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Raven snoops, and sniffs.

i couldn't let myself cum so soon, so i slowly brought my mouth back down her body, kissing and licking every inch of ivory skin. i moved my body further down, trapping her legs between mine and sought out her navel. my tongue did a furious dance in the little hole, giving her a preview of what was coming. By now she was moaning loudly, and i again moved my head to look over at Papa. He was sitting there with a proud smile, so i continued on my journey to my first taste of a woman's pussy. i adjusted myself, so that my knees were between her legs, spreading them further and further apart, so that i could see my prize clearly. As my mouth got closer to her clit, her moans got louder, and i became more determined.

i decided to check to see if she was still with me, and quietly asked "What do you want Rachel?"

"Please, please suck on my clit bry. i need to cum so bad."

i was so close to her clit, that she could feel my hot breath tickling it. i blew a bit on it, and it hardened even more, before my tongue snaked out and lightly licked across the hood. Her hips strained upward, trying to get even closer to me, but i kept my distance. my Papa had promised her a good pussy licking, and that's what i was going to give her. i was going to make her enjoy every second of this, even if it wasn't giving her what she immediately wanted. Slowly again, i licked across the hard nub, and again her hips moved toward me. i could tell she was very sensitive there, and when i finally did lay my tongue down flat on her clit, she came. She screamed my name, asking me to please not stop. my tongue continued to circle her clit, moving in small circles, before coming to stop right on the peak of her hardness. She was going crazy, and her juices were flowing from her pussy, and covering my chin.

i couldn't wait any longer. i needed to taste her, i needed to find out if she tasted as good as my own pussy. Holding her thighs further apart with my hands, my tongue sought out her wet hole. At first, i kept the licks very light, yet steady. She tasted so good on my tongue, and i knew that i needed more. i delved my tongue further into her tunnel, curling it, and fucking it like my tongue was my own cock. i pressed harder and faster into her wetness, my nose each time coming in contact with her clit. i looked up at her as i continued fucking her, and saw her head moving sideways against the pillow, out of control. Slowly i pulled my tongue out, so that just the tip was inside her, then shoved it back in brutally. Her moans and panting urged me on. i would move my head from side to side, so that my nose was playing with her clit at the same time. She came again, on my tongue hard. i could feel her inside walls clench down on me, convulsing erratically. By now, my face was covered with her; she was all i could smell. i pushed her legs up toward her body, so that my tongue could reach even further inside her, and used the end of my tongue as a cup, to gather her juices. Her pussy was like a vise around my tongue and I thought for a moment I might get stuck in there.

i slowly retreated from her depths, only to move lower to her little rosebud. i had a clear view of it, and i wanted to taste it. my tongue still slick from her juices, i started to lick all around it, until she was again begging me to not stop. i would use my tongue as a spear, stabbing at her tight little hole, wanting entrance. Her asshole opened a little for me, allowing me to taste a little of what she had to offer. She went off again, as she felt my tongue slip just inside her muscle, then out again. Her cries and her hand against my head pushing me away caused me to stop. She was a shuddering mess, saying that she couldn't take anymore. i moved back up her body, to lay close to her; my hands gently wiping the hair from her face, cooing softly to her.

She looked over at me, and it seemed a renewed energy overcame her.

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