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Jane and Rob discover their sex life isn't missionary.

The guys all pulled numbers out of a hat and Kevin got the first choice. With that he announced he was going to take the gift he had brought which was a "sexy lap dance from my sister."

Bo popped up, "You're shittin' us." The room started to buzz.

Kevin responded to the buzz that was going on, "No, I am not. You can get a lap dance from my sister or take your chances with a coffee mug set."

After they realized Kevin was serious, the fun began. Every guy opted for the lap dance over what was in the box. When it was all said and done, Bo had won the lap dance.

Just my luck. The guys were quick to place a chair in the middle of the floor for Bo to sit on. They hit upon "Girls! Girls! Girls!" to be the lap dance song of all time. I instructed Bo to sit on his hands at all times or else the dance would end. Bo agreed.

As the music played I began my dance. I moved around Bo's chair allowing my boobs to brush up against him. I danced and held up my skirt showing off my green elf panties and hose. I kicked off my shoes and had Bo part his legs so I could put my stocking clad foot on the chair. I moved my ass a bit then slid my foot up to the point where my toes were touching his crotch. I could feel the guy get a hard on while I wiggled my toes against his pants.

With his cock nice and hard, now was the time for the lap part of the lap dance. I sat gently down on his lap, rubbing my ass slowly up and down along his cock with the music. With the guys cheering and Bo breathing heavy, I spun around and sat abruptly down upon what was Bo's hard-on. Bo let out a slight yelp of pain, which I eased by leaning forward and rubbing my breasts in his face.

I ended up the number with a good old fashion dry hump on his dick. The boys applauded. We mingled around a little, and then I noticed Stanley had gotten a nice set of wind chimes. He remarked, "I wish I had gotten a lap dance instead of these crummy wind chimes."

I told Stanley, "That's not a problem. Want to swap?" I then gave Stanley the same lap dance I had given Bo in exchange for his wind chimes.

After that lap dance Russell spoke up, "I have a coffee mug set I would swap for a lap dance." Eventually I ended up with all the gifts. I had Kevin take them out to the car as it involved a couple of trips. After the gifts had been spent, I told the guys, "I also take cash."

I was now doing "$10 and $20 lap dances. On $20 lap dances I would allow the boys the slight use of their hands.

Things actually wound down a bit. I would get caught under the mistletoe every time I went to the bathroom. The mistletoe was hanging on the doorway to the hall leading to the bathroom. There was no avoiding it or them. As the night progressed and I got more drunk, the longer and deeper the kisses had become.

I was sitting on the sofa with my brother Kevin and Russell and we were discussing using hypnotism to lose weight and stop smoking. I thought it was a great idea; I could lose a couple of pounds, although all the boys said I looked just right.

Russell said he was almost a certified hypnotist and that if I wanted he could hypnotize me so I could dislike french fries and lose a few pounds.

I said, "Right, let you hypnotize me in a room full of men. I don't think so."

Russell explained, "It is safe. I can't make you do anything you don't want to. Besides your brother is here. What could go wrong?"

"Okay," I said. This could be fun. Russell brought out a watch and swung it in my face. I was told to concentrate on the watch and was told I was getting sleepy. It sounded corny and I wasn't the least bit sleepy. If fact I was wide awake trying to hold back the laughter.

I thought it would be fun to pretend I was asleep, just to see what would happen and if my brother would protect me. I laid back on the sofa and shut my eyes and made my head go limp. Should I snore? I opted not to snore.

Russell said he would awaken me, but I would still be under his spell and I would do anything that anyone ordered me to do.

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