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Some hanky panky on the freeway and a confession.

Nikki's legs went slightly weak as she felt her small opening being stretched and relaxed around the head of the fake cock. She moaned a little and she felt it start to be pushed deeper inside her. Oh, it was big... and felt it. At perhaps 7.5'' in length and as wide as her jaw would go, though her mouth was somewhat petite, it filled her tightly. Coultier worked it in and out some more.

She pushed the final half inch inside, Nikki making small sounds of pleasure as her body betrayed her, she was enjoying this, she tried to fight that thought, to tell herself she needed to escape, but more and more she felt a pressure inside her telling her to keep going. It scared her and she refused to let it show. She felt something cold and a little rough press against her clit, though it started to warm, it felt a little metallic. The leather material came up in front in a small thin strip of material that just covered her landing strip and left her hips and much of her groin bare. It fastened to the corset and then she felt a thinner strap between the cheeks of her behind as evidently it was fixed to the back too. The device from before that had sealed her in the corset came out and was pressed to where the straps had been fixed, a small mechanical sound obviously sealing it in place. She shuddered a little, feeling her wet hole, tightly stretch clench around the dildo, her mouth and pussy both held open to capacity she shuddered with a mixture of fear and pleasure.

"Maybe I'll see you later sweetheart... if you choose wisely." She grinned, kissing her cheek again and tugging at the rings in her nipples causing a small squeal of pleasure and pain. Nikki blushed at the pleasure part of that cry. The woman packed up her things, left a key on the bench in front of Nikki and left, the door sealing behind her.

After a moment the chain holding her wrists in the air loosened and let Nikki sit back down. She picked up the key and managed to unlock the cuffs. She leant over, with difficulty, bending at the hips- wow, she felt the dildo move inside her as she did that, not being able to bend at the waist and having that thing inside her shift if she best at the hips was inconvenient. She undid the locks on her ankles too and stood up. She moved away from the machine and her hands went between her legs.

She caught sight of herself in a mirror. A set of red lips printed on her cheek, her hair in a ponytail, a ring gag holding her mouth open, drool on her lower lip and now the corset. She'd known it was tight, but the curve it gave to her figure was almost unreal. It made her breasts and hips look cartoonish in comparison. She placed her hands around the narrowest point and shuddered at how close her fingers and thumb came to touching, she had to get out of this. She tried to find a way to unfasten the dildo from between her legs first, her fingers felt at what had been the clasps but there was no way that she could see to get them free, the machine having effectively sealed them on. She tugged, but the material was thick leather and didn't budge. It felt like it had been put together to suffice as medieval leather armour. She reached behind herself and felt the cables, but she couldn't feel a knot and she had no idea how it did up, let alone how to loosen it. She tried looking behind herself in the mirror, but the restriction to her movements stopped her from twisting at the waist. She sighed at the futility of the situation. She wiped her cheek clean of the lipstick before feeling behind herself, hoping the strap might come off at the back. It was hopeless too.
"Don't look so dejected my dear girl. You are doing splendidly and are over halfway through the game."

She looked worried, wondering what else could be done to her in that time again.

"Choose a seat, four or five."

She'd been sensible enough to take a look around the room and eye out which seats looked the least threatening.

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