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What happens in Vegas...

What contraband could anyone bring in? After a final tug and pinch of each succulent nipple, he slid his hands down to her hips, then around to her mons. Sue watched as closely as she could, expecting the same treatment shortly.

"Hmm, what have we got here?" he transparently asked no one. After rocking his hand between her mound and clit, he slid his middle finger into her gash, opening her swelling camel toe, burying the seam of her panty inside her and baring the edges of her swelling labia. Rae moaned as he pressed deeper. Jack moved up to the waist of the boy shorts and, giving the rest of us a sneaky grin, slowly pulled them over her cheeks. Len gulped when he saw his wife's bared asshole come into view just inches from Jack. With her underwear pulled just halfway over her ass, Rae felt much more exposed and vulnerable than if he just peeled them off. She wiggled her ass in anticipation, trying to make her panty slide down. Jack slapped her left cheek hard. "I'll take them off in a minute. Don't interfere with my pat down, pretty lady."

He crouched down to put her asshole at eye level and, using both thumbs, spread her cheeks to better expose her puckered hole. "Relax girlie. If you don't open up this hole, I'll have to assume you ARE hiding something and push harder to look inside. You KNOW I have to look in your other hole too, so let's get to it." He licked two fingers before sucking them into his mouth to thoroughly soak them. Watching Jack prepare, Jane kept Rae's mouth on her nipple. Jack circled Rae's back hole with a wet finger; pushed then rolled it past the wrinkled foyer and quickly broached her anus. Rae briefly flinched, but anal play wasn't new to her. Jack plunged his finger to its last joint and twisted it harshly inside her. After several deep plunges, he leveraged a second finger into her, opening her anus wider. With each lunge she gasped then bit down on Jane's nipple so Jane moaned in time with Jack's ass attacks.

"Nothing yet. I'm afraid I must go deeper." He quickly pulled her panty to her ankles, letting Len and me see her fattened pussy lips, moistened with her dew. "I'm pleased this pleases, no excites you, my dear. We're nearly done." Jack pushed her legs farther apart and slid two clean fingers along, then into her raphe. He angled them at her clit as he dropped deeper into her slot. Rae briefly shivered just as Jack pushed three fingers into her pussy, quickly expanding it. She was determined not to cum. Her ragged breathing got louder each time he twisted his fat fingers inside her wet, puffy pussy.

Finally surrendering, she shouted, "Ughhh, L..L..Lennn, watch what this bastard is doing to me. LEARN!" What was hard to see was that on alternate shoves, Jack angled his index finger firmly and wiggled it as it approached her clit. "Damn it! That feels so wonderfulllllll!" were the last words she screamed before she shivered in orgasm. Jack pulled her knees back to force her legs straight and her butt higher as Jane pulled down Rae's head. When her soaked and spent pussy thrust back at Jack's face, he leaned into it, tongue first. Len watched him lick his wife's clit to her asshole, circle it and lick back to her clit before thrusting his obscenely long tongue deep into her smoldering pussy, spreading her lips widely. He knew his normal tongue would never plunge as deeply into Rae and wondered how much she would later miss Jack's. She reached back and held her pussy open in flagrant invitation for more tonguemanship. Jack obliged, his tongue shaft licked her cervix until she shuddered again in orgasm. Despite his best efforts to drink all of her, some luscious nectar streamed down her thigh. Jane caught the overflow. Sue stared agape. I wondered if she were now anxious for her own exam to begin.


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