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I meet the incredibly sexy Sally.

So, he reluctantly set his own alarm clock for the same time, hoping he would be able to function that early in the morning.

In his groggy state, Jeff could hear some rustling from Julieanne's room which was right next door. He quickly pulled on a t-shirt and some ratty jean shorts, then slipped into white ankle socks and sneakers. Jeff heard Julieanne's door open and after a time, the front door creak. He had to act fast! Jeff cautiously looked out into the upstairs hallway. No one appeared to be stirring, so he stealthfully manuevered his way down the steep stairs, passed the foreboding cuckoo clock, and skillfully eased his way out of the front door. He could see Julieanne walking swiftly in the distance. Jeff carefully kept far enough away so that Julieanne couldn't see him, yet he still could follow her general direction. When Julieanne reached Brownstone Park, Jeff carefully snuck up behind the side of the privet hedge that was least visible from the street. From a very small hole that was scarcely larger than the human eye, he could see and hear everything inside the privet square perfectly!


Julieanne was radiant. As a pair of chipping sparrows watched and a ruby throated hummingbird pollinated a scarlet Salvia, the five foot seven inch 130 pound girl unbuttoned her long dress agonizingly slowly. The garment was very low cut, so in a matter of seconds her powder blue bra was revealed. Enjoying her new found bliss, Julieanne rubbed her breasts through the sheer material, feeling her nipples harden and her pussy leak with moisture. She closed her eyes tightly as she took in the sounds of the gentle summer morning. From a nearby tree, a chickadee chirped his melancholy Phoe-be incessantly while a distant chorus of crickets wound down for the day. Gradually her dress fell to the ground on its own accord. Julieanne's long brown hair blew in the wind as she worked her fingers down her chest toward her aching love box. When she reached her panties, she gradually lowered them until her slightly hairy bush was completely visible. Then she cried out in a sudden blissful squeak as one finger probed her throbbing gash. Julieanne frigged herself for two tantalizing minutes, kicking off her panties in the process and throwing her bra off in a mindless glee.

From behind his hiding place, Jeff could hardly believe what he was seeing! He had always had a mild crush on his beautiful sister which had gotten much worse in the last year. Being a twin, he had a special empathy with Julieanne, delighting in her good moments and sympathetic to her inevitable bad days. Unfortunately, Jeff went into a deep funk when Julieanne met Brad. He had buried himself in his computer games to try to forget her, but it hadn't worked. Jeff was as horny as ever, and as he took in the erotic scene in front of him, lowered his shorts and stepped out of them. Without looking down, Jeff worked his rock hard seven incher through the fly of his striped boxers. He pulled his pud like it was going out of style as Julieanne's magnificent tits were revealed and had to hold back when she started frigging herself. His own twin sister...masturbating!! It was just too much for Jeff and he tried slowing down his frantic hands to hold back the impending explosion.

In the corner of his eye, Jeff detected some motion at the gate.

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