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Dan finds you should be careful what you wish for.

I want to get laid tonight, so I must take the necessary steps to make that happen. First, I will have to go to the florist and order some roses. Second, I will have to get the Conway Twitty Cd. Conway's voice makes Sarah wet and horny.

Dave ate the eggs quickly being surprised at the fact that they tasted damn good. He finished the eggs, placed the dirty plate in the sink, and ran upstairs to get dressed. The florist was only five blocks from his house, so it was a quick trip.

Five o' clock rolled around and Sarah came home. Sarah was five foot seven inches with dark black hair, brown eyes, and tanned skin. She was wearing a dark blazer and a skirt that fell pass her dark nylon covered legs. She had nice thick thighs and she had curves that would have been considered perfect before the days of the skinny ass model.

"Wow, Dave you made my favorite supper of steaks and beer. And damn you bought me roses. I have a feeling that Conway Twitty will be playing on the CD player tonight."

A big shit-eating grin came across Dave's face as he seated his wife at the supper table.

Dave carried his wife into the bedroom and placed her on the bed. He turned on the CD player and Conway started singing. Dave undone Sarah's shirt and started sucking on her large nipple. The heat from her breasts was amazing. After her nipples were quite hard, he slid off the grey skirt revealing pink panties with white hearts. Dave placed the fabric into his mouth and pulled her panties off. He placed his nose to his wife's cunt and took a nice smell from it. The strong scent of pussy juices intoxicated Dave's senses. He placed his face to her wet sex and started licking the inside of her box teasing her swollen clit. Sarah's hips started bucking knocking Dave off her and into the floor.

"Fuck that was awesome, I have never had such an intense climax before!" shouted Sarah.

Dave lay on the floor stunned for a moment. His wife had never had the strength to buck his six foot three frame to the floor before. But, he figured that he must have been closer to the edge of the bed than he had thought.

"Wow, baby! My cock longs to enter your sweet pussy."

Sarah smiled as Dave unzipped his pants and slid them with his boxers to the floor. His seven-inch cock stood at attention as Sarah lay on her back and spread her legs. In mere moments, Dave was on top of Sarah. He slowly entered her as she started to raise her hips to help him get inside of her. Dave noticed that his wife seemed a little looser than before. She started bucking her hips with his cock deep inside of her. It was all he could do to stay on his wife, as she continued to buck wildly. Her strength is amazing! She must be working out more or something, thought Dave.

"Cum in my pussy you motherfucker."

The order sent Dave over the edge and he started filling her full. His cumming sent his wife over the edge and she came too. Dave rolled off to recover. Sarah looked down at her over flowing pussy and watched their love juices flow out of her and stain the sheets.

The next morning Sarah stood up and stretched her limbs. She looked in the bed and saw Dave. He looked so small this morning about half his regular size. Sarah shook Dave.

"Dave, get up. I think there is something wrong with you."

Dave hopped out of bed and looked up at his wife. She was towering over him and he was eye level to her pussy.

"What the hell happened to you", shouted Sarah.

Dave looked up his giantess wife and started to shake in fear. Sarah noticed this, so she bent down and picked Dave up. She gave him a hug and said, "There, there. I am sorry that I yelled at you my tiny man."

Dave thought for a moment. That gypsy said that those eggs would make me lose weight and would improve my sex life. But, shit I'm a three-foot tall man at the mercy of a giantess.

"The eggs that I bought caused me to shrink", spoke Dave.

"I see, but how are you going perform your household chores?"

"I don't know. I guess I can rig up ladders or something."

"You have been

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