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Submissive comes home to humiliation...and angry women!

I was breaking a promise of something I, and we, swore to never do: fall in love.

This was more than just mind-blowing sex. Over the past few months, our intimate encounters were becoming bolder and braver, especially in these past few days. It was in the way that she opened herself up to expressing herself that allowed me to make some moves I never had the courage to act upon before, like last night. I had often daydreamed over pictures of women bound in cuffs, ropes and chains, but never had the nerve to act upon my fantasies, even when Andrea hinted that she wanted to be tied, secured, and left helpless to be ravaged at my uncensored will. When I finally got the nerve to do that, I was amazed at how liberating it felt.

That mind-opening bravery also changed the way I was doing business. I was becoming more creative and felt more fulfilled. I found myself approaching and talking with others in much more happier and engaging ways. I noticed it how it was changing the mood and morale of my office staff. I saw it in the way I interacted with friends and colleagues. Life was becoming more fun, and more dynamic, and it all had to do with the way Andrea made me feel, even when I wasn't with her.

I knew I couldn't and shouldn't have her, but I needed her, just as I needed her as I watched her sleep as she slept on her side with her arms and legs sprawled before her. Her breathing kept her lulled in silence and hadn't let her move since she fell asleep next to me after our lengthy post-coital recovery. I didn't want to disturb her, but I just couldn't resist wanting one last time with her before we were to leave that evening.

I turned her around, slowly and gingerly, onto her back, and then gradually spread her uncovered legs apart. All I could do was marvel at her exposed opening to that place that led to so many ways that I was able to feel highs no other mind- or body-altering substances could take me. I wondered what it really felt like for her whenever I stroked and tickled those soft, delicate and moist folds around the outside of her hole. I wondered what triggered her to moan and wail whenever I rubbed and pushed on that pearl of a clit, especially when I slid my fingers inside of her just as I found myself doing.

She swiveled her hips ever so slightly as my fingers drew in and out of her damp insides. It was if she was dancing on her back the way she moved her body close to mine on the dance floor at the club last night, except she never opened her eyes. Her moans were quiet as if she were sounding out in a dream. She had my fingers so incredibly wet without even tensing up of coming. I didn't want to rouse her. I just wanted to enjoy this quiet and relaxed one-sided exchange with her.

I took my thumb and gave a feathery touch to her clit, which started to harden with my touch. I rubbed it back and forth as my fingers continued to slip in and out of her slippery vaginal walls. I felt her body go from limp to limber to slightly tense as her movements took on a bit more power and force. I knew too well, although it was never routine, how her bud would grow and harden like a gem the moment I tickled it with the tip of my tongue. I knew how it would make her back arch the moment I sucked on it between my lips.

I found my lips lapping up her juices that were dripping out of her pussy like a sweet and musky sap.

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