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Marilyn confronts the arsonist.

She grinned at the idea of him being overcome with desire for her cute feet. Other girls may find it weird but she thought it was hot whenever he liked any part of her. But still, he never mentioned it. Was it taboo to him? Did he think it was something to be ashamed about? She was determined to find out, and if it was a desire he had, help them both embrace it together.

She stretched and OH! She felt that between her legs. She was a little tender down there. She may want to be a little careful this morning with her womanhood. Gently getting out of bed, so as not to wake him, so glanced at the clock. 6:43 AM. Her body was used to her morning run at this time but today, well she would let her body have the day off. From running anyway.

She quietly walked into the hotel bathroom to pee. It stung a little and she winced. It really was tender. She gently patted herself dry and slowly stood up. As she did she caught a glimpse of herself in the mirror.

Her shoulder length dark brown hair was a bit messy. It had a wind blown look to it. He liked it that way honestly and she could actually wear it like that down the street had she wanted. She didn't like it however but wasn't going to fuss over it at the moment. Her makeup was essentially gone, long since kissed or rubbed off. She had not removed it before bed but she wasn't worried about one night. Her face was still youthful and pretty, very girl next door, but that was what he really liked. She smiled at the memories of all the millions of times he called her pretty, beautiful, gorgeous-and meant it.

Her chest was always her powerful weapon on men. Even with the fact that her clothes weren't revealing, men always found a way to look at them and talk to her. She wasn't ignorant she knew full well the power she had in her 36C. Full, firm, round breast. Her aerolas were larger than she liked but he adores them. She lost herself in a memory, back to when they dated, at the drive-in on a cool October night. They made out and the heavy petting became very heavy, as he unbuttoned her sweater. She surprised herself when she told him to unhook her bra, and he spent half an hour fondling her exposed breasts. How many times he told her that her breasts were perfect. The look of sheer disappointment on his face when she buttoned back up. The feeling of sexual frustration as they drove home. The intense release she felt when she ran to her room , unbuttoned her jeans, and imagined him ignoring her rules and taking her in the car like a man on fire. She had slept deeply that night, surprised not only by what she imagined as she masturbated but also how much her body wanted it.

Snapping out of her trip down memory lane, she frowned as she reached her belly , which had a bit of a pooch, something that irritated her to no end. It didn't seem to go away no matter what she did. Her diet, her crunches and sit-ups. It didn't matter she still had a small pooch on her tummy. But men found her hot regardless. It made her feel ugly though. She didn't like him touching her there, and she knew she would have to work on her insecurity. And her hips! Her hips were curvy, something she wasn't too fond of but she knew men loved.

She turned to get a good head on view in the mirror. Her pubic hair was dark, a little darker than her hair on her head. It wasn't thick though. She never had thick hair on her arms or legs, which made them easy to shave, although she waxed her stems for the wedding. She kept her lady part nice and trim, she enjoyed the feeling of hair down there. It made her feel like a woman. Her lips were shaved though. She didn't want to appear unkempt. It seemed sexier to her that way. All in all, she thought her 5'5", 130 pound frame was well put together.

She turned to the back of the bathroom door, where hung a wool robe.

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