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I bent over to pick it up and folded it and set it with my blouse. I was now completely naked, and quite embarrassed. I did all I could to not make eye contact with the headmaster. I quickly slid up on the table and tried to cover myself a bit with my hands.

"Arms at your side," the headmaster said. He pulled my left arm to my side and strapped my wrist down with a small leather strap fastened to the table. He then did the same with my right wrist.

I was scared, and I looked up towards daddy. He smiled, nodded, and said, "Now Darlin' you do just what you're told to do, you hear?"

"Yes Daddy," I replied.

The headmaster then walked down to the end of table and pulled up a bright shiny stirrup. He grabbed my left leg and fastened my ankle into it. He then pulled up another stirrup and fastened in my right ankle. My legs though up, were at this point spread only slightly. The headmaster then pushed the stirrups apart so far that I felt my legs straining. I was completely uncomfortable and completely vulnerable in this position. The headmaster put his face about 3 inches from my shaved pussy and smiled.

"What a nice little pussy you have here."

Not knowing what to say, I simply replied, "Thank you Headmaster."

"Very good Sarah, you learn quickly."

Just then the door opened and in came a shorter man wearing a white coat.

"I am Dr. Hunter, he said reaching out his hand toward Daddy. "I will be examining your daughter today." Dr. Hunter looked me over, and without taking his eyes off my body he spoke. "We are going to be doing a general physical examination as well as a gynecological evaluation. We will also be running a battery of tests to find certain tolerance thresholds."

The doctor slipped on a pair of plastic gloves and stepped over to the side of the table. He took one of my breasts in his hand and began to push and rub it. I squirmed a bit but was unable to really move. He then did the same with my other breast.

"Her breasts seem to be just fine," he said to daddy and the headmaster. He then walked down to the end of the table and rubbed his finger up and down my pussy. He pulled my lips back a bit and flicked my clit. He looked up at me and smiled. I felt so humiliated. He reached into a drawer beside him and pulled out a rather large shiny metal speculum.

He pressed the speculum against my pussy, and instantly the cold metal sent a shiver through my body. My nipples instantly went hard as I felt the cold steel sliding past my clit and deep into my pussy. He opened up the speculum, took out a long Q-tip and took an ordinary pap smear. He then proceeded to look in the other drawers for something while my pussy was still wide open. I groaned slightly as the stimulation and the cold of the room were making me feel a bit aroused.

All three men turned to look at me. They all smiled. The doctor removed something from the drawer and returned to the end of the table. He flicked my clit a few more times and I felt something cold against my asshole. Again I moaned, and the doctor smiled and slid the cold thing into my ass. Whatever it was, it hurt and seemed not very fat, but quite long. It was extremely uncomfortable. He pulled it out, and looked at it closely.

"Her temperature is normal," he said. I was shocked. He had to take my temperature in my ass? Weren't there other ways to take my temperature?!? He then closed the speculum and removed it sitting it in a wash basin beside the table. I sighed thinking my humiliation was over.

The doctor then wheeled over a cart and uncovered it. My eyes grew wide as I observed many phallic shaped instruments. They were fat, skinny, short, and long, all different shapes and sizes. The doctor then wheeled a machine to the side of the table and pulled out a couple of clamps attached to very thin wires. He attached the clamps to my nipples and I winced at the cold, but they did not feel too tight.

"Over the course of these tests, the clamps will do a variety of things.

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