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Their favorite hobby was messing with guys’ minds.

I met the surgeon, a guy who's daughter goes to school with our son, and he explained that the surgery would take a while and that he would have to use screws to hold the bone together. He seemed confident and headed out to get ready.

Jessica smiled bravely as Lori wheeled her off to surgery, and I (and Jessica's parents by now) went to the waiting room near the OR to wait a few hours. After the (long) wait was over the surgeon came out to tell us of the success of her surgery. Apparently she was going to have a full recovery.

Right after his talk, I saw her going by on her gurney, on the way to her room so I followed behind her. She still seemed quite out from the anesthesia, but looked fine. Her arm was wrapped in a huge dressing, she seemed wrapped in a pile of warm blankets.

As I got to her room, I was in for quite a shock. Her new nurse (shift had changed during surgery) was her frequent co volunteer from church and (I suspected a bit of an admirer ofhers) Roger. I had no idea the guy was a nurse, but we saw him all the time at church. He always seemed to volunteer for anything that would give him time to work with Jessica. A bit of an older guy from our stand point, 50's. I knew he was single but had a girlfriend.

He greeted me right away as the OR team brought her into the room. "Don't worry, I felt so bad about her fall that I wanted to make sure that she is well taken care of. Just give me some time to get her tucked in and I'll come get you when I'm done."

Well, I didn't see that I had much choice. I looked at my mostly sleeping wife - one eye just a slit open- and leaned in to give her a kiss before I went to the waiting room. It was as I did this, that I noticed that she was nude beneath the blankets. Really no shock there, but Roger was about to "tuck in" my little shy wife. She would be mortified. So, what did I do? I walked to the waiting room to wait. The whole OR team was behind me, leaving Roger to "tuck her in".

It was a long 20 minutes before a flushed Roger returned to let me back in the room. Of course, the blankets were all gone, she was waking up now, and as her arm was in an enormous cast, her hospital gown was just draped over her small body like a sheet. Safe to say that she had no more secrets from Roger. Soon it was evident that she didn't remember coming into the room (guess the anesthesia wasn't totally worn off) so I decided to keep her exposure to myself to spare her the embarrassment. My wife looks great, but she goes to great length to hide the fact that she has such tiny breasts, small A cups, always wearing padded bras etc. She wouldn't be able to look Roger in the face again if she knew.

Of course, that hope of keeping her in the dark about her exposure died quickly. The form of her little body was very evident under the gown, but with just family in the room, she was ok. 30 minutes later though, in came Roger. They spoke for a bit about the accident and she soon realized how exposed she must look, reaching for her sheets with her good arm. When she did, the gown pulled down just a few inches, nothing really exposed except for a red splotch on her upper chest, lower neck.

Well, apparently that was a very bad thing. She had been given IV antibiotics during surgery, and it seemed that he was instructed to be on guard for any rash, or so he said. He started talking about the danger or a rash and reached up grabbing the neckline of her gown. Now it was just lying on her like a sheet, so he lifted it looking down her torso like a peeper. She seemed to surprised to say anything at all. He saw more rash, and without any ado, pulled the gown to mid belly. At this point, not only was her church friend staring at her tiny tits and her upturned little nipples) her step father was getting his first every review of them as well. She squeaked at him to turn around - which he did, no doubt having seen plenty.

Now, I admit, there was a rash blooming and my shy shy wife

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