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Did cheating with Jason help their marriage?

Even her hair was slick with it.

One of the men took out his flaccid dick and aimed it at Sophie's face, washing the cum off of it with his piss. Soon, every guy had his dick out and was pissing on Sophie like she was a communal urinal. They didn't stop until her unconscious body was drenched again, this time with piss instead of cum.

Eventually Sophie came to. She was lying on the glass table again, smelling of urine. She coughed, rubbing her eyes; the room was still spinning. Her jaw ached, and her pussy and ass were horribly raw. Looking around, she saw a sea of unfamiliar faces, leering at her abused body. She immediately began to cry.

"Aww, apparently we're not good enough to satisfy this poor little bitch," one of the guys scoffed. He reached behind his chair and pulled something out of a box, then tossed it at Sophie. "Here, slut, if we can't satisfy you, you're going to have to do it yourself."

Sophie held the object up. It was a massive double-ended dildo. The thought of putting something so large into her already destroyed holes made her cry even harder.

"C'mon, whore, we haven't got all night," one of the men growled. "We want to see you masturbate."

Sophie shuddered, but obediently sat up. Spreading her legs, she took one end of the dildo and rubbed the head of it against her pussy, getting it wet and slippery. She slid it over her clit a few times, which surprisingly enough did turn her on. She let out a little moan and slid the fake dick into her twat. The crowd cheered.

"Now your ass! Fuck your own ass!"

Sophie leaned back and lifted her legs up to her chest until her asshole was easily accessible. She took a dollop of her own pussy juice and spread it over her tight hole. Then she began to push the other end of the dildo into her ass. It slid in easily enough, although she still cried out in pain.

"Further! Put it all the way in!"

About twelve inches of dick remained, hanging between Sophie's thighs. She began to feed the dildo inch by inch into her already stretched anus. It felt good, but she was so upset she cried between involuntary moans. When fourteen inches of cock had been crammed into her bowels, and a good eight inches forced into her pussy, she stopped.

"No, bitch, I don't think so. We told you to fuck yourself!"

Sophie whimpered. Taking the dildo with both hands, she began to slide it out of her widened orifices. When they had been pulled almost completely out, she slid them back in again. This produced an involuntarily squeal, and she did it again. Soon she was fucking herself as fast as she could, cramming the jelly material desperately into her ass. When she came, she pulled the dildo out of her pussy and her cum gushed out onto the table. The crowd cheered and applauded.

Sophie slid the cock back into her cunt and lay back, exhausted. "Please, someone, let me go. Haven't I served you enough?"

One man stood up. "We'll let you go soon enough," he said. "But before we do, I think I'd like a little nightcap. What about you, boys?"

There were sounds of general agreement from the audience.

"Now, I've got a bit of Irish cream here," he said, holding aloft a large bottle of liqueur, "but it seems I have no cream. You're going to help us with that."

Sophie's eyes widened. Did he mean to-no, he couldn't mean that.

"That's right, on all fours, bitch. You just sit there and wait."

Sophie obeyed, closing her eyes. She heard the pouring of liquid and the clanking of glasses. All of a sudden, she felt a hand on her left breast. It forced her enormous teat up, holding it high enough to allow a glass to rest underneath. Then another hand grabbed on to her elongated, fattened nipple and began to squeeze, pulling downward. To Sophie's embarrassment, milk began to spray from her nipple into the cup below.

"Mmm, this looks delicious!" the man exclaimed, milking her heavy tit.

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