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Stepdads best friend and his daughter have a moment

Especially since their two farms were out in the middle of nowhere. The fact that their sons and daughters were such studs with sexual appetites to match theirs hadn't helped either. It had started one thanksgiving dinner roughly two years back, when Carla had given Michael a wet sloppy kiss after one drink too many. No-one had slept that night and it had come out in the course of that fateful night that Carla's two boys along with her own son Carl, had already been fucking her daughter Libby for a while now. Not only that, but they also knew that their respective mother's had been fucking each other on the sly even when they had been married and had on occasion spied on them while they were pleasuring each other. To the amazement of the two sisters, they learned that one time Libby had even blown all three while they watched their mothers fuck in the barn through a large peephole. The two sisters also discovered that all four children had been dying to have sex with them just like they had been fantasizing about the kids in turn. With everybody's secret out in the open, all the shackles of taboo had been broken and thereafter they reveled in their incestual relationships and been reaching new levels of sexual gratification.

Just then Damien thrust a third finger into her twat she too groaned as a ripple of pleasure coursed through her.

"Like that aunt liz?"

"ummm....Oh yes boy........I'm loving every second of it"

Encouraged by her vote of approval Damien added a fourth finger to join the ones already shagging her well lubricated pussy.

"Ummm....that feels so good......"

Taking another sip of her wine, she tipped the glass slightly between her own fleshy boobs and watched as it trickled down between the fleshy valley between her 40DD tits and made its way to her pussy. She let out a squeal of delight as the cold red wine touched her hot clit. Damien licked it all up using very slow deliberate movements causing her to shiver even more in pleasure. Her pussy was so wet by now that every thrust of his fingers produced a loud squelch. She was getting hornier by the minute and used her free hand to ground her fleshy tits. She pulled hard on her massive pink nipple and felt such a jolt of electricity run through her that she threw her head back and nearly dropped the wine glass. Then holding her breast in one hand she addressed her busy nephew.

"Damien.....would you like some wine darling..." So saying she grinned mischievously and poured a little of the red liquid over her erect nipple.

Damien's eyes lit up and without replying reached up and swallowed the whole nipple into his mouth. Damien always had a thing for breasts as far back as anyone could remember. He had always been fascinated by breasts especially large ones like those of his mother and aunt and would never pass up a chance for some quality breast suckling.

"Ohhhh...yes.....suck that tit baby.....swallow it it up.....its all yours..." Liz moaned out loud in ecstasy.

Her sister meanwhile was screaming like a bitch in heat. The force of Micheal's ploughing cock had driven her head to the carpet and her huge tits were mashed beneath her. Her ass however was pushing back onto her son's cock, greedily tyring to suck in every last millimeter.

"That's it Michael. I'm gonna cummmmm......oohhhh.....Rape that motherfuckin' ass baby. Do me like that whore you fucked last a fuckin's slut.....c'mon hurt my incestuous ass. Fill me up with your hot seed......"

Driven by raw animal instinct, Micheal's eyes lit up with crazed lust and grabbing a fistful of his mother's wet blonde hair he began to ride her like a horse at the rodeo. With his other hand he began slapping her fleshy ass leaving angry red weals on them.

"Aaaaaaahhhhh.....yes......hurt my slutty ass......ride me like a fuckin bronco.....ohhhhhh my gooooooodddddd.....I'm gonna cummmmm."

Hearing all that nas

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