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He took his shirt off, revealing a muscular and smooth black chest. He was bold enough to pull her dress down to reveal her opulent breasts, and play with her nipples.

Eva looked back as Stefanie, and winked.

Then tugged Steven's pants down and revealed the thick, meaty cock that was already hard. She almost gasped at the size of it. At least nine inches, very thick, and uncut. What the fuck? His foreskin was already peeling back as she took it in her hand. He kept himself clean, and had no smell, so that was good. Precum already oozed from the tip. She looked back at her husband, who was watching carefully and with his mouth open in anticipation.

"You OK, babe?" she asked.

"Go ahead, baby," he replied.

She tugged his pants down a little more, and revealed heavy, massive black balls, and she weighed them with one hand, while she held his hard cock with the other hand.

"Wow, Steven, quite a package you got here," she admired. "I don't think your new girlfriend can handle this much meat," she jabbed at Stef, looking back at her with a smirk.

Stef just stared, her mouth slightly open, too. Richard was agape and quiet. Michael was staring as well, a big smile on his face.

Eva took Steven's dick into her mouth, and began sucking on it good and long. The young man moaned and leaned his head back. But then he brought his head back to stare as Eva sucking on him.

"No one's ever done that before," he said. "Damn."

She did not want him to come prematurely, so she stood up and faced Steven.

"KY? Hello? Or am I going to have to use butter?" Eva asked. "And bring wipes if you have them."

Michael went and got some from his bathroom, and returned with a tube of KY and wipes. She took them both, putting the wipes on the couch, and then KY on her finger. She then reached between her legs and slid her finger into her anus. She was use to this part, having done it for her husband many times, or letting him finger her. She spread a cheek with on hand while she worked. The dress covered the intimate details.

Steven surprised her by pulling the front flap of her dress to the side and looking at her pussy. Then he leaned forward and put his big, luscious lips to her shaved pussy, and licking her clit. She moaned and pressed her hips closer.

"Oh yeah, you want some honey?" she said.

Eva let him lick her for a while, feeling his tongue work its way into her slit, and taste her wetness. She was hornier than ever now, and ready for his dick inside her, any way she could get it. Once she was lubed up, she then bent down and used the same hand to lube Steven's cock. She took her time, rubbing the KY from the head down. With her tits in his face, he sucked on one, and then the other, moaning as her touch. She was worried he would erupt all over her hand before the deed was done.

Done with the lube, she used a wipe to clean her hands off.

"You want me to take my dress off?" she asked Steven.

"No, keep it on," her husband said from behind. "I like it."

"You got it, baby," Eva replied.

She pushed Steven back on the couch, and then straddled him, her legs spread and high-heeled boots hanging off the edge. The back of her dress concealed the actual deed, but a little modesty went a long way. Her thigh-high black boots gave her a S&M kind of look as well.

"Hold your cock up and keep it still, while I lower myself on it," she said.

He did so, holding it by the base. He was rock-hard like a dildo. She gentle brought her ass down until she felt the head of his penis pressed against her anus. It felt hot against the sensitive tissue, and it quivered a little to be penetrated. She did not have anal sex often with her husband, but enough to make her comfortable with it, while still being tight. Maybe about three or four times a month, when the time was right.
The time was most definitely right now.

Eva let her weight come down, and her anus press against the hard, thick cock. At first the penis bent, and would not go in.

"Hold it firm," she said.

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