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A succubus returns to have her wicked vengeance.

It was bigger than my other ones, was made of a heavy duty rubber, and had an inflation bulb attached to it by a hose.

He managed to get it in me without letting more than a few drops of my new contents out. The credit lies with lube and his firm but gentle method of insertion. I wasn't much help as I was clenching to keep everything inside and was still sore from the night before. Still, it got in, and nothing was going to get out past it.

Mark made sure of this by giving a number of squeezes to the bulb. The plug had a pretty sizeable solid core, but the thick rubber surrounding it inflated like an armored balloon. The neck of it was manageable and not too big, but it felt like it was attached to a grapefruit inside me. The added pressure elicited a tear and a sniffle.

He gently pulled me up to standing and told me, "There. There. It's not so bad. This is what we've been trying for." His hands were on my belly as he stood behind me. I don't think I could have been more surprised as I saw our reflection in the bathroom mirror. I was huge! and I really looked pregnant!

Leaning back into his chest, I let myself completely relax my hole and even gave a little test push. Nothing. The plug didn't even move. I was amazed. It wasn't comfortable, but I was amazed.

The time for astonishment didn't last long as Mark patted my ass out of the bathroom and told me to go put on a dress. After I did, I came back and asked him what he wanted to do about my tail. He compressed the bulb flat, ran the tubing up between my cheeks, and instructed me to tuck it into the waistband of my underwear. I had to go put on panties.

I didn't even make it out to the kitchen to start the coffee. He caught my arm and told me that just because I was pregnant didn't mean I could avoid my duties. His cock was rock solid. My mouth was going to have to be it, since I couldn't have sex in my condition. So like a good housewife, I got down on my knees.

The added weight and volume of my belly made it more difficult for me to get down on my knees. I had to keep my legs spread a bit to be comfortable. Just the motion of moving my head back and forth made me acutely aware of my added mass. It didn't make it too much more difficult to go down on my man, but it was different. Even still, it barely took five minutes before I had his cream out of him.

After that busy morning, he was all about pampering me. He took over cooking breakfast when I had to run to the bathroom to pee. He brought me coffee on the balcony. My lower back was always supported by a pillow. It was very nice to be attended to.

It was almost enough to make up for the discomfort. I was carrying a dozen pounds extra pounds. Mark was very turned on by all of it and I ended up having to give him three more blow jobs that day. None of those went as quickly as the first. On top of it all, my back was sore and I had to pee like clockwork every 45 minutes.

The day was as relaxing as it could have been. In the evening Mark asked me if I was ready to be done. My jaw and back were aching. I felt so stretched from being full all day. I was actually pretty tired despite not having done much of anything. Of course I answered with a yes. He smiled and said he was going to go prepare the tub for me. When I inquired as for what, he told me for a water birth. I was not nearly as entertained as he was.

I sat down on bottomless on a squishy plastic little pad for our tub, and reclined on a foam cushion he placed behind me. My legs went up on the side of the enclosure. Mark sat halfway down the tub from my head and used his fingers to apply a lot of lube in and around my hole. I was as ready as I was ever going to be.

The first couple pushes accomplished nothing.

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