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Maisie is imprisoned for lesbianism; Aife begins her search.

Only she had the spare key.

We returned to our day jobs, me at the Agua Caliente tribal office, Larry running the local IRS tax office. He was a rising IRS star and got choice slots. The Palm Springs territory was small but quite rich and thus high-profile. Having a black wife did not hurt Larry's career, either. He was in line for a much higher post, which means leaving here. But we would keep this house. It was paid for. And our fenced pool was very, very private.

I punched Larry's office number. His personal, no-secretary number.

"Hiya babe, listen up. And get Melissa off your lap. What, she's busy transcribing? Is that what you call a blowjob now? Anyway, Jeri called, wants to spend the weekend, says she's bringing friends. I said sure. Should we invite anyone for Saturday? Yeah, the Martinez girls are entertaining. I'll call Lola right now. Love ya. Bye."

I knew Melissa was not in my husband's lap or anywhere close. Larry stayed ultra-clean, never touching the staff. That would be career death. He would be assigned for the rest of his life to Yuma. Yuck.

Larry and I both got home in time to park our Audis, jump in the pool, drink good cocktails, suck and fuck on the sheltered poolside pad and, just as sunset encroached, to take delivery of the pizzas we ordered. I wore only a lava-lava around my hips. The Cambodian pizza girl did not blink as she took payment, smiling at the good tip. This was Palm Springs. She had likely seen every known perversion when doors opened.

The doorbell rang a few minutes later. I answered, dressed the same. Funny, I had not heard anyone drive up. The reason became obvious. Cousin Stan's silent Heidi, her ragtop up, was at the curb. Stan, his sister Pam, and a blonde girl with fabulous ta-tas stood behind Jeri. All wore the usual tees and shorts.

Jeri kissed my tits as usual and hugged me hard. Jeri liked kissing my tits. She would suck me while I rode Larry's face, or we'd suck each other while Larry fucked me, before she turned so I could eat her. But she kept her pussy away from her big brother. So far.

Stan sucked my tits too. I liked having my tits sucked. And he was good at it.

The blonde babe asked, "Hey, can I say hello, too?" She did not wait for an answer. She slurped me quite nicely. In my open door. With the world outside, watching. Well, nobody drove or walked past just then, and street windows around here were small and tinted, so only that Turkish turd down the street with a telescope could have seen. I pulled everyone in anyway and shut the door.

"Sharli, say hi to Lorna, my friend who just moistened you."

"Hi there, Lorna. Can I say hello too?"

She looked at me, blinked, and pulled her tee off, revealing unrestrained Scandinavian mammalian wonders. I sucked her a bit longer than she had me. Mmmm.

"Nice to meet you, Lorna. Anyone else want to say hello?"

My sister-in-law and her blood cousins pulled their tees off. We all took turns kissing mouths and areolas. I have read that tit-licking is a common greeting in cultures where women leave their boobs out. I am happy to practice that custom here.

Pam was an unexpected surprise. She had been here before, of course, but she usually skipped a lot of personal contact, i.e. the orgiastic fuckathons. She had seemed constrained, uptight. She had apparently loosened-up some. I held her last and longest.

"Pam, I'm so glad you're here!" We hugged, boobs squeezing. I led her inside. The others followed. Shoes, shorts, and my lava-lava disappeared.

"Okay, what first? Dunk and drink, or pizza right away?"

All kissed my tits again and then trotted to the back door. I heard splashing. I mixed more cocktails. Pizza could be reheated. I emerged carrying a tray loaded with tall, icy tumblers.

Larry called, "Hey there, kids, does the master of the house deserve any greetings?"

Stan emerged from the pool first for a naked manly hug with him but no kissing.

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