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A man has a chance to help his neglected sister-in-law.

"Feeling horny and doing it with a woman are two different things, I still don't think it would work, Denise is just not the type," I said knowing that there was little chance it would happen.

"At least let's have a try, we'll have a few glasses of wine then I'll get a couple of joints out, once we've smoked them you excuse yourself from the room and leave the rest to me."

It sounded like a reasonable plan and I had nothing to lose, as Sue would be making the entire running, so if the shit hit the fan it wouldn't be flying in my direction, so I agreed to try it.

Sue thanked me and said she would be around early evening, but for now my head was spinning with expectation and concern that it may not work.

When Denise arrived home I had prepared a meal for her and explained that Sue would be spending the night as her and John had had a big argument, she was quite nonplussed by it all.

When Sue arrived Denise opened the door and within minutes of her arrival we were sitting down to eat and making polite conversation.

The wine flowed freely during dinner and by the time we had finished the second bottle of wine we were all quite relaxed and adjourned to the lounge.

Sue sat next to Denise on the sofa and I switched the television on to MTV and excused myself from the room but stopped just outside so that I could hear what was going on.

"So what was your argument about?" enquired Denise.

"Oh you know the usual thing with men, sex," replied Sue. "Do you mind if I smoke a joint I really need to relax," she continued innocently.

I heard the flick of the cigarette lighter followed shortly by the sweet smell of pot.

"You want a drag?" Sue asked Denise.

"No thanks it does funny things to me," said Denise as she instantly changed her mind, "yea okay pass it over."

All I could hear was the exhalation of breath as they both smoked the joint, a bulge was forming in my trousers as the thought that it may work sank into my brain.

I returned to the room both of them looked a little spaced out and Sue had her hand on Denise's thigh, she was stroking it gently, neither of them seemed to notice me as I sunk down into an armchair.

I watched as Sue's fingers ran up and down Denise's thigh almost touching her between the legs but changing direction at the last minute. Denise certainly was not objecting, her head was laid back against the sofa and she had a silly smile on her face.

Sue got more confident and ran her fingers gently across Denise's crotch, she got an encouraging groan from Denise who opened her legs slightly while oblivious to anything else in the room.

Sue changed her position slightly so that she could undo the fastening on the waste band of Denise's jeans, followed adeptly by sliding the zipper down. My cock was straining in my trousers, I thought that any minute Denise would leap up and run from the room, but she stayed exactly where she was. Sue moved in front of Denise and started to pull her jeans down, Denise even lifted herself up to allow Sue to easily remove them. Next off came Denise's panties, I could not believe that she had let this happen but the glistening juices on Denise's pubic hair showed that she was feeling extremely horny. Sue knelt between Denise's legs and began licking her pussy, the groans escaping Denise's lips increased until she writhed in pleasure as the orgasm hit her. Denise was like putty in Sue's hands as she removed her top and bra, leaving her totally naked. Sue began licking her nipples while finger fucking her, while I had to get my cock out to ease the pressure.

Sue quickly removed all her clothes and now I was faced with two naked woman, I didn't want to cum but I also knew I was very close to erupting so I eased off, I didn't want to waste it.

Sue pressed her pussy against Denise's and moved her lips towards her mouth, all I could see was pussy against pussy and tits against tits, I wasn't interested that they were now passionately kissing each other as their pussy's ground together.

When they had finished kissing Su

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