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An opera singer orally soothes her vocal cords.


"Hell!" Carol laughed, her tits jiggling. "All we've done is fuck, and I gave you one quick blowjob. I'm talking about the really far-out things people do, or would like to do, if they had the chance. Don't tell me you've never thought about things like that."

Randy moved restlessly. "Sure! I guess everybody does."

Carol wanted to pursue the subject, but it was obvious that Randy was embarrassed. A reaction that she found amusing, since he had already fucked her at least five times. It would be better, she concluded, if she gave him the opportunity to work out his fantasies, rather than merely discussing them. She was certain that he would try nothing she wouldn't enjoy. Hell! After all those months with Harry, she would welcome being gang-banged by a trio of wild apes.

At the first liquor sign inside Knoxville, Carol stopped and purchased two fifths of bourbon, enjoying the admiring stares of the two clerks as she deliberately bent and stretched to examine the rows of bottles. The desire in their eyes sent an answering shudder through her sperm-filled vagina, and swelled the thrusting nipples of her proud breasts.

Back in the car, she wove through the traffic and down Cumberland Avenue, past the University of Tennessee Campus, slowing to admire the bare legged coeds and the husky youths who strolled casually along the broad sidewalks.

Spying a blond-haired lovely with a provocative wiggle and a pair of bouncing tits, Carol gave Randy's shoulder a nudge.

"How would you like to screw that?" she suggestively.

Randy hesitated, cupping his genitals and clearing his throat. "I'd rather do it with you," he replied, his face coloring.

"How about both of us?" Carol persisted. "Think you'd like that?"

"Christ, yes!" the lad answered. "I'd come before I got it in either one of you."

"Don't worry," Carol grinned. "We'd see that it didn't go to waste. That blonde looks like she could really chew a cock right down to the balls!"

Picking one of many motels boarding the expressway, Carol pulled in and registered for a double, again ordering a meal sent to the room.

Randy carried in their things and went off in search of ice while Carol opened her suitcases and distributed her effects on the dresser. By the time their food arrived, they were already into the second glass of powerful bourbon.

They ate hurriedly, and Carol showered while Randy fiddled with the television set, returning with only a negligee wrapped about her lush curves.

"Take a bath lover," she said lightly. Pouring another tall glass of the whisky. "Then, I want some more of that cock."

Once Randy was in the shower, Carol drained the glass, swallowing repeatedly to keep the fiery liquid dawn. Jesus! She was getting tight already, feeling the heat of the liquor blend with the torrid waves of lust that swept outward from her hungry cunt.

"Don't put on any clothes!" she called, hearing the shower stop. Her voice was lower and her tongue thick, but she seemed more sensitive than ever. Her nipples tingled and she found that her fingers were playing through the moist curls of her crotch.
Setting the almost empty glass on the dresser, she giggled as her hands fumbled with the loosely tied sash of the negligee. It fell to her feet and she stood swaying, naked and beautiful, as the lad re-entered the room. His cock swelling as his eyes drank in the display of enticing flesh. She waved toward the bottle.

"Fix us another drink," she slurred. "I'm gonna get so goddamn drunk I can't walk."

"I thought you wanted screw," Randy said, pouring the whiskey onto the ice cube and handing her the refilled glass, taking a long drink of his own.

She giggled again, sloshing some of the drink onto her big breasts. "I'm gonna let you screw!" she said thickly. She waved the glass to indicate her naked body. "Here it is! Pussy! Head! Ass! You name it, and Carol's got it. And it's all yours, lover! Stick it anywhere you want to!"

She drained the glass and flopped onto the bed, her eyes rolling wildly.

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