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Jan entices several Canadian Air force men at the pool.


Continuing to splutter Robbie pleaded with Lisa to call the deal off, "I should never have let you meet him last night, I was stupid, I didn't think you would go through with it, but you did, and now you tell me you've agreed to buy the car from him."

Almost screaming at him Lisa shouted, "You stupid ass, if you didn't want me to have sex with him why did you keep pleading with me, just to try it and see if I liked it. Well I did try it and I did like it and I am going to continue trying it and liking it for a long, long time to come, do you hear me?"

The ensuing silence was eventually broken by Lisa, "Now get upstairs and get ready and make sure you are wearing my knickers from last night. Wearing them in the presence of Maurice should keep you quiet and at the same time remind you of all the pleasure you had knowing that he had just fucked me."

Stunned, Robbie meekly hung his head and whispered, "I'm sorry dearest, I'll go and put your knickers on as you say, I'll only be a few minutes then we can get going, we can easily be there by ten thirty."

Entering the main entrance to the car showroom, Robbie felt as if everyone in the place was looking at him. In fact, apart from another couple viewing the cars, the only other person in the place was the receptionist.

Standing up and walking towards them she wondered whether Mrs Kay had been laid yet by their star salesman, the bastard Maurice. She had been employed at the plush BMW showroom now for nearly a year and for the first couple of months Maurice had shagged her regularly until he suddenly transferred his attentions to the voluptuous wife of a weedy little grocer who just happened to purchase a new car.

Welcoming them she asked if they would like to have a seat while she went to fetch Maurice. A few minutes later she returned to say that Maurice was on his way and would be there in a few moments. Right on cue Maurice breezed in to the room smiling broadly and offering his outstretched hand to Robbie in welcome.

Robbie felt embarrassed as he shook hands with the man who had just fucked his wife. He wondered if he knew that he was wearing his wife's knickers. He even felt weak as his hand was squeezed in a firm masculine handshake, making his own effort seem like a limp cold fish.

He listened as Maurice discussed the terms of the trade-in and felt sick as he agreed on the trade-in value without trying to get a better deal. Maurice babbled on about the procedure of the terms of sale etc and of course the special discount he had managed to get for them.

Then all of a sudden Lisa could not believe her ears, Robbie holding up his hands in dramatic fashion, said "No, no, no, I want to think about it before putting pen to paper. Anyway I still think it's too dear."

Maurice smiled weakly and looking towards Lisa, said questioningly, "I thought that we had a deal." Lisa immediately responded with, "So did I. Robbie, you promised me, please don't let me down."

Regaining his composure, Maurice, putting his hand on Robbie's shoulder said, "Mr Kay, let me make you an offer you can't refuse. Instead of a brand new car, how about considering the demonstrator, it's only a few weeks old and barely any mileage to talk of. I'll knock another thousand pounds off the price of a brand new car, just for you and Mrs Kay, how about it?" Lisa was surprised when Robbie replied, "Ok, that seems fair," whereupon, he grabbed Maurice's hand, to shake on the deal.

Feeling quite elated at this good bit of business, Robbie happily wrote out a cheque for the agreed amount. After all the paperwork was completed, Maurice lifted the phone and speaking to someone on the other end said, "Bring the Demonstrator round to the front entrance, Mr and Mrs Kay will be taking it home with them."

Kate, the receptionist, watched as they walked towards the front entrance and sure enough she saw Maurice stroking Mrs Kay's bottom as they followed her husband outside.

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