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The most popular Olympics event.


"What? asked Randy.

"Just stand up, put your hand out and move it in front of you very slowly."

"Shit! Fuck! cried Randy as he felt his hand come into contact with something warm.

"You really need to work on your vocabulary Randy."

"Yeah, yeah, you said that already," said Randy.

"Now, try it again."

"Whoa! Far out!" said Randy as he felt the warmth again and slowly began to recognize the unmistakable shape of a woman.

"Far out? a hippie or a biker, Randy?"

"You wanna fight or fuck?" asked Randy, distractedly as he busied himself looking for her breasts.

"Nice, aren't they?"

"They'll do," said Randy, as he delighted in his careful examination of what were obviously a large pair of well formed breasts.

"Damn!" exclaimed Randy, as his hand suddenly felt only air again when he reached down and tried to find the real prize.

"No, no. I don't allow anyone to touch my pussy."

"How we supposed to fuck if I can't touch your pussy?"

"Slowly, of course. Now sit back down in the chair."

"Yeah, O.K., alright," said Randy, doing as instructed.

"How's this?

"Damn!" exclaimed Randy, as he felt what was unmistakably a soft hand take hold of his dick and begin to stroke it.

"Now, don't move."

"Oh! Fuck yeah!" said Randy as he felt the sudden warmth of what could only be a set of lips replace the hand, "Fucking A!"


"Wow, you're a pretty good cocksucker," said Randy after the short period of time it took for his dick to get hard.

"Ummm Hummm."

"We have all night you know," said Randy, but was soon disappointed as the lips withdrew, "Oh, come on!"

"That's all you get. Now come over and stand at the edge of the bed...That's it...Just a little closer."

"No one's gonna fucking believe this," said Randy, as he inched closer to the bed. Feeling a pair of heels in the small of his back, he kept inching forward until the head of his dick came into contact with something very warm.

"NO! NO! Not so hard!"

"Jesus!" cried Randy as he felt only air again.

"Try again, only slower this time. That's it."

"Shit, this is fucking great!" exclaimed Randy as he began to get used to the situation.

Finally, feeling his way, Randy was able to distinguish the outline of her body. Putting his hands down on the bed, he braced himself with his arms and began to stroke in earnest, but as required, carefully.


"Softly and tenderly," blasphemed Randy softly with a big smile to the tune of the old religious song, "Randy is fucking."


"So that's what a dick looks like inside a pussy," thought Randy, to himself, as he watched the skin of his dick go back and forth and a little cloud of pre-cum begin to collect around it.

"Ummmmm....Ohh...just shut up and fuck Randy."

"You're gonna come! Bringin it on home baby!" crowed Randy sometime later as the room filled with the tell-tale cries he knew so well.


"Ohhhh!...Fuck!...Aaggghh!...cried Randy a few moments later.


"Oh!...Fuck!...Jesus Christ!...Agghhhhh...Shit! Bitch!" cried Randy as he suddenly felt only cool air again and had to restrain himself, "Do you know how hard that is?"

"I want it from behind too."

"If you weren't a ghost I'd beat your ass," said Randy as he again approached the bed. After feeling his way around and getting scolded again for touching her pussy, Randy managed to get plugged in again and find his stroke.


"Damn this is hot!" said Randy, before settling in for another ten minutes of nothing but moans and groans.


"Agghhhhhh...Ohhhh...Agghhhhhh...Now or never!" cried Randy, doubling his pace.


"Shit," said Randy, after he had come and watched his load suspend in mid-air and then fall onto the bed.

"You really need to work on your vocabulary, Randy."

"Yea, well, I don't need no five dollar words to do a number on you bitch," crowed Randy.

"Oh...I've had better...lots better."

"No way," said Randy, with a l

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