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Gillian learns more secrets and submits to her fate.

I returned and stood beside Jane. I snapped my fingers and pointed to the floor on the other side of the table.

I took the ice bag and slowly placed it on Jane's back. She gasped at the cooling effect on her warmed, flushed skin. I moved the bag up and down her body, raising goosebumps on her skin. Jane shivered from the difference in temperature between her skin and the ice bag. Soon small trails of water appeared on her back due to sweat forming on the bag.

I removed the bag and told Kim to untie Jane. After she released Jane, I sent her to get a couple of blankets and more towels. I got up and lit the fireplace.

In a few minutes, I had the fire popping thanks to some dry poplar wood I found in the woodpile. Thank goodness, for the great fire screen that caught the shooting embers.

Kim returned and we made a pallet in front of the fireplace. I turned off the overhead lights and turned on some soft rock. I joined the girls at the pallet. "Pleasure your Master, my sluts." They stripped off my boxers and I slid down between them. They pushed me onto my back, Jane went for my cock and Kim caressed her way up to kiss me passionately,

Jane teased my cock with her talented tongue, nibbling and nibbling my shaft and sack. I reached down and caressed her head as she attacked me. She skillfully sheathed me inside her then bobbing her head quickly throatfucked herself.

I kissed Kim intensely as my cock throbbed in Jane's throat. I broke away form Kim to shout, "Yes, that's right whore, fuck me with that velvety throat. I pulled Kim up to mount my face. I pulled her to my lips, and then with no fanfare I attacked her pussy. Pulling her by the hips tight to me, I plunged my tongue deep into her.

She moaned loudly as her hands found my head. Holding me steady, she began to fuck my face. Grinding her clit into my upper lip as my tongue borrowed deep into her cunt. I smacked her ass with one hand as the other found Jane's head. I smacked Jane's face lightly and she moaned like a wanton whore around my cock.

I lightly bit Kim's clit and she screamed, "I'm cumming Sir!" I spanked her harder with both hands, as she bucked like a bronco. She rewarded my efforts with three short jets of squirt into my mouth. I pulled Jane off my cock and Kim off my face, I kissed Jane hard feeding her Kim's nectar as I reached down and pinched her clit hard. Jane melted into my arms in surrender.

I waved Kim to the floor and to slide under Jane. I eased Jane onto Kim's face as I pulled away. I backed away and told Jane to turn around into a 69. The two soon were cooing and moaning. I lazily stroked my cock enjoying the show. Jane rolled Kim into the top position, and I could not resist feeding Jane my cock.

I knelt at Jane's head and she quickly began to nurse on my cock. I caressed Kim's firm shapely ass then gave her a couple of firm swats. I pulled Kim up by the hair and ask, "Have you selected your safe word little one?"

"Yes Sir I have. I have chosen the word clemency, Sir. It means mercy or leniency Sir."

"You have chosen well my pet. My failsafe word for you shall be reprieve."

"Thank you Sir,"

I pushed her head back down to Jane's pussy as I withdrew from Jane's mouth. Jane reached up and spread Kim's ass as I laid my cock in her ass cleavage. Jane pushed the cheeks back together enveloping me. I slowly sawed my cock between her ass cheeks dragging the head of my cock across Kim's rosebud. Kim moaned.

"Are you ready to give this to me little one?

"Yes Sir, I want you to fuck my ass, Please Sir take my last virgin hole and own me."

I reached into the toy bag and got the lube. Jane slid out from under Kim and lay down in front of her. I drizzled lube onto her rosebud, and then massaged it in. I popped a greased finger into her as I rolled a condom on. I asked Kim, "Have you ever had anything in here before?"

"Yes Sir, my finger and a hairbrush handle", she answered.

Jane guided her to lean forward, as I added a second finger.

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