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Jacqui almost orgasmed when she saw Anne lick her pussy cream. She also wished to give her pussy some urgent attention. "C'mon Anne, let's get this over with so we can get down to the real business. Get your skirt off."

Anne stood up, unbuttoned the waistband and unzipped. She pushed the skirt over her hips and let it fall to the floor, and stepped out of it. Jacqui stared at Anne's totally bare pussy, her swollen lips were hanging down, and her clit was quite prominent. 'How luscious,' she thought, and then Jacqui lowered her eyes to the skirt by Anne's feet.

"Holy shit, Anne, look at that big patch of cream on the inside of your skirt!"

Jacqui moved over to pick the skirt up, and her unsupported jeans began to drop. She hurriedly pushed them down and stepped out of them and picked up Anne's skirt. On the inside, where Anne's pussy had been resting, was a large area of white cream that had had most of the liquid content soaked up by the material, leaving this, almost jelly, deposit. Jacqui turned the skirt over, and noticed an equivalent darker blue wet patch on the outside.

Anne was amazed at her own abundance, and, as if to prove it was her, she reached down between her legs and ran her fingers along her pussy slit. On producing her hand, the well, formed by the closed fingers, was filled with cream.

"You're ready, so am I, so let's get rid of our tops and get down to some serious masturbation," Jacqui proclaimed.

The two girls divested themselves of their tops and were now totally naked. Both desperately rubbed their pussies, and, almost simultaneously, both all but ceased their manipulations.

"You are to show me how to squirt," Anne reminded Jacqui.

"Yes, I remember. I think we are both fully aroused now, so you should now try to find your G-spot."

"How do I do that?"

"As a 'first timer' the best way is for you the get down on your knees on the floor. Then draw your toes forward to support your instep, and sit on your heels. Once in that position, lean forward slightly and insert fingers into your vagina. About one to two thirds up the front wall of your vagina you should feel a particularly resistant area, I say 'resistant' because it isn't hard and it isn't soft. It is more difficult to depress than the rest of your vaginal walls. Anyway, you should know when you've hit it because you will receive a feeling akin to that received when first touching your aroused clit. That's what I felt, anyway."

Anne followed Jacqui's instructions and positioned herself in the manner suggested. Jacqui positioned herself in the same way so that Anne could look and emulate her.

"Use your middle finger like this," Jacqui continued, and inserted her right hand middle finger into her vagina. Parting her knees wide so that Anne could see, Jacqui slowly slid the finger inside until she convulsed slightly. "Yes, I've found mine, now do the same and you should find yours. I'll keep my finger in my cunt so you can see how far it's in, your G-spot should be in much the same location." That was an understatement for Jacqui was gently moving her finger tip over her G-spot exciting herself in the process.

Anne did as Jacqui had instructed. As she inserted her finger, she felt the warmth of her vagina surround it, conducted by the profusion of vaginal juice. She kept the tip of her finger in contact with the front wall of her vagina as the pushed it in further, but felt no part of that wall more resistant than any other part. Neither did she find an area that was more sensitive than any other area. When her finger could go no further, Anne had to declare that she could not find her G-spot.

Jacqui wondered what to do next.

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