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What happens when brother gets caught?

My parents said they wouldn't be home tonight because friends of theirs got tickets to some show in Toronto. My head raised and I think both my sister and I smiled a bit. They told me I'd have to do the last of the errands, which included getting the alcohol. It was originally planned that alcohol would be bought because it was better that it was supplied and people were drinking under supervision. My parents are pretty liberal and they know what teenagers will be like when left to their own devices. Now that they were leaving though I was in charge. I'm only 22, but thought it was great that I had control.

I bought the booze that my sister had wanted. Beer, hard liquor and flavoured liqueurs. Should be a fun night I thought to myself. Can't wait to see a bunch of 18 year olds drunk off their ass, especially Alyssa.

The rest of the day went by quickly, and I played door man to the first of her friends, Jessica and Stephanie among them. For half of the girls that showed up all I could think was 'I didn't know skirts came that short.' For half of the guys, 'Good luck getting laid tonight you cocky immature pricks.'

The alcohol poured like water, the music was loud, and there were about 40 people on our back deck grinding to whatever song was on. With two shot glasses full of Whisky I walked over to my sister and handed her one of them. "You know I can see your ass Lyss, I think your skirt is too short."

"O really, and what are you doing looking at my ass anyway?"

"I think all the guys are, so I thought I'd check it out too."

"3-2-1," she counted down and we threw our respective shots back.

She coughed at the burn. "Shit, what the fuck was that?"

"Whisky." I said. "Shit burns like hell. I don't remember that being on the list."

"It wasn't," I told her. "I bought that one with my own cash. Thought you'd like it."

"Actually, I could get used to it. Better than gin! Pour me another please big brother."

After two more shots of that she was pretty wasted. Some of the girls decided it would be a nice idea to go skinny dipping. The birthday girl decided to get into her birthday suit and join them. Was I pleasantly surprised when I saw this. All four of them were tanned to perfection, perfect breasts, and all were shaved. I licked my lips, but had to stop daydreaming to break up some stupid fight between a bunch of punk ass guys who were arguing over which one they were going to fuck. I broke it up and told them there would be no fucking anyone tonight. "Thanks for coming. In fact, it's getting late so thanks everyone for coming, party's over. There's a phone in the kitchen, please call for a cab. No one is getting behind the wheel if they've been drinking."

There was a bunch of hum's but I think everyone got the picture. I made sure everyone left and said goodbye to the last two; Steph and Jessica. They stayed behind to go swimming, but I'm pretty sure it was to talk to Alyssa about what to do.

When I closed the door behind Steph and Jessica, Alyssa jumped me and gave me a huge hug now wearing a rather small bikini. "Thanks for getting rid of everybody. I was starting to get annoyed and tired, but didn't know how to tell everyone to get lost. Besides, it's nice to spend a little alone time on my birthday with my big brother."

"No problem Lyss." I could smell the whisky on her breath and could tell she was quite drunk. "So, what do you want to do now?"

"Come swimming with me ...please?"

"Well I don't really feel like going upstairs to get my shorts."

"Fine then. Just go nude like I was before. And don't pretend you don't know what I'm talking about. I saw you looking."

She caught me, but then again I'm sure it was in one of our plans.

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