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love juices!"

Trish's hips slowly pushed upward toward the anxious tongue. Fiona lay between her aunt's creamy thighs staring at the pink flower and then she licked her as she was instructed. The juices tasted so wonderful and Fiona drank them down willingly. She spent a long time there until her aunt's hips began to thrust upward gently at first, then suddenly urgently.

"Oh yes, you are so good. Now slip two fingers up into my wet pussy, gently."

Fiona had her own fingers inside herself many times so she knew what to do. Trish's pussy was so wet, it needed no additional lubrication. Fiona sucked the clit, and slid first one, then a second finger up into the hot wet opening. Trish moaned with pleasure.

"Now turn your fingers inside me, and as you push them in and out, rotate your hand. It makes it feel so much better. Yes, yes. Like that, rotate them, now deeper. Yes! Oh, Fiona finger fuck me. Fuck my pussy, while you suck my clit. Oh, I'm dying, yes, oh God, yes."

Fiona never knew it could feel so wonderful to make another woman cum. She redoubled her efforts and Trish went wild. Juices flowed over the niece's fingers and they made squishy sounds as they moved in and out of the gushing pussy. When Trish orgasmed again, her pussy squeezed down on the fingers and more juices flowed out. Finally, Trish grasped the hand and pulled it out of her pussy.

Trish's entire body glistened with perspiration. Fiona moved up beside her aunt and kissed her cheek as the mature woman lay gasping for air. Trish's fine breasts gleamed and her nipples looked like two jutting knobs. Fiona bent over and sucked first one then the other and licked the fine salty sweat from each breast. Fiona marveled for a moment at what she had just done. When Trish had regained her breath, they kissed.

"Oh, aunt Trish, you don't know how wonderful it felt to make you cum. I felt so thrilled to kiss your sweet pussy and finger fuck you. It made me feel so erotic to know that I was thrilling you. Do you feel like that when you are making love to another woman or to a man?"

"Oh, yes, yes! That's what makes it all so wonderful. To give pleasure to someone, and watch them, feel them, hear them, enjoy it. You have done so well and I have so many other things to teach you before you leave."

"That was quite a show cousin and auntie Trish."

Fiona looked up and saw a naked Gust standing in the room sporting a huge erection. Fiona stared at his cock momentarily and then looked around for something to cover herself with. The bedcovers had been kicked to the floor so she and Trish were totally nude in front of Gust. As he approached the bed, Fiona covered her tits and pussy with her hands as best she could.


It was snowing so hard that the lessons were rescheduled. Gust never even tried to ski as he had never skied in snow so deep. He took the shuttle back to the house and let himself in after storing the gear. The furthest thing from his mind that he would ever expect was to find his aunt and cousin making love. He didn't see them in the great room or hot tub but he heard them in his aunt's bedroom. He peeked in on them and they were consumed with each other. Quickly, he went to his bedroom, stripped naked and returned to his aunt's bedroom. Now as he looked at his cousin trying to cover herself, he smiled and spoke.

"Oh, don't tell me that you are going to be shy now. Not after what I just witnessed with you and aunt Trish."

Gust sat on the end of the bed. Fiona couldn't help but look at his impressive cock as it was bigger than any she had ever seen and much larger than her boyfriend's. Trish moved behind niece and slowly peeled the hands away from her tits and pussy. Fiona leaned back into her aunt and she could feel the stiff nipples pressing into her back. Trish began to caress her niece's tits and then whispered to her.

"Fiona just go with the flow, Gust is a great fuck. But you know that already from watching us the last two nights."

Fiona knew she wanted her cousin.

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