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She sees him - she has to have him.


"Exactly. When I look back on this time someday I want to shake my head a little, thinking about what a wild child I was and what fun I had. If I mostly just remember studying and tests... it's going to suck."

I pretended my attention had wandered, and I had heard only the last part Kate's statement.

"Huh, what was that you said? Sure, I can do that. Let's get that bra off you pronto!"

"You dog!" said Kate, chuckling. "And here I thought we were having a heart-to-heart, you filthy, horny pervert you!"

Hey, takes one to know one, I thought-though I wisely kept the quip to myself.

Chapter 7

"Hey, I need to pee." Kate nudged me with her elbow, waking me. It was two or three AM, and we were over at my place. On that night she was on the inner side of the bed, next to the wall, so it was necessary for me to move aside so Kate could edge over, roll out, and head to the bathroom.

I scooted over and Kate scrambled past me, her bare barely making a sound as they settled onto the yellowed tile floor. I noted that whoever had used the bathroom last had left the light on. The door was closed but I could see a dim fluorescence leaking from beneath it.

"Don't forget to turn the light off when you're done," I told Kate, and she mumbled assent. We had made love a few hours earlier and Kate was nude, though with the apartment almost completely dark she didn't seem too self-conscious about it. She was reaching for the doorknob when the door abruptly swung open, opened from the other side. Sam, half asleep and naked as well, stepped through the doorway.

Kate let out a tiny, muffled cry of surprise and instinctively covered her breasts, cupping them with her palms.

"Oh, hey," said Sam, waking up a bit. "If I'd known someone was out here I'd have tried to move it along-hope you weren't waiting too long."

Kate shifted nervously from foot to foot, thoroughly embarrassed. I could tell she was considering running back to bed and covering herself but knew this would just make the situation more awkward yet.

"No, that's all right, I just got up," Kate said, voice shaking.

Because Sam had been stepping out of the bathroom just as Kate was about to enter the two were close, just a couple feet apart. Sam looked Kate up and down without a hint of reticence, and though I felt a twinge of jealousy I couldn't really blame him. I had certainly checked out Yolanda plenty of times and though I had never had the chance to view her in such close proximity I had certainly seen everything.

I noticed Kate's eyes were wandering too, though she was trying to avoid being too obvious about it. While Sam wasn't as well-muscled or fit as I was I couldn't deny he was, well, physically impressive in some respects. I heard a little exhalation of surprise from Kate, and was pretty sure her attention had settled below waist level. To make things worse, or perhaps better, depending on your perspective, Sam looked to be semi-erect.

"Ah, well, it's all yours," said Sam as he moved past Kate toward his bed. I was pretty sure their bare hips brushed at one point, something I considered bringing up after Kate returned to bed. Finally I decided against it, not wanting to sound petty.

Yolanda was also staying over, something we were reminded of rather... loudly a few minutes later.

"Wow, they're really going at it, said Kate," cuddled up next to me again. Yolanda let out a series of throaty yells and we both chuckled a bit. It seemed so over the top. At one point Sam cut loose with a warbling cry that almost sounded like an old-school Weismuller Tarzan yodel, and Kate started giggling so hard she ended up muffling herself with her hands for fear of causing offense.

"Yeah, I guess something he saw got Sam really excited," I said. I tried to give the comment an air of jest, but a bit of jealousy snuck in and my voice took on a tone that was more gruff than intended.

"Hey now," Kate responded, snuggling closer, "you can't encourage me to go around with my clothes off and then object when someone reacts.

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