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Young housewife tries to make ends meet.

ange my-' the flogger comes down hard across her shoulder blade, the build up of sensation from the light flicks both hindering the pain and enhancing the stimulation as she cries out 'm-AAAaagh!'

Jayce chuckles at the na__vet__ of Megan's comment. 'My dear, who said anything about changing your mind?' The liquorice changes target now, lightly flicking against Megan's other shoulder while Jayce uses his spare hand to draw light circles on the red crosshatch pattern now left on Megan's skin. She sighs deeply, her protesting tone slowly turning to lust with each flick of the candy whip. 'I just want to teach you a lesson.'

The flogger smacks down on Megan's shoulder, a whimpered moan escaping her lips as Jayce lightly kisses the reddening skin. Sooner than the previous shoulder, Jayce moves the raspberry straps away, the trapped woman's sigh a mixture of relief and disappointment; a tone soon changed as the confectionary lands upon her untouched arse with a light *thwap*. He spins the flogger, *thwap thwap thwap* it impacts Megan's skin lightly; kissing the flesh with it's scarlet straps.

Jayce was expecting the woman to continue her protest, but was surprised when she uttered under her breath 'harder...'. Not one to disappoint, Jayce adds more force behind each stroke of the flogger, a lust-filled moan drawn from Megan's lips as her arse cheeks become scattered with red lines.

*SMACK* the flogger cracks against Megan's skin with a great deal of force. 'Fuck!'

Her voice rings out across the field, echoing off the trees to come back and slam into the two figures; Jayce pausing to regain his balance as he hears a subtle cracking from the chocolate beams supporting Megan. Given the choice of continuing lightly or go harder and risking the restraints breaking, he makes an executive decision. *SMACK thwap thwap thwap SMACK*

The flogging was coming hard and fast by now, Megan breathing heavily as the sensations begin to override her mind. Each strap of Raspberry Liquorice leaving it's mark against the woman over and over again. Jayce has changed tack now, with one stroke striking the left cheek, and the next striking the right. Megan moans through the transition, whimpered words unintelligible save for the tone; urging Jayce onwards.

*SMACKSMACK* one cheek after the other the flogger comes crashing down, stoking the fires of lust within Megan to breaking point. A crack shoots through the chocolate restraints, Jayce realising he only has one good strike left before the whole thing comes crashing down. He also notices the ground underneath has become less firm, though such a thought is quickly pushed far back in his mind in place of more pressing matters. Jayce's mouth curls into a wicked smile as a devilish plan assaults his brain. He moves up close to Megan, his still clothed body pressing against her near naked one as his cock strains against its fabric prison.

'I am going to fuck you Megan.' Beige whispers in the woman's ear, a shudder of anticipation running down her body. 'I am going to fuck you hard and you're going to like it.' He slides a hand down Megan's marked shoulder, a gasp assuring the man his touch was received well. Fingers dance and play down her back before sliding across her arse, another gasp from the contact of his warm hand on her reddened rump. 'You're going to take all I can give you and then...' He curls a finger around the back of her black lace panties as he readies the flogger in his other hand '-only then, will I let you cum.'

Jayce pulls back quickly, the sound of tearing fabric as his finger removes the panties from their owner muffled almost instantly by the floggers impact across one cheek and onto the other *SMAK-ACK* Megan screams lustfully as the sound waves bounce around the clearing almost visibly.

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