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Watching young neighbor turns into unexpected intimacies.

"As I said Tim, you are going to give me more than just a foot rub tonight, and once you are done running your hands all over my back, and ass, and legs, I am going to turn over to lay on my back, and let you rub oil on my thighs, and then you can make sure that I am lubricated from my neck to my toes."

With this statement, my cock twitches between her toes, and she slowly teases me with her two toes, the big toe, and the one next to it, taking my cock between them, and stroking the head masterfully, as I sit there hanging on every word.

"then as you work your way up my body, over my belly button, with your slippery hands, my hands will be resting behind my head, and my breast will be resting on my chest, I want you to touch my breast, to mold them, to knead them gently, and play with my nipples, giving them plenty of attention, because this not only makes me very wet, it sends shock waves through me, that will make me come."

With this little piece of information, I take her foot off of my cock, and begin to apply a special oil to my hands, which warms on contact, and just slowly begin to massage her right foot, as she sits in the chair and enjoys the feel of my hands on her, and then her left foot comes up and rest on my knee.

This means her feet are off the floor, and as I pay attention to her calves, they are far enough apart, that you can tell her legs are spread, and the aroma coming from her is enough to make me want to just dive in,, and begin to lick her like a starving puppy, but I have to hold my control, and give her what she wants.

I slowly pull her to her feet, and slide her out of her out fit, so that she is standing in just a pair of bikini panties, and a bra, which doesn't leave much to the imagination.

I run my oily hands from her shoulders, down to her hips, and she shivers with anticipation, knowing that she will get everything she has asked for.

We slowly walk to the bed, and I lay her on her stomach, and position myself between her legs, so that she can feel how hard I am, and she moans with pleasure, and I slowly run my hands from the bottom of her feet, to the back of her legs to her ass, and then, I take her panties down, and peel them off of her body. While I am doing this, my cock is begging for attention, and she is laying there wanting to continue to have me touch her. I toss her panties aside, and go back to rubbing her feet slowly, feeling her apprehension melt away, and her legs slowly part, and I run my fingers through her inner walls, looking for wetness, and there is nothing.

I am not sure why her and I are so comfortable together, but the idea of professionalism has gone out the window, and she has me take her bra off, and she also has me remove my clothes, and kneel back between her legs, so that we are skin to skin, so that we can feel the heat radiating from our bodies.

Unfortunately, she also can feel the pre-come, oozing from my head, on to her ass, and when I move up her back, to begin to rub her shoulders, she moves a little and I groan as I slip inside her tight wetness.

I begin to slowly move in rhythm with her, but pull away, because this isn't where I want the night to end, so she groans out loud, because she wants to be filled, and I just want to tease her, and give her what she asked for.

Slowly, I run my hands down her back, and massage every muscle which is tense, and follow that by rubbing her ass.

By this time, she is begging me to stop with the tease, and asking me to slide fingers inside her, but I lean over her, and whisper to her, that I am only here to give her what she asks for.

Gradually I turn her over, and we look at each other eye to eye, and she can see the passion in my eyes, and the length of my hardness, and I can smell her arousal, but I have to do what she asked me to do earlier.

In a turn of the events, as I kneel back on the bed with the oil for her, she takes my cock in between her toes again, and begins to run it up and down the length of her foot, and oh god is her foot soft on my cock.


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