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Her dreams meet her in real life.

It wasn't long before I felt the tingle again, groaning as I felt cum escape cock. Mum squealed as the first shot entered her mouth, obviously surprised, before she clamped her lips around the head and helped, jerking me off at the same time as I felt more cum flow.
"Fucking hell... Mum... Caroline... Just..."

I looked down as I could see the smile in her eyes as she hummed to herself, making sure my balls were empty before she finally let my cock drop from her mouth, it falling back on my stomach. Mum noticeably gulped before she crawled up my body until she hovered over me.

"That was tasty, Mark. You must have a good diet." I couldn't help but chuckle again. "I love you."

That brought my laughter to a stop as I brought her lips to mine. "I love you too," I said quietly.

She lay down on top of me, neither of us ready to move to the bedroom. I just caressed her back with my right hand, feeling her shudder every so often. She just said it was the after effects of another thundering orgasm, though she didn't tell me to stop, adding that she found it soothing. I did wonder what she thought of my hands at times. Although I wore gloves at work at lot of the time, there was no way that they were smooth. Definitely not as smooth as hers.

Eventually, I sensed she was starting to drift off so I suggested we should head to bed. Mum just nodded into my chest so I managed to sit up, Mum wrapping her legs around me, as I then carried her to bed. I'd done it enough now, whether she held onto me with her arms and legs wrapped around me, or sometimes I'd just carry her in my arms, her eyes always opening and looking at me with such genuine affection it would sometimes bring me to a standstill for a moment.

Uncoupling her from my body, I laid Mum down after struggling to move the covers. I spent a few moments just looking over her. She appeared so peaceful, a faint smile on her lips as I thought she was fast asleep. Instead, her eyes slowly opened and she noticed me watching her. I'll admit I felt my cheeks heat up a little. Mum just smiled at me, knowing exactly why.

"Come to bed, Mark," she requested.

"You need cuddles?"

"I need my son."

I got into bed behind her, wrapping my right arm around her body, my left arm straight underneath her. Mum clasped her right hand over mine, placing it over her breast, just like what had happened so long ago. She shuffled her butt into my crotch. Thankfully, after all the fun we'd had, I was simply too worn out to get hard. Mum was asleep in barely a few minutes. I followed her into dreamland not long afterwards.


Chapter 4.2

I leaned against my car, waiting for Mum to come out of work. I was tempted to wander inside, but after last time, I was worried I'd either end up fucking her in the office again, which wouldn't be so bad, or would be a lamb to slaughter with all the women she worked with. She'd dropped a number of hints in the previous couple of weeks that I'd made a rather good impression.

Mum appeared about ten minutes later, in amongst a gaggle of women, all of them chatting away and laughing. Then all their eyes fell on me. Know how I just said lamb to slaughter? Yep, that's exactly how I felt as Mum plus at least half a dozen women converged on me all at once. Mum wrapped her arms around me and I lowered my mouth to hers, enjoying a brief kiss. I think Mum wanted more but I didn't want to exactly put on a show.

"Hi, Mark," she said, almost shyly.

"Evening, gorgeous." Mum immediately blushed. She always did when I called her gorgeous. Or beautiful. Or any other verb I could think of to describe her. "Are you ready to go?"

"I am but the girls and I have been talking and, well, organising something."

I looked across the 'girls' and noticed all their eyes were on me. "What have you been organising?" I asked, almost afraid to hear the answer.

"A night out. It's... tomorrow night. I was thinking we could go after you played rugby."

"And we've all be

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