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Caught sniffing panties by mother-in-law.

"Here goes."

The door immediately swung open to reveal a mirror image of Nina. Sean nearly did a double-take at the resemblance. Her skin was the color of a rich hazelnut, the same color of her thoughtful eyes. Her hair was black and cut into a fashionable bob. She had to be in her mid-fifties, but Anita Gill didn't look a day over thirty.

"I was wondering when you two would show up," Anita said, a toothy smile on her beautiful face.

Nina grabbed her mother in a hug. "Ma, you and I both know you were watching from the window."

"Guilty." The older woman laughed. "How's my baby been?"

"Good." Pulling away from her mother, Nina grabbed Sean's hand. "Mom, this is Sean. Sean, this is my Mommy."

Sean smiled and extended his hand. "It's nice to meet you, Mrs. Gill."

Anita pulled him close to her. "None of this 'Mrs. Gill' crap. Call me Anita. Let me get a good look at you." She moved him to arms length. "Honey, you know how to pick 'em. He's an absolute hottie."

"Mom!" Nina exclaimed as Sean blushed slightly.

"What?" asked Anita innocently. "I'm just saying."

"Thank you Anita," Sean said, tossing her a grin. "It never hurts to receive a compliment from such a beautiful woman. I don't hear them often."

"I see Nina hasn't been taking care of her guy as she should," Anita teased.

"See, I knew this was going to happen. I bring home a guy and you team up with him. Where's Daddy? He was always on my side," Nina joked.

"In his office; he's on a call."

"Actually, I am right here."

Nina looked past her mother and saw her father emerge from his office, reading glasses in hand. "Daddy!" she exclaimed. She fell into his arms. "I miss you," she whispered.

Kartar Gill smiled. "I've missed you too, Rani. How is work?"

"Work is fine, everything's going smoothly."

"I'm glad to hear," Kartar said. He focused his gaze on Sean. "You must be my daughter's new boyfriend," he said, extending his hand.

"Yes sir, Sean Reilly." Sean grasped the older gentleman's hand. "It's a pleasure to finally meet you." "Likewise," Kartar replied. He turned back to his daughter. "Well Rani, your mother has definitely whipped up a treat for your arrival. Let's sojourn to the dining room, shall we?"

Dinner was excellent. Sean could see where Nina got her cooking skills from. Nina's mother, like Roxie and Angie's was from Trinidad as well. She served them curry chicken with chickpeas and vegetables. Sean wasn't normally used to spicy foods, but it was delicious nonetheless.

He was quiet during dinner, preferring to watch the Gills interact. He could tell they were a close-knit family unit, headed by an unshakable patriarch. Kartar Gill was a reserved man, but his presence was commanding. He was a good two inches shorter than Sean, but he was in excellent shape. His dark skin was the color of sandalwood, and contrasted nicely with his raven hair and dark thoughtful eyes.

When he spoke to Sean, it wasn't in a harsh or condescending manner. He seemed genuinely interested in hearing about his job and family life. Anita fawned over him, giving him extra helpings of whatever and refilling his wineglass.

"Mom, stop it. You're going to spoil him," Nina protested after her mother heaped another generous portion of curry onto his plate.

"Shh, girl. He's a growing boy. He must be starving."

Nina smiled. "Welcome to West Indian culture, Sean; where everything can be solved with a plate of good food and too much is never enough."

"Hey, we Irish believe in the same thing. Of course by food, you mean a pint."

Everyone laughed.

Nina turned to her mother. "Have you heard from D.J. lately?" she asked.

Anita nodded. "Yes, he's opening a new club in Houston so he's down there finishing the final touches." Nina's older brother Dino worked as a nightclub promoter.

"That's nice."

"Yes, but we wish he would settle down. Traveling all the time like that," Anita tsked.

"Now, now beta," Kartar said, patting his wife's hand.

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