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Cameron craves domination, and finds Kyla, 38 online.

agged licks upward and downward
gently pressing your pussy lips against each other with my hand, sliding them against each other, pulling them gently aside
licking the other outside edge, stopping to slurp at a spot of icing pulling your pussy lips apart now
pressing them back together and enjoying their sticky heat
making your pussy talk like a puppet
then diving in and french-kissing it
pulling back and looking into your eyes again
spreading your lips wide
breathing into your pussy, licking up and down each fold of one lip
can't resist any longer
thrusting my tongue into its hot wet depths
finding it licking back and metallic
circling your hole with a stiff tongue tip
then zig-zag licking upward
wide flat tongue upward, pushing the lips outward and finding the tip of your clit
running over it
coming back and running over it again
my thumbs pushing your lips upward and
outward showing a light pink button
flicking the tip of my tongue over it up and down rapidly
licking back down again now, long broad stroke down
and circling your hole twice
nodding my head up and down fast now, tongue straight and stiff
whacking your clit up and down
punishing it
sliding a thumb down one pussy lip and playing with the edges of your hole
slowly pushing my thumb into you, twisting gently and wiggling
circling your clit with a limp thick tongue
pressing it flat and around on itself in circles
my thumb vibrates and squeezes inside you
enjoying your squirming around under my face

*oo yeah definetly*

pumping your cunt with my thumb now...thrusting it in and out wildly
my head bobbing and nodding in unison
tongue aggressively smashing your clit
upward and downward on each stroke
over and over and over and over
faster and faster and faster and faster
listening to see if you're making any noise
my nose smashing against your pubic mound on some of the strokes
using all my strength to keep your slippery thighs from squirting me away
your juices dripping off my chin my hand down my elbow
your upper inner thighs on fire and soaking wet
pulling you into my face hard
slamming my mouth against you madly
eating you with both hands under like a slice of watermelon loud slurping sound muffled in your muff
can't keep a grip on you this way...too slippery and jumping around pressing you down onto the bed hard
grabbing both boobs and pressing them
flicking the nipples with my fingertips as I squeeze them and keep your body down against my face
pulling my face out of your crotch
climbing upward
kissing you hard and hot on the mouth with pussy mouth
the tip of my cock pressing against your pussy

*wrapping my legs around your waist*

it slides in effortlessly despite its thickness
so wet and open and throbbing and ready

*moaning against your throat loving the thrusting of your hips against me*

pushing in deep and smooth and slow
testing your limits
feeling your lips stretched around the base of my shaft
pulling out slowly
using all my strength to resist your thrusting and pulling
your heels spurring the backs of my legs
riding me
thrusting up in again, harder and deeper
watching your boobs jiggle with the jamming
out and jabbing again
loving the way your eyes close and flutter when I hit your deepest spots
holding your wrists up over your head and jabbing you hard and fast and wild

*arching uprubbing my hard nipples against your chest*

raising up into tiptoe push-ups position

*grinding my pelvis againt your pelvic bone*

pushing up high so the upper edge of my shaft strokes your clit on each outward stroke
another tiptoe stroke
and another
thrusting deep on the downstroke
dragging my cock against your clit on the upstroke
and again

*reaching down and playing with myself while you thrust*

omg yesssssss

*squeezing my inner muscles around your cock*

feeling your juices running down my balls

*rubbing my clit in circles in time with your thrusts*

my balls slapping your ass on each downstroke
nn nn nn nn nn nn nn nn
not thinking now...just ramming

*moaning with each thrust, playing rapidly with my clit*

letting my chest rest o

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