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He dresses and waits for her.

Perhaps he might even give her pleasure and relief. She looked back at him, looking embarrassed and apprehensive, although feeling very aroused. She wanted to reach under her body to stroke her cunt, to open her lips up for him to see inside. She looked at him pleadingly, hoping he would get the message.

Teddy, though, wasn't sure what her expression meant. He assumed that she was trying to gain his sympathy to let her go, but he had no interest in doing so, or doing anything that might offend or trouble Penny.

"Excellent, Teddy," Penny said. "Now, let's teach her a lesson she will never forget." Penny went to the blackboard and retrieved the wooden yard stick. She handed it to Teddy. "Five smacks, Teddy, and make them good."

Miss Harding's jaw dropped in shock. "What?" she exclaimed, "Not with my yard stick. You never said anything about that." Turning to look at the weapon they were about to use on her exposed butt, her panties started to slip. She quickly spread her legs to keep them up, but twisted her head sharply around to try to see what they were doing.

"We never said how we were going to spank you, and you certainly didn't think that it would be as easy as the first series," Penny calmly explained.

Teddy smiled. He found Miss Harding intensely exciting. A part of him had clearly enjoyed her masturbation of him. However, she had never admitted that his erection had been due to the fact that she had been secretly playing with him while he was getting spanked, and, she had repeatedly described him in very infantile and demeaning words in front of the whole class as she jerked him off. Despite how much fun it had been, and despite how much he would prefer to fuck her while she was bent over the desk, spanking her hard with a yard stick clearly had its own reward. He even licked his lips, savoring the opportunity to punish her, at least physically, for what she had done.

"After each swat," Penny instructed, "I want you to count the number and then say, 'Please sting my bottom again."

Teddy did not wait for an answer. He laid a hard swing across her white cheeks.

SNAP! "Yeoww!" she exclaimed, cringing her face in pain, and quickly said, "One, and please sting my bottom again." She hated the fact that she had to add that additional remark. She wanted instead to say, 'please stop, I've had enough.' Instead, she had to ask for more pain.

Penny and Teddy admired the effect. The first strike had left a clear red stripe across her ass. Teddy particularly enjoyed how his teacher twitched and wiggled her bottom in a delectable way to try to ease the sting. He so much wanted to stick something up her.

Penny liked the fact that she was now feeling some pain, and having to expose herself in such an embarrassing way. Penny knew that Teddy was probably enjoying the view. After all, he was a boy and Miss Harding was a very attractive woman. However, she assumed (somewhat incorrectly) that it was humiliating for her to have to expose herself to one of her students in such a degraded manner, particularly to a student that she had herself earlier embarrassed.

Teddy swung his arm back for another swat.

SNAP! "Geeeeze, please," Miss Harding pleaded, her face again contorting with the pain of the sting, her knees buckling, thereby pushing her butt out in a very obscene manner, as if she wanted someone to fuck her in the ass or was just trying to force a big crap out of her ass. In any case, both Teddy and Penny smiled at the full exposure of her asshole, although they enjoyed it for somewhat different reasons. "Two, and please sting my bottom again," she said, without much sincerity.

Penny and Teddy enjoyed the tapestry that was being presented. Miss Harding had two red stripes across her white, round cheeks; below and in between was the pink of her cunt poking out through her thighs; and further below were small red stripes going around her thighs from the elastic of her stockings; all of this with occasional peeks at the brown spot of her backside through the crack of her ass.


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