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My romance with my high school English teacher.

She didn't know if she should tell him to keep doing it, but she certainly didn't want him to stop.

Ross watched Monica penetrated herself with a second finger. Her ring finger. The two digits worked in and out of her pussy. Her head dropped down to the padded couch-back and she gave a low guttural groan. Ross let go of his dick and used both hands to explore Monica's body. Caressing her legs... ass... back. Reveling in what his sister was doing, and what she was allowing him to do.

He reached between Monica's thighs, cupping his sister's hand in his own. He felt it writhe in his palm as her masturbation went on. At this, he took hold of his hard cock and stroked it in time with his incestuous partner. Monica felt when his hand left her ass and she quickly stole a glance through her legs to watch his actions. She could see nothing but hand, cock, and balls. She watched for a moment as her brother jacked off.

"Ross," she whispered.

He answered softly, "What?" as he continued enjoying her.

"Come around front. I want to... um..." She hesitated.

"You want to what, Mon?" he gently prodded her.

"I want to... to..." Monica was afraid to admit her desires.

"What?" he prodded, quietly but firmly. "Say it, Monica."

"I want to watch you rub yourself... that's all," she lied. Her brother quickly decided that if she was willing to help him like this, he certainly could do what she asked.

Still holding Monica's hand and crotch, Ross pulled his feet out of his pants and stood. He leaned in and "accidentally" rubbed the shaft of his dick on her butt cheek, though he did it far too many times to pass for "accidental." She turned her head and, out of the corner of her eye, caught him in his cheap thrill. Noticing her knowing smile, he realized he'd been busted. "Sorry," he said guiltily as he let go of her and walked around the couch.

Strands of long hair had fallen haphazardly across her forehead and face. He lovingly brushed them away as she looked up at him with longing. Then her eyes fixed on his cock, waiting for her brother to start.

Ross reached down and grabbed onto his member. He slowly stroked it, eye-level with Monica and pointing straight at her. He imagined it shooting right then, firing his white jizz all over her beautiful face. Ross dared to hope that his sister might let him do that; that she might have had that in mind when she asked him to masturbate for her.

Monica watched the skin flex and stretch under his handling. Her own hand continued its work, causing her to make little peeps of pleasure. She licked her lips, quite absentmindedly, as she watched Ross jacking off in front of her.

Then, saying nothing, Monica reached out and took hold of Ross' cock, pushing his hand out of the way. He stood there, arms at his side, as his hot little sister began to stroke him.

She felt its firmness in her hand and the softness of his skin. She kept a somewhat loose grip, preferring at first to simply caress, rather than jack him.

Monica glanced up at him. "You don't, um... mind... do you?" she asked, quietly.

He cleared his throat and replied, in that low desperate voice that attempted to hide his desire. "Whatever...uh, you want."

Her grip tightened around her brother's dick. The skin began to move up and down, under her hand's control.

Monica spoke to Ross, though the way she stared at the motions in her hand, it almost seemed as if she was addressing his cock.

"Does that... feel good?"

Monica had given handjobs to many men before. Of course, there was Chandler, and her earlier boyfriends; and even a stranger in a bar once when she'd had too much to drink. She had learned what guys generally liked. But for some reason, Monica felt almost... virginal... and she wanted to make sure that she really was pleasing Ross.

"Uh hum," he responded, in a bit of a daze.

Monica started to stroke him faster and harder.

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