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Lori's fun continues into marriage

They had both seen the way the slut wanted it, her pussy slick and dripping. They liked porn, saw a lot of it on-line, but it was so much more electric like this, right in front of him. The woman's eyes were closed, obviously in some kind of sexual fog. Small features, silvery-blond hair, not half bad-looking for an older babe.

The guy fucking her was enjoying himself, that was for sure, really gripping her hard as he worked her over. There was something about the way he was doing it, and for a moment Ted wondered-

The guy lifted his head and looked right at him. His expression didn't change, but his actions did. He stopped, as if making sure he had an audience. He slowly pulled all the way out, his cock rock-hard and glistening, the woman's pussy gripping his cock as he pulled out. He held the pose for a moment, then he pushed forward, all the way, so far inside that he was right up against her ass.

Ryan edged toward the car.

"Hey man, not too close," Ted whispered.

"Fuck that," Ryan whispered back. "If it's okay with him, what to hell."

They were only a few feet away from the action now, the woman making little grunts of pleasure every time the guy fucked into her. Eyes closed, she was oblivious to their presence. She shook every time the guy pounded into her, her tits slapping against the window frame on every stroke.

Ted realized he was sort of rubbing his cock, but fuck it. Pretty hard not to be aroused. Not as if they were involved, but watching someone getting fucked right in front of them was an incredible turn on. The guy was gripping her hips hard, giving it some force, and the woman reacted with excited moaning. She grunted, then tried to bite it off, as if trying to keep quiet. It seemed to turn the guy on, and the more she tried to keep it quiet, the harder he fucked her.

That's when the guy looked at them again. He made a gesture with his head, and Ted stared, open mouthed. Because it wasn't a simple 'look at this' gesture, it was much more specific. The guy tilted his head toward the woman. Inviting them closer.

She loved it like this, someone's hands on her hips, a cock sliding in and out. No, not sliding; that was too gentle. He was fucking her, hard, so sexy...

Holly froze. She felt a presence, up close, and she opened her eyes. Two guys, right there, and she made a move to cover herself-

Hubby caught her hand.

"Someone's here!" she hissed, heart racing.

"So what?"

"They can see," she said, knowing full well they could hear her, feeling that it was all spinning out of control-

"So what?" hubby said again, and there was a tone to his voice and it all hit at once: kneeling here, half-naked, getting fucked from behind. Two guys watching, obviously enjoying the show. Hubby saying 'so what?'

Holly went through the whole gamut of emotions in about five seconds, and it ended with an incredible rush of arousal. Only now it was different. Not only did she have an audience, she had no guilt, because hubby was right there with her.

Ted caught the whole thing, the woman's alarm, the quick, furtive words, the hesitation. But mostly, he caught the shrug of acceptance, the way she settled back into position, her eyes closed. Knowing she was being watched. Knowing, and not caring.

She was back on her elbows, tits swinging back and forth as the guy started in on her again. So close, and amazingly sexual, big, erect nipples, tits swinging heavily and Ted looked right at the guy drilling her. The guy knew exactly where Ted was looking, and he knew exactly what Ted was thinking, and then he nodded his head.

Ted didn't know if the woman was a wife, girlfriend or hooker, but it didn't matter, not with such an obvious go-ahead.

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