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A New Neighbor Moves Into The Building.

Every time I looked at her, I lost all sense of what I was doing, and could only focus on the way her chest rose up and down when she had just gotten out of training, or the way pieces of hair would come free from the ponytail she wore during the morning run.

I groaned into my hands, and tried to rid myself of her image, focusing on the task at hand. We were to spend the night here, but I couldn't sleep knowing she was two doors down from me. I was about to resort to going down to her room and knocking on her door, when I heard a knock on mine.

I opened it and saw Connie. She was speechless when she looked at me. I stood, frozen, and then remembered my hospitality.

"Do you want to come in?" I gestured inside. She nodded and stepped inside.

"I thought we needed to talk." She said to me as she made her way over to the middle of the room.

"About the kiss?" I inquired. Her cheeks blushed a rosy pink.

"It was just you, me, and desire." I explained like it was so simple. Her cheeks deepened in color. I slowly began to walk toward her. It felt good, to be in control of Connie. She may have been a badass on the field, but here; she was a shy woman. Sexy, very sexy, and could turn me on with a wink, mostly because of the ideas it conjured, but shy nonetheless. Her face was turned away from me, and her footsteps also began walking backwards.

"I just wanted to thank you for not taking me there." She told me.

"It wouldn't have been right. But now..." I trailed off, looking her over. Connie shivered. God, I wanted to make her shiver some more.

"Now is different?" She asked, still moving back, matching my every step forward.

"Very much. Tell me Connie, do you dream about me?" Her cheeks spoke for her as they became very red. I chuckled.

"Do you know what you want to do to me at this moment?" I asked her low, seductively. She gulped. Her back came in contact with the wall, and she was pressed up against it.

I grabbed her arms and pinned them above her head, exposing her breasts and putting her in a very submissive position. My head leaned in closer to her ear. I nipped lightly at her earlobe. She gasped. I smiled.

"Let me show you what I want to do to you." I whispered softly. She shivered once again.

With my hands still entrapping hers above her head, I moved my head to her lips, giving them my full attention. This kiss began with a passionate spark, revealing to one another just how much we missed each other's kiss. We delved in deeper and deeper, fighting to devour one another in a passionate frenzy of emotion and desire. Needing air, my face moved to her neck, much like the first kiss. Connie groaned.

One hand still held hers above her head, but the other made it's way to her breasts. I lightly brushed my knuckles along the fabricated tips of her nipples, making her cry out in hunger for more.

"Oh my God Haden, please!" She begged.

My fingers expertly made their way to unclip her bra, fully exposing her beautiful boobs. Eager, my mouth found a nipple and sucked and nibbled on it while my hand tweaked and played with the other. Connie was unable to hold back as she let out a exclamation of lustfulness, "Oh God, Haden..ahhh! Oh God, feels so good..."

My mouth moved to the other as my hand also switched roles to give equal attention to the other breast. A wanton sound rose from Connie's lips, as she was quite enjoying the attention being given to her.

"Let my arms go..." She rasped through ragged breath. I smiled and chuckled wickedly, returning to her face and lightly brushing my lips back and forth against hers.

"Why?" I whispered, blowing air against her wet lips. She sighed.

"I want to feel you." She answered.

"Go on..." I urged. My hand continued to play with her breasts; flicking them and softly pulling on them, making them into hard points.

My face dug itself into her neck, asking her, "What else?"

Her eyes were closed, and she was relishing in the pleasure I was giving her.

"Oh," she began, "there are things I want to do to you.

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