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Daughter finds out mom's secret.

ause of me Alan honey?"

"I don't... what... is what because of you?"

She pushed up her torso, like she was doing Yoga or something, and Alan got a good, close look at her tits within the skimpy bikini for the first time. They might be fake, but he was no expert, and they were big, enormous, and he was surprised he'd never realised just how big, E cup he thought probably. She looked into Alan's eyes, before moving her gaze down to his crotch and the enormous tent his cock made. "I like it you know? I like you too. But you ran off so scared, and didn't even grab my number before you left. I've been waiting for you. But look at you; you're so nervous, like a little mouse, it's adorable. But I knew I'd catch you sooner or later little mouse. Do you want me to take out your little mousy dick and stroke it Alan?"

Alan knew for a fact that his eight inch cock was far from mousy, but somehow, this goddess degrading it turned him on even more, "Oh god yes Elise, please?"

"Good boy Alan, that's a good boy. You should always use manners when you talk to me Alan." She reached down and pulled the waistband of his shorts down, freeing his cock to slap against his stomach before standing straight up, hard as a rock. "Ooh, you look positively bursting. Are you ready to cum already Alan? Are you about to shoot your jizz all over yourself due to little old me and my tiny little thong bikini?"

"Oh, Elise, yes, I'm going to cum."

She reached down and ran one finger along the shaft's underside, and Alan lost control. He'd never cum harder in his life. He bucked his hips while spurt after spurt fired out of his hard-on, some even landing on his chin. Elise just watched him shoot, amused that he'd cum from just one touch.

When he'd finished, he stayed hard, something that hadn't happened for a few years, but he hadn't been this turned on for a long time. "Alan, there's something you should see. Close your eyes." He was so in her power now that he immediately, unquestioningly obeyed. He could hear her moving around, until she told him, her voice coming from above him, "Okay, you can open your eyes now." She was standing above his head, naked, looking down at him. Her hands covered her crotch, leaving his eyes to devour the underside of her massive tits, sticking out from her chest, huge areolas and inch-long, thick nipples hard at attention. "Are you ready Alan?" He wasn't sure what she was talking about, but he was willing to do whatever she asked.

She didn't ask him to do anything, she just took her hands away from her crotch, releasing the biggest slab of cock Alan had ever seen in his life, including the few cocks he'd seen in pornos. Alan froze in shock. Elise was a transsexual? A shemale? How come he hadn't noticed she had a cock before? She didn't look like a man at all, how could she possibly have a man's cock? Didn't transsexuals all look a little bit male, weren't there tell-tale signs? He didn't really know if he was honest, but he was shocked to learn that Elise had a cock. And what a cock it was. It was enormous. Completely soft as it was, it had to be about ten inches long. She softly lifted it up and lowered herself to her knees. Alan didn't move, didn't know if he could move, was he breathing? He gasped for air all of a sudden. Elise picked up her slab of cock meat and dropped it right on Alan's face with a large slap, covering one eye and running down beside his nose, over his lips. "Alan baby, you have no idea how much this is turning me on. I think we're going to be very good friends you and I. Why don't you give it a little lick huh? For me? Don't you want us to be such very good friends Alan?"

Alan was in turmoil.

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