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He gives her a unusual gift before leaving on trip.

I heard the low gasp that escaped her lips. Lucinda bent her legs and squatted over the toilet. Then with a low moan, she began to pee. It started out with a tiny trickle. But then as her moan grew louder, the trickle became a full, fire hose force piss. It splashed into the toilet and echoed in the tiny bathroom. I turned my head and found myself looking directly up into her pussy. The beautiful golden stream ran from her tiny pee hole. My dick grew even harder. I almost let her panty go when I saw her clit. It was about an inch long and it stuck out from between her pussy lips like a tiny dick. I could see that it was hard so I flicked my finger across it. I felt her whole body tremble. "No Mr. James, please don't touch that." It came out more like a moan than protest. I rubbed it again and this time she not only moaned, she pressed down hard. We both heard the snap as the supply tube broke.

Lucinda looked down at me and she could see that my eyes were glued looking up her housecoat. Then the water poured from the toilet tank and I jerked. The supply line broke and cold water sprayed all over. By the time I was able to turn the valve off and get up, my clothes were soaked. Lucinda was apologizing as I stood up. "I'm so sorry Mr. James but when you touched my clit I couldn't help it. I didn't mean to break it." Lucinda looked like she was going to cry. I put my hand on her shoulder. "I didn't mean to do that Lucinda. But seeing your long, fat clit, I had to touch it. And your pussy is so hairy." I caught her eyes as she looked down at me. There was no hiding the hardon that poked out my pants. Lucinda smiled. "Surely an old woman like me couldn't excite a young man like you? Why Mr. James, I'm almost 20 years older than you." I could see that she was breathing a bit faster and heavier. Her big tits were slowly rising and falling and her voice had grown husky.

I decided to go for broke. I was standing close to Lucinda by now. The water was dripping off my face and my wet clothes were adding to the puddle on the floor. "I've always liked you Lucinda. I think you got hot having to pee in front of me. That's why you came the minute I touched your big clit." I stuck my wet hand in between the edges of her housecoat and touched her panty. Lucinda closed her eyes and pushed her hips forward. When my finger touched her clit through her panty Lucinda moaned. "Did that make you hot Lucinda?" My finger was rubbing her through her panty. "Uhuh!"

"And if I had rubbed you while you peed would that get you hotter?" Lucinda moaned louder. "Oh Mr. James, no man has done that in a long time." After she said it her eyes flew open. She couldn't believe she had just admitted that to him. Mr. James smiled as his finger boldly rubbed her pussy through her panty. "I want to hear about that Lucinda." Her face red with shame, Lucinda shook her head no. "I could never tell you anything like that Mr. James." Her landlord stood in front of her with his wet clothes dripping water on the floor. His hand was inside her housecoat and he was rubbing her pussy through her panty. But she would never tell him about the things her old employer used to pay her to do.

Mr. James smiled as he pushed his fingers inside her panty. When they entered her pussy she gasped. "No Mr. James! Please don't make me tell you." He fingered her helpless cunt as she stood there and shook. "I think I'll keep you standing like this until you have to pee again. Only next time, I'm gonna place my mouth on your hairy pussy while you do it." That was too much for the woman to take. Lucinda grabbed his hand and pushed his fingers up into her pussy hard. "Oh you young bastard! You make Lucinda cum on your fingers with talk of drinking her hot piss. Would you really do that to me? Would you do that for me?" Mr. James stood there while Lucinda worked his hand up and down. Her pussy was so hot and juicy. And she was practically begging him to drink her hot piss.


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