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An encounter with an alien tourist kicks off more adventure!

And, in any case, she felt quite uncomfortable about taking a pair of girl's panties from her colleague, Mr. Stratton.

He turned back to Sandy and whispered, "Just pass them on."

Sandy smiled back and whispered, even more softly as she gave him a very big squeeze, "Mine are in fact much prettier." She let go of his penis and turned to pass Clorette's panties to the girl sitting to the left of her.

Mr. Stratton's clipboard effectively blocked the view of Miss Pepperidge and there were no students behind Sandy. The only student who could actually see Mr. Stratton, or more accurately his stiff dick, was the girl sitting just to the left of Sandy. Her attention was fully on Clorette in the front of the class but once Sandy turned to hand her Clorette's panties, she did look in the direction of Mr. Stratton and he quickly shifted the clipboard so that it fully covered him. He couldn't leave it there long without it looking rather awkward, but she didn't look in his direction for long. Once she returned her attention back to the front of the class, Mr. Stratton returned the clipboard to its original position, and Sandy could, once again, do pretty much whatever she wanted with the bulge in his pants, as long as the girl didn't look over again. Sandy smiled mischievously.

Mr. Peters said, "Now, let's explore some other positions for disciplinary spanking. Clorette, you can stand up now."

She was very grateful for that, as her skirt fell back over her bottom. But, it wouldn't be there for long.

Mr. Peters continued his instruction. "Of course, you might not in fact have a desk for the girl to bend over. This is not really a disadvantage as there are quite a few positions that are more instructive and more revealing, that don't require a desk. Clorette, if you wouldn't mind, step back from the desk a couple of paces and place your hands on your knees."

Clorette did as she was told, backing up toward the class, and then bending over, placing her hands on her knees.

"This is, of course, a very traditional position. It's very useful in helping the young lady to develop self-discipline, as she is typically instructed to not remove her hands from her knees while she receives her spanking."

Mr. Peters flipped up Clorette's skirt, raising the curtain once again, her little pink moon coming back into view after its momentary eclipse. Just beneath it there was a little delicious slice of soft white pie, cut down the middle by the delicate slit.

Billy's eyes widened in delight, as Clorette or, more accurately, her personal private parts, were now just inches in front of his desk, in front of his eyes. He could in fact reach out and touch her bottom, if he wished, and he so wished very much. It was like when he was a little boy and there was a fresh batch of muffins, just out of the oven. He wanted so much to reach out and grasp, taste, that hot little red muffin and now there was an even tastier one just inches way. Maybe he could get a taste of that tart pie as well? But, as a young man he now had enough self-control to resist the temptation.


"Yip!" Clorette squealed. She had known it was coming but she still wasn't ready for it. But she did keep her hands on her knees.

Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack!

Her bottom wiggled and waved before Billy's eyes. It was like she was doing a little dance, personally for him. He reached down and shifted his hard cock. He knew that he might be noticed but it just had to be done. He even considered leaving his hand there, but he knew if he did that it would not be long before he came in his slacks.

Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack!

"Mr. Peters!" Clorette exclaimed.

He stopped.

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