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He just can't seem to stay away from her.

The buildings in Anath were mostly long rectangles. She was able to notice that the few buildings that had multiple floors usually had spiral ramps winding around them, supported by sturdy columns or thick sections of a wall. Sometimes, they weren't ramps, but very gentle stairs instead. They reminded Aniu of equestrian staircases she had seen in old temples. Normal stairs were difficult for horses, but equestrian staircases were much easier for them.

They stopped at a brick building that had two floors. Aniu craned her neck to see the curving path that was around the building. It turned out to have stairs. Aniu wanted to dismount, but she was told to wait until they were inside the building. There were two entrances. They weren't connected under one doorway. There were two separate doorways with two doors. The one on the right was significantly taller than the other. They were both very pretty, though. Trees with swirling branches were carved in each door. The one on the right seemed to bear nuts. The one on the left was bearing flowers.

Odilon opened the taller door and walked inside. His pale tail flicked at the air. Fifi made an exhausted groan as she was carried inside.

"We'd better wait here," Jodok told Aniu, reaching back to gently pat her lower leg. "It's better to have family matters settled before we introduce you."

So, they waited a bit. Aniu was tempted to comb Jodok's dark hair. She didn't really understand why. Maybe it was because of the way it hung down his more humanoid back. Maybe it was because he smelled so pleasant.

"I want to ask an uncomfortable question," Aniu said.

"Hm?" Jodok turned his head again. An outdoor sconce put a glow on his face. He had a very strong jaw, and even his broad nose seemed handsome. His lips curled up in a gentle smile. "How uncomfortable is this question?"

"Well, I was finely educated, Mr. Jodok, but it seems that most people in my country don't know much about centaurs."

He nodded to her. "I understand. The only people we share much of our culture with is the dwarves."

Aniu had met a dwarf once. She had seemed to be very practical. Dwarves tended to be rather short when compared to an average human adult, but very broad and sturdy. Aniu shrugged at her thoughts and asked, "Well ... I hope you'll forgive this question."

"Go on, then."

"How exactly ... is Fifi Mr. Odilon's child?"

His brow lowered. "What do you mean?"

"I mean, she's not a centaur."

"Ha!" His great hand flew up to his mouth as he tried to muffle his laughter. "I ... oh gods! I'm sorry!" He swiped some of his hair out of his face. "It's our fault, honestly. Throgan is the only foreign place we have for tourism." Throgan was the land of the dwarves. "We don't any female centaurs. Our mothers give birth to either human girls or centaur boys."

"Oh." Aniu looked down at her fingernails. What she had just learned seemed to explain quite a few curious things.

Wait ...

How in the world were children ... conceived?

She didn't want to ask that question. She chose a different thing to say. "So, this is your house?"

"Yes," he said firmly, still smiling.

"I'm rather grateful to you. Perhaps I could find work here?"

"All of my servants are men. It wouldn't be wise to hire a woman. I'm very sorry."

She blinked. Then she tugged on her thick curly hair. "I don't understand."

Just then, the taller door opened a little, and Odilon peeked out. "You can bring her in now."

Jodok nodded and moved in as his brother stepped aside to make room.

Various floor lamps were lit. There were also a few simple chandeliers bearing glowing candles. Aniu saw a dirt floor and several tables and shelves that seemed especially tall to her. She also saw various centaurs moving around, sliding wooden panels open and closed with only slightly noisy rolling sounds. It seemed that most of the interior walls could simply be moved aside in order to provide more space when needed.

To her left, though, there were walls that no centaur dared to open.

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