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Mom discovers son's tastes are just like his father's.

Quickly the talk turned sexual and I asked Lauren, "What do you think about holding another guy's cock?"

She laughed and responded "Well it certainly is a new concept, kind of nervous but it turns me on."

"So you've never played with another cock?"

"Well not after we got married, saw a few prior."

At that point I decided to be bold and come join them on the couch, Lauren now sandwiched between us.

"Maybe tonight is the night to spread your wings and try it out."

She looked at Kyle and responded, "Yes, I think tonight may be right."

Kyle had started to massage her thigh, getting closer and closer to the end of her short dress. I joined in, rubbing the other thigh as she placed her hand in mine and slightly spread her legs in excitement. Kyle unzipped his pants and his hard cock was obvious under his boxers. Lauren reached over and slid his cock out from the boxers opening, his cock rock hard. He was on the small side despite being above average height, probably only 5" and average thickness.

She grabbed the base and started stroking the shaft, making easy motions covering his entire cock. I took the opportunity to move my hand up her thigh and slip it under the dress. I slowly moved my way to her pussy (which was not far from the end of her dress) and gently rubbed the outside of her thong. It was already wet and I could easily feel her pussy lips as I pushed the thong together. She moaned a little and laid back as she was still stroking his cock.

A couple minutes went by of this, me rubbing around her thong and pussy, moving the thong around to tease different parts. Then Kyle suddenly blew his load of cum, one nice shot a foot in the air and then a little dribble on her hand.

She turned to me and said "Your turn" and quickly started unzipping my pants. In a moment she had pulled my hard cock out of my boxers and told me how big my cock looked before grabbing the base and giving a long stroke. She clearly enjoyed stroking cock and was quite good at it, I understood why Kyle did not last long. She was gliding her hand up and down, getting all of my shaft and up to the head.

Kyle was watching now, clearly pleased and getting hard again. My hand was still on her pussy, and I decided to stop teasing her and moved the now soaked thong aside and slid two fingers in. Her pussy was like the rest of her body, not small but completely muscular and tight. I started finger banging her as she increased the rate of stroke and we both started moaning, enjoying the mutual satisfaction.

Kyle reached over and grabbed her other hand and put it back on his cock. She started stroking his cock simultaneously, hardly missing a beat. He laid back as she did this and closed his eyes. I took this opportunity to use my other hand to guide her head down my cock. She did not resist at all and quickly swallowed up my cock, working her way to deep throat. It took Kyle a few minutes to realize what she was doing but did not stop it once he did.

He blew his load again while watching her suck my cock, with me not far behind. I blasted a huge load of cum into her mouth with Lauren sucking it all out and swallowing it like a good hot wife. We all sat there in a heap on the couch, Kyle and I worn out. I continued finger banging her while we sat there and eventually she lost it, cumming hard on my fingers.

From there it didn't take me long to feel the urge and get hard again, my glistening long shaft slowly hardening and gaining shape as a big thick cock. Lauren stood up and said she was going to change but before she could walk away I took initiative and slapped her ass that was covered tightly by her yellow dress. She turned around and smiled at me and I grabbed her waist and pulled her down onto my lap.

At this point she was sitting with her back to me, straddled across my lap with her thong covered ass on my crotch.

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