

"Okay, now I'm going to get you real smooth," purred Katie. "Just wait a minute; I need to get some water for this bit".

Amy heard the distant sound of running water and then returning footsteps. She gasped as the cold shaving cream was applied, even though she had anticipated it. The slow scraping of her skin that followed was actually quite pleasant. Katie was a considerate groomer.

After shaving her frontal area, Amy felt her labia being stretched and teased in every direction as Katie shaved off every scrap of pubic hair. Even her anus wasn't spared by Katie's deft razor work.

She felt the younger woman pat her dry, gently removing all the moisture from the folds of her pussy. Katie then untied her hands and told her to stand up.

"Don't remove it yet," Katie warned as Amy put her hands up towards her eyes. Katie guided her to the full length mirror at the end of the bedroom.

"Now, what do you think?" questioned

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