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He comes to her dreams, & she goes to his.

" He sighed. "Why are we always getting visitors?"

"Says the man who had sex with two Black Cats at once?"

Piers ignored her. Jessica would've too if she'd looked through the skylight then.

The room was darkened, the women nursing drinks and trading commentary, a flickering lightbulb providing the only light. It only served to draw more attention to Peter. He was held down by two tentacles, one tight around his chest, the other pinning down his feet. His cock stuck out straight and erect. The other two tentacles were clamped to the floor, pulling Carolyn in and pushing her away, driving her up and down on his cock like the one fleshy component of an otherwise metal mechanism.

"So how do you want to handle this?" Piers asked. "There's six of them and I don't think boring me or Arana are gonna be much help at the moment."

"And they've got a symbiote," Jessica pointed out. Then, quite incongruously, she reached for her groin. "Pheromones. We're definitely going to need pheromones."

"Need a hand?" Piers asked her.

"No," Jessica said, shrugging off what little of her costume there was. "I think we should hold you in reserve."

"Just as long as you end up holding me."


Carolyn was increasing the speed of her fucking with each motion up and down. Peter didn't seem to mind. He smiled widely, bucking his hips at the apex of every thrust, seeming to constantly rub against a spot inside Carolyn that no one else had ever found.

"Think you can fuck me to death like you told Scorpia?" Carolyn demanded, trying hard to keep the rapture out of her voice as Peter's manhood slammed into her at an ever-increasing tempo.

"Don't know yet. Just getting started."

"Then show me what you can do! Fuck me like a man!"

And Peter bucked his hips harder, hilting her just before she could pull away.

Carolyn had never felt such rapture. His cock was even bigger than Otto's and the way he used it...

"Is that how a man fucks you?" Peter grunted, jerking her out of her reverie. "You're Ock's girl, right? So you'd know...?"

"Shut up and cum!" Carolyn demanded, grinding her hot portal down to the base of his prick. "Give me cum all the way up to my throat!"

While her tentacles held her in place on top of him, he pounded himself up into her, ignoring the soft walls of her pussy, how they sucked on his plunging cock, focusing only on how her taunts goaded him. Until he felt her tighten. Then he sank himself even deeper into her hotly demanding pussy, letting the hardness, the pounding of his cock carry her to the blink of delirium. Carolyn writhed, her tentacles going slack as wave after wave of ecstasy flooded through her.
And still Peter held back his load.

"Well, I guess she felt it," Scorpia observed. "I don't think he did, though."

"No!" Carolyn panted, forcing herself out of her pleasured delirium, cringing as she felt how hard, how long Peter's cock remained, throbbing in her pussy as if he could go for hours yet. "That doesn't count! You desensitized him! There've been studies-scientific studies-"

"About what a good lay you are?" Calypso mocked. "Because I'm not seeing the evidence."

Openly seething now, exhales hissing from her curled back lips, Carolyn wrenched herself off Peter-and nearly came again as his manhood flopped out of her oversensitive cunt. She pitched over, breathing hard, and had to collect herself from the heady sensation. All her body wanted to do was luxuriate in this exhaustive afterglow. She wouldn't let it.

"I give the best blowjobs!" Carolyn insisted. "No one else here can suck like me!"

"Care to put his cock where your mouth is?" Delilah asked.

"Oh, just kill me and get it over with," Peter put in. "I don't want to die with you still deciding whether to spit or swallow."

Steam could've been shooting from Carolyn's ears. "Three minutes! If I can't make you come in three minutes, then... then... you can have any of us! Anyone!"

An excited murmur went through the assembled sinister.

"So... Delilah?" Peter asked.

The strongwoman swooned.

Carolyn reacted before Peter could ta

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