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Long-awaited reunion starts off with a bang.

The three guys finally broke into smiles and laughter. "He loved it!" Carl shouted as he spun around in glee in the middle of our living room. We were now officially in the adult entertainment business ... and we were all porn stars!

"He said it was the best adult film he'd ever seen and assured us he'd seen all of them over the twenty years he'd been in the business," Sy added.

Mike said, "He even had a tear running down his cheek in the sad part, but best of all I could see he had an erection throughout the whole DVD." The guys all laughed.

We probed about the details of the distribution and wanted to know when it would be issued. Ultimately, it took two weeks longer than expected. Several adult magazines reviewed the video and gave it top ratings almost immediately and then Playboy, Penthouse and Hustler gave it great reviews. Almost instantly many of the adult sites gave it five stars -- a top rating! -- and then started to sell copies through their own channels.

Sales the first month were over ten-thousand copies, not a record but pretty good for a new DVD from an unknown "studio." We were ecstatic, particularly with an initial check for fifty thousand dollars! At least in the short run our families were able to catch up with the postponed bills and credit card payments we had stopped making a few months prior and even have a cushion left over.

I'd started work on another script almost immediately after we ended filming of Love Comes Twice. Everyone had had his or her input on the plot line, blocking and filming just as the second month of LCT distribution ended. Our rep called us and invited us to dinner that night; we accepted, of course.

Harold Winslow, the rep for Adult Films International, took us to one of the best restaurants in town. He praised our work and told us they were impatient for our next film. Harold was quite cordial and solicitous to us, making sure we all got our drink orders taken care of and happy with where we were sitting. He told us to order anything on the menu.

After the waiter had taken our orders for dinner, Harold puffed himself up and made a formal presentation of a check, again thanking us for creating such a wonderful film.

He passed the check to Nancy. She shrieked and said, "Oh, my God -- this is for a quarter-of-a-million dollars. There must be some mistake." She passed the check to Sy.

"This is a joke, right?" Sy asked as he passed the check around the table.

"No, no," Harold said. "Your film has the potential to be one of the top grossing adult films ever made. It'll definitely end up being in the top fifty adult films of all time -- I think it already is. You've made me and AFI a lot of money and we don't mind sharing, particularly if we can get an exclusive on your next films."

We all looked at the check in silence, stunned by the amount and what it implied in terms of how well the film was selling. Suddenly all that financial insecurity that we'd faced for the past months evaporated. The tension I'd carried evaporated in that moment. I burst out crying, burying my face in Carl's shoulder as I sobbed hysterically. Nancy had her head buried in Sy chest as she cried; they'd both been out of work months longer than Carl and I had. Mike and June were hugging and kissing. Harold looked a little mystified at our reactions and was clearly uncomfortable with women crying in his presence.

As we got a grip on ourselves Harold amazed us even further. "You realize that with DVD's like this, they don't peak in their sales until the sixth month -- we're a little over two months into this distribution cycle. If this follows what many others have done, you can expect a few more checks like this, then they'll taper off." Nancy and I were sitting on either side of Harold; we both threw our arms around him and kissed him wildly.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa!" he kept saying, embarrassed at the sudden attention.

When dinner finally came we were all numb and still in disbelief at our new fortunes.

Harold finally got our attention; "Look, we want to p

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