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Two friends go down a road they will never forget.


You licked him all over then shoved his entire cock in your mouth and down your throat, sucking every drop of cum and ass juice from his dick. He took your head in his hands and began to thrust his dick deeper down your throat fucking your mouth until he had another orgasm and squirted more cum down your throat. You also took his dick and rubbed it all over your face.

You had no more than released his dick from your mouth and stood up when your hubby showed up with four more guys. He said, "Marcia baby, I have found four more cocks for you to fuck, and these guys are hot to trot."

You immediately went over and sat up on a bar stool, raised up your legs revealing your juiced up shaved pussy and your asshole that was still partially open from being freshly fucked with cum dripping out of it saying, "OK guys, I want these holes filled, I want to be fucked hard and I want to suck your balls and ass. Just treat me like the slut I am, fuck me hard and fuck me deep, I want your balls empted in me tonight and I'm willing and wanting to be fucked all night long."

The first guy walked up to you, dropped his pants, pulled out his hard cock, lifted your legs so your ankles were resting on his shoulders and without any hesitation, rammed his cock in your partially open ass. You smiled at him saying, "Oh yea, give it to me asshole, I like rough sex, fuck me baby, fuck me good. Don't be gentle, just don't hurt me" You leaned against the bar using your elbows to support yourself, he then grabbed your big tits and pulled on your nipples. He really squeezed your nipples, stretching them at least an inch. You screamed a little but he did not release them, instead he firmly held your nipples as he began thrusting his cock deep inside your ass. You pleaded for him to let go of your tits but he just continued pinching them while fucking your ass. Finally the pain turned to pleasure and you began begging him to squeeze and fuck you harder.

While you were being ass fucked, another guy crawled up on the bar and squatted above your head holding his hard dick just above your face. You leaned your head back, opened your mouth inviting him in. He bent his knees enough to get his cock down your throat and began to fuck your mouth. Both guys were really turned on and within just minutes, both guys shot big wads of cum in you. Your ass was profusely leaking cum after receiving two very large discharges of cum and your mouth was overflowing with the cum you were unable to swallow.

You were sucking every drop of cum from the cock in your mouth while using your hand to fondle his balls and ass. When he began to pull his dick out, you grabbed a hold of it and moved him so you could suck his balls into your mouth. You then fingered his ass and while still holding his cock, moved him so you could lick his ass. When he felt your tongue on his ass he exclaimed, "Look guys, this fucking cock loving slut is licking my ass."

He looked down at you saying, "You nasty slut bitch, your are one cum eating, ass licking whore,"

He then raised his ass up and spit in your face saying, "Your are the nastiest slut I have ever known. What other nasty things do you do?"

One of the guys who had been in the men's room with you said, "She'll suck you off just after you piss. She is a piss ass cum eating slut."

You responded, "Yes I am and I love it when guys piss on me. I love the warm feeling and seeing piss wash all over my body."

Just then you suddenly felt the cock in your ass being withdrawn and the guy sat you down on the stool and pulled your legs way up in the air. Your asshole was wide open with cum running out it. One of the new guys who had not had his turn with you yet said, "My god look at her asshole, I think she can get two cocks in there."

He looked over at his buddy who had also dropped his pants reveling a nice big cock and said, "Want to give it try and see if we can both fuck her in the ass at the same time?"

You looked startled saying, "Oh don't do that, it will rip my ass apart."


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