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Repurposing a security camera can be quite revealing!

Instead of loitering in the noisy room, he turned left and walked through an opened door into a darkened corridor beyond. Devereux realised the power must be out in this section of the ship until the new Ashanath device had been hooked up to the Hyperion's power grid.

Charles strode down the corridor and stopped outside a closed door. After glancing left and right to make sure there were no engineers or technicians nearby, he pulled a chrome device from his pocket and slapped it down next to the door controls. He pressed a button and a light turned green, the door in front of them sliding open with a quiet hiss as the device provided it power.

"After you," Charles said politely, gesturing into the darkened room.

Devereux felt a pang of nerves, but did as he asked, walking into a room filled with massive capacitors. Charles removed the device, placed it on the opposite side of the door, then plunged them into darkness as they were sealed in. She heard movement in the dark, then a soft light illuminated the room from the small lamp he had just placed on a lifeless console.

"This is very cloak and dagger," Devereux said, trying not to let her nervousness reach her voice.

"The walls on Olympus have eyes and ears... but not in here," Charles said, glancing around the gloomy powerless room. He fixed her with a steady gaze and continued, "Alright, what's this about, Lynette?"

She studied him for a moment, then said quietly, "Maybe it would be sensible to tell me what you know first, then I can fill in some of the blanks."

Charles raised an eyebrow and shook his head. "You're the one that arranged this little get together, so I'm afraid I'll have to insist that you go first. Besides, I'm not the one who suddenly switched allegiances and fell in behind Buckingham... If we're putting our cards on the table, let me start by saying I don't entirely trust you."

Much to Devereux's surprise, it actually hurt that he didn't trust her. She sighed and met his curious gaze. "Alright, I suppose that's fair." She paused for a moment to gather her thoughts. "First, let me say that I believe that it's in humanity's best interests to work with John Blake."

"A quite understandable and sensible stance," Charles agreed, not giving anything else away.

Devereux took a deep breath then said, "The Terran Federation is facing an existential threat... we won't survive without his help."

Charles relaxed and gave her a warm smile. "So you know then? I'm a little surprised John confided in you, but he's a good judge of character." A confused frown crossed his face as he continued, "But if you're working with John against this other Progenitor, why did you ally yourself with Buckingham?"

She tried not to let any surprise show on her face at the mention of another 'Progenitor', but inside her mind was whirring. "I'm just pretending to work with Buckingham until I can get him removed from office."

Charles brightened and nodded enthusiastically. "Oh, I see! So with you replacing him as Fleet Admiral, John hopes to galvanise all of High Command into preparing for the war." He shook his head in admiration. "He's far better at politics than I am. How long until you take over from Buckingham?"

Devereux relaxed a little when she realised that Charles must already know about the Kintark invasion. She looked troubled as she said, "I'm not sure, soon I hope, but unfortunately there's a problem. Buckingham's still Fleet Admiral at the moment and he's trying to dig up any dirt he can to undermine John in the public eye. So far he hasn't had any luck, but Buckingham's getting desperate."

Frowning with worry, Charles leaned against the console. "Why in God's name would Buckingham try and work against John?!"

"Buckingham's afraid of him, he thinks John's a threat to the Terran Federation," Devereux explained.

He waved his hand to encompass the ship. "I'm trying to get as many ships upgraded as quickly as possible for when the other Progenitor attacks, but without John and the Invictus we're doomed!"

She looked at Charles curiou

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