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I then lean forward, and take a nipple slowly into my mouth. As I fully encase it, you moan, and release my cock. I lick and suck your nipple, and then releasing the first one, take the second into my mouth and suck it gently. Your body arches as I flick my tongue over your hard nipple, and you moan as you have a mini orgasm.

I continue licking and sucking your beautiful tits as I slip my hand down your body, over your heaving and sweat slick stomach, until my fingers are sliding through your pubic hair. I lightly graze my fingers over your pubic mound, and you moan and spread your legs wider as I slide my hand further down, cupping the whole of your groin. I begin to run my fingers over the outer lips of your pussy, and slipping my middle finger inside occasionally. Your hips begin to react, and I slowly open you wider and slide my fingers the whole length of your slit. You shudder as my fingers touch your clit for the first time. I groan into your breast as I feel the heat emanating from your pussy, and increase the speed of my fingers.

My fingers stroke your clit, gently and then more firmly. I pull my mouth from your breast, and continuing to stroke your clit look at you. Your eyes are close, your lips are parted, your tongue poking out slightly, and your breathing is loud as you give in to the pleasure that my fingers are creating. I smile, and lowering my head, I begin to lick and suck on your clit, moving my fingers, and slipping one into your gaping pussy. You moan loudly as my finger penetrates you, and grabbing my head, push my mouth onto your clit harder.

"Make me cum." You gasp, "Lick my clit. Aaahhhh. That's it just like that, stick your finger in hard."

I slip my finger in as deep as I can, slowly moving it in tiny circular motions, feeling your velvety skin grip and release as I do. I pull my finger out, and slip a different one in, and then add the original. Your hips buck upwards, my fingers penetrate deeply, as I struggle to keep my tongue working on your clit. I begin to fuck your pussy hard with the two fingers, and then remove then and slip my thumb in, you moan in pleasure as I slip my thumb as deep into your waiting pussy as I can. My pussy slick fingers gently rub your arse crack, slowly caressing your anus. I slip one finger gently into you, my thumb still busy in your sopping pussy. My finger slides in past the first knuckle, past the second, until it is fully embedded. I press my thumb and finger together, and slowly begin to move them in and out. As I slide them back in, your body goes rigid, and a little yelp comes form your throat as your body is gripped in orgasm. I feel your pussy get wetter, and move my finger and thumb quicker, beginning to alternate them.

As you get your breath back, I continue to lick your clit, very gently, and then move down so that I can taste the juices that your orgasm have produced. I lick and suck, sliding my tongue into you with my thumb, tasting your sweetness, my chin pressing on your clit. You squirm underneath me.

"I need you to fuck me." You mutter, "I need it now, get your cock in me, I need to feel it."

I raise my head and smile, "Your wish is my command" I say, my lips and chin covered in your juices.

I pull my finger and thumb from their holes, and move between your legs, sliding my hard cock between your sopping pussy lips, coating it in your glowing juices. I position my cock at the entrance to your pussy, and slide in, feeling the warmth of your pussy engulf me as I slide the whole length slowly in. I gasp in ecstasy as our pubic hair mingles, and my cock is finally fully embedded in you, my cock head nestling hard against your cervix. You shudder at the intimate contact, and I feel your legs trembling in anticipation. I lean forward, and kiss you as I begin to slide my cock in and out of your willing pussy.

I stroke slowly in and out, building the feeling slowly, knowing that when I cum it is going to be huge.

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