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Two married women coworkers go to a company dinner.

3g 01:11 yes, do you like fucking me hard tom?

A1ic3g 01:12 i can feel you so deep

A1ic3g 01:12 i squeal as you take me

LordTom 01:13 can your housemate hear?

A1ic3g 01:13 yes she can hear... she can hear you taking me... she can hear me getting fucked

A1ic3g 01:14 she can almost heae your balls slapping me as you piston into my cunt

LordTom 01:14 do you care that she can hear?

A1ic3g 01:14 do you like that?

LordTom 01:15 I do.

A1ic3g 01:15 no i dont care... i like it, she'll know im with a well hung man

A1ic3g 01:16 she'll be a bit jealous of me

LordTom 01:18 I grab your legs and pull them so that they are together and pointing up 90 degrees from your body. I carry on fucking you hard at this new angle

A1ic3g 01:19 yes... i scream and curse as you fuck my cunt in this new way

A1ic3g 01:20 do you want her to hear everything, all of our dirty talk?

LordTom 01:21 I don't care who hears.

A1ic3g 01:21 yes

LordTom 01:24 I pull out and grab you bodily, flipping you over onto your knees, face in the pillow

A1ic3g 01:25 i whine and a rill of heat runs through me at the strength and command over my body you show

LordTom 01:27 I re-enter your cunt from behind, and start fucking you slowly

A1ic3g 01:28 mmmm i like that

LordTom 01:29 i grab your arms and hold them at wrists, crossed against your back. I start fucking you incrementally harder and faster

A1ic3g 01:31 i squeal louder again, youre completely in control of me, i feel exhiliration run through me as you start to pound me from behind, holding my wrists tight, think i

A1ic3g 01:31 i'm going to come again

LordTom 01:32 im getting close too. faster and harder and harder and faster

A1ic3g 01:33 i feel your cock expand deep inside me and i start to have a powerful vaginal orgasm, the kind that only a big cock can give me, i shake and sob as i come on your cock

LordTom 01:35 I let out a deep, animal groan as my cock explodes inside you

A1ic3g 01:35 yes, fill me up with your spunk

LordTom 01:37 i do, and as all the tension drains from our bodies, we collapse onto the bed.

A1ic3g 01:38 i try to hold your cock inside me still as we recover

LordTom 01:39 Panting slowly turns into deep breathing

A1ic3g 01:40 mmmmm

A1ic3g 01:41 so thats what sex with tom is like? ;)

LordTom 01:41 One hopes so

A1ic3g 01:41 with all the dirty words :)

LordTom 01:42 Yes, Fuck Yes.

A1ic3g 01:42 i wiggle my arse against you as we spoon

A1ic3g 01:42 fuck bum fanny wank lol

LordTom 01:43 I haven't cum IRL yet, lol

A1ic3g 01:43 lol... can i help?

A1ic3g 01:44 what makes you come the hardest?

LordTom 01:45 the sound of someone's loud orgasm

A1ic3g 01:46 im afraid ive had mine lol... you gave it to me

LordTom 01:47 when?

A1ic3g 01:47 while we fucked... i had my hand in my knickers

A1ic3g 01:48 feeling very dirty

A1ic3g 01:48 a bit slutty even

A1ic3g 01:48 thoughi dont really believe in the concept

LordTom 01:49 Nah, it's a bit of a doulbe standard, isn't it?

A1ic3g 01:50 yeah... but i like that sometimes, to think of decidedly unfeminist things... do you mind that?

LordTom 01:52 No, what we just virtually did didn't have an equal gender power distribution. But it was still fucking mind-blowing

A1ic3g 01:53 yes... you were in charge and i liked that best

LordTom 01:54 I want to give you something, a present to say thanks :)

A1ic3g 01:54 is it a creamy present lol

LordTom 01:55 It's a photo, if you're interested? I know it's a bit of a grey area

A1ic3g 01:55 shall we leave that for now?

LordTom 01:56 Ok, no worries :)

A1ic3g 01:56 but my email is ****************, if you want it :)

LordTom 01:59 Cheers, i've popped you a quick one, so you've got mine :)

A1ic3g 01:59 do you like popping a quick one sometimes then? lol

LordTom 02:02 haha :) I do indeed. As much as I like these marathon sessions, I am now quite shagged out.

LordTom 02:02 Pun intended.

A1ic3g 02:02 lol me too

A1ic3g 02:02 next time the briefest of fucks lol

A1ic3g 02:03 night night lord tom :)

LordTom 02:04 Good night, Alice x

The Next Night:

LordTom 08:06 Hey!


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