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At last, Anne succumbs to her urges.

I couldn't keep my eyes off her plump round booty as it swung pendulum-like under her dress. It was especially difficult to banish thinking about whether she was going commando under that dress. It sure looked like it. I couldn't see any panty lines, but that didn't mean anything.

As we walked, I got the distinct impression that Tangi was enjoying herself making me hot under the collar. And elsewhere.

I held open the car door for Tangi.

"Why, thank you, sir!" She poured herself inside. Then I went around and quickly got in.

As I slid the key into the ignition and turned it, she smiled, ran her hands over the leather interior and said, "Wow. Nice ride."

"Thanks. I rather like it, too."

"I'll bet. So. Where are we going?"

I smiled back. "You said you always wanted to go to Giorgio's, right?"

"Oh my god! Yes, I've always wanted to go there!"

"So that's where we're going. I made reservations and everything."

She took my hand and squeezed it. "Oh my god, thank you, baby! You're so good to me."

"I try."

"Can I ask you something, Jack?"

"Sure. What?"

"Have you ever dated a black woman before?"

"No, actually, I haven't."

"Can I ask why not?"

"Well, it wasn't a matter of 'I'll never go out with black women,' it was just a simple case of black women having never really caught my eye."

"Until now?"

I grinned and looked at her as we stopped at a red light. "Not until now. Have you ever been with a white guy?"

"No, I haven't. I have wondered what the attraction was, many times."

"Friends of yours had white boyfriends?"

"Yes, they did. I couldn't understand what the attraction was. Plus, black women don't want to admit, even to each other, that we like white men. It's that whole interracial taboo thing, you see."
"Ah. I do see."

"So, to answer your question more fully, no, I have never been with a white guy before, but I made myself open up to the possibilities. And hey, it never hurts to eat."

I chuckled. "No, it sure doesn't."

* * * * * * * *

A very pleasant couple of hours later, the waitress was clearing away our plates. "Can I get you guys anything else?"

I said, "No, thanks, I think I'm full. What about you, Tangi?"

"No, thank you, I'm full too. But it was all delicious."

The waitress smiled. "I'm glad to hear that. I'll just bring you the check, okay?"

I said, "That's fine. Thank you."

"Be right back!"

The waitress moved off. I turned to Tangi and said, "Well, now that you've had a chance to dine here, what do you think?"

"Like I said, the food was delicious. I think I might want to come here again. With you."

I could feel an embarrassed grin forming. "And I think I might just want to take you here again."

Tangi smiled. "I'd be honored to accompany you."

"So, once we get the bill paid, do you want to go home or do you feel like staying out a little longer?"

"I am actually having a really good time with you and I would like to stay out a little longer. I don't feel like going home just now."

My cock twitched at those words. Just then the waitress came back with the bill. I handed her my debit card without even bothering to see how much it was, and she moved off again at once.

I turned back to Tangi just in time to see her take a lipstick out of her purse, take the cap off and touch herself up.

I said, "Where would you like to go?"

Deliberately taking her time, she finally put the tube away and smiled. "You know what, why don't we just go to your place?"

I swallowed. "Uh, are you sure?"

"Quite sure. Let's go to your place."

"Okay. Let's go to my place."

* * * * * * * *

It was a short but quiet drive as we left the restaurant and went straight to my place.

As we drove, Tangi looked at me and said, "Thank you, Jack. For the best non-date date I've had in a long while."

"You're welcome."

As we drove home to my place I couldn't help but think it sure as hell was a great idea that I swept the floors this morning.

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