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Aloe plant is altered so it can reproduce.

This sparked her own orgasm she let out a scream that made me wonder if the neighbors could hear. That little vixen, she had been fantasizing about being fucked by the Mystery Man.

Lisa seemed as alive as ever over the next couple of weeks. She even hired as personal trainer to help her lose weight. I did not mind the extra expense and Lisa seemed to want sex even more after her trainer sessions. Like the typical husband, I really did not pay too much attention the details regarding her workouts. That is until she told me her personal trainer was named Mark. Now I don't know why I assumed that she had a female trainer, I just did.

Along with my renewed interest in her workout came questions.

"So, who is this Mark guy? What's he Like?"

She said "he is 26 years old and very nice. Although, he is very hard on me"

I think she said that on purpose.

"Is he married?"

"No in fact he just broke up with his girlfriend." She said.

Oh the wheels were turning in my head now. Was this the reason for the added energy in our bedroom?

"So, has he hit on you?"

Lisa blushed a little and said, "I am 15 years older than he is and there is no way he would be interested in someone as old and out of shape as I am"

"Don't be too sure." I warned her, "I bet he fucks all of his clients. He sculpts their bodies just like he wants them and then puts his own stamp of approval on them, so to speak."

Then she did something that I was now expecting, my catholic school teacher walked right up to me, placed her hand on my crotch and said, "You'd like that wouldn't you?"

Who was this woman? Was she really fantasizing about being ravaged by this 29 year-old? Well there was one sure way to find out; I would weave Mark into one of my stories while we made love. Her actions would not lie.

A couple days later Lisa, was off to see Mark for another session. I knew that this would be a great night to test her reaction. Upon arriving home, Lisa headed straight to the shower as I prepared for bed. When she joined me, I asked her how the session went.

"He had me lie on my back and put my legs in the air and he stretched my legs by pushing my feet back over my head, it hurt like hell."

I reached over and rubbed her leg just below her crotch and said "maybe I should rub it to make t feel better."

"No, Mark already tried that. It didn't work" she replied.

"You mean to tell me that he had his hands right here where mine is?"

She did not answer the question; she just twisted her body in a manner that made my hand slide up to her waiting pussy.

"Did you do that for him? Did he feel your pussy like this?" as I slid one finger deep into her waiting pussy. Lisa was riding my hand and moaning hard. She reached up with one hand and started tweaking one of her nipples. I had never seen her do this, and to say that it was a turn on would be an understatement.

Just when I thought I should get on top of her, she rocketed with a huge orgasm. It was too late. I missed my window of opportunity. But I did have my answer. She was attracted to her young stud.

Well the next few weeks were great. Sex was great, Lisa had dropped 15lbs and was sexier than ever. Then it happened. Lisa came home and seemed upset about something. It seems that Mark was moving to Iowa. He and a friend had purchased a small fitness club there and he would be gone in a few weeks. I know this devastated Lisa. She was looking the best she has ever looked in her whole life and she had Mark to thank for it. I tried to comfort her but she just took a bath and went to bed. She even brushed me off when I tried to snuggle.

The next week was the pits. Lisa seemed depressed and I wasn't getting any sex. Then had an Idea, I suggested to Lisa that she take Mark out for drinks to thank him for all that he has done for her. She perked up a little at the idea but assured me that he was too busy with his own friends and getting ready to move to have time to have a drink with an old 41 year-old.

On the day of Lisa's last session with Mark, s

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