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The three of them had left and went up stairs to their rooms. Brenda felt like a leper, as her two siblings seemed to work hard to avoid her. Once inside her room, Brenda fell on the bed and started to cry, wondering if she had made a huge mistake. A few moments later, there was a knock on her door.

"Come in," she sniffed, trying to stop her tears. She had expected it to be her father or even one of her siblings. Instead, it was her mother, the last person she expected to see.

"Are you okay, Bren?" her mother asked, closing the door behind her. "I would like to talk with you , but only if you are feeling up to it."

"I'm...sorry if I have disappointed you mom," Brenda said, sitting up on the bed and hugging her knees to her chest. She still felt small, and now she was starting to feel like a little girl again.

"I'm not disappointed with you, Brenda," her mom said sitting at the foot of the bed. She looked like she was still trying to gather her thoughts, and Brenda could feel the tension in the air. "It was that vampire girl, wasn't it?"

Brenda couldn't help but smile at her mother's choice of words. "Melody wasn't a vampire, mom. She was Goth. And if you are asking me if she was my first, the answer is yes, she was."

"Well...she looked like a vampire to me," her mother said, a small smile on her lips. "Would you tell me how it happened, or is it too personal?"

Brenda told her mother about how she had fallen head-over-heels in love with a sophomore boy who shared a class with her shortly after the start of her freshman year in college. They had begun to date and hang out together, and every time he would tell her how special she was to him. She felt special when she was with him, and after going out for a couple of months, she gave herself to him. The very next week, the rumors started. More boys were asking her out, and after turning down what must have been the tenth offer, the boy had said "Gee, I thought you were supposed to be an easy lay." When she asked what he meant by that, he told her to go ask David Collins, the boy she had been dating. She tried to call him, but he wouldn't answer. When she finally found him, he was bragging to a couple of his friends how he had finally "bagged that scrawny chick" he had been seeing. He told them how she had blown him, then practically begged him to fuck her. She ran as they laughed, going to her dorm room and falling on the same bed they had made love in and cried. At some point her roommate came in and asked what was wrong, and Brenda told her, but only after a little coaxing. The girl held her, letting her cry, and telling her that although not all guys were like that, most of them were. The next thing Brenda knew, Melody was kissing her, but in a much different way than David had. It was soft and full of feeling, and she accepted it, and finally returned it.

"I gave him my virginity, mom," Brenda said, tears rolling down her cheeks. "And he took my dignity. And broke my heart."

Her mother had moved next to her, and was now holding her, trying to comfort her. "You don't have to do this if you don't want to, honey. I understand if it's too painful."

"No, I'm okay, mom," Brenda said laying her head on her mothers shoulder. She found the older woman's warmth comforting. "Melody said that what David had done to me was 'consensual rape.' I told her that didn't make sense and she just smiled at me. She told me that I was special, and then made love to me. After that, I knew what she meant by it."

"She sounds very wise," her mother said simply, hold her daughter tight. "What ever happened to her?"

"She had to drop out after the first semester," Brenda said. "Her grades were slipping and it was costing her too much to stay, so she moved back home."

They had sat in silence for a few moments, her mother holding her. She felt her mother kiss her forehead, and she looked up into her eyes.

"You need sleep, honey," her mother said, smiling at her. "And so do I. Will you be alright?"

"Yes, mom," Brenda said, smiling back. "I'll be fine."

Her mother got up and lef

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