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Things don't always work out as planned.

When I leaned back to get a better view of his booth he stepped back and turned to show me this huge cock he was stroking. This thing looked like it was standing about a foot straight out in front of him. I didn't stare at his cock long but I did keep glancing over and most every time he would show me his cock. The more I looked at that cock, the more I wanted it. Maybe I was looking at his cock a little more than I thought though because all too soon my dollar ran out and the movie stopped.

Now, even though I've started sucking cock, I haven't been able to bring myself to enter an occupied booth and make the first move to initiate contact with someone else. I did contemplate doing just that though when I left my booth but chickened out at the last second and went into the booth next to his. I did however put my foot under the edge of the wall to his booth and tap my foot in a congressman type fashion. Although most guys are there for the same reasons, I'm afraid if I walk into someone's booth, I'll get that one person who'll take offense and makes a scene. That's why I prefer the anonymity of glory holes over this open booth scenario.

I didn't have to wait very long to find out if he was interested though. Just as I was putting money in the machine he walked directly into my booth and asked in no uncertain terms if I wanted to suck some cock. I just nodded my head yes and as he started trying to pull that monster through his fly I put a few more dollars in so I wouldn't have to stop sucking him later to do it. When he got his cock out I couldn't believe how big it was up close, and it wasn't even hard anymore. I can't even say it had a big purple head or protruding veins running down the length of it. The whole thing was just very black and very big all over.

As I was looking at it he cupped the back of my head with one hand and lifted his cock up with his other hand so the head was pointing right at my face. He whispered a "go ahead and suck that black dick" as he guided it right into my waiting mouth. I worked on the tip of it for a while as I was getting used to the girth before I went down as far as I could. When I got as much cock as I could in my mouth it was amazing to see how much of it was still visible in front of me. As big around as it was it really stuffed my mouth so I wasn't able to get more than three or four inches of it down.

I started going up and down as far as I could without gagging and getting a good saliva coating on it to make it easier to take. All the while I could feel his cock getting harder and harder to the point that he didn't have to hold it up anymore. It didn't seem to get much longer, just harder and maybe a little thicker. Then he put both hands on my head and rocked back and forth giving me a good face fucking. After a couple minutes he pulled away and stroked it with big long strokes making sure it slapped on my face or on my waiting tongue. I must have looked like a starving person because one of the times he dropped it on my tongue I almost jumped forward trying to get a mouthful of that cock again.

For the next few minutes I was doing as best as I could to give him an enjoyable blowjob but then again he pulled out and started giving it some long strokes. That's when I realized that my mouth on last few inches of his cock just wasn't giving him enough stimulation. So then I wrapped one of my hands around it right in front of my mouth like I was holding a pole so when he rocked in and out of my mouth there was an extra 4 inches of stimulation. Now that I think about it, I probably could have gotten both hands on it because there was that much left.

That must have felt a lot better for him because almost immediately he started moaning and let out an "oh yeah, suck it".

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