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A reporter, caught on film, cries "defamation."

"If the 'secrets' are true, and good enough, we could do some things," I said. I was anxious to learn more about my Mom's secret life, if indeed there was one. I knew Jeremiah was too slow to make up good secrets on the spot, so if he told me any, it was likely they'd be true.

"My Dad told me," Jeremiah began. "He was drunk one night, and he spilled the beans." I actually thought Jeremiah was using a metaphor. Silly me. He added, "As I helped him clean up the beans, he told me the story about swapping."

"Swapping?" I asked, a bit incredulously.

"Yeah. I didn't know what it meant, either. As you know, there are six farms near yours. Ours is one. Each Tuesday night the men would go to a different farm, and they would spend the night. My Dad said all the men liked your farm the best. He never explained why, though. But he did say it was because of your Mom. She was the best, he said. The absolute best!"

Jeremiah paused, and then said, as if it were an insight, "My guess is she baked some mighty fine cakes and pies. My Dad always had a weakness for good desserts." He then whispered, conspiratorially, "My own Mom is not so good when it comes to baking, you know? She does make great jam, though."

"I'd like to taste her jam sometime," I said, in a slight state of shock to learn this interesting detail about my parents, and my neighbor's parents.

"You know, I was eating it in bed this morning and spilled little. But it's in a private place. Want to see? I mean you're naked and all, so..."

"Sure," I said.

Jeremiah undressed. He showed me the jam. It covered his penis, which was erect and looked to be as hard as a rock. "I was going to wash it off, but I forgot."

"Well, let's see how it tastes," I said. I leaned over and took his jam covered cock in my mouth and licked off the jam. It really was good jam. It was cherry, no doubt about it. I laughed to myself as I thought about the obvious pun. Then I gave Jeremiah his first ever blowjob. He was extremely grateful, but he actually thought we had had sex, because he ejaculated into my mouth. He was ecstatic, and in awe of the pleasure I had given him.

I explained that I had performed a sex act, but real sex was when he put his cock inside my vagina. He didn't understand. I used the word pussy. Still no bells. I tried cunt. "That's what all my friends talk about!" he said, now very excited. "Can we do that, too?"

"Your story already got you a blowjob. What else do you have for me?" I said, not without tenderness.

"I've got pictures," he said.

"Pictures? What of, exactly?"

"Of your Mom, silly! I mean when she was your age. Actually, they look like you do, right now," he said.

"Do you mean my Mom is naked in the pictures? And your father took them?" I asked, now truly interested.

"My Dad is naked, too, and he is lying on her. There's also a picture where your Mom is lying on my Dad. Her boobs look like just like yours do now," Jeremiah said. "My Dad has a secret stash of pictures like that, with all the women of the six farms, but I found it." Jeremiah's pride was obvious.
"Can you show it to me?" I asked.

"Can you teach me what to do with your cunt?" he said.

"Deal," I said. "Show me the pictures first."

"They're at my house." We both got dressed. It was almost an hour's walk there (the farms are not exactly close), but we got there. Jeremiah's parents were not home, a lucky break. He made me close my eyes, and he retrieved the photos from his Dad's hiding place. I peeked, so I know where they are kept. But I was not planning any future burglaries, so it did not really matter.

The pictures were explicit. Jeremiah's Dad must have set the camera on remote control, because he had pictures of his cock inside, partially inside, and about to enter my Mom. (He had similar pictures for the other wives, too, but I was interested in my Mom, naturally enough.) It was freaky: I felt as though I was looking at myself, in flagrante delicto. I was a dead ringer for my Mom when she was my age.

"Can I now lie on you like that?" Jeremiah asked.

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