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Sangitta and Julie find their inner selves.

"What was the brand of latex glove you just brought in?"

"I think it was our regular brand, Sentry, let me check." She went back into the cabinet and pulled a package out confirming the fact. "Yes, your regular brand, Sentry."

"That's too bad; I heard we ordered 'Great Glove' -- Powdered, which we were going to try in small quantities to see if we liked them."

"Oh yes, we just got a shipment in today, I didn't know you wanted that brand. Would you like me to bring you a box," Erica asked in her best practiced professional voice.

"No that's too much trouble, why don't I just accompany you to the supply room and save you a trip."

Rachel got up from her desk and followed the large black woman down the hall to the elevator, they managed to catch a downward bound elevator just before the doors closed and headed for the basement supply room.

Just as their elevator left another arrived and out stepped Eddie Woods. It had been years since he'd been to see his wife Rachel at the hospital and he was disoriented, unsure if he was even on the right floor. Everything looked brand new and much different since the last time he'd visited. He stopped a pretty young nurse and asked for directions, she happily pointed him in the right direction and Eddie moved purposefully down the long hallway.

As he got to the nurses' station there was no one there. The ward seemed to be full and busy, there were several nurses tending to their patience, while a few doctors made their rounds.

Eventually a nurse saw him and thinking he looked familiar greeted him and asked if she could help him. He explained who he was and that he needed to see his wife. The young nurse explained that he just missed her and that she should be back in about 20 minutes or so. Eddie shrugged and asked if he could wait. She showed him to the waiting area where he picked up an old copy of Sports Illustrated magazine sat in an uncomfortable chair and thumbed through a few pages while he tried to patiently wait for Rachel's return.

Entering the basement supply room, Rachel closed the door and took a deep breath when she turned around she found Erica already pulling down her scrub pants. As soon as her pants reached her ankles Rachel buried her face in the black woman's crotch using her tongue as a divining rod until she found her wet and ready pussy. It had been a long time since they had been together, and Rachel squealed as she satisfied the needy lust.

"Easy girl," Erica told her as she found herself quickly getting turned on. "We have time, you don't have to rush. I've missed you, too. Hmmm. Bitch, you sure know your way around a pussy. I don't think this will take too long, mmmm."

Because she was in the hospital Rachel was in that rare state of half professional (meaning she possessed most of her intelligence), and half bimbo, which meant she had some control over her lust. She hoped to satisfy her cravings and then she'd be okay to return to her job. No harm no foul. But too much and the bimbo would take control until patience's needs overrode her own desire for sex. Rachel was becoming used to the dimming of her mind, she didn't like it but there was nothing that she could do about it. She did appreciate and savored the taste, smells and the sights before her. "There was something about looking into a black woman's pussy," she mused. Since Candace had captured and controlled her she'd been with many women, women of all races, something she never thought possible. As she worked her tongue deeper into Erica's pussy she thought, "Yes, the really black ones, the contrast between the dark black skin and the bright red pussy was too beautiful for words." With her fingers spread like a "V" she opened Erica wide and licked all around the juicy red lips sucking in as much as her juices as she could, careful to avoid her clitoris, which was driving Erica insane. And then when she did, she exploded.

Erica shook violently as she came, struggling to muffle the sounds of her passion.

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