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Sleeping man attacked by determined girl.

Thomas told me that I had such pretty green eyes, he said, and he said my red hair, was very beautiful. I was starting to get a little weird, not uncomfortable, but just weird, like a force inside me was going against everything I was as a nun. I told him that he was very handsome, and then I interrupted, I said, we shouldn't be doing this. He said doing what? Were just two adults talking right? And he said we can't go anywhere so let us continue talking.

I held the blanket closer to me, and wrapped it around my body, I didn't fear anything would happen like him raping me or anything, but I had an uncomfortable feeling the two of us might do something we or I would regret.

I sat and watched the fire in the fireplace, occasionally glancing over at Thomas. He got up for a second, and started walking towards the back door, he said he'd be right back; he needed more wood for the fireplace. I watched him walk to the door, his butt cheeks would move up and down as he walked, and then I remembered feeling his muscular body as I lay limp in his arms as he carried me from the van.

He came back in with the wood, and placed it on the fire; he said he was sorry if he made me uncomfortable. I told him that I'd been uncomfortable since the accident, and even though it is getting better, it's hard for me being a nun, and sitting here almost naked under a shirt, and blanket.

Thomas said that he understood, he said he hasn't had a woman in quite some time in his home, and seeing me just brings out the man in him. I told him I understood too.

Thomas asked if I would like something to drink, he said I have coffee, tea, orange juice, I even have a little red wine, I told him, I'd have a glass of red wine, He poured it for me, and went back to pour himself one too.

The tension in the room was getting a little thick, as we both sipped on our wine, I could see that I had to do something so I invited him to come over next to me on the couch.

He came over and sat next to me, we were both being warmed by the heat of the fire. I watched his eyes despite what had happened earlier, I could see the flames dancing in his eyes, and out of nowhere, I leaned in and kissed his lips, and he leaned in and kissed mine too, Before I knew it we were lip locked and he had his tongue in my mouth, it felt different, but good at the same time. I felt his muscular arm wrap around my shoulder, and him embrace me. He took his other arm and lifted up my legs, with my head in his other arms, and placed me down in front of the fireplace.

I watched him as he took off his shirt, the fire still burning in his eyes. He asked if I was okay, I said yes, and he laid down next to me by the fire. Thomas pulled back the blanket away from my body. He then put his arm around me and started to kiss my neck. It all felt different to me, but I somehow didn't want it to stop. He started to unbutton the shirt that he had given me to put on, and as one by one button exposed my chest, Thomas took one of my breasts in his hand, and began to squeeze it gently, he moved his fingers around my chest ever so softly, and when he hit my nipples I could feel them jump with desire. Thomas finally straddled my body, he still had his hands on my chest, this time I felt both hands touch both my breasts and in unison doing the exact same moves to each of my breasts. I felt a tingle between my legs, and then I felt his lips and his tongue enter my mouth again, he pulled my bottom lip with his as he exited, and kissed down my neck and breast, I felt his fingers pinch my nipples, and then his moist wet lips purged over my right nipple, and he began to suck it hard.

That was my breaking point I wanted more.

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