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Simon uses his powers to stop time.

Miranda just stares at me for a few moments, totally caught off guard by my request, and then turns her back to me. She ever so slowly bends down, sticks her ass out and looks back at me. "Is this what you want?" She asks as starts to slide her pants down, finally giving me a glimpse of that gorgeous, c-shaped ass, covered in lacy pink boyshort underwear.

"That is exactly what I wanted" I say, watching her continue sliding her jeans down to her ankles, keeping her ass up as high in the air as she can. Jemma even stops sucking me for a moment, pulling her mouth off me, just to get a good view of this nicely toned mid-40s woman and her sweet succulent ass.

"That's a pretty nice bum you got there" Jemma says, and then returns her attention to my cock, licking the tip a couple times before taking the whole thing back down her throat.

"Oh, god damn babe" I let out at the feeling of my dick touching the back of her mouth. "And she's right, that is a nice fucking ass."

"Thank you" Miranda says with a slightly embarrassed smile, and then stands up and steps out of her jeans and returns to her chair, this time bringing one foot up onto the chair with her knee up, and legs spread, giving me a full view of her panty covered pussy, so wet you can practically see through them. She looks up at me and smiles again, and places her right hand over her mound and starts slowly starts rubbing.

At this point Jemma is still bobbing up and down on my cock, and makes me turn sideways so she can watch Miranda rub her panty-clad clit while continuing to suck me off. After a couple more minutes I place me hand on the side of Jemma's face, motioning for her to stop. If she hadn't just sucked me off not to long ago before Miranda showed up I most definitely would have blown my load by now. She backs off, now with just the tip in her mouth as she swirls her tongue around it, sucking in and applying as much pressure as she can. "OH, OH FUCK, FUCKING STOP!" I yell out, the pleasure so great that I can feel my balls start to tingle, and I don't to cum again just yet.

"Whats a matter baby" Jemma asks as sarcastically as she can, knowing full well what she was doing to me.

"Why'd you , oooh, stop?" Miranda asks, starting to moan from her own self-ministrations.

Her panties are now completely soaked and I can see her juices leaking down to my chair, not that I really care at the moment. "I Don't want to cum just yet, I still need to fuck this little girls asshole."

"OH, fuck that's dirty" Miranda responds, rubbing her clit even harder. "Are you going to do it now?"

"Yup" I say as I pull Jemma to her feet, twirl her around and force her to bend over in front of me, showing me that sweet little ass that I just had my cock in yesterday, all ready for me to pull the plug once again and shove my cock up her backdoor. "Get down on your knees, keep that rump in the air" I demand of her, letting her know exactly who's in charge at this point.

"Mmm, you got it babe. You gonna pull the plug out now? You gonna stick that gorgeous giant cock up my asshole?" Jemma asks, obviously excited at the thought of her oncoming anal invasion. She gets down on all fours and sticks her ass straight up in the air, giving me full access to her ass and her soon-to-be removed giant black buttplug.

"Mmmhhhmmm" I murmur, getting down to ass level with her, running my hands over her hips, squeezing her cheeks, and give each one a slight slap, causing Jemma to jump and squeal a little. Eventually I make my way to the handle of the plug and give it a slight pull, checking to see if it'll be as tight as last time. It starts to come out a little, and so I pull a little harder, her asshole stretching, yet doing everything it can to keep it in.

Right then I stop. I grin as I have a new idea. I look over to Miranda and ask "You want to come pull this out? "

Miranda stops rubbing her panty-clad pussy and just stares at me like a deer in the headlights for a few seconds before she finally looks over at Jemma's ass sticking straight up in

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