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First threesome experience - Part 2.

Although it did send a tingle up through me to know I had this effect on a guy. The songs began to pick up-tempo and soon some cool r'n'b, or bump and grind music as my friends like to call it, came on. I slowly began to grind my hips into his. All the time feeling his hard on grow against me and he began to pump back. My hands began to run over his chest, arms and hard stomach. His hands roamed al over my back and arms. I turned my back to him and pushed and rubbed my ass against his erection. I reached up behind me, as he caressed my hip and belly, and put my hand on his neck while I turned my head to face him. As our eyes met he planted a passionate kiss on my lips. I didn't pull away and just grind myself more against him. Alarm bells were ringing in my head just as he pulled away. We looked at each other astonished at what just happened.

He grabbed my hand and dragged me across the dancefloor to a quiet area of the club. We sat down and were silent for a moment or 2. He looked at me and said with as much shock in his voice as what was on his face,

"What the fuck did we just do?"

His words hurt me. I felt wonderful at what had just happened. Yeah I was a bit shocked but I looked at him and he made me feel happy. The words he used cut through me like a dagger.

All I could say was "What?"

"What?" he replied, "What do you mean what?"

"I liked it" was my reply. "I really liked Daniel"

"No, no, no, we can't be doing that. We just can't. You are my niece. Your mam and dad would kill me"

Then little miss courageous piped up with; "They don't have to know"

He seemed knocked back by this. I walked towards him and tried to kiss him again. He pulled away shaking his head.

So I said "Well if nothings going to happen we have to talk about what just happened and we can't do that here. Lets go"

He just shook his head sheepishly and followed me. I found one of the girls and told her I was off to the hotel and not to worry about me, that I was safe with Daniel.

Daniel was waiting at the door with my jacket and we left together not saying a word. I took hold of his hand and he did not resist. It seemed things were taken a turn for the better. I put my arm around him and said, "Well?" He didn't reply he just stopped looked at me and planted one mother of a kiss on my lips. My legs nearly buckled. Here I was kissing my uncle who was 7 years my senior. Right at that moment in time I felt so hot as the wetness built in my sex. My pussy and clit were on fire and all I wanted right then was Daniel deep inside me. Like I never wanted anyone before

Our kissed stopped. I looked at Daniel and said, "That was so wonderful Daniel. I loved every second of it."

He smiled kissed me softly again on the lips and asked, "So what are we going to do now?"

A wicked idea was forming in my head as I replied, "Well we've come this far, lets go back to my hotel room."

Daniel of course did not object. His cock was doing the thinking for him now and he was in no position to reject me. Within a couple of minutes we reached the hotel and up to the room we went. We ordered a couple of drinks and chatted about nothing really. While Daniel had his drink I'd do a bit of a strip for my horny uncle.

The hotel room we were in was quite big and had a state of the art sound system.

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