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Gwen meets with the photographer.

Inside her small room, Erica asked me to help fix her computer and gestured for me to sit in the desk side chair. As I booted up the computer she stood behind me slowly massaging my neck and shoulders. Even this simple contact quickly made my prick stir and bulge in my pants and I moaned softly, squirming in my seat. I heard Erica laugh to herself as she gently she reached over the back of the chair and slowly began rubbing my hard on through my jeans. She brought her crooked, sexy lips to my ear and suckled slowly on my ear lobe.

'You know', she whispered in my ear, grabbing my cock more firmly, 'Rick's coming up soon to print out some work for his course. He helped me fix my computer yesterday. How are you going to feel, being in the same room as a guy who's had his tongue in my pussy?' She started rubbing her hand up and down the length of my cock making me shudder. 'How are you going to feel', she continued, 'looking at the guy I replaced you with, the guy who knows what it's like to have my lips around his cock and his finger up my ass hole? I've had his cum in my mouth you know.' I gasped in excitement and she immediately moved her hand, forgoing me the release of orgasm. 'There he was, begging me every day to fuck him and I didn't, not wanting to upset you and look at you, you love it don't you? You love hearing about it, you love the fact that I've drunk his cum and I won't drink yours.' I said nothing, regaining some composure but then she dropped her hand back to my cock and all I could think was how dirty and sexy it all seemed.

'Answer me bitch.' She commanded.

I wanted to say no and tell her how much I had cried and hated her and that if I wasn't so horny I'd hate what she was doing right now, but I was horny, and until she made me cum I was going to love every detail of how she used me and degraded me.

'You know I love it.' I managed.

She seemed about to say more, but there was a knock on the door.

'I'm going to pull him right now in front of you.' She told me.

'Would you?' I asked excited, not really believing that she would or it was even him.

'Would you like me to?' She asked.

I nodded and she kissed me hard, told me she loved me and went an opened the door.

Rick entered, a far better looking guy that she had told me and before the door was closed they were all over each other, tongues down each others throats, hands on each other's bodies. Rick reached round and grabbed two handfuls of my girlfriends ass, pulling her against his crotch.

'What about him?' I heard him ask.

'Me and him are over.' She replied. 'He's a dirty fuck, he loves to watch.'

And with that they fell on the bed, kissing passionately. All I could do was watch, my cock aching, my mouth agape.

After a few minutes Rick sat up, ' I can't do this, not with him watching, tell him to go and get me a pizza or something.'

'You heard him, go and get us all a pizza, we're all hungry.' She levelled at me. 'There's a shop 10 minutes down the road.' Turning to Rick she asked 'What do you want baby?'

'For him not to be back for a while.' Came the reply.

'Be nice.' She joked with him darting her tongue across his lips.

Standing up she fished some money out of her purse and handed it to me. I could see the crotch of her trousers was heavily stained.

'Don't hurry.' she urged and sent me out of the door, slamming it behind her.

The pizza shop turned out to be more like 20 minutes away than 10, and after waiting for the pizza to be ready it was nearly an hour later when I got back to the flats.

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