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He'd buy lotions from her just to watch her smile, just to hear her talk, knowing she'd make a few dollars commission from him each shift. Once she rubbed the back of his hand, showing him how smooth it made his skin feel. Thinking of her soft, screams touch made his neck prickle and his cock stiffen. Once, he asked her to show him a feature on one of the tanning beds and she'd brushed across his chest as she leaned over it, her perfect little ass perfectly in view and only a few inches from his cock. God, he wanted her.

He wondered if she thought about him, naked and sweaty, separated from her only by a door. He wondered if she'd thought of his cock, what it might feel like against her rose-petal lips, against her smooth skin, sliding against the wet folds of her sweet little body & making her tremble... the thought made his cock stiffen. Without thinking, his hand closed around it and he began to firmly jerk off as his rod stiffened to its full, thick 9 inches. He imagined Ellie following him into the room, her tiny hands closing around his thick shaft as she smiled up at him with starry eyed. He imagined her soft, soft lips stroking over the fat head of his cock, her silky tongue lapping against his salty skin. He imagined peeling her babydoll tee up over her head. He just knew her sweet tits would be firm and bouncy, perfect little handfuls with cute, rosy nipples. He imagined his cock slick with her spit, her lipgloss smeared.

He imagined bending her over the table and pulling down her leggings, feeling the taut elasticity of her ass. He wondered if her bum would be as tan as the rest of her. He wanted his hands buried in it, pulling her ass cheeks apart, seeing the slick pink folds of her bare pussy, the cute little star of her asshole. She was in high school still, younger than any of his children. He knew he shouldn't think of watching his fat cock head slide into her tight little snatch, stretching that sweet teen hole with his manhood and making her squirm and yelp and moan... He knew he shouldn't think about kneading her creamy little tits with his large, rough hands as she bounced on his cock, her slender young legs smooth as silk against his sides. He definitely shouldn't be dreaming about his cock twitching and tightening inside her, spurring fat streams of hot cum deep in that dripping teen snatch.

His eyes shot open. He was still standing in room 13, his hand and stomach coated in cum, thick pearly strands dripping over the white monogrammed towel and black and white tile floor. Shit. He quickly wiped everything up with the towel- but what could he do with that? He couldn't very well take it with him. Not knowing what else to do, he folded it in half and left it on the chair, waving hastily to Ellie as he practically sprinted out to the street.

Scott lived only a few blocks away- on warm, sweet spring nights like this one, he walked to and from the salon, trying to stretch out the experience just a little bit more. As he walked quickly home, he couldn't help but think of Ellie discovering his cum-covered towel. Would she be curious or just disgusted? He couldn't pretend that the thought of his cum against her skin didn't turn him on. Somehow, his cock was already hardening again.

At home, Scott's wife Lin was meticulously folding cloth napkins in the dining room. She was 5'6, tall for a Chinese woman, but still four or five inches taller than tiny Ellie. She was forty-five years old, thin but soft, with heavy, sagging breasts capped with dark, rubbery nipples. Her ass was flat as a board and her lips were thin, her skin a little pocked and uneven, at least compared to Ellie's luminous, glowing visage. She'd been beautiful once, but always reserved and mild, sometimes sour- she was a good wife, but she didn't blink up at him with eyes full of innocent lust, didn't make his loins ache the way his little crush did.

His cock was still throbbing, despite cumming only twenty or so minutes ago, so he grabbed Lin and kissed

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