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Master rewards his pet.

He would not lie, no matter how they tortured him. He was the captain of his men, and if he admitted to the evils, they would always be doubted if there was a chance to recant. He was prepared to martyr himself so that the others could avoid the shame of their false confessions. He had glanced around the room and noticed that there were no torture instruments, however, and his confusion added to his anxiety.

The Inquisitor approached, his oiled brows drawn together in consternation as he prepared to lay out the accusations. He didn't like these Knights Templar, but this one in particular was the best tracker in France.

"Pierre L'Hoareau, you have been charged with heresy, sodomy and blasphemy as part of your initiation and participation with the Order of the Knights Templar. What have you to say in your defense?"

"I have never denounced my king or my savior, Jesus Christ, during my time with the Order, or before. Neither have I ever committed any deviant sexual act. Your accusations of me are false, as are the confessions you forced from my brothers through torture."

The Inquisitor pressed his lips together tightly, and the thin pink lines disappeared entirely. He nodded to the knight, who seemed so sincere. They were liars, all of them, but even liars had their purpose.

"Your fellows all confessed to their sins because they wish the forgiveness of the Church. Don't you also wish to be forgiven?"

"I have already been forgiven for my sins, all of which were committed to further the glory of God and protect the innocent. I feel no shame in my past. What about you, Inquisitor? Do the acts you commit upon these innocent knights keep you up at night? Do you think God will forgive you for the torture of his champions?"

The Inquisitor sneered, not in the least moved by the knight. But now it was time for this heathen to serve his purpose.

"Your actions have damned you, but you have the opportunity to be penitent for your sins. The Bishop has given me a task that is unique to your talents. If you can accomplish this task, then I will grant you and your men an indulgence. Your lands will be returned to you and you shall be spared the stake."

Pierre had to keep a tight rein on his emotions. This was unheard of. He was being given the opportunity to save all of his men, but they would no longer be part of the Knights Templar.

"I have not confessed."

"The confession of your compatriots is enough. I grant you forgiveness for your sins. Now, shall you accept your punishment, or accept this task in the name of your king, Phillip IV the Fair, King of Navarre and Count of Champagne and his holiness, Pope Clement V?"

Pierre was torn. He did not want forgiveness for sins he did not commit, and accepting this task would be as good as a confession. He also wished to remain a Knight Templar. However, he felt an obligation to save the men under his care, his brothers in arms. The betrayal of his king and pope had created many doubts in his mind about his chosen life, but he was not ready to leave it all behind.

"May I complete this task as a Knight Templar?"

"An order has been sent for the arrest of all Knights Templar. Continuing to wear their crest would hinder your quest. If the Order is able to redeem itself and prove its innocence, I'm sure that you will be accepted back into its ranks."

It was the best answer the Inquisitor could give, since he did not wish to let this man know that King Phillip intended the complete suppression of the Knights Templar. Letting him know the king's intentions might change his mind, and neither the king nor the pope wanted to send any of their own men on such a dangerous mission. They wanted someone expendable. Someone who they could make disappear afterwards.

Pierre watched the Inquisitor's face while he contemplated his decision.

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