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A Civil War veteran makes a jouney seeking Justice.

"Very good Jimmy, I'll take you on as a star. But you need to sign these papers. And I want your wife to blow me, and then let me fuck her in the ass."

Jimmy didn't even blink. "Shit yeah, doc! No probs! Hey Tara, get your skanky ass off dat floor and get over here. Put that mouth hole of yours to good use for once and suck the doc off nice. Then bend over that chair there and he's gonna stick his cock in your ass."

Brittany, now Tara a trailer trash tart, laughed and grinned. She crawled over and unzipped the doc's pants and began to give an enthusiastic blowjob.

"Ah, "grunt", very nice. I can see why you married this cunt. Ahhhhh, that's it, use the tongue. Think she might want to do some solo camera work for me?" the doctor asked as Jimmy signed his resignation letter, his new contract, and his power of attorney.

"She slutty enough, but she's really dumb and just trailer trash. It'll be better just to pass her around during filming to the crew and have her maybe be a fluffer. She ain't worth more than that really." Jimmy said as he watched his white trash wife bend over the table.

"Well, you're the man of the family so okay. Ah, I have been looking forward to giving it to you up the ass for a while my dear. Scream my name!"

Murray took his cue and led the two dopey twin sluts downstairs to the backdoor. They were both still pretty loopy from the hard core fucking they had received, but Murray had his orders and given that he had access to any slut the Doc owned he wasn't about to question them. Sluts only stayed sluts if the doc was after justice. These two just got the fuck of a lifetime for free, but back to reality.

"Okay you two bimbos, stand right there. And there..."


The two women were changed back into the professionally dressed businesswomen that they had been earlier in the evening. Both staggered and looked around with stunned eyes. Murray had closed the door so as they got their wits about them they found themselves in an alley, feeling happy, sticky, wet, and stunned.

"Mary, what happened? Shit, its nearly 11:00 pm!" one said to the other.

"I don't know, we were eating and then...nothing. I just feel, well, happily fucked though."

The other woman thought for a second and nodded. "Me to."


"Something is up Night Templar."

Judge Ruth Gains spoke softly into her phone as she looked at her computer screen. She was reading a letter of resignation from Brittany, a friend and one of the best DA's the city had ever seen, and she was having a hard time believing what she was reading.

Aside from the fact that Brittany was quitting her job to provide "moral support" to her husband (which was complete crap), the letter was so poorly written that if it hadn't been hand delivered by her, the office wouldn't have accepted it. Apparently she now insisted on being called "Tara" and was acting, dressing and talking like a trailer trash slut. And her husband had dropped his letter the same day and had caused a stir when he had hit on every woman in the place. According to what Judge Gains had heard, he had succeeded with at least one secretary.

And now he was a male stripper at a hot ladies club and rumor had it had been starred in a leading role in a new porn movie with the two newest and hottest porn stars in the state.

"I have heard of the DA's actions, and those of her husband. Definitely not normal." A dark and quiet voice replied on the phone.

"Yes, but completely legal and also restricted. Even telling you about what I have learned violates numerous laws, but I think we have a problem and we must act quickly." The judge replied.

"I agree, this could be an opening move of that villain Super Pimp. But I suspect something else, or someone else." The voice stated.

"There have been two odd changes of career in the last week.

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