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Mark's on his way to see Carol, but Dina has other plans.

Yet it wasn't a single stroke that she laid upon my flesh. It was like a metronome. Same place, same depth, same weight to her hand, as well-practiced as it is. My mind went into hyper drive as I struggled not to move, and not to fight, even though I knew it was useless. I felt my hands clench and unclench desperately. I suddenly knew that I couldn't take one more, but... If I quit...

Panic.. I bit my tongue and struggled on the cross in earnest to escape. I lost all self control. I felt it building in me and didn't know which I fought more the urge to use my safe word, and stop my torment or the urge to not orgasm on that cross, in front of all those strangers without permission. Permission I would never have the guts to ask for. The secret I never even tell myself. I was about to open my mouth when she just stopped working me.

The surcease from pain was so sudden that I sagged into the cross limp, head hanging. Sweat rolling down face. My hair damp.

"Are you alright?" They asked me, and I pulled my self back from subspace. My chest heaving so I felt like I had just run a marathon.

"Yes, Mistress." So beautiful, My Mistress, anything for you. She ran a black metal striker against my lips, and I kissed it dreamily, running my tongue along its surface in gratitude, wishing I could lay my head against her feet in a show of respect. Hearing her speaking to the Master about the state of my posterior, that I bruised easily but the continual blows were diffusing the color nicely as they kept working me into a pretty shade of red.

Then they started again, and I swore. My body jerking as raw flesh was struck.

"Jesus Christ!" and getting a stern "shhhh." from someone behind me. I pulled my lower lip between my teeth, wishing I had been gagged. It made things so much easier sometimes. They paused and I felt a hand between my open legs. Feeling the dampness of my arousal. No way to hide how wet I was, and I did try to pull my bound legs closed, uselessly. Why even try?

"None of that...Don't you like this?"

"I love it, Mistress." I gasped out, staying still as someone explored my body with soft fingers. I knew it wouldn't last though. They would start flogging me again.

They did too, and it wasn't the random sensuous flogging of the Master, but the hard metronome of the Mistress. Even tempo and pressure.

It was like they had never stopped. I went back to a heated delicious agony in a matter of seconds. Fighting my body and my own need. Knowing that I wasn't going to make it this time. I was going to orgasm. I cried out to stop it. Hearing unshed tears under my voice.

"Mistress, Please...Don't..." I clamped it down. Bit down on my tongue hard enough to draw blood and refused to beg for mercy. Hands clenching and unclenching into fists helplessly until gentle hands touched me.

"Don't what, slave?" She asked, and I felt something break inside of me until it came out in my voice. A ghost of unshed tears.

"Please, please don't make me say my safe-word, Mistress, please..." I begged and hung my head in shame. Pulling lungfuls of air into my chest in gulps trying to regain control.

They pulled back from me and why not? What a disappointment I must be with my delicate skin and lack of control. My lack of grace in extremis. I felt like a wretched failure. I could almost hear them talking over my hoarse breathing and pounding pulse but not quite. It was the last comment that I heard her make as she discussed my skin.

"We need to take a break for a few moments anyways. See..." Hands and nails brushing my raw buttocks so I hissed with pain. It stopped and he was next to me again. The Master. The Lady was gone.

I freely admit to bisexuality.

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