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Claire accepts an invitation to a sexual fantasy event.

The tops are just strings with little triangles that are maybe two square inches of cloth, the bottoms are also just strings with a triangle patch and that triangle reached barely to her butt hole.

I know that for a fact because Sid is not one bit shy, in fact she is completely proud of her body. I see her on the legs machine regular as clockwork, she knows how much is showing and I think she likes doing that.

I did get to see her completely naked just once, that was at that show she and a couple of other gals were putting on down the coast way back. Even after having seen her in her tiny work out outfits, seeing her nude up on the stage was spectacular.

Women who work out a lot seem to develop vaginas that bulge, now I am not sure as to why that is but I know it is true. Debra's has been doing that also, at first I thought it was just because she went and got her loins waxed but now I am sure she is much puffier in that department than she was 5 years ago when we got married.

Or maybe it is because I fiddle with her a couple of times a week, maybe that is it? I know, I am 70 and supposed to be slowing down but my gal won't stand for that.

Anyway, Sid had on a tank top style T-shirt that was cut off to show her muscular belly, and a pair of slacks that someone must have pulled over her fanny and then tamped it down.

Good lord did she look nasty, her smallish boobs shoved out against the top she had on, clear as a bell.

"Hey, guys!" She called out, heading for our table. She had another overly muscled woman with her.

That one looked a little bit scarey, her arms and shoulders made mine look skinny and I am right at 180 pounds now.

"This is Kathy, she is here for the show." We all shook hands and they joined us. Kathy was a short haired redhead, the color was clearly not real. Her boobs appeared to be not real, either, like Sid her nipples poked out and it was clear she had no bra on either. Instead of jiggling like real boobs do, hers sort of hopped up and down.

They were getting quite a few looks from the other folks in the restaurant, but I think both of them were completely used to that.

We all chatted about everything under the Sun, then Sid and Debs got up to go use the bathroom.

Which left me alone with Kathy.

"You are cute, Sid told me all about you." She gave me a big smile.

"Hopefully she lied." I wisecracked.

Kathy tipped her head back and laughed at the lame joke.

"Sid was telling me about you, how your wife says you are quite the stud." She looked me in the eyes, which I now realized were green. Green enough in fact that I was thinking they were contacts.

" wife brags too much." I managed.

"I am betting she doesn't need to make very much up. Sid tells me you are hung like a Horse!" Kathy leaned forward and whispered to me. Her right hand reached out and touched my left forearm.

All that did was make my face turn red. I must admit that it is not a normal thing to have a pretty muscle bound woman sitting at my table rather blatantly flirting with me. Hell, I am 70 years old, for crying out loud.

Just then Debs and Sid came back and saved me.

Later, I told Debs what Kathy had said.

"Why, that little bitch! I can't believe that, she knows you and I are married. And how in the hell does Sid know you are hung like a horse?" She looked at me, I caught the smirk in her eyes.

"I..I don't know, I haven't exactly made it a practice of going around and showing off my junk to women. Besides, I'm not....?"

"Oh yes you are, honey." Debs was laughing now.

OK. That made me feel sort of good, it would any man to know his woman brags about him.


That afternoon Jack and Terry arrived, they came up to the room. Jack and I shook hands, Terry gave me a huge hug while Jack gave Debra one.

Like I mentioned, this couple have become sort of friends, they do massages and of course we pay them because that is their business. But we also take them out to dinner, we visit, back home we keep in touch via Facebook and email.

The relationship is not exactly close

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