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She wants proof of his love.

Sam moaned slightly, leaning back on the window sill to steady herself.

After a few moments, Sam suggested we go into the bedroom, and we all did, sitting on the bed with Sam between us. We each kissed Sam in turn, then Sam told me to lie down, which I did without hesitation, stripping off my top as I did so. Sam stood up once again, slipping off her dress completely and showing her red lace panties to us, smiling as she did so and beckoning for us to strip completely. It didn't take us long to do, and as myself and David took off our underwear, I had to stop myself from gasping at the size of David's cock. Now, I am quite happy at myself, my cock being about 7 inches long and reasonably thick, but David's was huge, easily 9 inches and very thick. I looked at Sam, who knew about me being bi as she was also bi, and smiled, then led down as she had instructed.

Sam came over to the bed, sitting next to me, her hand stroking my leg then over, playing with my hard cock as she looked at David as he stroked his cock, then she moved forward, kissing me again, passionately, our tongues playing with each others, as I played with her nipples in turn.

It was then that the biggest surprise of my life happened, as I felt a mouth around the head of my cock, fumbling with it awkwardly as if it was the first time the mouth had ever done this. I looked down, and realized with a shocked look that David was sucking my cock. I gasped, enjoying the sensations, then David stopped, and sat back again, stroking his cock slowly, and I knew I wanted his cock in my mouth. I knelt up and leaned over, looking into his eyes then at Sam, who nodded for me to go ahead, and I leaned over and licked the tip, tasting my first ever cock, enjoying the sensations.

Unfortunately, that was as far as it went as Sam had to leave, and David, embarrassed I think at what had happened, left for a while, and I was left wishing that we could have gone further, but knew that I would have to be patient. As it turned out, I didn't have to wait long till I got my chance.

A couple of weeks later, I had been out for a few drinks and made my way home at around midnight, a little drunk but not overly so. As I walked in, David greeted me from the living room and I replied, going into my room to lie down and let my head settle a little. David came in a few minutes later, and we chatted for a while about nothing in particular, and somehow the conversation got around to my bisexuality, David questioning about if I had been with anyone and who I wanted to be with. I told him that I had not been with any guy, apart from what happened the other day with us and Sam, and David looked surprised.

What I said next surprised him even more, and to this day I don't know where I got the bravado to say it from. I told him that I wanted him to be the first guy I was properly with. He look stunned, turning a bright red, and I felt awful, realizing I had embarrassed him.

"I'm not into guys," he replied suddenly, and not utter convincingly. I nodded understandingly, not wanting to alienate him at all, and simply replied, "well, if that ever changes, you know ok?". David didn't say anymore, and left a minute or so later, leaving the door open and the light on. I was feeling very horny by this time, my mind on the conversation, and I stripped down, covering myself with a light blanket and started to stroke my cock. It wasn't long before I was led with my eyes closed, the covers pushed off me and wanking my cock faster, enjoying the sensations.

Suddenly, I sensed that someone was at the door watching, but I continued for a while longer, until David spoke softly, apologizing for disturbing me. I opened my eyes, saying it was ok, and that I should have shut the door, and he left, switching off the light as he did so but leaving the door open, and I sighed, feeling that the chance I may have had had now gone. I stopped, and led looking at the ceiling, trying to calm myself down.

A couple of minutes later I heard the door

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