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Frustrated fry cook looks for love and purpose.

You move to start sucking me more, but I pull you up and kiss you deeply. We proceed to kiss and fondle each other for quite some time. My hands roam over your sexy body, seeking out your thighs, your cunt, your belly and your beautiful boobs. I squeeze your right nipple through the fabric of your sexy bra and you start moaning loudly. I squeeze harder and you start gasping. I feel that right in my clit, you say, as you stroke my cock. I move to your other nipple and get the same reaction from a very hard pinch of that one. I then reach between your legs and feel how drenched your pussy has become. I step back from the picnic table and put you in the same position you were in when I was eating your cunt, except this time, grasping my cock in my fist, I rub your engorged clit with the head of my shaft.

The wetness of your pussy is amazing as I tease you up and down, moving from your clit to rubbing the head of my cock up and down the length of your hole, not inserting it , but teasing your lips with the head. Oh, please fuck me, Dan, you have got to fuck me, you say. It's not fair, you can tease my cunt like that and not stick it in me, you say between moans. So I position the head of my dick at the opening of your cunt and grab your hips with my hands and slowly fill you with my big thick cock.

"Oh my God, oh God," you gasp. "I'm cumming already, fuck me harder." Apparently the excitement of sucking my cock and me teasing your cunt has put you right on the edge and when my shaft is all the way in, your orgasm starts and your whole body begins to quiver as you urge me to fuck you harder.

Part 3

"Fuck me, baby. Give me that thick cock. Feed my cunt."

"Harder yes, oh, oh, oh!"

My cock hardens even more as I plunge deeply into your orgasming pussy. Looking at you cumming out here on the beach in your sexy lingerie is so fucking hot. Apparently other people feel the same way, as there is now a couple at the next picnic table, a young woman in her 20s sucking a man's thick cock, and two black men have positioned themselves on either side of us and they are rubbing their cocks through their pants. I lean close to you and tell you how fucking hot you are and that we've gathered quite a crowd. You tell me how much you love that, how it turns you on for other people to see you fuck and suck and to see them enjoying it. Do you just like them watching, I ask you? No, you say, if they are hot and sexy, I like them to join in. I glance from side to side at the two men who are now stroking their cocks and give you a 'what about them' look. You look them over, nod and whisper, "I'd love them to join us. I would love to suck their big cocks in front of you."

I pin your hands to the table and fuck you with a steady motion, sliding in and out of your soaking wet cunt. I can tell you like being held down, because you start thrusting your pussy up hard against my cock. Are you my slut, Sarah, I ask you. "Yes I am Dan, I am your dirty cock-loving slut. Fuck me harder, please baby. Fuck me sooo hard!" I press you harder to the picnic table and fuck you flat out, deep and hard.

To tease you, I pull out and let my cock touch your outer pussy lips. "Oh my God, Dan, you can't do that, don't stop, fill me up, please fuck me." The men next to us move closer, close enough to touch. I take one of your hands and place it on the cock of the guy to my right. It is not fully erect yet, but is huge and glistens from the saliva he has been using to lube it. "Thank you Dan, this man's cock is lovely, but I still need you in my cunt." I plunge back in as you spit on your hand and stroke the thickening black cock in your left hand. The other man is very close to us as well and starts rubbing your tits through your sexy bra. His cock is brushing against your abdomen, leaving shiny traces of pre-cum on you.

You grab his cock too and are stroking them both as I fuck you to another orgasm.

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