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Clarissa is caught between her desire for power and pleasure.

He suddenly picks you up, takes a step forward and pins you to the opposite wall of glass. You wrap your legs around him and pull your hips together even harder as he bites your lip and mischeviously smiles. You feel a hand leave your butt and trace a finger up your side slowly leading to the fabric of your flashy bra. His eyes never break from yours and your passionate gaze silently urges his hands to explore more. He releases your lip, leans back slightly, and drops his gaze to your breasts as his free hand cups one for the first time. In complete and utter submission to his touch, you look to the ceiling and push your chest into his exploring hands.

He sits you back on the bench after caressing your an cup perky breasts for a bit and quickly strips his shirt off, then looks at you expectantly. You look around before disrobing. The gondola is conveniently at the apex of a tower and the other stranded groups are all below your cab, out of view. Mostly. The gondola ahead of you is almost level with yours and at the right angle could get quite a show. This revelation causes a momentary hesitation, but before you know it Ian's hands are sliding your shirt up and off. As his hands pass your breasts you feel two fingers deliberately brush past your nipples. Then you are standing, facing him, both shirtless, your sports bra hiding nothing of your excitement, his ski pants trying but failing to hide his.

After checking to see if the other gondola is watching, you kneel in front of him and begin unfastening his pants to release his cock into your control. With a few deft movements you have his pants in a pile on the floor and you have a nearly naked man in front of you, awaiting your touch, begging for you to free his rock hard manhood. You oblige, slowly tracing your nails up his thigh, up the bulge in his tight underwear, and then into the elastic waistband. Slooooowly it slides down until the swollen pink cock suddenly springs free. You lean forward, and tenderly kiss it while looking up to see his expression. It is one of gratitude and enjoyment. For the next several minutes he is silent and still as your head nods back and forth pleasuring the erect cock before you. Your hand squeezes the shaft firmly, your tongue works it's way all over the engorged head, tracing the sensitive edge of the mushroom shape. An occasional sucking/slurping sound and his frequent moans and grunts are evidence of the pleasure experienced.

As you take his sack and roll the smooth naked flesh around in your hands he begins to lose control. After being we'll behaved for so long, primal urges take over and a gentle thrusting eventually turns into full blown mouth fucking. His hands find their way to the back of your head and hair, he enmeshes his fingers in your hair and suddenly he is the one in control of the moment. He pulls your head back until it is held against the boxes behind you, no where to escape his ever insistent abuse of your mouth. His cock is continually pushing deeper with every thrust until you feel it press the very back of your throat. Any deeper and you don't know if you will be able to handle it. You push his hips back a little but this only causes him to grab your hands and relocate them; one your dripping crotch and one to the tender shaven skin below his swinging balls. As he literally fucks your mouth and forces his cock down your throat, your fingers rub frantically at the soaked clit hidden inside your clothing. While he uses your mouth, you slide your fingers out of your underwear and offer them up to be sucked on. He greedily accepts them and sucks them into his mouth, cleaning every last drop of your honey off with his swirling tongue. Once released they quickly slide back down into your panties as you renegade your swollen nub.

Your other hand is teasing his nether regions with gentle fingernails dragged across the most tender parts of his body.

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