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My wife never deepthroated me even when we were dating. I wondered, "How is she so good at this?" to myself but then I remembered that she probably had a lot of practice on her boyfriend and that's probably how she kept him around for so long.

I said, "Holy shit" and she giggled, and put her tongue on my balls and began licking my balls slowly. Her tongue felt amazing on my balls and I moaned with great pleasure.

She then put my cock back in her mouth and went back to work and then took my cock out of her mouth after about 90 seconds of hardcore sucking and asked me, "Do I do it better than mom?"

I defiantly said, "Hell yeah you do," and she smiled and giggled. She then started licking my balls again and then put my entire ballsack in her mouth and gargled it in her mouth for about a minute sucking the shit out of them pulsating her lips and applying increasing pressure to them while massaging them with her tongue. This was by far the best blowjob I had ever received in my life. My daughter has some true cocksucking talent.

She started sucking my cock some more and then took my cock out of her mouth and started whacking herself in the face with it and closed her eyes and moaned and said, "Aw yeah." Then she whacked it against her tongue and put her mouth back to work on my massive throbbing hard cock and I started feeling through her hair.

Then I could tell I was just about to cum so I let out a big sigh and said, "Aw yeah. I'm about to cum."

She kept her mouth wrapped around my cock and I figured maybe she didn't hear me so I said again, "I'm about to cum."

She nodded and said, "Mhmmm," and winked at me so now I knew that she wanted me to cum in her mouth and all the sudden I exploded and shooted probably the biggest load I've ever shot straight into the back of her throat and she swallowed every last drop of it and took my cock out of her mouth and licked the cum off the head of my cock.

She looked up at me and said, "How was that?"

I looked at her and said, "Baby that was amazing."

She laughed and said, "I can't help it I love sucking cock."

I said sort of jokingly, "I can tell," and we laughed together. She stood up and wrapped her arms around me and our lips met and she started kissing me and stuck her tongue in my mouth and we started flicking our tongues together while she was saying "Mmmm" during all of this.

I put my hands on her buttocks and she said, "Slap my ass." So I grabbed each of her cheeks and gave them a good squeeze and then gave each of her cheeks a good slap once leaving each of her cheeks nice and red and she let out a moan. I said, "You like that?"

She replied "Aw yeah that's so hot." Then she began kissing my neck and she breathed into my ear and I felt myself getting so hot and bothered I was sweating. All the sudden she whispered in my ear, "I want you to fuck me."

I looked at her in a state of disbelief with my eyes widened and said, "Are you sure?"

She nodded her head and said, "Yeah."

So I said, "Ok."

She sat on the table and rested her feet on the arms of the chair in front of the computer in the spread eagle missionary position. She looked at me and said, "C'mon daddy fuck my pussy."

So I started rubbing the head of my cock against her clit and then stuck it in her pussy and began thrusting into my daughter. Her pussy was so tight and so wet. The whole time I was thinking to myself, "This is so wrong. I can't believe I'm fucking my own daughter."

She was moaning pleasurably and said, "C'mon daddy harder." So I started thrusting harder and deeper into her slapping my balls against her pussy and I could feel her pussy muscles clenching around my cock and I could tell she was having an orgasm. I started thinking that her boyfriend must be really big if she isn't fazed at all and actually enjoying it when getting drilled balls deep by a 9 inch cock.

She started screaming and saying, "Oh yeah!" Oh daddy!" "Oh yes!" "Oh fuck me daddy!" over and over again.

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