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I found her again and this time she brings my daughter.

Elizabeth begins to unzip my dress, but I pull away thinking I can undress myself. She turns me around giving me a full slap on each upper thigh saying: "I will undress and dress you Young Lady unless you want another spanking from me."

"Yes Miss," I answer quickly.

She quickly and efficiently strips me of all my clothes until I am naked. I am smooth between my legs. I shaved my front and bottom hole this morning, because Daddy requires me to have a smooth pubic and anal area. He says: "Until I leave the house I will be treated and look like a little girl."

Elizabeth inspects me carefully and methodically by rubbing her hand up and down my clit and slit feeling how smooth I am. She makes me turn and bend feeling my rosebud for smoothness. Once I pass her inspection she goes to the closet and retrieves a cotton examination gown. It is very soft and cool not like the usual paper linen type at most doctors. The cotton gown is more like a children's nightshirt. It is very short revealing most of my legs. It is white with Disney Princess characters decorating the nightshirt. I look in the front mirror and can see the gown ends just below my clit. The back reveals much of my cheeks. I can see where my tan line ends high up on my now very red cheek bottom.

"I am not going to wear this for my exam. I look like a little girl." I say defiantly. Of course, that outburst results in my being placed over Elizabeth's knee for a quick no nonsense paddling with her palm. My fanny is already sore and the spanking makes me start to cry again and I agree to wear the gown for my exam.

Elizabeth lets me rise from her lap with one final smack. I am completely dominated and embarrassed because of the spankings I have received and the way I am dressed. I just want to get the exam over with so I will obey all orders. Elizabeth takes me by my hand and we enter the exam room, which is dominated by the gynecological table right in the center of the room. I did not know I needed a gynecologic exam for a work physical.

I see the nurse Kathleen facing the corner with her bright pink panties on display. Elizabeth explained that once all work is completed Dr. Williams wants me and Kathleen 'parked' in our shame corner to wait for our next assignment. She said I was to be 'parked' to wait my examination. I am left facing the nearest corner waiting for Dr. Williams, as Elizabeth leaves the room. I stand quietly with my nose against the wall.

After some 10 minutes I hear Dr. Williams enter the examination room. I hear him walking around the room inspecting it making sure things are in there correct place and the room is spotless. He walks over to where Kathleen is standing and swats her bright pink panty hard. "Are you going to behave when I exam Kelly and have all of the instruments ready. I don't want a repeat of the last exam, Young Lady," He says firmly.

"No Sir everything is ready," She answers sobbing like a 6 year old, instead of a 44 year old adult woman.

Next I hear him approach me and whispering in my ear he says: "I spoke to your Father and you will not have your car or phone for a week. You are grounded and he intends to spank you when you arrive home. Is that clear, Missy?"

"Yes Sir," I answer sobbing quietly

"Let's get started. Kathleen pull up your slacks and check Kelly's height and weight," Dr. Williams' orders. I feel a hand on my ear as she grasps it firmly guiding me over to the scale and height measurement device. I step on the scale and she weighs me writing down 135 pounds. I slouch slightly as she measures my height and feel a sharp sting on my bare bum. "No slouching Young Lady," She instructs. I see her right 5:4 on her pad. She lifts my gown and exams my backside. "You are a few pounds overweight and most of it is right here on your cheeks," she says as she taps them gently. My face turns bright red to be told to lose weight.

"Okay Missy sit on the gynecological table I am going to take your blood pressure," She orders.

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