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A little unintentional voyeurism takes a turn for the best.

Lamonde replayed in his mind.

He reached over to the shelf beside his bed and grabbed his cell, eleven-o-eight am it read. He threw off the comforter and climbed out of bed. He was alone in the house his parents used to live in for months at a time. Now they were barely up here 3 weekends all summer. Daniel headed downstairs.

Several blocks away Barb Cook was staring at the screen on her tablet. According to Gtrax Daniel was still at home. She thought of the night before and how incredible it had turned out. She had planned to fire Daniel but made the split decision to make him her bitch instead. She was very happy with her decision so far and was still allowing the twenty year old a long leash.

Daniel was spreading peanut butter across a toasted slice of twelve grain when his phone chirped. He had a text.

"Good morning," the text read.

"Who is this?" Daniel typed back.

"Ms. Bossy," came the reply.

"You have wrong #," Daniel sent.

"I don't think so Daniel. What is your Skype?" the person on the other end texted.

Daniel's heart sank as his suspicion was confirmed, it was Barb, he wished he'd never replied.

"DanielW123," he sent back his Skype handle.

"Sign in to Skype, strip off all clothes and answer my video call. You have 5 mins," Barb said back.

"Shit," Daniel said out loud as he bounded up the stairs.

He got to the desk in his room flipped open his laptop and powered it up. He stripped off his boxers and threw them onto the floor as the computer booted up. A minute later he was signing into his Skype account.

He didn't understand what just happened, when Barb told him to get nude and sit in front of his webcam he had done it without complaining or telling her off. "Fuck, is this how it is now? I just jump when she says?" Daniel asked himself.

He sat in his dark room staring blankly at the wall of curtains in front of him. He fingered a couple of paper clips lying on the glass topped table he used as a desk. He saw MsBossy come online with a green light beside her handle. He started to sweat, he could feel the sudden perspiration across his back and the back of his neck.

The movie camera icon popped across the screen with an eruption of tones filling the air. The bar across the bottom of the icon asking him if he will accept the video call: Yes or No? He stared for a second longer then reluctantly touched "Yes". Immediately a grainy box with Barb's face appeared on his screen with his own streaming video in the lower corner. He noticed how dark his picture looked, it could have been the middle of the night based on that image. His face and body glowing blue white from the laptop screen light.

"Where are you, in a cave?" laughed Barb.

"No, just my room," Daniel answered.

"Don't you have a window?" Barb asked.

"No," Daniel lied.

"Ha, ha, prove it bitch," Barb said.

"How?" Daniel asked.

"Pick up your laptop and show me all four walls of your room and if you're not telling me the truth-" Barb went on in her very serious tone.

"Okay, there's one window," Daniel admitted sounding like it was not important.

"Well open your curtains, it's too dark," Barb ordered.

"I can't really open them, I'm sitting right in front of a floor to ceiling window and someone might see me," Daniel said, thinking of his pervert neighbor, eighteen year old Mickey Montgomery.

"Well then move but get your curtains or blinds open!" Barb said, sounding impatient.

Daniel sighed heavily, "Okay," he said.

Daniel knew he had to be careful with Mickey's window facing his. Mickey usually sat at a desk at his window and Daniel knew that chances are Mickey'd be sitting there ready to gawk at anything he could.

Barb watched her screen as Daniel got his curtains open and repositioned himself. Daniel stood up and leaned over his desk to peek out between the curtains.

Barb watched her screen as Daniel's face disappeared up out view followed by his chest.

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