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The silhouette was female, not exaggeratedly feminine, but curvaceous, and clearly not male.

When he put on his stiletto shoes and looked at his image in the multiple mirrors, he was thrilled but terrified. He thought he looked a little bit like a hooker, but he knew there had to be more. His face was male and that embarrassed him.

They had him sit in a chair in a well-lit corner of the dungeon, a place where he didn't have the benefit or fear of the mirror. Kwan went to work. She soothed him by saying he looked beautiful and sexy as she told him to relax while she explained the waxing procedure to be done on his eyebrows.

"Won't that show? I mean, won't everyone notice I did my eyebrows?" he asked with apprehension.

Victoria interrupted, "It might. Probably will actually. They'll be nicely arched and feminine."

"Well, unfortunately I can't do that then," Jason said sadly, "I work in an environment that requires a certain decorum, and that would throw a lot of people off. I...I want to, but I just can't."

Victoria stiffened and said bluntly, "Hmm, really?" Then she turned to Suzie and said, "Okay, Jason doesn't want to play this game. Take his corset off. Jason, you're done for the weekend; you're going home."

Everyone looked at Victoria in shock and disappointment, including Jason. He didn't even know he was bluffing, but she called it anyway.

Jason said, "Wait! Why? Just do everything else except what shows. That's all I ask." He whined. It was pathetic, and even he noticed the way he sounded.

Victoria approached him and whispered into his ear, tickling his fancy, "Think how you'll look Jason. This is your chance. Go for it...and stay. Or don't...and go home." She shrugged, backed off and waited. She was going to play the video blackmail card, but she resisted. It was there, if needed.

Suzie was undoing his bra. She removed it and the weight of his breasts pulled at his upper pectoral muscles once again. Next she untied the corset and started to loosen it.

Jason felt like something had been snatched from him, a dream cut off through waking. "No," he said, "Wait, please! Jesus, I want this, but, oh my God..." He closed his eyes and groaned. "Alright, do it. Just do it for Christ's sake!"

"That's better. You won't regret it. Well, you might, but I don't care. Suzie, do him up again, maybe tighter this time, and Kwan, you can start."

Suzie tugged and pulled the laces until Jason was audibly grunting with the increased compression on his torso. His puffing rate was nearly up to one per second, and only the upper portion of his lungs was functional and getting air. The rest was wasted crushed tissue. When Suzie was finished Kwan continued her preparations, feeling as if she was in the middle of a mild lover's quarrel and wanting to be invisible. After many minutes, a few swipes, some feeble screams, and some plucking, she was done and Jason wanted to look at himself.

"No, not yet Jason. You can see the final product later, okay sweetie?"

Kwan applied gel nails and painted them bright red, and followed by painting his toenails to match. While the nail polish dried, she applied makeup, layer by layer, brush stroke by brush stroke, the shadows to accent his cheek bones and diminish his chin and jaw and Adam's apple, the blush and highlights, the mascara, the eyeliner, eyebrow penciling, the lipstick. She was a painter; he was the canvas.

When the long blond hairpiece was lowered, secured to his head and brushed out, they all stood back and smiled.

A silence descended upon the room as they looked. "Fucking amazing, Kwan," said Suzie, "You are a God damn artiste." And she pronounced it "arteest" to emphasize the mock artistry. She always had a way of trashing a poignant moment.

Jodi and Victoria just stared and smiled, shaking their heads.

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