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The Lawman finds out how much Mom loves him.

Nonetheless she followed them as the men exited the room.

She knew that someone was almost certainly to see her as the group left the building nevertheless she couldn't stop herself from checking that at least no one was standing in the hallway.

After leaving the room she was surprised that Mr. Parnell lead the way towards the back of the building. Maybe she might get away after all.

When she exited the back door she was stunned to spot a helicopter sitting in front of her. Obviously this was Mr. Gordon's ride?

Surprised her pace slowed to give herself a chance to study the interesting machine in front of her. It reminded her of the one seen at the beginning of the episodes of the TV series her dad had received on DVD one Christmas.

She remember that her dad had called it a Bell 47. It featured a huge plastic ball as a cabin and featured three side by side seats. The web of steel tubing in back didn't look strong enough to stay together, but if the helicopter was as old as she suspected it must be okay.

Mr. Gordon got in a one side while Mr. Parnell ushered Darci into the middle seat. He took the other one once she was belted in.

Mr. Gordon started the engine and let it warm up a few moments, then he engaged the transmission. Once the rotors were spinning at speed he lifted the helicopter off the ground and headed in the direction Darci indicated the property was located.

Back on the ground Harold Simmons was staring at the screen on his cellphone. The video he had taken of the naked girl he had spotted walking to the helicopter was consuming his attention. He had been so busy making sure he keep her centered in the viewfinder that it wasn't until he played it back that he realized it was Darci. His fantasies about her body couldn't compare with his new video.

To pass the time she asked Mr. Gordon how long he had been flying helicopters. He replied that he had been a pilot for over twenty-five years, but that he had only transitioned to helicopters the previous year.

To her surprise the flight went fairly quickly as the group's conversation continued.

She was more surprised how quickly they arrived at the farm. By car it would have taken them approximately an hour and a half or so to get here. By helicopter it had taken little more than 20 minutes.

As the helicopter turned to follow the driveway into the property she realized that she didn't need the gate lock combination after all.

Before landing they circled over the property. They saw the ponds and the creek that led from one pond to the lake. They noticed that the lake featured a fair size island.

They saw that while some of the acreage was devoted to farming there was a fair percentage still covered by trees.

By lowering the helicopter over some of the flat areas they picked a spot that would probably have the makings of a fine firing range. The land was fairly flat and there were some hills at the far end that would be an excellent backstop.

Moving back to the home site they saw that it included a somewhat large farmhouse, a good size barn and three outbuildings.

Picking a place nearby that wouldn't risk damage to the buildings Mr. Gordon set the helicopter down.

Darci went to remove her headsets, but stopped at a motion from Mr. Gordon. Once the rotors stopped he motioned it was okay now to remove the ear protectors.

"This thing is awfully loud and you're better off waiting till it's completely stopped before taking those off just to be safe," he explained.

After removing their seat belts the two men opened the doors and everyone stepped out.

The group formed in front of the copter and took in the view.

At one point Darci turned around and saw her reflection in the helicopter's bubble. She saw an calm, attractive woman all be it naked, looking back.

It had only been thirty or thirty-five minutes since her striptease in Mr. Parnell's office and already she was becoming comfortable around the two men with her nudity.

After a bit the group walked over to the barn.

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