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Son discovers Mom's secret relationship with Santa!


Oh my god, I was going to pass out from the shock of it. They seriously thought I'd permit them to take me into the bushes and, ah, ah, do it.

"What on earth makes you think I'd agree to any such thing?" I demanded.

"The way you were looking at us down on the beach," Neil said, speaking softly. "You looked like a little girl who saw a treat she wanted but thought would be forever out of your reach. We want to give you that treat."

I almost gaped at him. What an arrogant thing to say. I finished up taking a deep breath and letting it out in a huff. I opened my mouth to say what I thought of that sort of remark and closed it again, not knowing what to say.

"Really, Neil, you've left the poor girl speechless," said Don.

He held out his hand to me. I stood there looking at it. If I took it he was going to pull me into the bushes and then they were going to strip me and I'd be naked. Totally naked in front of a man. Two men. I'd never actually been naked in front of a man before, let alone two. Calling myself all sorts of names I placed my hand in his.

Don slipped between a couple of bushes, drawing me after him. Neil followed on behind and it was pretty obvious to me that they had scoped out the area beforehand. A couple of quick turns and we were in a grassy little area, seemingly surrounded by bushes on all sides. Both men took the towels they'd had slung over a shoulder and laid them on the ground next to each other. Then they turned to look at me and smile.

I wanted to smile back, truly I did, but I suspect I showed more of a nervous grimace than a smile. What was I supposed to do now? I found myself strangely reluctant to start taking of my bikini.

"If you want one huge difference between you and Cheryl," Don said cheerfully, "it's that she would already be naked. She would probably have taken of her bikini while we were coming through the bushes, just to whet our appetites and tease us."

"And don't worry about taking yours off," added Neil. "We'll do that for you."

That was supposed to make me feel better? It somehow failed to achieve its purpose. I felt more nervous than ever.

Don moved closer to me. He winked as he put his hands on my waist and then started sliding them down. They slid under the waist of my bikini and kept going, taking the bottom half of my bikini with him. Then he was crouching in front of me, my bikini around my ankles, and he was tapping my ankle for me to lift it.

"Do you know why a man likes to take a woman's pants off first?" he asked, and I mutely shook my head,

"If a woman is suddenly topless she might still decide no and start running, not worrying about what she's displaying. Bottomless, it's as though her feet were nailed to the ground. She's not going to run out into a crowd in that condition."

"I wasn't going to run," I said feebly, although I was willing to admit he had a point. If he'd taken off my top I just might have run. Not so if I was going to show everything I had though.

I felt Neil plucking at the ties to my top and moments later it dropped away and now I was naked and the boys were looking.

"I'm going to pretend to be blind for a moment," Don told me, much to my puzzlement.

He closed his eyes and his hands came up and touched my face. It was only a feather-light touch but he carefully traced all over my face. He didn't stop there, either. Down onto my neck, across my shoulders, brushing back and forth, onto my breasts. Not grasping them but just his fingertips lightly grazing against them, barely touching but still most definitely touching. His touch slowed for a moment when he passed my nipples, and I guess the reason why was because they were responding, swelling up at his touch. My breasts seemed to be swelling at his touch.

It was almost anti-climactic when his hands dropped down away from my breasts, brushing against my tummy, pausing to probe my navel, which caused me to squirm a little, and then I was holding my breath as his hands continued lower.

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