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Shelly takes control of her boyfriend with all her friends.

She stepped closer to Keith and grasped his hard shaft in her fist. She stroked his full length, moving faster and faster until his breathing increased. She looked up at him and grinned, then bent at the waist. In one fluid motion, she took his entire cock into her mouth, pausing only to let him feel his cockhead slip into her throat, then pressing her lips against his pubic hair. Both of the twins groaned out loud, which made Jennifer grin. She wondered if the supposed connection between twins was so strong that Kevin could actually feel his other half getting deep throated that way. She could feel his cock pulsing in her hand as they watched Shannon throat-fuck his brother, and she thought it might be interesting to do some experimenting with these boys...

Before she could think too deeply, Shannon slowly pulled her mouth off Keith's cock, making both boys groan again as his cockhead moved out of her throat and into her mouth. Shannon stood upright, grinning wildly as she licked her lips.

"Mmmm-mmm...I needed that..." she panted, "Definitely blow job material..." She grinned and backed away, turning on her heel and diving into the dark water. Keith stood there for a moment with a blank expression on his face, before letting out a howl and diving after her.

Jennifer and Kevin laughed and followed their friends into the waves, the four of them splashing and laughing until they were nearly exhausted.

Jennifer was treading water, trying to catch her breath, when she felt Kevin swim up behind her. She sighed when she felt his hard cock rubbing against her ass, and wiggled against him. As he kicked his legs to remain above water, his hands reached around to cup her tits. Jennifer moaned and leaned her head back, resting in the crook of his neck as he fondled her. It seemed so perfect. The calm ocean, the full moon, and a handsome stranger turning her on more and more. She wiggeled her ass against his cock, sighing again as she felt his hard-on push between her cheeks lengthwise. Kevin began to move his hips sliding his cock between Jennifer's ass cheeks. She was lost in the moment, loving every touch, every caress, even though she could feel the strength in her legs waning from treading water.

When she felt Kevin reach between them, she knew what was coming. She knew she had to stop him, but wanted the feeling to last just a little longer...

She looked over at Shannon and Keith, floating just three or four feet away. Keith was floating on his back, his hard cock standing up like a ship's mast, and Shannon was trying to get it in her mouth without making him sink. Both of them were laughing at the attempt and Jennifer couldn't help grinning. Each time Shannon would get her lips around Keith's cock his balance would tilt and he'd sink like a rock. Even so, he'd try again, coughing and sputtering until Shannon got him into her mouth again, repeating the process. Finally they both gave up and moved into each other's arms, treading water and kissing passionately.

Jennifer returned her attention to Kevin, loving the way his hard cock felt between her cheeks. Then he moved away slightly and she could feel his cockhead rubbing against her. She groaned as he pressed against her asshole, then again as he moved lower, slowly sliding between her pussy lips....rubbing against her clit... Jennifer shivered, not wanting the feeling to stop, but knowing that she didn't want this to proceed any further. Gently she reached down between her legs and grasped Kevin's hard-on, squeezing him lightly and using her thumb and forefinger to tease the head. Kevin groaned at her touch, trying valiantly to keep them both afloat. Jennifer kept his cock between her lips, moving her hips back and forth as she rubbed his cockhead against her clit. The feeling was incredible and she began to moan as Kevin fucked his cock between her hand and her pussy, his cockhead teasing her clit with just the right amount of pressure.

She knew she was going to come and prayed that he had the stamina to keep them b

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