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JuJu gets revenge. Jack takes control.

A cock appeared in front of her mouth and she opened, allowing her face to be fucked as well.

Now three cocks were plunging into Cynthia, two real, one artificial. Her body relaxed, accommodating the triple penetration with an ease that surprised everyone there. The cock in her mouth spasmed, filling her again with cum. She swallowed the fluid, just in time for a pussy to replace the cock. Cynthia started to lick at the folds of pussy, capturing the drops of fluid that were constantly forming there. The dildo fucking her cunt was shoving her face into the pussy with regular and hard thrusts. Her nose kept hitting the clit in front of it, sending that woman into an orgasm of her own. Not long after that, the cock in her pussy exploded, pumping massive amounts cum into Cynthia's pussy. The hot cum triggered Cynthia's own orgasm, her body once again shuddering under the pleasure overload.

Those vibrations walked back along the dildo, to the cunt it was strapped to, sending the woman fucking Cynthia's ass into her own orgasm. She fell back, the strap on pulling free with a plop. The manager, his cock having recovered from its previous orgasm, came up behind Cynthia and plunged into her ass, still stretched by the dildo. Instead of pumping himself, he reached underneath and fingered her clit, sending her on another express ride to orgasm. So close to the last one, it took little time to reach climax yet again. The spasms in her ass, were what McMasters was waiting for, and he erupted again, filling her cunt with cum.

With all the men temporarily satiated, the strength of desire in them went down, allowing Cynthia to move back into control. She popped another cough drop to dull the smells and asked, "Mr. McMasters, could I get another key to my apartment? I lost the one I had."

Lost in the afterglow, he did not think about how out of place such a request sounded. He went to the key safe in his office and retrieved one of the spares for her. Cynthia had quickly dressed, not even trying to clean herself, hoping to get out before male desires renewed enough to coax Kitten back out. With cum and pussy juice seeping through he clothes, she bolted up the stairs, reaching her apartment without encountering another soul.

Once inside, she took a shower and threw the cum soaked clothes in the washer. Finally she was free of the scent of men and their wants. Tired, and her shoulder sore from the strain she was not supposed to have put on it, Cynthia went to bed and slept soundly. She awoke twice, needing to rewrap her arm and use the toilet. She did not get up until twelve hours after she had stepped through the door of her apartment.

When she awoke, Cynthia took stock of her apartment. A fair amount of the food in her fridge had gone bad, including her milk. The answering machine had 14 messages on it. They were a variety of calls from Dave, Rob and her supervisor in the department, all asking if she had returned and if she was all right. The last one, from Dave, was different.

"Cynthia, I figured out that if you survived at all that you might feel like you had to find some way to survive the problem, making it work for you. I'm going to look for you on prostitute row. If I find you, I'll bring you back and do what you said you wanted done once the chemical had finished its work. You're my friend and I won't let you down."

"Oh my God. He's going to find me and kill me, thinking that my sense of self is totally gone. I've got to talk to him before he finds me," she said to herself.

Picking up the phone, she dialed Dave's number. The voicemail picked up and she left a message. "Dave, I'm at home again. The damage stopped, there's still me left. You don't need to do it. Call me, I have an idea for a cure, or something. I need your detailed knowledge of biology. Call me."

Next, she made a shopping list and went to the local store.

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