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An exhibitionist is born without her knowing it.

I continued kissing, following the major lines of her sweet body - down her jawline, to her delicate, long neck, down her collarbone, to her left breast, my left hand cupping and massaging her opposite breast - both my mouth and hand strictly ordered to avoid her nipple for now.

I knelt down in front of her, my tongue still tracing her major lines - down her sides, circling around her belly button and along the seam of her two thighs closed.

I could hear her breathing getting heavier and heavier, I placed my hand between her two knees and firmly pulled them apart. I leaned into her, wrapped my arms under her thighs, and around her body with my hands finding a home on her upper ass cheeks. I gently kissed her thigh, just beyond her knees and slowly began working my way forward, taking a moment to enjoy this full on view of one of the hottest pussies in show business.

As I approached her pussy I heard her breathing deepen and the chair strain against her body as she writhed in anticipation. I pulled her ass forwards to get some room to tilt up her pelvis so I could actually get where I was going. I could see how wet Leelee was - it was truly a great thing to see. I leaned further forward, thankful I had shaved that day, slid out my tongue and thrust it deeply into Leelee's sweet slit. That first moment of tasting any new pussy is full of anticipation but this was particularly special, not only because it was Leelee, but because she tasted so good.

I pulled my tongue out and quickly wrapped my lips around her clit. She jumped back so suddenly she almost knocked her chair over and me with it.

"Sorry, wasn't expecting that" she whispered

I went back to what I had been trying to do, wrapped my lips around her clit, and began teasing it with my tongue. Once in a good position I began gently running my teeth along her clit, sucking her clit into my mouth, bathing it in saliva, swirling my tongue around it all with great responses from the little lady. I allowed my hands to roam up to her perky tits and gently massaged each one in turn, focusing on her cleavage and the bottom, under curve of her breast.

After a while I refocused my efforts on her clit, brought my hands back down to her ass and pulled back from her clit a bit, just using my tongue and the (comparatively) cold air to bring her to the edge.

All the while Leelee was emitting gentle moans of pleasure, with each slight technique change she's inhale sharply and take a few moments to get her bearings back. As I could feel her approach her own climax I slid two fingers of one hand into her hot pussy, and gently pinched her clit with my other hand.

She began to moan more deeply and loudly, a clear indication of her approaching climax. I began to be concerned we'd be heard until I realized it was still raining pretty loudly.

The chair squeaked and rattled and she writhed seeking some way to express her anticipation and control the situation - even if she loved being out of control. I heard her take three sharp inhales, felt her thighs squeeze around my head and her hips buck wildly. Continuing my clit-stim throughout her ride, I felt all the muscles in her body relax and she finally took her first full breath of the last few minutes.

I looked up at her hot bod, her head was slumped down, posture a wreck, tits still perky as ever but with the slightest layer of sweat over her entire torso. I gave her a minute to catch her breath and walked over to her.

"Sit up" - she did.

"Open your mouth" - she did.

I slit my hard cock between her lips, and took hold of a breast in one hand. "I hope you're ready to have your pussy fucked." I commented, as I pumped my cock into her mouth (It was a shame I couldn't reach my camera phone).

She nodded and grunted "yes" through my cock.

I undid my belt from her arms and led her over to the bed.

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