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Sex at work.

She simply could NOT believe that Mark was involved with that skanky old bimbo who reeked of plastic surgery, regardless of what she heard. An old cougar like that was just 'so not Mark!'

Not that it really mattered. Mark had left her, and that was the only important fact.

Sarah didn't go into work the following day because she was felt so miserable, but the day afterwards she knew that she couldn't keep acting as if the world had ended, and that she had to continue living, so it was back to the old grind.

There was a shocking surprise awaiting her at work that day.

Sarah was sitting in her office when her friend, Brenda, knocked on her door.

"Come on in Brenda. What's going on?"

Brenda looked rather uncomfortable.
"Sarah, do know who R. Bradley Leonard is?"

"Oh course. He is the Vice-President for UBL's west coast Wealth Management operations. My boss's boss. Why do you ask?" Brenda tilted her head a little and smiled a pseudo-smile that implied bad, evil, even earth shaking events.

"Well, Mr. R Bradley Leonard is in Phillip's office, and he would like to see you. Next."

Sarah looked puzzled, "Next? And what is Mr. Leonard doing here? I didn't see any emails to the effect that he was coming?"

"'Next' means everyone else in the department has already been in to see him. As for why he's here - I'll let him explain."

To say that Sarah walked down the hall to Phillip's office with a certain amount of trepidation would be an understatement. She was scared stiff that she was going to be fired for some reason, although in truth, she couldn't remember doing anything worse than maybe 'borrowing' a pencil or pen from the office to take home. Just to write shopping lists.

"Please, Sarah, come in," boomed the voice of R. Bradley Leonard, "I think that we've met before at the regional meetings, but I've never had the pleasure of speaking to you one-on-one. Oh, and please call me 'Brad'. I don't stand much on formalities."

"Yes sir, I mean 'Brad," Sarah replied, while entering the office and sitting as instructed. She looked around at the office; something seemed a little odd.

"Excuse me Sir, I mean, Brad. Where is Phillip?"

"Ahem. Well that is the reason for our little meeting here today.

"Tell me, how well did you know Phillip?" he asked.

"Not terribly well. We spoke here at the office on occasion, and once recently Phillip joined us after work for drinks," Sarah replied, her curiosity evident.

"Did he ever ask you about your work, or about the procedures that the Wealth Management Group used?" Formality or not, Brad seemed to be very serious about this line of questioning.

"No Sir. Actually, he and I only ever spoke about personal things - he was giving me advice in how to deal with my boyfriend, you know, from a man's point of view," Sarah said, blushing as she admitted to the fact. "And in fact, his advice wasn't very good, because it only made things worse. May I ask why you are interested?"

"In short," Brad explained, "The man we knew as Phillip, it turns out, was not Phillip Woodword. He is some sort of imposter, who managed to get the real Phillip Woodword's information, and acquired or manufactured documentation that convinced our corporate HR people that he was Phillip Woodword.

"At this point, it's not clear who he actually was, and he seems to have cottoned on to the fact that we were on to him, and he has disappeared into the woodwork. And now we have to figure out what, if anything, he took or did during his tenure with UBL.

"Thank you for coming in and answering our questions, Sarah. I hope that we meet again in more positive circumstances. And if you hear from him, or have any relevant information that might come to mind - anything that he might have told you that you don't remember at this moment, here is a card for my office; call me and let us know."

Sarah walked quietly back to her office.

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