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Daddy to the rescue?

"Awesome! You're looking better, too. You own just denim, though? You should try something else. And cute top! Did you hook up last night? You have a glow. Was it both of them? You a lezzie? You've never said."

"Wait, what?" asked Michela, offended.

"Oh, sorry, too much? Thought it was... whatever. But are you? You'd be cute together. Was that brown haired pale one your roommate? Where did you go? You didn't come to the party, and my sisters were all disappointed. They all know how great trance is, but you weren't there to show them."

"We didn't head out..." She tried to fight through a strange feeling washing over her.

"Oh? Stay in? Then you are a lezzie! That's totally cool, you know. I so get it. Women are crazy hot. You're hot too. Need to dress better, though. We should go shopping. What are you doing now? Studying? You don't need to do that, right? You should take a break. Come buy some things with me. You have to!" Tricia's hand gripped Michela's forearm.

'Wait, I haven't moved my arm?' thought Michela. "I can't..." She felt a little horny.

"You so need a makeover, totally new look." Tricia smiled. "Get more hotties if you look the part. Not that you seem to have trouble. Your friends are hot, too. Would you do it? You totally should. I know the perfect store to start in..."

"Tricia's dreamland!" Michela got out, a little louder than she intended.

"Oh!" The blonde's eyes went unfocused, then blinked a few times, and finally closed.

Michela shook off the warm, fuzzy feeling that had overtaken her. The heat that had built in her crotch didn't fade, though. She thought about playing with Tricia, but it really was too soon in the hypnotized girl's programming, and might break the required trust the grad student needed to get the undergrad to accept falling into a trance again.

Michela rubbed her forehead. She really needed to wrap this part of her thesis up. It'd been taking her weeks to slog through. "Listen, Tricia, just please go," Michela said. She looked back at the blonde and saw her stumbling out of the chair. "Wait! Count 10 to 1, wake up on 1, say goodbye, and leave!" Michela said quickly.

Tricia counted sleepily backwards, then blinked her eyes, said, "Goodbye!", and looked confused as she took off.

The grad student went back to her laptop. Her concentration was shot. She was worked up, and needed some relief before she continued. 'Head home, just text someone. Head home, just text someone.' Speed won out, and she texted Annie, the closest helper to Mugs. The blonde showed up quickly, and waiting a bit for the bathroom to open up, they headed to the handicap stall. Michela imagined styled blonde hair instead of Annie's straight between her legs as she came all over her helper's mouth.

Even after Annie's loving ministrations, Michela couldn't focus. Pulling the girl with her, she headed home. She found Indira in the shower, and Riley, still messy, eating some breakfast. Grabbing her roommate, she dragged both her and Annie into the shower with Indira. It was really crowded, but they managed for a few minutes. Then they moved to the bedroom, where there were toys. Michela got the strap on out, and as she pumped into each of her helpers, she thought of a styled blonde underneath her.


Sunday morning, Michela was sated and very, very worn out. She showered with Annie helping her, then pulled on sweat-shorts and athletic bra, grabbed her laptop, and started working. The same section as the day before began to take better shape, and she was suddenly done, both faster and more easily than she had expected, considering her recent lack of progress. Annie had gone home, and Indira needed to study for her own classes. Riley had graduated but not gone back for a master's degree. She was living on the last of the college trust she had, which wouldn't last much longer. Soon, she'd have to get a job.

Michela didn't like to think about that.

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