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Searching for a new home leads to a sexual awakening.

" Then I made my withdrawal out of the room and to the kitchen.

9 am

When I returned Tiffany had drifted back to sleep. She looked so beautiful and sweet, lying there wearing nothing but the scarves that still bound her. I loved just looking at her, soaking in her beauty with my eyes. Today however, was not about me. It was about Tiffany's reward. I sat next to her on the bed and she instantly awoke. I smiled down at her and reached my hand under her slim neck, pulling her to me, I caressed her lips with my own. Our tongues found each other's again and they waltzed together in there own world.

When the dance ended, Tiffany smiled and said, "I love you master. You are so good to me. Aren't you going to release me so that I can give you your morning blow job."

"Not today, my pet. I am going to dine on you today." I stood up and removed my shirt, which left only my jeans covering me. I stretched and winked at my naked pet, Egoist that I am. I reached for the massage oil that was on the nightstand and walked to the foot of the bed. I knelt down and poured a little oil in my hands. I gently began to knead Tiffany's left foot. Holding it by the ankle I ran my other hand up and down the sole of her foot, working it gently. I could see goose bumps forming on her calves already. I looked up and saw her close her eyes. I didn't think I had ever given my pet a massage, stern master that I am, but I certainly was enjoying it now.

I worked in between her toes with my fingers and then massaged with my thumb the sole of her foot. After a few minutes I repeated the process on her right foot. With both feet relaxed and tingling, I began to rub Tiffany's calves, one in each hand. She was moaning, almost inaudibly, as she relaxed and enjoyed the rub down. I reached for more oil and then worked on her knees and lower thighs. My hands worked their magic twisting and kneading the delectable thighs of Tiffany. Slowly but firmly, my hands went higher and higher, twisting back and forth, up and down. The tips of my thumbs, reaching just a bit south of her sex, halted their wanderings. I leaned in and planted a wet kiss on her smooth shaven pubic mound.

I put my hands under her round butt and lifted her hips up. I parted her pussy lips with my tongue as I took one long lick from her anus to her clit. Then I did it again and again, quicker each time. The taste of her was wonderfully delicious. Her hips straining forward to get more stimulation from my mouth. I held her butt tight though, allowing only my tongue to touch her ever-moistening cunt. My mind focusing on her sex, I lapped at her like a thirsting cat. "Master...oh.. Master...please, please, please master," she cried.

I was too busy enjoying her taste to even respond. From anus to clit, my tongue moved with long fast strokes up and down. Up and down...up and down, without slowing. Finally, I lifted my head and said one simple word, "Cum." I loosened my hold on her ass and her hips responded by pushing themselves up against my face. I plunged my tongue in as deep as it would go. Tiffany began to contract and squeeze my tongue, as she drove into orgasm. I tried to lap up all her cum into my mouth: the taste of her driving me mad.

Tiffany cried out incoherently, "Oooooohhhh, Mmmmmm, ahhhhhh." I glanced up to see her face turning a deep red and her eyes were practically rolled up in the back of her head. My cock was turning to iron as I listened to my pet enjoy another crashing climax.

I slowed my tongue and mouth down to let her calm just a bit. Her hips were desperately straining against my face. I let her hips down. I lay down with them, my face still between her legs and my legs extended off the bed. Slowing down, I gently licked at her sex, allowing her to calm herself. For a few more moments I gently licked at her pussy before wiping my face on the inside of her thigh. Then I licked her inner thighs and once clean, stopped.

I crawled to m

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