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Carl seduces Krasa and unleashes her beauty.

I run my finger across her lips and her tongue comes out to tease it as I go by. Another smile lights my face and I lean down to kiss her. It is a soft, warm, tender kiss. The next kiss is to her eyes, then each cheek, her forehead, back to her eyes and then a gentle peck on the end of her nose. Now I am back to her lips and I open my mouth gently to lick her lips and suck her lower lip into my mouth, laving it with my tongue. Her grip is getting more urgent on me, stroking longer and harder. Her hips are starting to writhe on my leg. As I hold her with one arm I lift my other hand and massage her breast, gently cupping it and rubbing it, slowly milking my fingers closer to her nipple. When I reach the tip, I stop and reach for the shirt, pulling it down off her arm. She understands my need to see her and she also wants the shirt out of the way. Reluctantly releasing me, she leans up and crosses her arms pulling one sleeve off and then the other, hiding her breasts from me until the shirt is around her waist. When she lifts her arms around my neck, her arms push those beautiful breasts together, creating a generous amount of cleavage and pushing her cherry red nipples close together. Both my hands move down to caress her, hefting her handful breasts to my gaze. The nipples harden even as I watch and my tongue swiping across them make them jump into my mouth. Goosebumps crawl across her breasts and my hands squeeze and rub, my tongue going from one nipple to the other, leaving them both shiny with my saliva. My hunger is growing rapidly and I lay her back on the blanket I had brought.

She looks so beautiful laying there in the morning sunlight, curls of her hair gently framing her face. Her eyes are now heavily lidded but still watching me. A smile of contentment and arousal is on her luscious mouth. I lean over to kiss those lips again, running my hands up her sides to cup her breasts again, this time squeezing harder, showing her how much my need for her is growing. Our lips and tongues duel together now, our breath mingling, our desire growing by the second. I break away and start sliding down to her chest kissing her neck, her clavicle, the top of her breasts and between them.

I let my bearded chin run across each nipple before taking it deep into my mouth and sucking and biting gently. Moving my mouth lower, I sweep little kisses across her stomach, lingering to dig my tongue in her belly button and then sucking the flesh gently into my mouth. Her legs have already lifted and spread and her hips are moving sensuously side to side, imploring me to hurry. Her hands are upon my shoulders gently pushing me toward her waiting triangle. My hands reach up again for her breasts and roll the nipples between thumb and forefinger, squeezing and pulling, keeping them hard. I pull my hands down to her waist, reaching the elastic waistband and pulling on it. She raises her hips quickly and I slowly unveil her lower stomach, the hair of her triangle coming into view. Ah, no panties. Farther over her hips and the elastic is hugging her legs as I pull it on down. Finally, her dew-covered mound is in my view. Her lips are swollen with want and just a hint of her swollen bud is in view.

Before removing her skirt, I lean down to kiss her womanhood, breathing deep of her scent. I gently kiss her clitoris and then her outer lips on both sides, letting my tongue just graze the lips. The moisture I am picking up from her is ambrosia and I am getting impatient to make love to her. Removing her skirt and leaving her blouse around her waist, I gently stroked the outside of her calves and thighs as I kiss the inside of each knee and work back and forth toward her mound.

Her eyes are watching me and I can see that she loves me for driving her crazy and also for showing her my love.

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