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A boy's life is transformed.

He's so big he fills me right up and it feels wonderful. He can go on forever. We usually do it on the couch in his office and he gives me $50. Sometimes, we do it three or four times a week. Best of all, he don't charge me nothing to be my lawyer. I don't like that black bitch that is his assistant though; she called me a whore, white trash and a trailer park tramp. She knows good and well I moved out of that trailer park more than six months ago. I just wish my boobs were as big as hers."

"Who else did you do regularly?"

"Well, there's Mr. Wilson over at the hardware store. I do him after hours on Mondays and Thursdays in his little room behind the store. He's really funny; he wants me to call him daddy and makes me dress up like a little girl in some clothes he keeps there. He'll give me a lollypop and then take off his pants and jockeys and make me sit on his lap. He always gets a hard on and pokes me in the ass when I do that. Sometimes, he turns me over his knee, pulls my skirt up and my panties down and spanks me. Not very hard, just tiny little slaps. Sometimes he just rubs my ass with his hand. Once in a while, he cums when he does that. If he don't, I just straddle his lap the wrong way around and jack him off with my hand while I look into his eyes. It's messy but he gives me $60 every week."

"I know him; I never would have thought that wimpy old man would do something like that."

"Then there's John Higgins, the high school history teacher. He calls me on my cell phone when he sees he's going to have a free period. That's usually two or three times a week. I meet him at his car and we do it there. I don't think much of that because he always uses a condom even for a blow job. I think he thinks I'm going to give him some disease to take home to his wife. He don't wear it for me because he knows I'm on the pill. I make him give me $25 for a blow job or $30 to stick it in me.

"On Saturdays and Sundays, I hang out at the mall with all of them high school girls. They don't do it for money but they get the men all het up and then I swoop in for the kill. Sometimes on a good Saturday I can make as much as $200. That's more than I made all week at Burrito Bell after taxes. I usually take the guys back behind that wall or we do it in their car."

"I see. Today is Saturday so that's why you were there. Was he your first today?"

"No, I had one of my regulars first thing. We had to hurry, he was on his way to the market before he and his wife had to go down to the senior citizens hall for something."

"So, get back to your other clients."

"On Sundays there's all them church goers. They come to The Coffee Pot at the mall while their wives are still in the bible study class. I've had them lined up three deep waiting for me.

"Then there's that uppity preacher from over by Cobb's corner. Two or three times a month he'll call me on my cell phone. He'll pick me up and take me to the parsonage where both him and his wife do me. Boy, I really like that! They take turns doing me and each other. She likes to eat my pussy while he fucks her from behind. Sometimes I'll give him a blow job while he eats her pussy or she'll give him a blow job while he eats my pussy. I really like it when she eats me. She's soft and really knows what she's doing. Sometimes it makes my eyes roll back in my head. Once, they picked me up on a Sunday afternoon and I didn't get home until after lunch on Monday. Boy was my pussy sore but I had a good time. He always gives me at least $100 and sometimes more.

"My best customer is that fat banker, Mr. Williams. I go to his apartment four or five times a week after hours when he calls me. He's got this big vibrating thing that looks just like a dick. He likes for me to give him a blow job while I stick it up his ass and fuck him with it and then he likes to eat my pussy before we finish. He gives me at least $50 every time and last Christmas he gave me a $200 bonus.

"When I lived in the trailer park ther

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