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I though it might be nice to have a reason, besides fucking, to see her so I grabbed two coffees that we could share; I wanted to try and catch her before everyone got to school, so I made it a solid hour before school even started and to my luck, I saw her car in the faculty parking lot.

I poked my head in while softly knocking on the open door. She looked up, causing her face to immediately blush, before she hurriedly drop her eyes to the floor. I saw she wasn't going to be the first to bring it up, and possibly breaking my own rule of not forcing the topic up, I said, "I didn't mean to startle you, I just wanted to talk about.." Her deep stare cut me off, then she opened her mouth but taking it back closed it. We stood there looking at each other, though admiring more accurately describes my glances over her.

I still couldn't get enough of her, but my eyes went back up to her face to see she was about to say something. "It wasn't that, I just didn't expect to see you so early. But it's good you're here because we do need to talk." I was impressed with her calmness, as I was expecting a more emotional confrontation, because of her self-control I decided it'd be best to do the same.

"I know it's early, I brought coffee if that helps?" And she reached out to grab the cup, while giving me an appreciative nod, "but I didn't really want to wait and drag this out," taking a moment to collect my thought. I proceeded, "I understand if you don't want to continue our relationship, but I do think we should at least see where it goes. I feel the passion that you've been forced to keep inside, I can tell you're not happy and I'd like to change that. I don't mean to come off as cocky, but I don't think anyone else has or can make you feel like I did yesterday; and the same goes for how you make me feel, it was so intense and I don't think we can ignore it."

She didn't immediately respond to my proposition, but after a couple minutes she walked towards me, to the point that she was only two to three feet from where I stood, and it looked like the wall she built to not show emotion was quickly breaking down as her eyes started to water and her face got a little more pink. I reached out to grab her hand, met by no objection, I brought her in closer and gave her a gentle hug. She responded by grabbing around my neck and deeply breathing in then she pulled away to look into my eyes, I dumbly stared back and just waited for her to break away and tell me it was over. To my relief she came back in for another hug, that seemed more comforting than sensual. I wanted to bring my lips to her neck, but reminded myself of my no-forcing rule, and settled for a simple inhalation of her soft hair. It was a few minutes before I finally pulled away. I didn't know how I could try to encourage her to make the next move, but before I could figure it out she pulled me back and kissed my lips with a force I didn't know she had. I was a little startled, but in no time I was mashing my lips against hers while delicately tracing my tongue against the inside of her mouth, it was a weird and almost awkward sensation that I couldn't get enough of.

And she started for my shirt, but quickly stopped when we heard someone walking up the stairs.

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