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Faye and Sally enjoy a day out.

"Am I making myself clear Mr. Douglas?" she quietly demanded again.

Trying to control my voice, I yelped out a reply.

Yes Dr. Wojcik. Perfectly clear. I understand perfectly."

She held me aloft for an instant longer, then released me. I flopped my buttocks back down onto the bed, sweating now, and gasped for air. Before I had a moment to consider the incredible speed of her transformation from lover to tormentor, her lips were back on mine, kissing me. I quickly responded, making sure I matched her in enthusiasm. A trickle of sweat formed on my brow. Before long, her head again moved up, and lips gave way to chin, chin to fleshy neck, and neck to upper chest . I could feel her breasts hanging against my chin and chest. I franticaly kissed, sucked, and licked whatever was put in front of me, fearful now of displeasing her in any way. She grunted her approval. She shifted her weight, then lifted her right leg up and over me, straddling my stomach. I could feel her thick, warm legs against my side, and the pricklyness of her pubic hair pressing into my belly. My sore, flaccid penis touched her enormous buttocks gently. She leaned over until her heavy breasts fell in front of my face, and when one touched me, I certainly did not hesitate, kissing it over and over. She began to murmur with pleasure. She shifted a little higher, and a huge soft nipple plopped into my mouth. I sucked on it, flicking it with my tongue, pulling on it gently between my teeth, doing whatever I could to show her how attentive I was. I could feel with my tongue the little goose bumps surrounding the nipple, as it became more erect. It was a huge, dark, ugly thing. Dr Wojcik groaned aloud.

"Yes, yes, that's better. Suck on my breasts, suck on them. Harder. More and more. That's good. We will do so well together, my lover, just do what I say. Suck them, lick them. Ah! It's been so long. But now the wait is over. Yes, that's right, keep going."

I kissed and sucked each breast, all over, even taking fully a third of her breast into my mouth at one point. She began to grind her crotch into my stomach.

After several minutes, she shifted her hips forward several inches. Her breasts now hung above me. I could still reach the nipples if I streteched, but was better able to kiss her upper stomach. After a few minutes, again, the hips shifted forward. The breasts were now beyond reach, and her stomach was in front of my face. I kissed and sucked her ample belly, round and soft, putting my tongue in her belly button when it was presented to me, softly nibbling the gentle rolls of flesh, heavy but not obese. The upper edge of her thick black pubic hair began just an inch or so lower, and I could feel it pressing into my chin. The smell of her sex wafted up to my nostrils. I began to fear what I knew would come next. Despite my revulsion, I flicked my tongue down to the edge of that dense traingle. It had to be done. My heart was pounding in fear. One wrong move, any displeasure on her part, and I knew I would be subjected to more penile punishment.

Dr. Wojcik sat up straight, and looked down at me. My eyes had been in the poor light so long now that I could make out her facial expression clearly. Her face was plain now, no make-up. She smiled down at me triumphantly, breathing heavily.

"The time has come, Mr. Douglas. Your tongue and lips are about to meet their rightful owner. Hundreds, no, thousands of times from this day on, your lips will perform this act for me. Your tongue will learn to know every fold, every contour, every hair of my womanhood. You will please it, do what it desires. No part of it will be a secret to you, and your tongue shall service all of it, day after day, week after week, for hours at a time. I will place myself there, mount myself on top of you, and you shall proceed to obey my every command. I want to look down at you, and see you busily attending to your duties, in your rightful place down between my legs. You may begin."

And with that, she shifted her hips forward y

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