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Wendy Mitty has a secret life.

"You're my Greg!"

That was too darn cute! A little creepy to be sure, but cute! I chuckled, "I get your point. Use me though to practice, no full-bodied-pelvis-humping-embraces. Probably short-circuit an old guys pacemaker or something. Just do it like this." I gave her a quick warm hug. Even that felt different, doing something as simple as that with her. Probably because I was so tired.

I think she saw the difference, because she kept on practicing it on me as we took turns blowing up the air mattress and getting her sleeping bag ready. I made a note to myself to get an actual mattress and sheets and stuff for her. Probably could find most of that stuff at Walmart, I kind of have to shop there since they are open 24/7. I told her to lay down and get some rest since we would be up most of the night. Dutifully she lay down and I took her hand in mine. I was about to pray with her before bed. Something I did out of habit when tucking kids in to go to sleep. It struck me as wrong all of a sudden. Does she even believe...? Heck with it. "My House!" I can pray if I want to.

I prayed for safety as we slept, and for quiet minds and hearts. Then I said a prayer of thanks for the opportunity to have Lucretia in my life and guidance in teaching her. After I said Amen I looked down at my little devil who was watching me with bright human eyes. I felt that old pain again flare up. I wished like crazy she was human, but...I'll take what I can get. I got a new friend.

"Am I?" Lucretia asked.

"Are you what?"

"Am I your friend?" She clarified.

For a second I wondered if she could read minds like her mother, then I remembered the look she gave me when I told Mrs. Rat that Lucretia was my friend. I nodded my head.

"I've never had a friend." She said thoughtfully.

"What about your sisters?" I asked.

"That's family, they aren't my friends."

"I guess your right about that."

Chapter 14: Work.

"Gregory...time to get up." A woman's voice broke into my sleep muddled head box.

A head box, for those of you who don't know, is when you are sleeping and your body ends up wrapping the pillow about your cranium with your nose poking out. Completely seals of light, and leaves you in darkness which is perfect for sleep. Though sometimes your nose can get smooshed, you can't breathe and wake up suddenly, but other than that...the head box is wonderful.

"Greg? Your box is beeping." The voice said again. My box? I then heard my alarm clock and slapped the snooze button with a hand.

"Greg?" the voice said again, a little more firmly. Must be my mom. I must still be at home and the past eight years have all been a bad dream! Oh thank GOD!

"Five more minutes Mom. Be up in a bit!" I mumbled. Then tightened my head box and let out a deep sigh of contentment. There was a pause and I heard a clicking noise. Then I heard, breathing, as Mom got closer to my head. Wait a minute, that clicking was familiar... I peeked out of my head box and saw black eyes and...

"Yaaah!" I screamed and rolled off the other side of my mattress into the wall! I looked over and saw Lucretia giving me an expression I was becoming much too familiar with. A smirk. Geez all Friday! I can't stand that smirk.

"Are you alright, Greg?" she asked.

"Never better." I grumbled.

I looked at the clock. 9:30pm. Time to leave. I got up and slid on my work pants, hat, coat and shoes. I looked over at my winged student and said. "Go ahead and put your clothes on. It ain't much, but it will keep you decent while we get you some new things to wear." Lucretia nodded and vaulted the railing to the stairs dropping down to the next floor.

"Lose the wings while we are out and about, and no Parkour inside the house young lady!" I yelled after her. Sheesh, I really am sounding like an authority figure. I shook my head at myself and finished filling my pockets.

Down stairs I saw her in t-shirt, shorts, and some of those old flip flops your supposed to wear in the showers in jail.

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