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She made him promise not to fuck her.

I love you, hell, I love them too. I just can't live in a relationship like this right now. It's hurting you, it's hurting me... that'll just end up ripping us apart. This way, I have time to maybe wrap my head around everything, work something out. Maybe I find somebody who can love me as that one and only in their life. But I need the freedom to explore the options."

"Okay. You know if you need anything, all you have to do is call, right?"

"Of course I do... and you know the same?"

"Yeah... yeah, I know. Lemme help you get this stuff down to your car. You can leave the rest of it here in storage until you get settled somewhere a bit more permanent than Quan's couch."

The two young women trudged down the stairs with a sense of resigned finality. In spite of everything they'd said to each other, in both their minds they were very afraid this was a final good-bye, at least as far as their relationship was concerned.

Margo and Carol stopped in mid-dance, watching the two of them as they crossed the living room.

"You two need any help?" Carol asked.

"No, we've got it," Jessica answered, "but hugs and kisses good-bye would be great." She could barely keep herself from dissolving into tears again.

The four women moved out to Jessica's car and Margo and Carol watched as Kelly and Jess loaded it like they were marching to the guillotine immediately after they finished.

After hugs and kisses were exchanged, Jessica looked at Margo.

"Guess you didn't think this was how me 'thinking about it' would turn out," she said.

"I was afraid there was a possibility of it turning out this way," Margo replied. "I just hoped it wouldn't."

"Tell Harry and the rest of the gang I'll see 'em later," Jessica said and she slid into her car, started the engine and roared away, trying to avoid letting her friends and lover see her burst into sobs.

She didn't succeed.

Kelly stood, watching her go, Margo on one side of her, Carol on the other, taking comfort in their closeness.

"Kelly, do you think she's doing what's right for her?" Carol asked.

"Yeah, yeah I do... that's part of why it doesn't hurt as bad as it could, I think. It's not like she's making some big mistake. Don't get me wrong... I'd give anything... except what I can't give... to have her..." She broke down and buried her face in her hands.

The two women helped their crying sister into the house.

* * * * *

"Sis, excuse me for a minute, I need to make a call."

Harry got up and went outside, standing out of the way of traffic on the sidewalk and hit Eddy's number on speed dial.

* * * * *

Eddy lay on his back, his tiny and precious Theresa lying atop him. Their day had been a slow and languorous one, filled with making love, leisurely meals and much lounging about the apartment.

"Have I told you lately that lovin' you beats the hell out of waking up hung-over next to the skank d'jour, wonderin' how much money I'd blown the night before?" he asked her, a great smile splitting his face.

"No Edward, you haven't told me that lately... I think it's been several days since some version of that sentiment crossed your lips within my hearing." She stretched, using the extension of her arms as an excuse to caress his face and hair. "But I've never doubted it for a moment. You make me feel loved and special a thousand ways every single day."

"Then I'm fallin' down on my gawddamn job... I should be making you feel that a million ways every day. I'm gonna have to work on that."

"Sir, I think you're doing a superb job, far better than I ever dreamed possible, but if my Master wishes to shower yet more affection upon his most devoted servant, she will not argue with him, for that would be wrong of her."

"Hey, I told you... I'm still not too comfortable with that kind of talk!"

"I know, Edward. But you won't get more comfortable with it if we continue to avoid the issue, now will you?"

"Hmmph... I suppose you're right... you have an annoying habit of being right, didja know that?"

"Yes sir, you mention that 'annoying habit' of mine quite frequently.

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