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Alie's first time.

Thanking my lucky stars that Aunt Dee had not been startled into biting my dick off I went first to the bedroom and then to the garage looking for damage. I found none but thought I could hear something grating against the brick on the outside of the garage. I went back into the living room to report my findings to Aunt Dee and just then the power went out.

As I groped my way to where I had placed the nearest flashlight my hand closed around a fine tit.

"Watch where you put your hands mister," she said as she reached for my now deflated dick.

"Sorry" I said as I lowered my hand to her pussy.

"That's better. Well, there nothing else to do now except go to bed and fuck."

"I have to check wind direction for Uncle Robert. He wants me to keep you on the opposite side of the house from it."

The wind was coming from the south side of the house; the main bedroom was on the opposite side so we returned to her bed. We cuddled together on our sides facing each other; she had her head on my shoulder as we kissed. My free hand caressed a tit. She draped a leg over my hip and placed the head of my somewhat resurrected dick at her pussy lips. With a slight push on my part the head slid in.

We just held that position, enjoying and taking comfort in our closeness. Once in a while one of us would move enough to enjoy full penetration but if there is such a thing as penetration without fucking we were doing it. The storm had our full attention.

We heard the scraping noise on the side of the house. I decided I needed to check it out when the eye was over us.

The noise from the storm was now a full-blown roar, filling all the spaces in and out of the house. Aunt Dee held me tighter, she trembled a bit. I kissed her again, my dick at her pussy forgotten. Holding each other was all we could do.

The noise suddenly began to abate; soon there was an eerie silence outside. The eye had arrived. I quickly put on shorts and sneakers and went outside. Double-checking the ground for downed power lines I went around the garage to see what hit us. It was a six-foot section of privacy fence, mostly in one piece. As I struggled with it to get it into the garage I heard a woman say, "So that's what it was."

I looked over and saw a lady probably in her mid forties wearing a long t-shirt. I had just crammed the section of the fence into the garage when I heard her say, "Oh shit, Oh fuck."

She was limping badly. I picked her up and carried her into Aunt Dee's house and sat her down in a kitchen chair where the largest flashlight was. Aunt Dee immediately inspected her foot and found a deep gash to the side of her heel. She had walked out of her house barefoot.

I went back out to close the garage door then proceeded next door to make sure the ladies house was secure. There was no one else there.

She was burning candles, which is a bad idea so I blew them all out, closed her door and returned to my own shelter. I paused long enough to notice stars above. I was a beautiful evening. Too bad it would last only another twenty minutes or so.

In the kitchen Aunt Dee was gently dabbing hydrogen peroxide into the ladies cut.

I said' "You have to jab hard into the cut. Did you check to see if there was anything still in there?"

The look in her face told me she had not. I pulled a kitchen chair to me and grabbed the woman's foot and lifted it to my lap. I had Aunt Dee shine the big flashlight at her heel. I looked and felt around the wound and found that it was a clean cut. There was a lot of blood but the wound was not all that deep. Aunt Dee handed me the hydrogen peroxide and the cotton balls. Using a generous amount of antiseptic I jabbed it into her wound.

The woman winced and moaned. I told Aunt Dee to tell her not to be such a pussy. Aunt Dee put the flashlight on the table and walked behind the ladies chair and while massaging her shoulders told her not to be such a pussy.

Aunt Dee had never bothered dressing.

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