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Helped out by son's friend.

Should I wear more clothes. I was going to, but.... But a part of me was secretly hoping for a repeat. From my sister? We don't really like each other. I've got a girlfriend. But she never wanks me. Kate's got a boyfriend. Lucky bloke I thought. So I stripped to my boxers, got into bed. Kate followed shortly after. She came into the room, wearing that same long t shirt. She got into bed.

''Goodnight,'' I said.

''Goodnight fucker!'' was her answer, quietly under her breath.

I lay awake for ages, nothing happened. She seemed to be asleep. Dad was snoring. All very normal. Eventually I fell asleep.

I woke up much later to find Kate cuddling me, her hand resting on my soft cock. I got erect almost instantly and after about 5 minutes she started to stroke. Dad was still snoring, mum softly breathing a little tune in her sleep, across the room. Kate stroking my shaft and cupping my balls. Then, she very quietly and carefully slipped under the covers. She moved down to my waist and lightly kissed my cock and my balls. She licked them and then she put my member in her mouth, going further and further and she began to suck the life out of it. I tried not to make any noise but I was in heaven. Again I gripped the sheets as I began to orgasm, and then I came into her beautiful mouth, filling her up. Oh this was too much. I was falling in love, and lust with my very own sister.

She silently moved back up the bed and moved on to her back. Then she took my hand and moved it to her body. She slipped it under her shirt and guided me to between her legs. She was not wearing any knickers! The tramp. I needed no encouragement as I felt my way to her wet pussy and slipped my fingers in between her moist lips, grinding her on and on. She tensed and let out a soft but quiet moan as she shuddered to her own orgasm. Then she sighed, kissed me on the cheek and rolled over. Again I hardly slept the rest of the night, too shocked and too excited. I tried to get a feel of her arse and her tits but she slapped me back.

''Morning kids. Sleep well?'' said mum as she moved to the curtains the next morning. I grunted and Kate rubbed her eyes. Mum and dad went downstairs. As soon as the door closed behind them I pulled back the covers. Kate smiled as she pulled up her shirt to reveal her neatly trimmed bush and the most gorgeous pair of tits I had ever seen. I had never really thought of her tits and what they looked like but here they were. Not too big, but enough to get a good feel. Nice pointy erect nipples. She reached into my shorts and started to stroke my cock as I sucked on her nipples. I was just beginning to lose contol when I heard the door handle twist, followed by dad opening it and bringing us a cup of tea each. Just enough time to pull the covers over and act normally. Just enough time for Kate to take her hand off my penis and reach out with the same hand for her tea.

But after breakfast she went back to being Sister Kate, all moody and unpleasant. Not the cocksucking Kate from the bedroom last night. We were never alone that day, and then it was bedtime. Unusually Kate was first to bed, followed by mum and dad. When I got to the room the light was on. Dad was asleep, but mum was reading. Kate was lying in bed, covers up to her shoulders, just her arms exposed, holding up the book she was reading. I took off everything except my boxers, and went to the bed. As I pulled back the covers I was amazed to see that Kate was naked. Thankfully I had pulled the covers back and up so mum was none the wiser.

''Kate, be an angel and turn off the light,'' said mum.

''But... but mum!'' Kate said, clearly panicking.

''It's all right' I'll do it,'' I said as I got up.

We lay in bed, waiting for signs that mum was asleep. Kate nude, me just wearing boxers but erection ready to be called into action.

After an agonising hour Kate made the first move. She moved her hand into my boxers and onto my penis. I helpfully pulled off my shorts so I was also naked.

''I'm in charge, ok? Just do as I say,'' whispered Kate in to my ear.

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