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"I'll see you in the morning, then. Good night."

"Night," Vanille responded.

It was almost surreal, sitting naked in a lawn chair with a cup of wine in hand, watching the moonlight sparkle on the lake. A couple of weeks ago, she couldn't even have imagined she would ever be here — let alone feeling as comfortable as she did. Perhaps there was more to her streak in college than she'd thought.

Mellow from the wine, she dozed off, but only for a few minutes. When a bug flying close by her ear snapped her back into wakefulness, she stretched and opened her eyes, preparing to rise.

The sight of the two young men standing in front of her caused her to start. A split second later, she realized that she was sitting with her legs parted and her head leaned back, thrusting her breasts upward. Lit by a combination of moonlight and firelight, she was on full display for the pair in front of her.

The smiles on David's and Greg's faces hinted that they'd enjoyed the show.

Vanille drew her knees together, trying not to make the motion too obvious, in order to hide her embarrassment. "Little late for ice cream, isn't it?"

"I don't know. A double dip sounds really good about now," David said. He then turned to his friend, and the grins on their faces grew wider.

"You're lucky I'm such a sweet girl," she said as she stood. Naturally, having such strapping younger men admiring her was the real reason. It felt good, and was more than worth the effort of dishing them up a couple of bowls before bed.

Vanille pulled back the tarp hanging around her awning, opened the back door of the truck and climbed in, her body once again responding to the pair. They followed her and stood in the doorway waiting while she retrieved bowls and spoons. Between the wine and her arousal, she felt the desire to show off a little. Rather than kneeling to reach into the cabinets, she bent over instead. Nerves kept her from peeking to see if they were looking, though she had the sensation of eyes upon her.

There was only a little left from the last batch, but it was enough for a couple of bowls. She opened the freezer and retrieved the container — once again bending over to stick out her butt. When she straightened and turned around, both men lifted their eyes slowly, making no effort to hide that her show hadn't went without an audience.

David's eyes roved down from her face for a moment. "Little cold, huh?"

"Well, it is a freezer," she managed to say, a chill running up her spine from knowing that he was looking at her stiff nipples.

It was then that she noticed.

The two impressive cocks she'd been sneaking glances of all day were noticeably larger, and no longer dangling. Instead, they were steadily rising upward. The sight was almost mesmerizing. So much so that she didn't realize how long she was openly staring.

"Getting a little warm out here," Greg said, snapping her out of a trance and flooding her face with warmth.

Vanille's heart beat fast. She might have been able to pass off the looks as some curious nudist admiration, but the erect cocks now bobbing only a couple of feet away spoke of something entirely different.

Are they actually turned on? Both of them?

Even her mini fantasies throughout the day had never dared to go there. She'd never been with more than one man at once, though it had always been an incredibly arousing thought. Still a little doubtful, she decided to play it safe, and handed over the bowls.

David dipped his spoon almost immediately, but rather than bringing it to his mouth, he asked, "Do you want a bite?"

The faint tingling she'd felt between her legs all day whenever the pair came around spiked into an electric pulse as wetness flooded her sex. The look on David's face spoke very clearly of hunger — and not for ice cream. This was one fantasy in which she had indulged, and having a man feed her always set her on fire.

She smiled — hoping against hope that she wasn't dreaming or imagining things. "Sure."

David extended the spoon to her lips, and

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