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Maggie is a hostage; would-be rescuer Ryan is shot.

Imagine my disappointment when she came back and said, "I have to meet with the hotel staff tonight and I appointment if you know what I mean. Take the black dress. Wear it tomorrow night. And..." She leaned over and kissed me. "Leave the door between the rooms open tonight."


A half hour later I was lying on my bed, moping. I called home and had a brief chat with my husband, telling him I was lonely, which was kind of true. After what had happened with Kenji and Rhoda my pussy ached and my butt still throbbed, and I was desperate for company.

I had resigned myself to a quiet, boring evening as I headed to the dining room for an evening meal when I heard a deep, baritone voice call, "Patty?"

The surprises didn't stop when I turned around and saw Chad Barnes, the former towel boy, smiling at me, his bright white teeth luminescent behind his dark skin. Chad was no longer a geeky towel boy. No! He looked like a linebacker which, I found out as we ate dinner together, he was in college.

"I started out as equipment manager," he explained, "but worked out with the team. Well, I got big! It's as simple as that. So, next thing you know, I was on the football team. But let's talk about you. You are magnificent! You were always beautiful, you know, but now...oh my gosh!"

As surprised as I was by Kenji's admission about me, I was flabbergasted by Chad's revelation. I mean, he hardly ever paid attention to me in high school. "Me," I gasped. "You thought I was beautiful?"

"Yes," Chad said. "You were always my dream we are alone and it's probably best that we don't...or should I say that I don' know...flirt and all."

He was so nervous, it seemed, and that he made me nervous. I smiled, nodded and mumbled, "Yes. We shouldn'" But after my experiences earlier in the day, I was completely revved up and, sitting across from a gorgeous man, well...

Chad was the total gentleman as he walked me to my room. When we got there, though, we had one of those awkward moments where two people, unsure of what was on the other person's mind, avoid eye contact and hem and haw. "Well," Chad said. "I guess a kiss goodnight..."

At first the kiss was gentle, our lips barely touching. Then the kiss became more intense, out tongues beginning to dance. We stumbled into my room, our hands tearing at each other's clothing. When we were finally naked Chad hovered between my legs ready to penetrate me, and another stereotype was shattered! Chad's cock, as pretty as it was, was a lot smaller than I had anticipated it would be. Black guys are supposed to have huge penises, right? I have to confess that I was disappointed when he eased his prick into my sopping wet pussy, but my still-tingling butt provided the inspiration I needed.

"We shouldn't," I said.

"But...but I want you so much...I..."

"I want you, too," I gasped. "But...let me turn over so you can take the ass."

Chad looked at me wide-eyed in total shock. "Are you...serious?"

God, how my butt ached to be stretched open again. Rhoda's fingers had done a good job, but not good enough. I'm not all that crazy about anal, but Chad's undersized prick would give me the opportunity to enjoy it to the max! I rolled onto my stomach, reached my arms behind me and grabbed my butt cheeks, spreading them to give him the perfect view of my ass. "Yes," I hissed. "Fuck me!"

Opened as I had been by Rhoda's fingers, Chad's entrance into my tight hole was more pleasurable than it was painful.

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