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Photo shoot takes an unexpected turn.

" I pushed my elbow into the spot he was rubbing. His scent surrounded me, his back was so broad and looked even more so with his new prison muscles. He laughed as if that was a stupid thing to say.

"I think I'll be fine." He said sarcastically. "I'm used to white-knuckling things."

"Don't you mean bare-knuckling?" He ignored my question.

His breathing slowed down to normal and I switched to using both my hands on tops of his shoulders. He bowed his head a little and looked like he was enjoying it. It was quiet so the sound of the front door knob turning almost made me jump. But he grabbed his shirt, jumped up, and hit the ground running! He ran away so fast that my hands were still in the air when my mom and Mickey walked in! My mouth hung open. I couldn't believe what just happened. My mom gave me a weird look.

"What are you doing?" Mickey past her and was putting the food on the kitchen counter.

"Uh, eh...nothing." I stuttered. She laughed and brushed it off.

"Hi." She said and kissed me on the cheek.

"Hi." I smiled back.

She joined Mickey in the kitchen which was only a few feet away. I gathered my things and headed to my room. I held my books tight against my chest and underneath my heart was beating really fast. When I past my mom she stopped me.

"Wait, where are you going?"

"Oh. Well I told you I'm not hungry, mom."

"Okay. Well..." She ran her hand through my hair. "...don't study too hard, okay?"

"K." I smiled at her reassuringly. I walked in my room and locked the door behind me.

'What the hell was that!' I thought to myself. I laid down on my bed and was so confused. 'Why did he do that?' Obviously he was scared they were going to think something was going on between us, but I just couldn't wrap my head around that. I had truly and honestly never thought about him in that way before. And I didn't think there was anything weird about me just giving him a back rub. So if I didn't even think that then why the hell would they? I got up and went to look at myself in the mirror. 'Maybe HE thought of me in that way.' I thought.

I had grown into my body. I had a just as beautiful figure as my mom, but since I was shorter my curves were more protruding and my boobs were bigger. My hair was long and when I was younger it was just as blonde as my mom's, but now it had darkened a bit so it was more of a dirty blonde. I still had a very gentle face, but people would always tell me that my deep blue eyes had a piercing look about them and that I get that from my mom too. But then I thought that I was probably wrong and he was just worried about how we would look to them. Because us being together wouldn't fly with them in a million years. My mirror was right next to my door and I could hear that C.J. had came out of wherever he was hiding. They were all eating and Brandi would be getting home soon so the drinking was surly next. I wasn't ready to come out yet though. My head was still spinning so I went back to my bed.

As I laid there I realized that it didn't matter whether he was interested in me or not. The point was that it clearly crossed his mind. And the fact that it was even a possibility to him gave me this tingling feeling in the pit of my stomach. I was falling asleep as I tried to figure out why it did. 'Maybe I thought of HIM that way.' He was only in his mid thirties, and I've always known he was ridiculously hot. But for some reason that never meant anything to me. He was like family and we were just never a concept in my head. I thought back to when he was dating Heather. Was it really her I didn't like? Or was I just jealous? 'Maybe I've ALWAYS thought of him that way!' I realized it was totally possible that I had, but just suppressed my feelings like I did with everyone else after what happened with Matt. Especially since he was so off limits.

The next morning when I got ready for school I didn't have to worry about seeing him because I was always the only one awake that early.

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