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You have a hot rondezvous in a hot tub.

This was the real deal. Without a doubt, had she met Liz years ago, she never would have had sex with a man. Had she met Liz years ago, she may have not had her daughter, Heather. Had she met Liz years ago, they may have married and still could have been together today. Had she met Liz years ago, maybe she'd be living in Vermont instead of in New York.

She remembered their first, romantic time together as if it happened yesterday instead of ten, long years ago. Missing her, she always thought about the first time with Liz whenever horny and masturbating herself. Practically ripping off her clothes, stripping her naked, Liz was the lover she always wanted but never had. Making her feel loved, wanted, and desired, leave it to another woman to give her what a man was incapable of giving her, that loving feeling along with multiple orgasms.

In all of the years she had sex with men and with a spattering of women, the first time being stripped naked, Liz was the only lover who was as sexually aggressive as Laura needed her to be. She did everything a man should have done but to slap her, spank her, and tie her to the bed. Only, unlike men, Liz gave her real sexual pleasure. Unlike men, she didn't have to make them cum first and hope they'd return the favor before leaving. Unlike men, she didn't have to wonder if Liz loved her, she knew she did. Having unselfish sex with Elizabeth made her want to pleasure Liz in the same way she had pleasured her.

Not one to play games, Liz was a woman who knew what she wanted and took it. Had Liz been a man, Laura would have been afraid that he'd rape her. Yet, with her a woman, a beautiful, sexy, and sensuous woman, Laura wanted Liz in the way that she had never wanted anyone, man or woman. With them both already on the same sexual page, Laura wanted her in the same way that Liz wanted her. Whatever was her pleasure and/or her sexual desire, Laura wanted Liz to have her wicked, sexual way with her naked body. Whatever was her pleasure and/or desire, Laura wanted Liz to sexually experience what she had just sexually experienced too.


With them looking more like sisters than lesbian lovers, both women were blonde, blue eyed, and busty. Laura had double D cup breasts and Liz had D cup breasts. Liz was taller, 5'9 __ inches tall to Laura's 5'5" height. Other than that, especially when they were sitting across from one another having a drink in a bar, men thought they were sisters, even identical, twin sisters. Right down to their huge tits, their shapely asses, and their sexy legs, but for the 4 __" difference in their heights, especially when they were sitting instead of standing, they looked so much alike that it was uncanny.

Yet, if Laura had a sister who looked like Liz, unable to keep her hands and her mouth off of her beautiful body, she would have been a lesbian years ago. If Laura had a sister who looked like Liz, she'd be deemed incestuously perverted in having sex with her lesbian sister. Fortunately for both, they're not related. Fortunately, for both, with them both free and unencumbered and without baggage, other than Laura's daughter, they were free to be lesbian lovers.

Not even waiting for her to agree to have sex with her, making the first sexual move, Liz made the decision to have sex for her. Their first time alone together, they met at a business lunch and after only sharing a stolen kiss, Liz was ready to have lesbian sex with her. As if it was love at first sight, just by looking at one another from across the room, obviously, they both knew that they'd be lovers. Granted, Laura suspected that Liz was lesbian but she was surprised that Liz thought that she was lesbian too. Obviously, Liz suspected that Laura was bi-sexual or a lesbian too, otherwise she wouldn't have invited her to her cabin in Vermont for the weekend and Laura never would have accepted the invitation.

With her mother watching Heather for the weekend, that was the first time, other than to go to work, that Laura was away from her d

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