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Mother Nature pays a visit.

" As hot as you are, he must be something else." And he guided her in and closed the door. Roger watched from his window, but all he could really see was a wall, picture the back of a floral-upholstered couch and a stairway.

"Be right back," Lisa motioned Brad to the couch. "Have to visit the girls room, and check on Dan." She slipped out of the heels and flitted upstairs. Two men watched her go. One could see right up her dress. The other, at a distance, imagined that he could. She waved to her company from the stair-landing, then vanished down the hall.

Dan had not been watching the Jets. He was soundly snoozing on their bed while "Chatbox Cathy" moaned and groaned with a toy half inserted in her pussy on the nearby computer. His belly had what looked like dried cum amidst the curly black hair. Lisa was suddenly awash in a dangerous cocktail of emotions as she eased back out of the bedroom and slipped down the hall to freshen up. Having the shoes off felt so good that she peeled down the floral pantyhose and replaced them with a skimpy sheer black string panty. She added a second gold anklet, with a small spade charm and went back downstairs, obviously shaken. Two men watched her.

"What's the matter?" Brad asked quietly. She didn't answer, just stood at the foot of the stairs like in a trance. He covered the distance to her in 2 steps, put both arms around her and said, "You can tell me, just let it go." Lisa did just that, in a stage whisper and flood of tears. Her waist pressed to his as if for more than comfort.

Across the street, Roger couldn't stand it. To him it looked like they were doing it, or were about to. He opened the front door and crept outside, then ran diagonally across the street, and then, out of breath, snuck up to the living room window and hid in the shadows of some shrubbery. He could faintly hear them. He could see the man's hands on his neighbor's waist. Were they moving lower? His throat was tight.

Lisa's mind was spinning with what she had seen and what she was feeling. Her knees gave way and he caught her and held her, her legs dangling. She was the picture of a damsel in distress being rescued as he carried her to the couch and gently laid her down. Her dress had slid up to her waist while her legs were swinging. She ignored it.

"Lisa?" When she did not immediately respond, he softly kissed her, then his tongue slipped between her lips and the kiss was very very deep and insistent. Her eyes opened wide and she struggled, but he caught both her hands and pinned them to the couch above her head. And kept up the kiss. His manhood rubbed hard against her through his trousers.

Lisa's "Please, I can't... not here...," was muffled by the mouth pressing hers. The more she squirmed, the higher up her dress crept. Then his knees were between hers. She felt the pressure as her legs were so slowly pushed wide open. She wavered, breathless, helpless, hopeless.

In the shadows, Roger could not keep his hand off of his crotch. The chance of being caught made it all the more exciting for him. And upstairs Chatbox Cathy wailed in self driven passion as the toy hummed away and viewers comments burned across the screen. Dan grunted and propped up on two pillows. His cock pointed at the ceiling and he began stroking, all the while staring at Cathy's thin heaving torso.

Brad knew he had won when Lisa's knees bent and her legs crossed behind his. He let go of her hands, broke the kiss long enough to whisper how bad he wanted her. His hands slid down to her ass and he pulled her tightly to him. He kissed her, open-mouth, again and this time there was no resistance. His hands, under her ass, grabbed at and pulled down on her wispy underthing. Then only his pants were between his aching manhood and his prize.

Roger strained to see more than just Lisa's leg and Brad's pants-covered butt. As they wiggled and squirmed together, Roger mindlessly undid his pants, his cock bounced up and he began. His heart raced.

The pressure bewteen Brad and Lisa eased momentarily as he got his hands in bet

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