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A student and her former teacher reunite.

I knew it was so wrong to think this about my own sister, but I imagined her giving in to her impulses and slipping her hand inside her own shorts and playing with her own pussy.

And then suddenly I came. I think harder than I'd ever cum in my life, which was no surprise because this was the first time somebody else had made me cum.

Cathy ground down even harder on me as I came, and I think the pulsing of my cock made her cum as well.

I can't believe we managed to stay as quiet as we did.

Unfortunately, by the time we were done, my shorts were soaked through with my cum (Cathy's panties were cum-stained as well, but she simply pulled her shorts back up to hide the evidence).

But Gail had thought this through, even if in my hormone-addled state I hadn't. "Oh shit," she said loudly, "accidentally" spilling her water all over my lap.

"Ahhhh!" I shouted in genuine surprise. That water was still cold.

"What's going on back there?" my father called out.

Good thing he hadn't asked a minute earlier!

"Clumsy here just spilled her water all over my lap," I said, playing up my indignation for all I was worth.

"How bad is it?" he asked.

"Looks like he peed himself," Gail said with a giggle. She was right, of course -- but at least it hid the gallon or so of cum.

"Okay, we'll be hitting a rest stop in about 15 minutes. Just hang tight, and you can run inside and change."

Cathy switched onto Gail's lap, then texted me and Gail together I DIDN'T WANT TO SIT IN THE WET SPOT LOL



We were all quiet until we got to the rest stop, both verbally and text message, and the next thing I heard from either of them was a text from Cathy, including a photo of her shorts and panties on the floor of a ladies' room stall. I HAD TO CHANGE BOTH, BECAUSE THERE'S NO WAY I COULD EXPLAIN WHY ONLY MY PANTIES WERE SOAKING WET!

It took me a while to realize she'd been off my lap when Gail had spilled the water on me, so she was referring to something else.


When we got back to the car, though, Cathy climbed back onto Gail's lap, and wouldn't look me in the eye. She obviously felt awkward about what we'd done. I assumed the girls had had something in mind, based on how they obviously intended Cathy to have been on my lap, and Gail must have thought she might need that water, but maybe all Cathy had had in mind was teasing me some, and hadn't intended it to turn into a dry hump.

Like the other night in my bedroom, lines had been crossed.

True, there hadn't been any improper touching -- probably a good thing I hadn't moved my hand up to her breasts -- but what we'd done was undeniably sexual and we'd both cum.


By bedtime, it was clear to me that the flirting was over: Cathy wasn't cold toward me or anything, but we were back to a normal cousin relationship. Around nine, we all gathered in the living room, where Uncle Rick had installed a huge screen, to watch a movie. Cathy and Aunt Rani had both changed into pajamas, which I assumed was their habit when watching a movie at night: my aunt in a lightweight but conservative nightgown, and Cathy in a two-piece outfit, a sleeveless top and tap pants (yes, Gail told me what they were called later on). Cute rather than sexy, but of course I remembered the previous night when Cathy was wearing a very brief top and panties -- and had somehow during the night lost the top completely.


The next day, there was supposed to be a pool party at Cathy's friend's Vicki's house -- Gail and I were going to be her plus-twos -- but the weather was overcast and it was postponed until the following day. The girls suggested we drive to the mall, which sounded pretty dull, but then I remembered that a couple of days after we got home would be Allison's birthday, and I hadn't gotten her anything yet, so I decided to tag along.

It took me no time at all to find a necklace I thought she'd like, and I texted Gail to ask them where they were.

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