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An attempt to prove self-mastery.

I was totally disoriented, and everything was dark. I was aware of a black headband over my eyes, and that my cold skin was a bit damp, and of course that I was tied down. I was lying on my back, with my hands tied behind me, and my legs spread open, at my ass, and bent at my knees. There was some kind of collar around my neck holding my head. My face felt uncomfortable, like it was painted, and something was pulling my hair.

Jack pulled my blindfold off and I saw another room same room. Jack put a mirror to my face. My hair was bleached blonde and pulled back into two pigtails with those little pink butterfly clap barrettes. My face was painted with a layer of base and I had a pink, frosty lipstick on. I looked down at my chest as much as I can with my neck in the collar and saw that my body had been shaved hairless, and is covered with goosebumps and my nipples had been painted with rougey gloss.

"Jack, what the fuck . . ," I gasped.

"Listen," he says, "they sent me back here to give you the deal, they figured you would take it better coming from me. You're doing this picture, one way or another. They want you to cooperate. You're supposed to play along like you're doing this for real, like this is your first time, and you're going through some sort of an initiation. Listen Alex, I knew they were gonna fuck you, but they told me if you don't play along, they'll just rape you anyway. It's an initiation they say. They have a guy with AIDS, and if you don't pass what they call your audition, they'll have him cum in and cum in you ass. Just play along, you're almost done with school, you have a great life ahead of you. Besides, it will still be sort of goof, we'll talk about it later, and we'll laugh about how bohemian we are."

Jack started running his hand along my hairless body, softly, moving it around in the area of my crotch, but not touching my dick. You can't really, help it, if you're tied to a table dressed as a girl in a totally vulnerable position, and someone runs their hand on your body - you start to get hard. My dick started perking up.

"See, baby, I got to admit, for me at least me, this is fun."

"Jack . . .you got to get me out of this" I said. He slapped me hard across my face.

"Shut up bitch, this is serious. Besides you want it, you're always teasing me, you little cock tease. Your always walking around drunk, acting like a like a little girly fuck, now you're gonna get some dick and your gonna like it."

Jack had taken his penis out of his pants and was stroking it over my face.

"Open your mouth cunt, you suck on this while I explain to you." He grabbed my face and pinched my cheeks so my mouth opened and pushed his hard dick in my mouth, and started fucking my face. I felt his cock push in and out hitting the back of my throat so I gagged, dragging against my lips as he pulled out.

"This is the script," he said still fucking my mouth, but now playing with my dick, and roughly sticking a finger up my ass. "You're some kid we picked up at the bus station. You say you just turned 18, and you want to be a porn star. You then act the part. Ben or one of the others tells you to do something you do it. Or you know what, don't do if you don't want - I don't fucking care. But if you don't play the part right, if you don't make it believable, after they rape you, the guy in the car is gonna come in here and place a load of HIV infected spunk in your tight little rich-boy slumming with the working class ass. You understand me?" Jack said his penis still lodged in my mouth. I nodded, looking up at him.

"Good," he said and pulled his penis out with a pop, leaving the room, leaving me gasping but ashamedly still hard.

The next five minutes were a blur; a man in a ski mask came in and untied me.

"Jack told you the rules right, you know the part right? You know the consequences?" I just nodded, and was led back out into the main room.

"Okay, Alex, you ready?" Ben said.

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