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James gets the gift of a virgin . . . sort of.

"Just sit back and relax you old bugger" Daphne exclaimed as she bent over him, sliding his cock into her waiting mouth. Her head began to bob up and down on his shaft as several loud moans slipped from the surprised Mr Crane's mouth.

"Oh god!". He could feel her lips and tongue play with his shaft as her head bobbed up and down at speed -- a smile spread across his face as Daphne attacked his cock with a passion that was unknown to him. He had never felt a pleasure like this in all of his years and he could not quite believe it was happening to him.

Daphne let his now well lubricated member slide in and out of her mouth at a frenetic pace -- the desire and lust that had built up inside her for three sex free months had now burst free in an uncontrollable torrent of passion. She let one hand slip free of his cock, sliding down her body to undo the button of her skin tight denim shorts -- her fingers slipped inside her panties to play with her surprisingly soaked pussy.

"Ooooh fucck!" the moan slipped from her lips as her fingers played with the sensitive soft skin of her pussy. She slid his cock inside her hungry mouth as, showing amazing dexterity, Mr Crane raised his body to a sitting position on the massage table.

"I knew I hired you for a reason Daphne!" he exclaimed as he watched her long hair flay about wildly as her mouth slid along his shaft. His cock felt astoundingly rock hard as her lips and tongue played with his shaft as little rivers of saliva dribbled from the corners of her mouth.

Daphne let his cock slip free from her mouth and raising her body to a standing position, she wiped her hand across her saliva soaked lips.

"You're a dirty old man, you know!" Daphne said as his face broadened into a wide smile.

"I know, I only hire the best," he said as he swung his legs off the table. "Now let's get busy -- I think it's my turn."

Daphne helped him down from the table, his now completely naked body leaving the towel behind on the table. She noticed with some amazement that his body was covered in relatively smooth skin as they made their way over to the couch, his erect cock jutting out like a flagpole. Daphne gently pushed him down onto the soft suede couch, where he bounced once or twice on impact.

"Just sit back and relax you horny old man!" Daphne exclaimed as she bent down let his cock slide down her throat once or twice. The loud long moan that escaped from his lips seem to to echo around the apartment as his member disappeared down his beautiful physical therapists throat.

She raised herself off her knees and standing just over a metre in front of him she slowly unbuttoned her white top, undoing each button slowly. Daphne watched as his hand slowly jacked his cock as she slipped the top from her shoulders, letting it drop slowly to the floor -- she reached behind her, undoing the clasp of her lacy bra. Her arms covered her breasts as she let her bra fall to the ground teasing him, before she dropped her arms down.

Martin Crane watched his own little personal strip show with wide open eyes, his hand jacking his cock moving faster as each item of clothing was removed.

"Boy am I glad I hired you!" he exclaimed as he watched Daphne slide her skin tight denim shorts down her long legs, lifting each sandal covered foot in turn to slip her shorts off her feet. Her face broke out in a mischievous smile as she stood before him naked except for the briefest pink panties and her high heel wedge sandals.

"I always give 110% in service, you know I don't like disappointing people" she said as her fingers hooked in the elastic of her panties, ready to slide them down her legs.

"No...not yet," her interrupted. "Turn around for me, I want to see your beautiful ass."

Martin watched as Daphne turned around to present him with a view of her ass -- her pink panties had slid into the crack of her ass, leaving both of her ass cheeks visible.

"Boy would I love to sink my teeth into that ass.

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