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Guy gets ditched by his friend and hooks up with his mom.

Several husbands try to get their wives to take their hands down. Several husbands try to get their wife to put her hand up. You can see other couples discussing the situation with the wives trying to get their husbands to agree to them being impaled by BBC. My wife looks me in the eyes waiting to see my reaction. I am shocked but excited and feel a twinge/burning sensation in my crotch. Her face is flushed and I can tell she is excited. Her nipples are protruding through her dress. I can only imagine that her pussy is saturating her thong.

She says, "Please! This is a once in a life time opportunity to fulfill my fantasy of being ravaged by a muscular black man with a horse cock. Honey he is built better and has a bigger cock than the any stud I have seen in a XXX movie. He is even better than any I have fanaticized about while you plowed my pussy with my favorite black dildo."

I say nothing, but fear that if she fucks him she will never be satisfied with my cock again. She then promises me that if I let her do it she will agree to any fantasy that I have. My cock hardens at the thought but I still say nothing. Without my approval and to my chagrin, her hand shoots up in the air waving like a school girl at a rock concert. The thought of her being fucked by him churns my stomach but also makes my cock rock hard. I can't believe I am excited about her pussy being stretched by this God. What is wrong with me? This is not normal. Within minutes all the wives' hands are in the air volunteering to betray their wedding vowels and offer their white tight married pussies to a big black stranger with a donkey dick.

Five of the wives are called up to the stage for Mr. Marcus's inspection. Several of the wives expose their bosoms to Mr. Marcus to see and fondle. Not to be out done one by one they start teasing Mr. Marcus by showing their wet pussies and fine asses to him. One wife even throws her soaked wet panties at him and then lays on the floor to show how red, wet, swollen and open her pussy is. Everyone can see that no foreplay would be required with this one.

The reality of the situation must have hit my wife because it almost seems that she is trying not to get picked. She does not show her luscious D tits with huge nipples, tight ass, or shaved pussy. I think she is having second thoughts. I do not know if she is scared of his enormous cock or doesn't want to break her wedding vowels. Either way, I am happy. The MC announces that Mr. Marcus has made a decision. The crowd goes silent. Mr. Marcus has decided to pick the modest wife that does not want to show her superb titties, gorgeous ass, or succulent pussy to him. I can see panic in my wife's eyes as she is whisked away by two buff barkers as the stage goes dark.

The MC said that, "There will be a brief intermission until the stage gets reset which will include a large movie screen so the audience can get a better view, especially of the penetration, eruption of Mr. Marcus's massive cock, messy cream pie, and the cum licking."

I cannot believe that several of the husbands congratulate me that my wife is going to get fucked royally by Mr. Marcus. They say they are jealous that it is not their wife that will be pleasured. A beautiful scantily clad Nubian princess comes up to me and says my wife needs me immediately and that I should follow her, which I do. Once behind the curtain, two huge black men grab my arms and bind my hands behind my back while the princess strips me naked. Then she puts a dog collar attached to a leash around my neck. She said that, "You will do as I say or there will be severe consequences."

Within a matter of minutes the stage curtain opens again.

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