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"What does Hulk call me?"

"What?" Loki had no idea what she was talking about.

Valkyrie moved closer until the edge of her sword pressed up against the neck of "Thor". "When Hulk summoned me to train with him, what did he call me?"

"" Loki hesitated and considered his options as he stared blankly at her face.

She glared back unwaveringly.

The air shimmered as Loki reluctantly dissipated his disguise and revealed his true form. "I yield," he said with his most apologetic tone.

Without a word, Valkyrie swung her Dragonfang around and smashed the hilt into the side of Loki's head. He was knocked out of the chair and fell to the ground unconscious. Just then, there was loud banging on her door.

"LOKI!" The real Thor bellowed from outside her door. "LOKI! You had better not be in there!"

The door slid open as his fist went in for another knock, and Thor fell inside, barely catching himself. He regained his balance and saw Loki's unmoving form on the ground, his arms bound behind his back. Thor's gaze slowly shifted upward and saw Valkyrie clutching her cloak, covering the top half of her otherwise exposed body.

"Your brother has already been taught the consequences of trying to deceive a Valkyrie."

Unsure what to say in response to this unforeseen turn of events, Thor stuttered. "Um...well...good. I'm glad."

Try as he might to stop himself, his gaze drifted down toward her barely-covered chest.

"Can I help you, Your Majesty?" Valkyrie smirked.

"Hah!" Thor exclaimed in triumph. "I knew you liked me."

"What makes you think that?"

"Well, clearly you felt comfortable enough to get undressed for 'me'," Thor's hands formed air quotes at that last word.

"Maybe I like you...a little."

"It's the new haircut, isn't it?" he winked.

Valkyrie let her cloak drop to the ground, revealing to him her petite breasts, her dark brown nipples stiffening at the sudden cold. She stepped forward and pressed herself against his chest as their lips met. As their tongues swirled against each other, she ran her hands through his cropped blonde hair. Thor's strong arms clutched her back and pushed her closer against him while she unfastened his cloak and armor. Their bare chests rubbed against one another as they kissed, his hardness pushing up against her thigh through his pants.

He pushed her off and began disrobing as she did the same. Clothing and armor fell to the ground in rapid succession. His pants, then her skirt, and piece by piece until both stood fully naked. Thor grabbed her by the waist and tossed her backwards into the air. The bed let out a loud groan in protest as Valkyrie landed in the center. He leapt and followed, landing on top of her as their tongues again did battle, his arms holding hers down above her head.

"Mmm," Valkyrie moaned in pleasure as Thor's lips moved from her lips down to her neck, sending shivers down her back. He left a trail of kisses down her neck until he reached her chest, caressing her soft globes and sucking on her nipples. Her body shuddered, and she giggled as his beard tickled her bosom.

As he assaulted her breasts with his mouth, he reached down with his fingers and felt her wetness. He parted her pussy lips with his fingers and entered her, eliciting a sharp gasp. Valkyrie's body felt on fire as his burly fingers fucked her cunt. She felt her climax building, and Thor could sense that she was close as her body began trembling, her hips bucking against his hand.

With a playful grin, the God of Thunder summoned a bit of lightning around his fingers. A tiny yet strong crackle of lightning shot from his fingers and into her pussy. The jolt ran through her cunt, and the tingle of pure energy exploding on her clit was too much to bear.

"Hghh!" Valkyrie groaned, squirting onto Thor's hand as she came.

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