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An orgy ensues at the dance club.

It is kind of like a pop, but without the sound. The lips resist, then it pops into place. After working it in and out a few times, I removed it.

"Count," I said, and slapped the lips of her pussy with the crop. Being the type of crop with a lot of spring and a wide leather rounded head, it made a satisfying slap when it landed.

"One," she gasped. I pulled the crop up so that the next slap would land squarely on her clit. "Oh," escaped her lips, followed quickly by "two." I alternated strokes to make sure her entire pussy was covered, from the top of her mound to her asshole.

I stopped, and she breathed out hard, thinking this part of her ordeal was over. Then I hit her pussy again. She was standing on very shaky legs. I inserted the vibrator again. This time, I turned it on. She wiggled and squirmed against it, trying hard to fight her urge to cum. I took a handful of spring clips and clipped her engorged pussy lips together, holding the vibe securely in place. When I clamped the oversized rubber head of the fourth clip on her clit, she lost her battle.

She screamed through clenched teeth as the orgasm hit her. Her legs gave out and she sank to her knees. As she sat back toward her heels, the end of the vibe made contact with the floor, shifting and sending it deeper into her pussy. She was cumming again, or still, and I thought aloud, "Well, what are we going to do about this?"

As I thought about it, I took my slacks off. I stepped up to her and pulled her head up and back by her hair. I straddled her knees and brought my cock up to her lips. She opened her mouth to receive me and I pulled back. I admonished her for sitting, voicing her pleasure and cumming without permission. All the while, I slapped her face, lips and tongue with my cock. I made it clear that she would need to prove her worth before she would ever feel or taste my cum.

I sat in front of her and slapped her tits. They swayed and moved, and she thrust her chest forward. I could hear the vibrator hum deep in her pussy and her breath catch each time I slapped her. I turned the vibe off, leaving it in. I had attached a chain to a few spring clamps. I took two of these and attached one to each nipple. The clamping brought a gasp from her lips that increased as I tugged on the chains. I pulled up, down, left and right, making sure the clips were tight on her nipples.

I attached a small weight to the end of each chain. As I affixed it, I dropped it. The weight pulled down, then started swinging, pulling on her nipples. She was on her knees, chest out, weights swinging, and I tapped the clip affixed to her clit. Each tap sent a jolt through her, a mixture of excitement and pain. I tapped the clip several times, then turned the vibe on. She gasped again as I now tugged at the clit clip, pulling on it and moving it from side to side.

I pulled all of the clips from her pussy and pulled the vibe free. It was nearly dripping, and I told her to stick out her tongue. I had her lick and suck her juices from the egg head, until it was clean. I felt her slit, sliding two fingers easily into her hot cunt. I spread her lips wider by adding a third finger, and slowly finger fucked her. After long minutes, I could feel her urge to cum. I pulled my fingers out. I had her suck my fingers clean.

Once again, I pulled her to a standing position. Her hair in my hand, I pulled her head back and kissed her for the first time. The effect was greater than the vibe had been, and she began to catch herself as her knees began to give beneath her. I kept her on her feet, pulling on her hair. I pulled her head back and kissed, sucked and bit my way down, from her face to her neck to the clamp on her nipple.

I removed the weights from the clamps.

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