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Arkady introduces her to life's nicer - and spicier - things.

This sure never entered my mind!" He chuckled, and added, "And I'm a pervert!"

By the time the girls were jerking off Ryan all over their faces, Ron and Jay were stroking their stiff cocks, and Sally and Ginger had their hands at their pussies.

When the video got to the part where Ryan had his face buried between his step-sister's butt cheeks, and was obviously tongue-fucking her ass hole, Ginger commented, "Maybe he doesn't need as many lessons as I thought."

As they watched Ryan fucking his step-sister up her cunt while his girlfriend sucked and lapped at the wet widely-spread lips, Sally got up, and said, "I need some cock!" She moved over an straddled Ron's legs-still facing the show-letting him guide his stiff hard-on into her wet cunt hole.

She lowered herself until every inch of Ron's cock was buried inside her, and then she began to rotate her hips, gently fucking herself.

Ron reached up, cupped her tits, and started to pull on her nipples.

"Me, too!" Ginger said, getting up, and taking Jay's hand.

She turned one of the chairs around, knelt in it, and leaned on the back, facing the video on the wall, with her naked ass facing Jay.

He rubbed his dick up and down through her pussy lips a few times, and then leaned forward, and drove all the way up her juicy cunt in a one push.

"Oh, yeah! Fuck me!" she said. "Fuck my cunt like you'd like to be fucking Penny right now!"

"Shit, yeah!" he said as he rammed his cock in and out of her, while squeezing her tits, but keeping his eyes glued to the video.

By the time Ryan was fucking Suzy while Penny ate her pussy, the parents had swapped partners, and were now fucking their respective spouses.

They all would like to have gotten into oral sex on one another, but they couldn't figure out how to do it and be able to see the show at the same time.

They watched, excitedly, as Ryan pumped his cum into Suzy's cunt, and Penny lapped at the overflow, but were then surprised when Penny twisted Ryan and Suzy around, and then as she finger-fucked Suzy's tight little ass-hole, Ryan sucked his own cum from her fresh-fucked pussy.

"Holy shit! A cream pie!" Ron said. "You think maybe he's bi, too?"

"I can't imagine a guy who'd lap up his own cum, like that," Ryan's father said, "and he couldn't be talked into sucking a cock."

Soon, the video showed the three kids leaving the room, headed for the shower, and the motion-detector turned off the camera, ending the video.

Jay withdrew his cock from his wife, and went to the laptop to turn off the video player. He switched to a live feed from the nanny-cam, but was disappointed that the kids had not returned.

Walking over to the couch, where Ron was on his back and Ginger was astride his cock, Jay put his rigid hard-on in Ron's face, and said, "Show me how you'd suck on Ryan's cock."

He eagerly took the stiff dick into his mouth, and began bobbing up and down on it.

As Ginger rocked her hips back and forth on the dick that filled cunt, she said to Jay, "Show us how you'd fuck your son's face! Fuck him in the mouth 'til he swallows your cum!"

Encouraged by the blow job, the dirty-talk, and the thought of oral sex with his own son, Jay began to fuck Ron's mouth hard and fast.

As Ron kept up a strong suction around the cock flying in his mouth, Sally came over, reached under Jay, and began to massage his balls.

"Fuck him!" she whispered in his ear. "Fuck his mouth 'til it's filled with every bit of cum in your balls!"

As she gave his ball-sack a firm squeeze, Ron let out a growl, and shoved his cock as deep into Ron's mouth as he'd let it go. "Oh, God! Yeah! Here it is son! Here's my fucking cum, right in your mouth!"

As Jay grunted with each pulse of jism that shot from his dick, Ron just let him face-fuck him, and fill his mouth with hot cum.

When Jay finally staggered back, and dropped into a chair, both wives descended on Ron's mouth with their own, to share the bounty.

Jay recovered quickly, and with a spent, half-limp dick, decided to take on

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