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But for an average guy as me it seemed a bit strange to have a 40-year birthday party for 42-year old women, especially when her hometown was about 180 kilometres in the opposite direction from our home to the town where the famous party was said to be held.

Rose-Marie did a big mistake when she tried to impress me with a noble friend. Had she chosen a common name as "Anna Johansson" there might been plenty of them, probably even some of the right age in that area where she intended going for her date.

Nothing happened until Sunday evening when I pretended to have some work to do after Rose-Marie had gone to the bed. She had left her cell phone for loading in the kitchen and

as we knew each other's PIN codes, it was an easy game to check it.

No strange pictures, text or voice messages but many for me unknown phone numbers. After my first search only two numbers, owned by for me unknown men, remained as goals for further investigation.

It wasn't necessary for me to know the name of Rose-Marie's lover for dealing with her cheating intentions, but with a name I could find his wife if he had one.

The first number was used by a girl who had got her boyfriend's old Iphone when he got a new from his job. But the second was Bingo, a Daniel Rodillo living about 165 kilometres away from the meeting hotel. That guy fit in perfect. Rose-Marie and he would have almost equal distance to their date.

Now it was easy to find further details about a guy with that unusual last name. Self employed as some kind of consultant and lecturer what brought him fair money, 32 years old wife, boy 6 and girl 4 years, rather high taxed house and two cars. That asshole's wife needed to know about her husband's intentions.

That ended up as an unexpected piece of cake. One co-worker of mine happened to have a sister living in the same town and area as the Rodillo family and it was easy for her to find where Daniel's wife Annie worked. I called Annie at her job and we did an agreement how to handle the information about our spouses.

At Friday I took the day off but went up at the usual time and went to the garage for calling Annie with my cell phone for the latest information about our actions . Rose-Marie got a real surprise when she saw me still at home but took my explanation about the dentist later in the morning. After sending our children to the school she went to our bedroom dressing for her trip and came back in a real nice outfit.

I asked her to sit down for clearing up some minor misunderstandings, what she accepted after a slight doubt. My first question was, "There's no room booked for you at that Scandia hotel, why not?"

"Because it was up to Melissa to book rooms. Obviously she's booked them in her own name." She replied.

"No, at least not at Best Western Scandia. No such rooms booked."

She gave me a smile and said, "No big deal, she's taken something cheaper for saving money for us."

Even I replied with a smile, "Sounds reasonable, indeed. But I've an another question because there are no Magdalena von Breitenschloss living in that town. However, she exists but is living about 350 kilometres away from that town and could you please tell me why she is going such a long distance for celebrating her 40th birthday and doing that more than two year after it really happened?"

Rose-Marie stared at me for a second before saying, "Please forgive me not telling you the truth. I'm so ashamed for my lies. The truth is that our gang is hired for topless waiting at a company party. It's an innocent event and we girls are going elsewhere for our own party when the dance begins at ten o'clock. For avoiding scandals, the catering company prefers hiring waitresses from out of town. Only a funny and innocent experience for us, I can promise you."

She wasn't bad, very clever indeed.

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