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Her juices were literally running out of her pussy and dripping. I moved my mouth to catch those precious liquid nectar drops, and was rewarded with her pussy dropping onto my mouth.

I inserted my tongue and began to lick her and explore her sweetness. Her hands were on my chest playing with my nipples. I could sense that something else was happening...the bed was moving again.

Suddenly I felt something brushing my head. It proceeded to May's tight little brown bud and began to demand entrance. Carl had slipped onto the bed and was busy inserting his cock into May's ass. Right before my eyes, just inches, hell, fractions of inches away from me.

May moaned as Carl's cock made it's way inside her. I watched as he pushed and shoved and soon had all of his cock in her ass. His balls would brush over my forehead as he stroked in and out of her tightness. I continued to suck and lick her pussy.

Pretty soon I felt Jan begin to orgasm. Her pussy flooded my crotch and my cock was held in a velvety glove. Her shaking and moaning was a trigger effect and Carl shot off in May's ass. He fell away from her, his cock coming out of her ass with a faint popping sound.

I looked up to see her hole was spread open a bit, about the size of a half dollar, and holding. I licked around her pussy and my nose contacted that opening for a second when she shifted her hips. Not thinking much about it, I moved my tongue up to that inviting asshole and began to lick and suck on it.

This caused May to cum very hard. Her pussy was rubbing on my chin, and her ass began to pulse open and closed. This motion caused a large drop of cum to run out of her ass and into my mouth. I swallowed, not having much choice, and found the taste to not be anything like I thought it would be like.

After May collapsed beside me, Julie slipped in and straddled my cock. Her hips dropped and she began to slam up and down very energetically. Her taut breasts were bouncing and flailing around like small cantaloupes gone wild.

Her actions caused my cock to twitch and shake. My orgasm snuck up on me and before I knew it I was shooting off into her very tight pussy. Her breathing was harsh and her moans were loud. She started to cum and I reached out to rub her clit. As I did that she climaxed hard and exploded.

I was drenched in sweat as I lay there on the bed. Everyone was being quiet, catching his or her breath. I got up, shakily and made my way into the bathroom. There I stepped into the shower and cleaned up.

When I came out all had left with the exception of May. She was on the bed, naked and waiting.

"You aren't mad are you Bill?"

"Mad? Whatever would make you think I was mad?"

"Because of Carl fucking my ass like he did. You being there, close in, licking me..."

"Oh...well I wouldn't have thought it would be something I would willingly do May, but at the time it was good. I learned that it was different, but not bad. No...I am definitely not mad."

"Are you sure?"

"May, if it had bothered me I would have stopped the whole thing right there. I wasn't prepared for what happened, but it was kind I didn't want to suck his cock or anything, but to lick you after a cock was just...there. That was kinda hot."

"Do you want to fuck my asshole too?"

"Do you want me too?"

May answered by rolling over and going up on her knees. Her head on the pillow, her hands on her cheeks, spreading her self for me. Her asshole was winking at me, still opened a bit.

I got on my knees behind her and inserted my cock into her once tight ass. It fell right in, the path having been opened up by Carl. As I fucked her ass she pushed up onto her hands and turned her head back and over. I was able to kiss her as I fucked her ass. My hands were on her breasts, rubbing and grasping her nipples.

We fucked like that until I came. She came just as I finished up. Pulling out I moved to lick her ass. As I did she moved around and sucked my cock clean.

Later, as she slept n

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