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Frankie falls for Lauryn even though she's straight.

I went up to them.

"Do you know where Prana is?" I asked.

They stared at me silently. Then the sour-faced woman with the lank hair spoke.

"You can suck me off," she said.

My heart skipped a beat.

"OK," I said, with as much enthusiasm as I could fake. "But I've got to find Prana first."

"Now," said the woman, catching hold of my hand.

There was no help for it. The woman stood up, and I knelt down. The flesh on her legs was loose and blotchy, and she had the longest, fleshiest labia I'd ever seen. They hung down between her legs like turkeys' wattles. I braced myself and drew them into my mouth. She smelt of dead fish: as though she had not washed for months. I almost gagged as I pushed my tongue higher, into her fleshy opening. As quickly as I could I honed in on her clitoris, and started to flick her with my tongue. She juiced up fairly quickly; I clung to the back of her legs and licked for all I was worth. She began to rock: expletives fell from her lips: her hands gripped my hair: 'Jesus Fucking Christ' she said, as she came.

She rocked back and slid down onto the bench. Her head drooped. I took in deep breaths of the moist air. I looked at Megan: she gave me a nod of acknowledgement and jerked her thumb sideways:

"Prana's over there," she said.

I wiped my mouth with the back of my hand, and hurried away. There was quite a gathering in the corner of the area Megan had indicated, at the centre of which, facing the wall, was a new girl with a skinhead cut who I had briefly noticed in my earlier search. I could not see Prana, though. The skinhead girl seemed to be at the centre of the hubbub, even though she was resolutely facing the wall. I pushed my way into the group.

"Has anyone seen Prana?" I asked.

Several faces turned to me, with odd expressions.

And then the penny dropped.

"Prana!" I screamed: "what's happened? What have they done to you?"

The shaven-headed girl at last turned her face from the wall. Her eyes were red with tears.

"You see Chloe," she said: "even you don't recognise me."

She turned away from me again. I pushed my way closer and put my hand on her shoulder.

"Prana," I said. "Talk to me, please."

"Go away Chloe," she said. "I am a pariah now."

I looked at the others:

"What's happened?" I asked.

"What do you think," said a woman with moles on her cheeks, impatiently. "Didn't you hear Hardiman's latest threat?"

"You mean about not shaving properly?" I asked.

"What else?" said the woman.

"Oh God," I said. "Oh no, no no. Prana: how did this happen?"

"I'll tell you Chloe," said Prana, still facing the wall: "and then you can leave me alone. You can all leave me alone. You know my cellmate has gone and I am on my own. One day I was lazy, I put off shaving until after dinner, and then the light went out. It seemed early, but sometimes this happens. No problem, I thought, I will shave in the morning. But in the morning, still there was no light. I went to slop-out, everyone else had light except me. When Dawes and Clark came to inspect me I was still in darkness. 'The light-bulb has gone,' I told them. 'When did this happen?' they asked. 'Last night,' I told them. They changed the light bulb, then they told me I had not shaved. 'I cannot shave in the dark,' I told them. 'You had all day to shave,' they said.

"They took me to the Examination Room. They shaved me and poked at me: this did not bother me. And then - " Prana's body shook as she was gripped by another burst of tears - "and then they shaved my head. Dawes did this. Afterwards she picked up my hair from the floor and shook it in front of my face. Then she dropped it in the dustbin. And then she held up mirror and made me look. I saw an ugly skinhead looking back at me. Chloe, I vowed I would never cry in front of the Wardens, even if they whipped me, but I cried then.

"Now I am not the prettiest girl I am the ugliest girl.

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