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...and all the men and women merely... have needs?

"OK, I want you to do the same with your camera as I just did."

"What zoom in closer?"

"Yes," I want you to open your thighs wide and then zoom in close so that I can see clearly between your legs.

He watched her image on the screen and then gripped his cock harder as she did what he asked. He watched her pubic hair get closer and closer until just her hip region filled his screen.

"That's great," he said, "now open your legs wider."

He watched as she slowly moved her legs further and further apart until he had a clear view of her vulva. He masturbated a little harder as he gazed at the way her outer labia were partially open and protruding.

"Now zoom back out Sanjita, so that I can see all of you again but keep your legs open like that."

He watched as her full image from head to toe came back into view.

"Oh Sanjita," he exclaimed, "You look so sexy. Now I am going to imagine that I am with you as I masturbate. I'm going to gaze between your legs as I imagine how wonderful it would feel to enter you."

Sanjita could sense that he would soon ejaculate and, as she watched him masturbating, waiting to see the moment, she was very aware of her own arousal and felt quite willing to do anything he asked.

It felt very naughty when he suddenly asked in a breathless voice, and using much stronger language, "Open your cunt Sanjita, use your fingers to pull your cunt lips open so I can see the pink flesh where my stiff cock yearns to be."

Jim watched as she did exactly as he asked. His hand was gripping his erection really hard as he masturbated with slow deliberate movement and watched her opening her self fully. He imagined how one day he would be thrusting his erection deeply and urgently into her exotic body until he was completely satisfied.

Sanjita held her self open as she stared at the screen. She could see that Jim's facial expression had changed. She remembered watching her cousins all those years ago as suddenly Jim's penis started to ejaculate. She watched as it splashed onto his belly and over his hand. The memory of being with her cousins flooded back into her mind. She moved her hand a little and touched her clitoris. She realised how aroused Jim had made her. Still using one hand to rub her clitoris she moved the other up to her breasts. She felt her breasts tingling and waves of pleasure starting to pulsate through her whole body. Suddenly she started to climax. She remembered the feeling of her cousin's warm semen splashing onto her naked body as though it was only yesterday. She also imagined feeling Jim doing the same.

After a few minutes silence Jim said, "I hope I have not embarrassed you tonight."

"No, no, not at all," she replied, it was fun.

"Good," said Jim, we must do it again sometime."

They said goodnight to each other and then logged off.

Jim quickly cleaned him self up and then eagerly checked the recording. It was perfect. He would edit the video, removing the long periods of conversation until he had a good short video of Sanjita stripping naked, rudely exposing her self to him and then climaxing while she was being recorded.

Ever since then Jim had been fantasizing about his plan for Sanjita.

Today he was feeling very excited as his plan was coming together. Tom had already confirmed that she was indeed the local librarian but much, much better than that, she had taken up his challenge and was at this very moment, in the library, wearing her red silk sari with no underwear.

Just thinking about what he had planned for her was making him aroused.

He transferred the movie of Sanjita onto a memory stick and headed off to the library.

There was only ten minutes or so left of the afternoon before the library would close.

Sanjita always locked the doors promptly at closing time to prevent any new visitors. She then continued with administrative work for half an hour to allow visitors time to finish any research they were doing and then leave.

As Tom waited he heard the entrance door open.

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