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He watches his wife with two younger men.


"You were in no condition to refuse."

"Well, now I am."

"Take the blanket, at least."

"No, I'll be fine."

"But si... Keven, you're still in a lot of pain. You need to keep warm. I'll be up on the bed. I don't need a blanket."

"I'm feeling much better today." He reclined on the rug and closed his eyes.

The conversation was apparently over. Saeri pouted, but Keven didn't open his eyes to notice. She observed, however, that his cock was not fully flaccid and she wondered if maybe he was just a little bit attracted to her after all.

Keven had had a horrible day, in spite of feeling better. He'd missed the easy rapport that he and Saeri had formed, and her coldness throughout the day weighed on him. The spicy-honey scent lingered in the air. When she was near, it filled his nostrils and immediately hardened his cock. He was very ashamed. Why do you have to smell so good? And his amorous dream was never far from his thoughts, even though he consciously sought to subdue it.

Finally he fell asleep in front of the fire.

He woke in the middle of the night. Pain shivered across his shoulders whenever he moved. His thoughts were dark and depressing. To make matters worse, he was cold, and the wood supply was gone. He tossed and turned in misery for a long time until he felt Saeri cover his feet and legs with a blanket.


She put a hand on his shoulder and whispered in his ear, "Shhh. Sleep. Go to sleep."

He felt her warm body stretch out next to him and smelled her honey scent. He tried to protest, but his brain felt like it was immersed in warm mud. He fell immediately into a deep sleep.


He awoke to the sound of an agonized scream. He jumped up and looked around. He was alone in the room. The scream had come from somewhere else-a nearby room, he guessed.

"Saeri! Saeri!" he called. There was no answer.

He heard Master Rim's high-pitched voice saying something quietly. He was gently scolding someone. Saeri's voice answered him, pleading.

Keven could not make out what they were saying, but a great fury grew in him as he listened to Master Rim answering her with more scolding.
The conversation didn't last long, and shortly the door opened and Saeri entered. Her face was pinched with pain, but her jaw was set stubbornly.

"Saeri! What happened?" he cried, running to her side.

"I have earned my first slave stripe," she said calmly, turning to show him a long red welt that ran across her back.

"My God!" Keven cried, horrified. "What is he thinking? You're just a child!"

"You're even more infuriating than he is!" She was suddenly, clearly furious.

"What do you mean?" he asked, bewildered. "What have I done?"

She whirled on him, exasperated, and exploded with a small tirade. "I am not a child! Just because I'm small and have no boobs, does not mean I'm only ten years old. I'm older than you are by four months-I've already turned nineteen. I will never be any taller and I will never have boobs!"

To her horror, she burst into tears. She strode to the fireplace and clenched her fists, struggling for control of her emotions. He'll never believe me now! Not after I've lost it like that!

Keven was at a complete loss. He stared at Saeri in astonishment while she ranted about her lack of breasts, and it slowly began to sink in that she was telling the truth. She really is nineteen!

He approached her slowly. The welt on her back ran from her left shoulder to her right hip. It looked painful, but was not bleeding. He shuddered inwardly, clearly remembering how his own welts felt when they were fresh. He was furious with Master Rim, but he focused his attention on repairing the damage he had caused to his relationship with Saeri.

"Saeri?" he asked tentatively.

"What!" she demanded, very angry.

"I'm very sorry that I didn't believe you before."

She said nothing. Her fists were still clenched.

Keven didn't blame himself for misjudging her age.

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