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Mother finally gives in to son and falls in love with him.


Dominique smirked and said, "This be no contest, you know. Why you not bring me a real woman to compete instead of this tubby old whore."

Granter cleared his throat to catch her attention and with a slight jerk of her head forced her to withdraw. "Please excuse my girl, Sonya. She is but nineteen and full of herself. Of course, when one has such a fine, tight pussy as my Dominique does, one can get away with very poor manners."

I turned and smiled at her. "I understand, being a mother. I will look forward to this child eating her words when this is over."

"You'll eat my pussy first, old slut," she hissed at me.

"You should be so lucky, little girl," I shot back, my blood beginning to rise.

Mister Stockman held up a hand and chuckled. "Well, perhaps we should begin before this gangbang turns into a catfight." He nodded to Joan who steered me towards the nearest reclining lounger. In noticed high overhead was an electronic sign that blinked on as we approached, flashing a bright '0."

A middle aged woman, wearing heavy makeup with huge, meaty breasts nearly falling out of her skimpy silver dress, bleach blonde hair done up like Dolly Parton, strutted out to a place between the two loungers and raised a wireless microphone to her lips. "I'm Sandra Wellsley and as the owner and operator, I bid you welcome to THE CLUB!" she cried out. "Welcome to the fifteenth annual "FUCK-OFF OF THE SLUTS!" The crowd cheered wildly, sending a delicious thrill through me, beginning between my legs and exploding through the rest of my body.

"It's Mommy versus Missy as Sonya Hammonds vies with Dominique Batillo to see who can fuck and suck the most men." She glanced around to check that I was reclining in my lounger and then over at Dominique who had taken her place in the other lounger, her legs spread wide and fingering herself in front of the crowd. "Are the sluts ready?"

We both nodded and then the woman said, "Mister Stockman...Mister Granter -- do you claim the right?"

I heard Mister Stockman call out in his stentorian voice, "Absolutely," quickly joined by, "Aye...let's get this fuckfest rolling." I turned at Mister Stockman' voice and was shocked to see him in the last stages of disrobing, shucking his silk shorts to reveal an already erect cock...that long, thick penis I had enjoyed sucking several times already. A quick glance at my opponent revealed Trey Granter already naked and about to climb between Dominique's legs. His cock was long, but did not measure up to Mister Stockman' girth -- something I noted with more than a bit of self satisfied pleasure.

Sandra Wellsley licked her lips and said, "The rules are simple. She who fucks and sucks the most men wins the competition. It only counts if she swallows a load of sperm and has it deposited inside her. If either slut begs for someone to stop or refuses an offered cock, she forfeits! I am the solitary arbiter." She glanced again at Dominique and myself and when she received nods from us both, she grinned and said, "May the best slut win!"

I managed to see Trey scrabble atop his woman before Mister Stockman climbed between my legs, his cock, long and hard, jutting out from his gray pubic hairs. "I've been looking forward to this for some time, my dear."

I spread my legs wide, letting them hang off either side of the lounger, opening my pussy wide in anticipation.. "I've been dreaming of you fucking me, sir," I moaned in response. "Please fuck me with that fine looking cock!"

Moving like a man half his age, Mister Stockman eased up over my body, leaning down to kiss me as he brought his cock to press between my labia and as I shivered in anticipation, feeling a great wave of erotic heat washing over me, he shoved his cock into me. I was so wet and aroused, so anxious and hungry for cock, I took all of him in one swift, experienced stroke and as his large cock spread my inner flesh apart, filling me up with his dickmeat, I threw my head back and screamed as my first orgasm of the evening washed over me!

I felt so free and nasty --

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