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Summer on the farm gets unbearably hot.

It hasn't been six months for me, but it's been long enough. If I don't cum at least once a day, I'm climbing the walls." She shifted in her seat a little bit.

I kind of didn't know where to take the conversation from here. Going back to the topic of work would seem like an obvious bail-out, but continuing on our current path could make me seem desperate. Was April my type? Not necessarily. Was she attractive? Without a doubt.

"Listen. April, I know we had just talked about getting a drink together and catching up, but do you want to grab some dinner?"

She turned her head and looked at me sideways. "Burton, are you finally asking me out on a date?" she teased.

"I guess if you want to call it a date, that would be all right," I laughed. I certainly hadn't planned for it to be a date, but by definition it would certainly qualify.

"Okay, playing it cool. I get it. Sure, I'll go to dinner with you."

We chose a middle-ground chain restaurant where we could both go as we were and not feel out of place. The drive over and new location seemed to give us a natural shift in focus so that our conversations turned toward old mutual friends (or at least names we both knew), our families and stupid pop culture entertainment. This made dinner more bearable and allowed us both to be more lighthearted.
Over a sizzling plate of fajitas I was able to watch and listen to the April who wasn't trying so hard, and my attraction for her grew. She was still a little rough around the edges, but her eyes sparkled, a smile seemed natural for her and she laughed easily. As dinner closed down, we were finishing up what seemed to be our last two beers for the evening. We were obviously both relaxed, but completely coherent.

"So," she asked, "What time is your flight?"

"Not till 9:30 tomorrow morning."

"Where are you staying?"

"Probably the Hyatt. I haven't called it in because I didn't think I would be staying overnight, but I should be able to get a room with no problem."

She cleared her throat and looked at the table. "Well, my shift starts at 7 in the morning. If you want, you can stay at my place and ride in with me to work in the morning."

Had she just offered me an invitation to spend the night with her?

"That sounds nice. If you're sure."

"Oh, yeah. Positive." She tried to sound casual, but perked up a little when I accepted her invitation.

I paid the bill and we got back into her Mustang as she drove the twenty minutes to her apartment. The ride was kind of quiet, but we both made attempts at conversation. I think we both knew what was coming, but neither wanted to admit it.

Her apartment was a nice two-bedroom in a gated complex, and she told me about the amenities as we circled through the parking lot to her building near the back. She had a private garage at the foot of her building and after I picked my bag out of the trunk, she closed the garage door before squeezing past me in the confined space. I didn't think the space was that small, but she squeezed her ass hard against my groin as she slowly made her way past me. She looked over her shoulder as she whispered, "Excuse me." Our eyes met and I felt a spark. Her look was one of shy longing. Instinctively I placed my hand on her waist and stopped her for a second before gently pressing back against her.

"Tight fit?" I asked quietly.

"Very," she breathed, her eyes smoldering before she cleared her throat and continued toward the door. I watched her ass freely. She really was in tremendous shape. I would soon find out why.

I followed her from the garage to the hallway and into the elevator that would take us to her third-floor apartment. She caught me checking her out while we rode the elevator, but neither of us said anything. Her breasts looked full and firm in her t-shirt and her stomach flat. Her arms were toned, but not bulky and her quads, hamstrings, and calves had beautiful curves that matched her ass in those jeans.

As soon as she opened the door to her apartment, she pointed to a hallway straight ba

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