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Katy goes to Paris.

n't I?

When three weeks had passed I had turned completely around. Wow! That was some dream I had. Thinking it was real how Jill had let Sam use her and then made me clean her. Even kissing her while Sam fucked her. The pictures are soooo clear in my head. I've fantasized before but never in such detail. I mean, it was a dream, wasn't it?

Wednesday evening Jill said, "I have a proposition for you."

I muted the TV and gave her a smile. "OK".

"I'll give you something you've always wanted if you give me something we both want."

"Well I can't lose with a proposition like that so, yes, to whatever it is."

"Let me tell you first. If you let me invite Sam over for the weekend I'll let you fuck my ass. Like you've always wanted."

I was stunned. After all the time that had gone by I actually doubted it had ever happened. I was almost as embarrassed right then as I was the night it all started.

"Well? I know you liked licking my pussy after Sam fucked me. And you know I liked it, too. I'm sure you were surprised at the things I did, but you never acted like you wanted a lusty, wanton wife. So I never showed any more of my sexuality than what I thought you wanted. I think we've both spent too much time masturbating while fantasizing about the things we wanted but were afraid to tell each other."

She was 100% correct. There was only one thing I could say.

I got down on my knees in front of her, gently spread her legs and leaned forward. Just before kissing her pussy I said, "I'll do whatever you and Sam want me to."

When Sam arrived on Friday evening we were already anxious to begin. All of us, including Sam. He and I were hard and Jill's pussy was dripping. It only took a few minutes for them to strip and jump onto the bed and fuck. It was over almost before it began. Jill cried out in orgasmic pleasure and Sam yelled as he came deep inside her.

I urged Sam to move out of the way so I could lick my lovely wife. My cock smashed against the bed as I buried my face in her steaming hot pussy. I came as I greedily lapped up the mixed juices of their fuck Then I rolled onto my back. Jill quickly moved on top of me. And Sam rejoined us on the bed.

(Jill will tell the rest of the story.)

I adjusted my position slightly as the bed shifted with Sam's additional weight, and I lowered my pussy lips to the point of just brushing Dave's lips. I felt Dave's tongue delve into the slick wetness of my splayed pussy as Sam held his half-hard cock in his hand and guided it toward my mouth. In seconds I was sucking his long thick cock as Dave's tongue roamed the open lips and gaped opening of my pussy.

The combined sensations of feeling a mans tongue roaming my cunt and a magnificent cock stiffening in my hands and mouth were more than I could bear, and a rush of pleasure tore through me when Dave greedily mouthed my clit as I shook in orgasm. I let Sam's engorged knob slip from between my lips, but not before I tasted the first sweet drop of precum ooze from the tip of it. Sam's cock was ramrod hard, and raring to go with youthful vigor.

Dave had me properly prepped to accommodate him as well.

I moved to mount Dave reverse cowboy style, carefully maneuvering my legs under his arms, and arching my back to provide good access to Sam who was already moving behind me. I was about to be fucked all over again by an impressively hung young stud while my husband lay beneath me to ravish my crotch in the midst of it.

I was aroused beyond all reason at the very idea, and ready even more as I felt both my husbands and my lovers hands at my hips and waist.

I gasped as I again felt the widely flared head of Sam's cock spread me, and despite being soaked with semen, I still felt the stretch of his cock burrowing into me. It was a wonderful filling sensation, and I arched even further as he pressed the full length of his impressive cock into me.

I could only imagine what my husband was thinking as he watched in graphic close-up fashion as that big cock slid balls-deep into me.

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