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A gang bang fantasy becomes reality.

"I liked your paper," He said. It was good. It was very good. You showed you understood the material and you created a story for me to read at the same time. It wasn't what I was looking for, but it was very entertaining.

"I'm sorry, professor. I had to, um, be away from my room...well my roommate, and I had nothing else to do, so I made it into a story, I was just bored, and I didn't think you'd mind, seeing as how I included everything that I needed to."

"That you did, and of course I don't mind. You really showed a deep understanding of different realities people have for themselves. I was just wondering if you're a psych major, because I'd gladly work with you when you become a grad student."

Lea just sat there, trying to figure out a way for her to look as old as he thought she was. She realized she couldn't lie to him, although it was tempting. "I'm not a psych major, I just like the classes, and I'm not even close to being a grad student, I just took psych 101 in high school, so I was able to take this class early."

"Do you realize how sad you sound?" He inquired, smiling as her abrupt and dismal turn around. She laughed half heartedly.

"Sorry, it's just been...frustrating." And then she was telling him everything. Her hopes for college for companionship, for sex, for life to begin. He sat and nodded. He listened, he really listened.

" Well..." he said when she had finished, " I can see how you could feel frustrated, you grew up fast. I grew up fast too, but men usually have an easier time of it than women. Lea nodded. She didn't feel embarrassed for telling all that she had, she just felt he understood.

They sat for a while in silence. And Lea realized that there really was no advice to be given, so she stood, feeling she was taking up his time and space. "Thanks for listening, but I guess I should get going."

Menali stood as well, " Do you want to leave?" It was a question flat out, with no hint of what the right answer was in the tone.

"Well...I mean. No, I guess I don't." She liked Menali, she always had.

"No, I didn't think so."

Menali strode over to Lea, he had never seemed so big before, big, but not frightening. He gently pulled her too him, slowly tilted her head upwards. He wasn't forceful or quick, giving her every chance to leave, and all the time in the world to comprehend what was happening. And she did.

Their lips met, and his tongue slithered in between them. She sucked on it, liked it with her own. It was the most passionate kiss of her life. A hand gripped her waist and pulled her closer as another hand caressed her face. She moaned in ecstasy she hadn't known could be achieved by a fully clothed kiss.

Menali pulled back. "You want this? You don't have to, and even if you do, you don't have to do it today."

"Please," she gasped, still trying to get her breath back, "please, I want this."

Any resolve she had had not to become physical with the professor seemed to melt away with his touch, but both new it was never really there to begin with.

Menali pushed her up against his desk, clearing a few things to the side, he lifted her up onto it, kissing her with even more passion than before. "Wait," she said. He stopped instantly, thinking that she had changed her mind. She smiled at his compassion. " I want to...give you a, um, blowjob, please, I mean if you want to, I've just never done it, and I've always wanted..." She had gone through this in her mind, and resolved not to be embarrassed, but it was so hard not to be.

He smiled deeply at her. "Of course," he said, "that would be wonderful." He led her around to the other side of his desk and unzipped his pants. He waited, clearly wanting her take the next step. She didn't hesitate, but pulled down his boxers and pants together, revealing a wonderfully hard penis.

Her mouth watered and her vagina oozed.

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