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Husband gives his wife a night off from marriage.

Then her son, this six-foot guy with huge muscles came out with a baseball bat. I and the guy I was door-knocking with just ran."

Holly laughed, this turning into a cough and wheezing. The teenager hastily reached into her purse, taking out her inhaler and taking two deep puffs.

"You okay?" asked Adam in concern.

Holly nodded, catching her breath. "Yes fine, it's just my asthma playing up. It often does in spring."

The teenagers walked to the door of the first house on the street, and rang the bell. A tall blonde lady, mid-thirties, dressed in a pink leotard, matching pink headband and white leg-warmers answered the door. "Yes, can I help you?"

Adam smiled. "Good morning, ma'am. We'd like to talk ..."

"You're Jehovah's Witnesses," said the lady, spying the literature they carried. "I'll save you and me time. I am not interested, and neither is my husband. Goodbye."

The door was slammed shut, so Adam and Andrea went next door, knocking on the door. An Asian man, probably about fifty, short in stature, opened the door. This time, Holly smiled and began to make the introductions. "Good morning sir..."

The Asian man's face soured at the sight of the Jehovah's Witness publications. He broke into a stream of invective in his native tongue, of which neither Adam nor Holly understood one word except that he was not impressed. The door slammed shut.

Adam and Holly went into the next house, with the untidy front garden full of toys. The main door was open, with the screen door closed, Adam and Holly looking through the fly wire to see an equally disorganized hallway, toys strewn everywhere. A little girl aged about four looked up at them in silence, and Holly smiled and waved. "Hi, is your Mommy or your Daddy here?"

The child looked at them, and without warning let out a piercing scream, running away down the hall. "Mommy, help! There's a ghost and a stranger! Help, Mommy!"

A high-pitched woman's voice was heard. "Ella, what is going on?"

"Mommy, don't let the ghost and the stranger in the house," sobbed the child.

A woman aged about thirty, slightly overweight, emerged from a bedroom, a baby on her hip. Two other children, a boy aged about five and another girl, a toddler, emerged from another direction. The woman regarded Adam and Holly with an unwelcoming expression. "Who are you?"

"Good morning Ma'am, I'm sorry but I think we startled your daughter ..." Adam began, but the woman cut him off.

"Yes you did. You can both fuck off. Don't you have anything better to do than go around scaring children and giving me the shits?" The mother addressed Holly directly. "What are you thinking, putting on make-up that makes you look like that? You're lucky my husband's not here ..."

Yet another child, another girl aged about six emerged. "Mom, Justin's taken the cat into the bath with him," she complained.

The woman immediately turned, screeching at her other, unseen son, "Justin, the fucking cat does not belong in the fucking bath!" She made for the bathroom at haste, swearing and cursing as the baby began screaming, the kids following yelling at the tops of their voices, the sound of the cat growling, hissing and spitting now audible.

Adam and Holly simply shook their heads and made for next door. "I'm sorry about what the lady said to you," said Adam.

Holly shrugged. "I'm used to it. I try not to let it bother me. I'm albino, albinos are very rare, people make comments, life goes on."

At the next house, an old lady - a very old lady - opened the door with a smile. "How can I help you both?"

Adam smiled. "Good morning ma'am ..." he began, before the old lady cut him short.

"Herbert? Yes, it is you Herbert. You've come back to me." She opened the door, and threw her arms around a bemused Adam. "The army said you died of Spanish flu, but I knew they were lying. Now we can get married like we planned ..."

"Aunt Lilith, what is happening?" asked another woman aged in her sixties as she appeared at the door.

"It's Herbert, he's come back to marry me," said the old lady.


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