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One night is not enough.

I wrapped my arms to behind my back and unzipped my dress zipper.

The music from outside could be heard faintly from inside her room, and the voices of others and smashing bottles could be heard too.

My dress slipped down my body, and I pulled it down to my ankles and stepped out of it cautiously, trying to keep balance.

'Mmm... You're so sexy... Do you want me to touch you Katie?' Lizzy asked, taking another chug of her drink.

'Touch me, please,' I said, standing naked in front of her.

'How wet are you?' she asked, placing her hand in between my thighs and running her fingers through my folds.

'Mmm...' I let out a deep moan as she removed her fingers from me.

'You're soaked Katie, you're such a naughty girl,' she said, leaning back down on the bed, drinking more.

She's so different when she's drunk. She's not that innocent Lizzy anymore.

'Are you going to finish what you started?' I slurred, keeping balance by holding onto her knees.

'Touch yourself. I want to watch you touch yourself,' she said, directing the bottle to me.

I placed my hands on my breasts, massaging my own breasts, and playing with my nipples with my fingers.

'Mmm you love when I do that to you, don't you Katie?' she asked, sitting back and watching me.

'Mmhmm yes Lizzy...' I said, continuing my work on my breasts and nipples.

'I love playing with your nipples Katie, they're always so hard for me,' she said, watching my hands roam my chest.

'Yeah? You like them?' I asked, my blurry vision focusing on her face.

'I love them, keep touching yourself,' she offered, drinking more alcohol.

My hands soon travelled down my stomach and hips. I rubbed my hands around my navel and hips.

'Mmm stop teasing me,' Lizzy said, watching every one of my moves.

'I love teasing you, you're so naughty,' I said, rubbing my inner thighs.

'Shit Katie, you're so hot,' Lizzy said.

I cupped myself with my hand, and moaned at the contact.

'Mmm yes... That's right... Moan.. Moan loud...' Lizzy suggested, drinking more of her drink.

I moaned as I allowed my fingers to run through my slit repeatedly up and down.

'I love your moans so much,' Lizzy said, watching me more carefully now.

'Mmm Lizzy... It feels so good..' I said, tracing my slit.

'Yeah? How good? Tease that little clit of yours that I love so much,' she said.

My fingers ran over my clit, and my legs began to shake.

'Mmm that's even better...' I said, circling my clit with my own fingers.

'Shit I love your moans... You want that to be me touching your clit, don't you?' she asked.

'Yes... My fingers just don't compare to yours,' I said, rubbing my clit faster now.

'Are you going to cum?' Lizzy asked, sitting up.

'I'm so close...' I said.

She stumbled as she stood up in front of me and she poured the remainder of her drink all over my chest.

I gasped as the cool liquid ran along my chest, leaving a slight burn all over my flesh.

She placed her lips to my chest and began to lick the alcohol off of my chest, slurping it and sucking it off.

I moaned as she worked her lips on my chest.

She moved her hand down my stomach and pushed my hand off to the side and took over for rubbing my clit.

'Mmm that feels so much better with your fingers,' I moaned, holding onto her shoulders for balance.

She licked up my chest to my jawline.

'Yeah you like it when I rub your clit, don't you?' she asked, biting my ear gently.

'Shit yes... I'm going to cum..' I said, and before I knew it, she stopped her fingers and pushed me down onto her bed.

I sat up breathlessly on her bed, and she pushed me down to the mattress, hovering over me.

'You're not going to cum on my fingers, you're going to cum on my tongue,' she said, kissing down my chest and stomach.

'Mmmm..' I arched my back as she kissed down my navel, and I tugged at her sheets.

She wasted no time and continued to pleasure me but with her tongue this time.

'Agh!' I cried out as her tongue swirled around my clit, and she began to eat me out.


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