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Trudy gets her comeuppance.

It circled around her tight puckered little ass hole. The thumb had some of the liquid on it and Annie guessed that it was her body wash from the bathroom. "Aaahhh!" she gasped as his thumb pushed inside her again. She never would have imagined that anal play could enhance sexual pleasure, but it did and if he kept it up, she really would be begging for him to fuck her again. He adjusted his position and she felt his cock head on her vulva. Annie smiled, eyes still closed. He'd won. She was ready to fuck him again. Ready to feel his cock spurting his hot fertile seed deep in her womb again.

But the penetration never came. Instead, the cock head slid up to his hand and the thumb in her anus. He was using his thumb as a guide. No sooner had Clancy slowly pulled his thick thumb out of her rectum then Annie felt his huge cock head pushing down on her sphincter. "Uh Clancy?" she questioned as her rosebud began opening. Opening for an object as big as a golf ball. "Clancy?" His only response was a soft slap on her ass to shut her up.

"Fuckin tight," he growled.

Oh shit! She thought as the head continued to push against her anus. "OW! CLANCY!"

SLAP! He spanked her ass harder.

Tears started rolling down Annie's cheek. She sobbed, then laughed as she thought that at least this way there wasn't any risk of pregnancy. It hurt. Oh god, it hurt. She couldn't understand why her ass wasn't tearing. Her anus was opening wider and wider and wider and just when she thought Clancy's cock was going to rip it open, the head pushed inside her. "UUUNNGGHHH!" she grunted, thanking god he'd lubed his cock up with the body wash. He tested the snug fit out by working the tip of his cock around a bit before pushing it deeper. "UUGGHH! It's too big! This isn't going to work Clance. OW! OW! Alright, that's deep enough. OW! TOO THICK! Put it back in my pussy. Please. PLEASE! You can cum in me. OW! OW! UNH! OH! Oh! Oh god! That's deep. Doesn't hurt so much anymore. Gimme a little more. Oh! Ah! YES! YYEESS! Fuck my ass." SLAP! He spanked her again, working his cock in and out now. "FUCK MY ASS! FUCK MY SLUT ASS! YYEESSSS! I Like it, Clance." Annie pushed herself up and began pushing back into his cock's thrusts. "Your big black cock feels so good fucking my white ass, Clancy."

"Take it all, bitch," he growled.

He was deep fucking her bowels now. His heavy scrotum was smacking against her vulva and it was arousing her. His ball sack was getting wet with her arousal. The repeated slapping of Clancy's oversized testicles against her blood engorged labia and clitoris combined with the pleasure of having his cock fucking her ass had her trembling with an approaching orgasm. This was unbelievable. How had a romantic surprise for her husband turned into multiple womb-fulls of a black man's seed, a blow job in the shower and now her first ass fucking? Because he'd lied and tricked her, that's how, but oh god was it worth it. Annie sobbed with joy. "I wanna do this again," she told him. "I want you to fuck my ass again. I want to suck your cock again." I want to fuck you and feel you cum inside me, she thought. Oh god, I want to fuck him again. I want this all the time.

SLAP! He spanked her, increasing his thrusts.

"You own my white ass," she told her black lover just as her orgasm broke. "AAAHHH! CCUUMMIINNGG!! His thick cock felt even thicker and then it jerked and she felt a warmth spreading deep in her bowels. Annie collapsed forwards onto her head and arms. She passed out to the feelings of his cock still jerking and spurting his hot cum deep into her ass. She wasn't sure how long she slept, but when she slowly came back to her senses, she was in the same position, ass in the air, but his cock was gone. His semen was bubbling to the top of her anus and running down over her vulva in a steady trickle. Clancy was beside her and snoring now. Annie moved and put her knee in a large sticky wet pool of semen right under her clit. Again, she wondered how long, she'd been out to leak this much semen.


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