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A square ring comes full circle.

He responded in a smooth manner, "I like the sound of that. Do you have any friends that would like to try it out?"

Jenna laughed, "Depends how many cars you buy," while continuing to bounce on his lap. Soon each bounce was quicker and more intense, driving both of them wild with ecstasy. He moaned and groaned as he felt every inch of her tight wet pussy. She screamed and moaned, talking dirty as her tits bounced in unison with her body.

The man held up her up and decided it was time for him to take over. He thrust his cock upwards towards her dripping wet pussy over and over again, grabbing hold of her asscheeks as he plowed into her pussy. "Yea, fuck me. Fuck that pussy." Jenna screamed for all the animals in the woods to hear.

He let out a final yell as he thrust once more inside of her before pulling out. Trying not to cum just yet, he panted while catching his breath. Jenna laughed and giggled at him as she spun around and faced the front of the car giving him a nice view of her sweet ass.

She grabbed his cock again and eased down on it until his balls were touching her clit again. She jiggled side to side teasing him before planting both her heels into the car mattress on the floor. Reaching back to hold onto his body and arching her back, she began to jump up and down on his throbbing cock.

The man leaned back while she fucked him senseless, trying his best to hold his cum in. It took all his energy, as she yelled, "You like that pussy, don't you? Aren't you fucken glad you bought this car?" to not explode inside her, but he was able to hold it in again.

Jenna got off his lap and took a seat next to him. She leaned in and proceeded to suck her pussy juices off his cock. He let out a loud groan as he made her stop sucking once again, so he wouldn't cum.

Once he had composed himself, he grabbed Jenna and threw her down on the seat. He stood over her and spread her legs wide. Towering over her, he rammed his cock into her pussy. He jackhammered her pussy using her legs as leverage. Jenna was screaming at the top of her lungs, "Yea, fuck me. Just like that," as he plowed her pussy with his rock hard cock.

Finally, he couldn't hold it anymore, so he fucked until he was at the point of explosion. As his cum came shooting up his cock, he took his cock out of her pussy and stood up and leaned over her face. He blasted his load of cum all over her hot face. As more and more cum shot out, Jenna opened her mouth and wrapped her lips around his cock. The man spasm wildly as his last drops of cum went down her throat.

He wiped the sweat off his forehead as Jenna asked, "So, how many cars did you want?"

"All of them." the man joked.

Chapter 7:

When Anita finally got back to the dealership, the workday was practically over. Her pussy was sore. Her business suit was dirty and cum stained. Her stockings were ripped from being fucked like a rag doll by that robber in the convenience store and the tow trucker. Suffice to say, she was not having a good day.

The tow truck guy dropped the car off at the service department and waved goodbye. Anita waved back before she headed inside and went straight for her office.

On the way there, her boss spotted her. "Where the fuck were you? What took you so long? You were gone like 7 hours?" he kept talking.

"I got lost," Anita replied as she walked into her office.

"You got lost? You always get lost?" he yelled.

"Listen. I had a really bad afternoon. Can you cut me some slack?" she pleaded.

"Cut you some slack? You never made it to the client's place did you?" he asked knowing the answer. Anita's lack of a reply only reaffirmed his belief. "I want to see you in my office later." Her boss yelled before leaving her alone.

Anita looked around her office for some clothes as Jenna came in. "What happened to you?" she asked.

"Don't ask. Can I borrow some clothes from your closet?" Anita said in a hasty tone.

"Of course. Take what you need. I'll catch up with you later, ok." Jenna replied before rushing off to the salesroom again.

Anita went into Jenna's of

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